5 Simple Tips to Keep iPhones Work Smoothly

If you have just got your first iPhone today, going through this article may help you get a few tips as a beginner and utilise your new iPhone to the fullest.

Here, I have put together a few suggestions to help the first time users of iPhone, which I’ve learnt over the time whilst using it myself.

Tip #1:

5 Simple Tips to Keep iPhones Work SmoothlySave a website as favourite by using home screen icon: Create a shortcut for the websites that you will frequently visit through mobile Safari, by using cool icon on the home screen of your phone and saving it as favourite.

Whilst visiting a website of your choice, just click on the option in the menu “Add to Home Screen” and once you get there, choose a suitable name to create a shortcut and it will appear on your home screen. It’s that simple!

Tip #2:

Use Screenshot Option on the iPhone: This is one which you may need to use almost every day for various purposes. Whilst taking a screenshot, you need to hold down the home button and press the sleep button to see a flash. Thus, you can save the images into your photos and also import it later on to your PC or Mac if you have one through iPhoto, Dropbox, email or any other way you feel convenient.

Tip #3:

Identify the Destination of A Link: If you feel interested to know about a link that you found in the mobile Safari option without following the link, you just need to hold your finger down on it to see the destination page. You can either copy the link or choose to open it in the present window itself or in a new window.

Tip #4:

Force Quit an Application: It often happens that whilst using an app, it gets frozen and doesn’t respond at all. It is the time when you need to apply a force quit on it by pressing the Home button for at least six seconds.

There is another process to this. You should first double tap the home button and open the multi task bar at the bottom to force quit apps. Then, hold and press the apps in the lower multi-task bar for sometimes in the same manner in which you organise apps normally. It then shows some red minus signs on all the apps. Now you can press the minus sign on the app that is not working properly to reset the app. If you click on the programme now, it will restart again from the beginning and not from where it was left before!

5 Simple Tips to Keep iPhones Work SmoothlyStill, if that doesn’t work, switch off your iPhone and turn it on again. For this, you just hit the “Sleep/Wake” button and hold it for a few moments until a red slider appears. Then again press and hold the same button until the Apple logo appears on it and the phone gets turned on. In case, the entire iPhone locks up, press both the “Home” button and the “Sleep/Wake” button and hold it for almost eight seconds and it will work.

Tip #5:

Stop unwanted incoming calls: If you want to put an end to those unwanted and disturbing incoming calls from ringing on your iPhone, then again press the “Sleep/Wake” button. To transfer the call instantly to Voice Mail, you need to press the “Sleep/Wake” button twice.

So these are the 5 very simple yet helpful tips to keep the workflow smooth on your iPhone!


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  1. wow! i never thought these simple steps could turn the functionality of my iphone to a whole new level! now my iPhone is working so well!! great post!! i really think the most important step is the first step!

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