7+ signs to Prove You’re in Addiction of Facebook

We all have heard from our friends (doesn’t matters, fb friends or not) that we have a very big addiction of facebook or we can’t leave without facebook. But have you ever tested yourself that you too are in addiction of facebook? If not then you must check these 7+signs to prove that you too are in addiction of facebook.
01) You have Facebook “best friends” that you’ve never met in real world.
02) You feel that wishing someone “happy birthday” on their wall is sufficient.
03) You think “poking” is a valid form of flirting.
04) You feel popular when someone “tags” you in a photo.
05) Your friends’ status is a hot topic of discussion for a while among your friends.
06) As soon as you meet someone in real world, you go home and search for them on Facebook.
07) You’ve created a group/page and evangelized everyone to join.
08) You want to be the first Facebook dating “success story.”
09) You think your image is con­trolled by your pro­file picture.
10) You are lot worried of changing your status rather doing any professional or personal stuff.
If none of the above signs match your fb experience then you’re free to say, I am not in addiction of facebook. But if I left any of the sign you feel I should add in this article then please tell us in comment. Thanks to imperishableinheritance.

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4 thoughts on “7+ signs to Prove You’re in Addiction of Facebook”

  1. HA HA….well said…but you know there were many others thing that we get hooked with the facebook. Nice arti dude….
    coming to the blog…one of the cool blogs i had seen on blogger. they always look messed up with the adds….urs is an exception

  2. Irfan,
    Really loved the article…
    and yeah i am one of d addict!

    one of the sign is- you are lot worried @ changing your status on FB rather doing any professional or personal stuff!

  3. Thanks bhumika i am glad that you like it. I know most of them have liked my article but due to lack of time they haven't commented. 🙂

    Except few we all are addicted of facebook, even i. BTW thanks for your 10th sign, its now live on RTT. Thanks keep visiting.

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