How To: Activate Facebook Timeline – Facebook Timeline Release

You no longer need to wait for facebook timeline now it is available to activate for your facebook profile. Timeline is an amazing feature released by facebook to give it’s user an easy way to rediscover the things they shared previously to enjoy and to relive their life. And of course you can also share new experiences too!

facebook timeline

How to Activate Facebook Timeline:

Though facebook timeline is now available worldwide, you need to follow these steps to activate it right now.

To activate facebook timeline you need to visit this page Introducing Timeline and click on “Get Timeline“which you will find under video at right on bottom.

get timeline

You are just one step away before publishing your new profile. Now you will find instruction written just above your preview profile.

facebook timeline

Now you find two buttons appearing at the top right to take tour or you can publish your timeline.

facebook timeline

If you choose publish now your profile will get timeline for 7-days review period and if you select take tour you will find this:

tour timeline

Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks:

  • On the right side you will find Archive of all the activities you did that year. Click on any year to view your activities:
  • For privacy concern they have included in timeline for users to which post they want to show in timeline. For instance, click on pencil icon at the top of any post and select “Hide from timeline” this would not delete that post from your account but it will hide it in timeline.
  • You can get rid of annoying advert by clicking on “X” button appearing next to that advert. Facebook will then ask you what kind of advert you like to appear on account.
  • You can now change which photo should be on the large size as a primary image (featured) to be shown on your new album. By clicking on the pencil button you can adjust.
  • As I have discussed previously the way you can check how your facebook profile will appear to others. Click the cog icon under your cover photo; then select “View as”.

Activity Log – To See Your Activities:

  • Activity log will make it easy for you to get all your updates from today back to when you first started using Facebook (remember only you can check your activity log).
  • You will find 2 dropdown buttons next to each story in activity log. First will help you adjust the privacy of your post and second will help you make your post appear on timeline.
  • By clicking on “All” you can find certain type of story. For example you can view only photos or only posts to appear.

facebook timeline

7-Day Review Timeline:

You should know this before you activate your facebook timeline.

  • When you upgrade to facebook timeline you will get 7-days to review everything that appears on your timeline before anyone else can see.
  • You are also allowed to publish timeline at anytime during the review period.
  • If you will not your timeline will goes live automatically after seven days.
  • New timeline will only replace your profile with new, but all your stories and photos will still remain.
  • You can still view how your new profile (timeline) will appear to other people.

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17 thoughts on “How To: Activate Facebook Timeline – Facebook Timeline Release”

  1. Yesterday I activated Face book time line, but I don`t know things listed here thanks for the article, I will fallow this now.

  2. timeline won’t even allow me to get one there’s no option and then when i finally click get tmeline it just says loading for ages do i change settings or something for it to work?

    1. I think you should go to your browsers setting and clear cookies & cache. Then restart your browser and follow the steps i had mentioned above in this article.

  3. HI=)..i activated timeline but now i don’t want it, i just don’t like it .i want the old Facebook back..i tried to remove the application but i couldn’t. so please can you tell me how to remove it?

    Thank u

      1. So that means that those of us (and there are many) that don’t like timeline are stuck with it????? I really want to go back to my old regular facebook page…please tell me there is a way..

  4. Hi, i have been searching for ways to activate my timeline in my fb a/c. But there were not much useful replies from facebook or any other sites. Could you help? I went to the ‘Introducing Timeline’ but there were no ‘Get Timeline’ button for me to click.

    1. The same problem my bro were facing when he tried to get Timeline. You can clear your browsers proxy & cookies and then should try. It will work now. Let me know if you find any error?

      1. i have tried using several browsers to test on the issue, but will try on clearing the cookies in the system later. Im not too sure if its due to the ‘varification’ phase when i registered the account. I fail to get a varification code (using mobile sms) from fb.

      2. I have basically deleted everything from my internet properties. but there are still no activation buttons found on the timeline site n also on my fb, i’ve tried various methods like creating an app just to allow the ‘show in timeline’ to appear, but its still not working. sigh…..

        1. In that case there is no other way to activate your timeline. Why don’t you get the verification process again? Try doing that, hope it works else raise your question here – you will get an answer for sure. Or wait for few more weeks as FB is going to put timeline on everyone’s profile. I hope you got your answer? Thank you for your comment.

          1. thanks for ur suggestions, ive sent them a few emails, but its not really helping, been doing the varification process with several phone numbers but its still not working either, i guess i’ll just wait a couple more weeks then.

  5. Timeline is appalling

    The postings NEVER fits the page

    ALL activities & like & friends are displayed when you want them hidden

    3rd party’s are allowed access to them with impunity – Even with Adblock software they get around it

    Come on Facebook – You need a much BETTER platform


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