5 Best Cooking Apps for Android

With the coming of the phones run on the Android OS, the very definition of mobile devices used to commute with others changed. These pocket equipments emerged as a mini universe that one can grab within his fists. Several apps were designed, compatible with an android phone to make the mobile using experience a better edge. When on one hand, some apps allows one to play his favorite games in his device, there are some really cool cooking apps for android. These apps are found in abundance over the internet. Some are available for free, while for the rest one would have to pay a certain some of money.

This article aims at giving a quick overview of some of these exclusive apps.

1. Cooking Master


One has to mention the Cooking Master app at the first of the list. Here, you get the opportunity to become one of the most celebrated chefs once you have fed the hungry patrons. This is one app which shall keep you hooked to it. With the kind of speed this game offers, you shall be able to serve your customers as fast as possible.

The gaming process is also very simple. One would need to keep on tapping the food, the pan etc and finally to serve the dishes.

2. Ice-Cream maker


For kids who have a fascination for cooking games, the Ice-Cream maker is going to be a treat. One, who has this app in his mobile, will be able to virtually prepare his favorite ice creams. There is hardly a soul, who doesn’t like ice creams and if it is a personalized ice cream with delicious taste and awesome look, no matter even if it is a game, you will surely have your mouths watering.

3. Make Juice Now


This is another fun-filled cooking game for the kids. Kids always have a thing for fruit juices. Now they can prepare one for themselves by installing Make Juice app in their respective android mobiles.

4. Cupcake-Maker


Just like ice creams and juices, cupcakes have their own fan following. Now to be able to prepare a personalized cupcake you would need to download this free app in your android device. You will be playing the role of a chef and decorate or design a baby cake or a wedding cake all by yourself.

You would then need to bake it and your cupcake would be ready to be served. This app is again meant for the kids. The plethora of colorful toppings, creams and decorations make the game all the more exciting.

5. Make Cookies


Another fun-filled cooking app, meant especially for the kids (most of these apps are meant for the kids) is the Make Cookies apps. If you are cookie lover and desire to prepare your own cooks, here is your opportunity, well virtually of course.

The above mentioned five best cooking apps for android phones are just a few names amongst a plethora of names. There are several websites from which one can download these apps. So happy Cooking!

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4 Best Tools to Access Wikipedia Offline

Access Wikipedia Offline! Interesting isn’t it? Ever wonder how? Let me first write little bit about – Wikipedia, as we know it is the largest source of information available freely over the internet. You will find information contributed by various people and researchers on this amazing site. You can do your own research on any topic of interest. Wikipedia connects you with the rest of the world. You will find suitable images of the quoted information as well. You can get information on any subject and topic. Now you could only access the Wikipedia with an active internet connection. What if you don’t have an internet connection? Well do not worry; you can access wikipedia offline. Below given are some of the best tools Access Wikipedia Offline.

Okawix – First Tool to Access Wikipedia Offline

access wikipedia offline

This is a software which allows you to access the Wikipedia content even when you do not have an internet connection. However you need to download the database available online. These databases contain the information stored on the main site. You can also select the language in which you want it to appear. Once you get this downloaded, it will be like experiencing Wikipedia as offline. However you will not be able to access any account and other web features. Over the past few years, it has been upgraded to work on various devices such as Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

WikiTaxi – Second Tool to Access Wikipedia Offline

access wikipedia offline

Imagine the vast collection of information of Wikipedia available to you offline within an 8GB pen drive. Isn’t that cool? The Wiki Taxi is a really good application with the help you can get the entire Wiki collection offline in 4GB. It stores the compressed version of the pages automatically on your storage device. However you can get access to only the English section of the website. Once you start using this, you do not need to use the net at all.This is available for the Windows OS only.

BZ Reader – Third Tool to Access Wikipedia Offline

access wikipedia offline

This tool accesses the compressed dump files to retrieve the information. Using the uncompressed dumps would occupy a lot of hard disk space. You can open a dump file and then easily browse through it. You can search contents by category or by heading. There is a window to the left where you have to enter your search. To get this working, access the Wikipedia dump. Open it using the BZ Reader. It will take time based on the dump file. Once it’s loaded, search whatever you need.

WikiSlice – Fourth Tool to Access Wikipedia Offline

access wikipedia offline

The function of the application lies in its name itself. It gives you access to any particular part of information from Wikipedia. There is no need to waste hard disk space by downloading dump files and databases uselessly. Just keep whatever is required. Use Webaroo and WikiSlice to access this information. Search for the required topic and it will return the top 50 results. This is more useful if you have a good idea of what you are exactly looking for; be specific in your search.

Conclusion Now-a-days staying connected with the world has become so easy that you don’t need to stay online all the time. As long as you have any one of the above mentioned apps, you do not need internet to access Wikipedia you can now access wikipedia offline. So you can do it anytime and anywhere. Based on your OS and your needs you have to make the selection of the respective application.

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