3 Important Traffic Stats To Look At

Believe it or not there are other analytic stats that are important other than the number of page views or unique visitors. Don’t get me wrong, those are both fine and vital stats for the success of any blog, but there are some other things you should definitely pay attention to.

Here Are 3 Important Traffic Stats You Should To Look At

3 Important Traffic Stats To Look AtReferrers: This one is important for a couple of reasons. One is that if you are running a campaign or if you have made a guest post. The referrers will show if either of these things is working. If you have a Facebook ad campaign and none of your visitors are being referred from Facebook, then chances are that your campaign isn’t working.

Same thing if you have no visitors from a site you guest posted on. This either means you should up the quality of your guest post or do more research before you decide to guest post somewhere.

2. Time on Site: Depending on what you are using for analytics, you can see the average time spent and/or the time spent for each individual. This is important because it will show if you are keeping your visitors interested enough.

If they only visit for a few seconds then they clearly weren’t interested in what you had to offer. If your users are staying for a couple of minutes that means they are reading your content and are actually interested in it.

If you want visitors to be on your site longer there are some things you can do. Adding more content always helps, as well as making things more organized and easier to find. It also helps to put related articles at the end of posts. If a visitor liked your content they will likely want to read more things that are similar to it.3 Important Traffic Stats To Look At time on site

3. New vs Returning: Some analytics will tell you how many of your visitors for the day are new and how many are returning. Both of these are important. If you have returning visitors that probably means people enjoy your content and want more. New visitors mean that word is getting out about your site.

But if you have a stagnant amount of returning visitors that means you aren’t converting new visitors into returning ones. To help with this you can update your blog more regularly and also have a better way of notifying people of new content whether it be through a newsletter or on your blog’s Facebook page.

There are other statistics you should check out as well, but don’t forget to look into these 3, it would definitely help.


Author – Kayvon who runs and writes about web design and other blogging resources at siteunleashed.com

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