7 Ways to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill

7 Ways to Cut Your Cell Phone BillThese days, most people truly can’t get along without a cell phone. In fact, many of us use cell phones instead of landlines anymore. While this can be convenient, since you always have your phone on you, it can also be expensive. If you’re looking for ways to cut back on your spending, consider these seven options for cutting back on your cell phone bill.

1. Find The Best Plan For Your Needs

The first key to saving on your cell phone bill is ensuring that you have the right plan to begin with. Start with the plan you have right now, and look over your past few months of statements. Are you constantly going over on minutes?

It’s probably worth your while to bump up your plan and avoid paying expensive overage charges. Are you never even close to reaching your limit for minutes? Cut back and get a plan that allots for fewer minutes! The plan that suits you best is going to save you more money in the long run.

2. Talk Less

This one is a no-brainer: if you want to save on your cell phone bill, don’t go over your minutes. If you’re concerned about this, use your cell phone for to-the-point phone calls. You can call to chit-chat on your land-line or through a cheap online phone service, but when you’re talking on your cell phone, get to the point. Also, don’t let yourself get put on hold while you’re on your cell phone, since this can eat up more minutes than you realize!

3. Know Your Nights And Weekends Coverage

Most phone plans have unlimited or cheaper rates for nights and weekends. Find out exactly when your nights and weekends coverage starts, and use your cell phone more during those times.

If your mom wants to have a long conversation about Uncle Bill, ask her if you can call after nine or on Saturday morning. That way, you aren’t missing out on important phone conversations, but you’re also saving your minutes for important calls you have to make during the weekday, daytime hours.

4. Check Your Bill

Make it a habit to check your bill every month. Cell phone companies are huge companies, and they aren’t likely to catch their own computerized mistakes. By checking your own bill, you may be able to catch errors that are costing you more money in the long run.

Look for things like erroneous data charges, for instance. Also, checking your bill each month allows you to make sure you aren’t cutting it too close on minutes used or text messages sent.

5. Shop Around

Just like you should shop around for car insurance once a year, you should shop around for a cell phone plan about once a year – or whenever your contract is about to expire. Get online and compare cell phone carriers before you decide to re-sign for the plan you’ve always had. You might find some great deals that can save you a fortune in the long run.

6. Screen Your Calls

Almost all American cell phone companies charge the same for incoming as outgoing phone calls. You don’t have to answer your phone just because it’s ringing. Instead, screen your phone calls, check your voice-mail from a landline, and return some calls by landline.

7. Use Your Freebies

These days, most family plans, in particular, have a few freebies that you can add to your plan. For instance, you might get a certain amount of phone numbers that people on your family plan can call without having any minutes charged.

Make sure you use these freebies for landlines or the most frequently called numbers on your family’s list. Also, make sure that the freebies you use aren’t already free because they’re in network for you!

These seven simple tips can help you save on your cell phone bill.


Author – Daniela Baker from CreditDonkey shares one of her favorite bonus tip, call your cell phone company and see if you can setup auto pay onto a cash back credit card. Auto payments can help keep you from missing a payment and getting charged hefty late fees. Plus, charging to a credit card rather than your bank account means that you won’t accidentally overdraft your account when the cell phone bill comes out! Don’t forget to compare credit card applications on her blog.

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