10 Steps to Build a Loyal Fan Following For Your Blog

What’s a blog without a fan following, a not so successful blog? That’s why it’s important to build a fan following, a large group of appreciative people who enjoy reading and sharing your blog’s content. Here’s how you build a fan following.

Fan Following

1. Request For Cross Promotions – Fan Following

Request authority bloggers to guest post on your blog, and ask them to promote your blog on their networks in return. If you are a subject matter authority with a successful blog, there’s no reason why they should refuse. Request them to promote you especially on the day their guest post appears on your blog. Be sure to return the favor. Or Read: 5 Ways to Get Quality Traffic to Your Blog

2. Catch the Eye of Key Players – Fan Following

Follow key players in your niche area, read their blogs and post authoritative comments on their posts. Grab the attention of their readers. If you like a post of theirs, promote it on your networks, especially on social media. Having a few key niche influences on your side will not hurt your popularity.

3. Be As Interesting As You Can – Fan Following

Distinguish yourself from the average blogger by being unique, bold, frank, interesting and different. Your readers will notice these qualities in you and become your loyal fans. Show that you are an interesting person, and can be funny, caring, likeable and involved as a human being.

4. Become a Subject Matter Authority – Fan Following

The more you know about your industry, the more of an authority you’ll become. People will naturally flock towards you with their questions and need for facts. If you don’t have the answer to a question, do some research and then provide it. This will further earn people’s confidence.

5. Optimize Twitter – Fan Following

Do a keyword search on Twitter for your niche. Follow key niche professionals on Twitter and connect with them. When people follow you, follow those with higher follower ratios. Go the extra mile and visit those people’s blogs and post comments. Network and get them to submit guest posts on your blog.

6. Promote Other Blogs – Fan Following

You can promote any blog; it doesn’t have to be a key player’s blog. The more blogs you promote, the more goodwill you earn as a blogger. When you promote a blog, include the title of the post, the URL of the blog, and the Twitter Id of the blogger. Soon you will see return favors and start to expand your loyal base. Or Read: How To Make Your Blog More Interactive

7. Provide Solutions to People’s Problems – Fan Following

Create a discussion forum on your blog and encourage your readers to share their niche-related issues with you. Provide solutions to their problems and win them over. Go the extra mile and do the same on Twitter and Facebook; search for niche-related questions and wherever possible, share your expertise freely.

8. Create a Special Reader Community Feeling – Fan Following

Make your readers feel extra special. Respond to their comments, and get to know them personally. When someone doesn’t comment for some time, take the time to email them personally and ask if they’re okay. Interact personally with people and make them know you care for them.

9. Stimulate Your Readers’ Thinking – Fan Following

By writing invigorating and challenging posts, get your readers to put on their thinking caps. Ask them questions as to what they think and feel about a particular subject. Start conversations through interesting but non-controversial questions. When people respond, add yourself to the mix and participate.

10. Encourage New Commentators – Fan Following

Sometimes people hesitate to comment, because they don’t want attention. Whenever you get a comment from a reader for the first time, be sure to thank that person. Create a special landing page with links to the best content and pages on your site for new commentators. If the new commentator has a blog, be sure to visit and comment on it. Follow them on social media and offer them something free to subscribe to your blog.

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