Did You Know Texting Hurts Grammar? [Infographics]

A study has found that the more students text, the more it may impact their grammar. This infographic exposes how an increased reliance on text messaging and techspeak is destroying our writing and verbal communication skills. Research suggests the use of abbreviations, word substitutions, acronyms, and emoticons, are all major contributors to this decline. How this does happen and why does texting hurts grammar, this infograph below covers everything.


This infographic was designed and publish by Muhammad Saleem at onlinecollege.

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How to Start your Own Web Hosting Business

One of the most lucrative businesses you can start right from the comfort of your home is a web hosting company.

I know most of us don’t have the huge investment or infrastructure needed to set up servers and systems, and cannot afford to hire a technical team to manage the operations.

But I am here to tell you that not only can you operate a web hosting business from anywhere with a very small investment, you can actually do so profitably.

Here’s a fact for you: One of the biggest hosting companies on the web, HostGator was founded by Brent Oxley in his dorm room at the University. How did he do it? By becoming a reseller of a large data center company called The Planet (now SoftLayer). It’s the data center that owns and manages the servers, network, and other infrastructure while the reselling company rents space on their servers and sells hosting to its own customers under its brand name.

And that’s what we’ll talk about: Reseller Hosting and how you can create your own hosting company by using other hosting providers’ services. And more importantly, do it with a bare minimum set up.

Reseller Hosting

In reseller hosting, the hosting provider allots you a certain bandwidth and hard drive space which you can utilize for hosting sites of your own clients. The company will also enable you to create your own plans, prices and other services, all with your brand name on it.

Depending on your technical expertise and how small or big you want to start with, you can have the parent host manage most of the support while you act as a communication medium between the host and your clients. So for any technical issues that your client faces, you forward them to the host and they’ll resolve them. That also means you will have to constantly monitor the interface to see if everything’s going smooth on both ends-your customer and the parent host.

web hosting business

Finding a Good Reseller Hosting Provider

Most of the large hosting companies offer reseller hosting these days. Here are some tips to choose one among them:

  • Compare their rates. Of course, you don’t want to blindly choose the least expensive one, but it helps to know the rates and understand how much you can charge for your own hosting service later.
  • Technical Support. Probably the most important criteria. Check how much technical support your host will provide to your clients. Not all of them offer complete support, so you will need to decide how much customer assistance you can provide yourself. Personally, I’d prefer a company with round the clock support via chat and phone.
  • Uptime: Another crucial factor in deciding a hosting company is its uptime record. If you don’t want to face angry customers later, choose a company that has less than 1% downtime which ensures all the sites hosted on their servers rarely go down.

Promoting your Hosting Service

Once you’ve decided on a hosting company, it’s time to promote your hosting services. Advertise your company in the online classifieds and promote your site via SEO and paid traffic. But don’t limit your advertising only to the internet. You can go to your local businesses and distribute flyers that showcase your services and how they can benefit hosting their sites with you.

Provided you have the budget, you can also sponsor tech. events and networking seminars in your local business community to get more exposure.

If you’re already offering some kind of web services to your clients like web design or programming, tell them about your new hosting service. They are the ones most likely to sign up with you.

Since you would be just starting, you may even launch a discount offer and bulk rates for those who sign up early. Give them the best possible customer service, create attractive hosting plans (of course, don’t promise any features that your own host doesn’t offer!) and encourage them to spread the word about your hosting, thus making your own clients into affiliates.

Once you have a few customers, you can expand your business by hiring employees to take care of the support, maintenance, and minor technical issues.

So there you have it. A profitable online business you can start from home and earn a passive income month on month. All you need is a decent computer and lots of determination and the ability to work hard.

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The finest Coupon Site for a Mesmerizing Shopping Experience – 27coupons

“Several sites claim to be the best, when it comes to providing the best coupons to the online buyers. However, none can match the caliber of 27coupons, your one-stop shop for readily available coupon codes.”

With the advent of ultra-modern technologies, every innovation has taken the online route. Shopping is no exception. The availability of coupon codes exaggerates the excitement and fun associated with shopping. However, one is never sure where to get these coupons in a reliable fashion. Here’s when 27coupons comes into play.

27coupons is the answer to all your shopping troubles!!!

Topmost Stores Covered by 27coupons

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Makemytrip – For travel freaks, makemytrip has become their regular companion. 27coupons offers great deals to the travelers in order to make their trip less expensive, and a thrilling one.

The list doesn’t end here. Just browse through the site, and you will be amazed with the range of coupons listed thereby.


The Exceptional Features of 27Coupons

The special features that set it apart from others make it an appealing and popular choice for you. Let’s have a look at few of them.

High Success Rate – At times, the biggest hindrance in using the coupon codes is their low success rate. At 27coupons, the webmasters understand this fact, and have been able to ensure 100% success rate for most coupons. Further, they are always available in large numbers, ensuring a smooth shopping journey throughout.


Finest Customer Support – Now, you don’t need to spend hours finding the best coupons for you. The friendly and supportive customer support staff of 27coupons does it for you absolutely free of cost! You can thus save your money, time and efforts, if you go for this service, exclusively offered by the site.


Smartphone Finder Feature – You can pinpoint the best smartphone available that suits your needs and affordability with the smartphone finder tool. Furthermore, narrowing down your choice becomes easier in terms of brand, processor, price and other relevant criterion. This feature makes the choice-making process much easier for you.


Why 27coupons is the Best?

The Alexa Rank < 22k speaks it all for 27coupons. Customers have experienced the astounding services provided by the site. The expert team backed with years of experience at 27coupons fetches the best coupons for you. Each minute detail can be accessed instantly through the newsletters. Chances are high that the goods you have always felt like buying will come under your budget, as you access these codes.

Get your own account on the site, and you get an opportunity to submit your own coupons, while participating in the best shopping deals ever on internet. So, start your shopping spree today, and save on the best deals with 27coupons coupon codes and offers. All the best!

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How To: Import Excel Charts to PowerPoint

Following article will arm you with the updated and authentic information about the method by which you can import excel charts to power point.

You can effectively insert those documents which Microsoft Office programs create or which have embedded objects or links into your presentation.

You are wrong on your part if you think that you have to include existing information while including into PowerPoint presentation.

After all, the following article assists you in the best possible way towards knowing the method for inserting an existing Excel chart into the presentation.


It is imperative for you to choose either Embed data or Linked one, while you are in the process of inserting an object. As and when an object is linked, the data gets stored in the source documents. Hence, it implies, that the moment you update the data in its original document, it automatically gets updated into your presentation too.

Linking is synonymous with immense utility and pleasant effect and helps you with the updated and sophisticated knowledge and information. It equally does its best towards keeping your presentation size to its minimum. While you are in the process of embedding objects in your presentation, you are able to easily make a copy of the object which is found in the destination document. Therefore, needless to say that while the changes are made in the original document, your presentation will be devoid of any reflection. Hence, there are not going to be any changes in it.

The moment you are in the process of inserting an existing excel chart, you are required to adhere the following:

  • You have to in any case activate the slide which will be used to insert the file if you want to achieve the best results.
  • You have to create Insert tab in the ribbon.
  • Click on the object button present on the Text group of the Ribbon.
  • If you want to create a new Excel chart, then click on the “Create New radio button”. Subsequently, you need to choose Microsoft Office Excel Chart present in the Object Type List and finally click on OK.
  • Click on the “Create File Radio Button”, if in case you are looking forward to insert an existing Excel chart.
  • Finally, in the last step, you are required to click on “OK”

Looking to navigate to a specific file location in order to insert? If yes, then click on Browse Button.

Thereby, as you are done, Click Ok.


Do you want to create a link to the original document? If yes, then simply click the Link Box and after that Click Ok.

Thereby, without any sort of inconvenience or hurdles, you are effectively and easily able to import Excel charts to PowerPoint. After reading the aforesaid article, you indeed realize that it is indeed a child’s play to do the same. Hence, arm yourself with the aforesaid information so that you end up having great deal of comfort and convenience. After all, the article stands out to be highly valuable. Isn’t it?

This article is written by: Sai Krishna Mundreti, CEO and Founder of Slash Services dot-com. He personally use and recommend you to use this timeline generator to make your timelines in PowerPoint.

The Importance of Linkbuilding in Modern SEO

Links are vital for any blog. They can, of course, be understood to have two broad categories: inbound and outbound. They’re both worthwhile. Both types of links can also provide you with valuable information about what type of the niche your blog is appealing to and about how you may be able to market it more effectively. Here are some of the aspects of links that you should consider.

Outgoing Links in Blog Entries

It’s generally accepted that people leaving your site is a bad thing. It’s actually not that simple. When people come to your site and they find a link that leads them to something they really appreciate, you’re making a good impression on them and it’s likely that they’ll come back to your site. They will view your site as a reference, precisely because it is a reference.

When you link to an off-site location in a blog post, make sure that the link is relevant to what the post is about and that it actually enhances the blog post by providing interesting additional information for the reader. Consider, for a moment, that some of the most successful blogs in the world are made up largely of links to content that doesn’t even show up on the blog’s own site.

There are various utilities that allow you to inspect your links to make sure that none of them are broken. Make sure you run one of these once in a while. Search engines don’t like sites that have a lot of broken links on them and, if they start to build up on your site, it may start to have a negative effect on your search engine optimization efforts.


Inbound Links in Modern SEO

The best kind of inbound link you can have on your blog is an inbound link utilizing your keywords from a site with very high Page Rank and a lot of traffic. These are hard to come by. Most of the time, you’ll be getting links through directories, link swaps with other webmasters and other bloggers and, if you’re lucky, from any blog posts you’ve managed to publish on blogs much larger and more popular than your own. You need to make certain that these inbound links are of a high quality, just as is the case of outgoing links.

If you go to Google, you can execute a search to find out what sites link to your own. The syntax is: “link:TheURL.com” without the quotation marks and with the URL you want to know about replacing the sample URL. This will give you a list of sites that have inbound links to your own. Take a look at them and see if they’re the kind of sites that you actually do want to have inbound links from. If not, you may want to do a bit of reputation management to displace them in importance or get your link removed. Feel free like the kid below in modern SEO!


Including links in your blog posts to other posts within your site is generally considered to be a good idea, as well. It’s a particularly good idea if it actually serves the reader. It creates a situation where the reader can keep clicking links and going through your content, increasing the amount of time that they spend on your site.

Having good links on your blog can make sure that you are getting the most out of the work you put into it. WordPress templates make it easy to customize the look of your links, which ensures that readers see them and are more likely to click on them. WordPress also has many utilities that allow you to give links a more attractive format than they have by default.

This article is written by: Olga Ionel is an original writer at ThemeFuse.com – a leader in the WordPress themes industry. She is fond of sharing SEO and blogging ideas. If you would like to guest post at RealTimeTricks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Image Credit – Sean Dreilinger & interaria.

Now You Can Hear Every Word You Type on iPhone with Speaking Keyboard

The far-famed VoiceOver screen reader used on the Mac has now been made available as a default feature on iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS. It’s proudly known as the world’s premier gesture-grounded screen reader that will allow you to enjoy the amusive yet user-friendly iPhone even if you see the screen. It is truly commendable that VoiceOver allows you to access using easy gestures to physically interact with the icons on the screen. With VoiceOver you can easily touch the screen and hear the verbal description of the icons pressed followed by a drag or a double tap on the screen.

VoiceOver interacts with you as it can naturally discern the location and context of the objects on the screen. This allows you to truly sense how everything appears on the screen rather than just the narration of the descriptions. It lets you know every single detail such as battery status, Wi-Fi, Time of day, Display changes, and even if the screen is locked or unlocked.


It allows you to adjust the speaking rate to the best the suits your listening ability and special alert effects for each application that you open or when a message appears and more.

How it works:

All you need to enable the VoiceOver is just the latest version of iTunes and a PC. Its going to be a little different yet simple gestures like instead of tapping to open an icon, you’ll just need to tap the button to hear the description and then double tap the same to open the icon.

When you select an item on the screen, a black rectangle cursor appears around the item. This is mainly used when your sharing you phone with someone, else it includes a screen curtain that hides the display of the cursor so no one gets to read without your knowledge.



When texting or emailing, you will be able to hear the echoes of each character as you touch the keyboard which also confirms when it’s entered. Also to type more accurately and quickly, if offers word prediction that suggests the accurate spelling of each word.

With the option called Speak Auto-text, you can let your iPhone speaking the suggested word automatically using sound effects as you type. This feature can be ignored by continuing with you typing or simply pressing the space key will have the iPhone type the words on your behalf.


This VoiceOver works exceedingly well with all the built-in applications that come default with iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS. The rotor navigation can also be used on web pages that contain common items like images, links and so on.

If you are looking for a revolutionary iPhone that enables you to make the applications VoiceOver compatible, then your search ends here. No matter what, this iPhone 4S, 4 or 3GS will certainly be a treat to you. This new feature of VoiceOver will make history!

Author Bio: Brianne is a writer blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books.  She contributes to Rich Gorman Reputation Changer. If you would like to guest post at RealTimeTricks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Photo credit – imore.

What are the Risks and Disadvantages of Cloud Storage?

Before taking a decision, it is essential to view all the risks and disadvantages of cloud storage, which do not normally look strong enough to outweigh the great benefits of the service.  There are risks or disadvantages involved in everything, and cloud storage is no exception.

Now it seems that the number of companies and professionals joining the cloud stream is growing at a considerably rapid pace.  At the same time, more and more cloud service providers are entering the arena with their attractive offers, persuasive enough to lure customers.  Of course, there are many advantages and benefits of availing a cloud storage service but, on the other hand, there are certain risks and disadvantages of cloud storage services which one must be fully aware of in order to prevent any harmful surprises later on.

No matter how advanced and latest technology a service is based on, it won’t be free from certain risks or disadvantages, and unless a safer and rational approach is done, things may not always go favorably.  In case of availing a cloud storage service, it is imperative to take a closer look on the possible negative side of this technology in order to take the necessary steps before and after availing a cloud service.  We discuss below the main risks and disadvantages which are normally associated with cloud storage services.


Argued Downsides of Cloud Storage

Data security is the main concern when it comes to avail a cloud storage service.  You store all the data on a common server at a remote location where you don’t have any control over your data or over any kind of activity that goes on there.  In fact, you give your data in strange hands where it can either be kept well protected or can get damaged due to any shortcoming of the service or disaster.  This is what that risks many people who consider keeping the data stored locally will be safer despite being less economical.

Theft, hacking or data loss due to any natural or accidental disaster very much becomes a part of data security concern.  There have been some security breaches in very prominent cloud storage services, and we can’t forget how the hurricane Sandy had disrupted the cloud services recently.  Natural disasters are something that remains out of control of human hands and anything can happen despite the precautionary measures taken in advance.   However, this aspect is very serious but it shouldn’t be taken as a risk factor exclusively for cloud storage services since if such things happen, not only the cloud centers but our local storage can also become vulnerable to damages; and in fact, local storages normally aren’t protected as much as a professional cloud storage service.

Potential Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

Here, we can add a list of few potential disadvantages:

  • The stored data remains out of your control
  • Accessibility of data can be interrupted due to any reason
  • A faster internet speed is essential
  • Limited expandability
  • Lack of backup security measures
  • The cloud company may go out of business or operation

And many such potential disadvantages can be associated with cloud storage services.  However, if you approach most of such downsides with a practical or reasonable frame of mind, you would realize that there are risks and disadvantages always associated with any technology, not just with cloud; then why to blame the cloud technology alone.  Moreover, if you are careful enough to choose a credible service vendor, then most of the negative aspects lose their intensity as your data will be well taken care of.

This article is written by: Shah writes on his  Cloud Computing Blog. You can read more interesting articles on his blog. If you would like to guest post at RealTimeTricks, check our guest posting guidelines

Facebook New Privacy Settings: Much Easier with Shortcuts

Facebook new privacy settings – are now much easier than ever before, with shortcut to privacy settings, Facebook has given their users a new, simple and easy to choose setting menus. Placing an icon at top right of your profile, makes it easier to check, what control you have on your social media profile – Facebook.

Today, when you land on your Facebook profile – www.facebook.com, you will see this facebook-new-privacy-settings-icon icon added, that brings three options when pressed.

  • Who can see my stuff?
  • Who can contact me?
  • How do I stop someone from bothering me?

In this article we are going to review these three options with few more updates that Facebook recently did in Facebook new privacy settings. Basically, these three options have been placed into a single icon at top of Facebook profile is I think just to let users aware of the new settings.

Facebook New Privacy Settings: Privacy Shortcuts

When you click on the icon positioned in between the ‘home’ and ‘settings’ you will get various options to control your privacy on Facebook.


Just like, “View As” inside “Who can see my stuff” I don’t know if you people know that this option in Facebook helps users to see what other people see on your timeline. For instance, if you have made some part of your profile info visible for few and hidden for many then this option helps you check how your facebook profile appear to others. Before, this option was inside privacy settings and was not easily visible to users.

Now this is what Facebook have actually updated in Facebook new privacy settings – you can now filter messages that are been sent to your Inbox.

  • Basic Filtering – if you wish to get messages from friends and friends of friends.
  • Strict Filtering – if you chose this you will not get messages from people you are not friend with.

There are few disturbing people on everyone’s Facebook account. If you too have disturbing people in your friend list who tags you everywhere, disturbs you every time, and are not worth to keep in your friend list then you can now easily block them from – privacy shortcuts “How do I stop someone from bothering me” option. Before, this option was inside privacy settings and was not easily visible to users.

Privacy Settings and Tools

One link at the bottom of the Privacy Shortcuts “See More Settings” will leads to the privacy settings and tools menu which lays things out clearly. Here you will find option to prevent search engines from linking to a Timeline is included along with “Timeline and Tagging Settings” option to simplify and control your stuff.


Activity log

The most required change they have done in this update is the log that displays almost everything you’ve done on Facebook — tagged photos.


This will help you sort your history, say, you are tagged in multiple photos but aren’t aware of, this new layout will help you show all these photos and tags. You can untag yourself from bunch of photos at once, also, delete multiple status updates.

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How to Add Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox on Blogger Blog

If you are a regular reader to RealTimeTricks posts you have seen that we are using a Facebook pop-up box which appears to visitors on their first visit (and not on their every visit). It helps RealTimeTricks get lot of Facebook fans just by visiting any of the post on this blog. To display Facebook pop-up box on RealTimeTricks we use this plugin but it won’t work if you are on blogger, blogspot doesn’t support WordPress plugins. To display same Facebook pop-up box (Facebook page promoter lightbox) on blogger blog you need to insert some code and that I’ll tell you in this tutorial.

Few hours back I received an email asking to write a tutorial on “how to add Facebook page promoter lightbox on blogger blog” so this tutorial is for Emmy and to all who want to display Facebook pop-up box related to WordPress plugin that I’m using now.

Name: Emmy
Email: gr8celebfashion@gmail.com
Message: would you please share a tutorial or widget for Facebook pop-up box which you are using. share it according to blogger’s blog.

Time: Friday December 14, 2012 at 12:48 pm
IP Address:
Contact Form URL: http://realtimetricks.com/contact
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

Add Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox on Blogger Blog

To add Facebook pop-up box you need to follow-up some code and before you go on adding code in your blog let me inform you that this will save IP addresses of your visitors. It means when visitor land on your blog or any sub-pages this will store their IP address and won’t appear to that visitor again for next 7 days. However, you can set this interval according to your own choice but I strongly recommend that changing the time period will make this pop-up box appear to that particular visitor again and again which might look weird to visitor.


Steps to Add Facebook Pop up Box

Go to your blogger account and select your blog (if you have more than one blog you have to select).

Step-1. Now go to Layout option.


Step-2. There click on Add a Gadget.


Step-3. Use HTML/JavaScript Widget.


Step-4. Paste the following code inside that box.

Step-5. Hit Save Arrangement button and click on preview to check the changes.

/* ColorBox Core Style: The following CSS is consistent between example themes and should not be altered. */ #colorbox, #cboxOverlay, #cboxWrapper{position:absolute; top:0; left:0; z-index:9999; overflow:hidden;} #cboxOverlay{position:fixed; width:100%; height:100%;} #cboxMiddleLeft, #cboxBottomLeft{clear:left;} #cboxContent{position:relative;} #cboxLoadedContent{overflow:auto;} #cboxTitle{margin:0;} #cboxLoadingOverlay, #cboxLoadingGraphic{position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%;} #cboxPrevious, #cboxNext, #cboxClose, #cboxSlideshow{cursor:pointer;} .cboxPhoto{float:left; margin:auto; border:0; display:block;} .cboxIframe{width:100%; height:100%; display:block; border:0;} /* User Style: Change the following styles to modify the appearance of ColorBox. They are ordered & tabbed in a way that represents the nesting of the generated HTML. */ #cboxOverlay{background:#000;opacity:0.5 !important;} #colorbox{ box-shadow:0 0 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.4); -moz-box-shadow:0 0 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.4); -webkit-box-shadow:0 0 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.4); } #cboxTopLeft{width:14px; height:14px; background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FiJ_Xz7txEg/Txrt0sy1TiI/AAAAAAAAFWk/Llzvkeyy_J8/s1600/controls.png) no-repeat 0 0;} #cboxTopCenter{height:14px; background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-TcJGMnSfOCY/TxrtzzHDLVI/AAAAAAAAFWc/mdndgrisRuA/s1600/border.png) repeat-x top left;} #cboxTopRight{width:14px; height:14px; background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FiJ_Xz7txEg/Txrt0sy1TiI/AAAAAAAAFWk/Llzvkeyy_J8/s1600/controls.png) no-repeat -36px 0;} #cboxBottomLeft{width:14px; height:43px; background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FiJ_Xz7txEg/Txrt0sy1TiI/AAAAAAAAFWk/Llzvkeyy_J8/s1600/controls.png) no-repeat 0 -32px;} #cboxBottomCenter{height:43px; background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-TcJGMnSfOCY/TxrtzzHDLVI/AAAAAAAAFWc/mdndgrisRuA/s1600/border.png) repeat-x bottom left;} #cboxBottomRight{width:14px; height:43px; background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FiJ_Xz7txEg/Txrt0sy1TiI/AAAAAAAAFWk/Llzvkeyy_J8/s1600/controls.png) no-repeat -36px -32px;} #cboxMiddleLeft{width:14px; background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FiJ_Xz7txEg/Txrt0sy1TiI/AAAAAAAAFWk/Llzvkeyy_J8/s1600/controls.png) repeat-y -175px 0;} #cboxMiddleRight{width:14px; background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FiJ_Xz7txEg/Txrt0sy1TiI/AAAAAAAAFWk/Llzvkeyy_J8/s1600/controls.png) repeat-y -211px 0;} #cboxContent{background:#fff; overflow:visible;} #cboxLoadedContent{margin-bottom:5px;} #cboxLoadingOverlay{background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-PPvu-446sn4/Txrt1QsGH1I/AAAAAAAAFWw/_jWYVoR1HX8/s1600/loading-background.png) no-repeat center center;} #cboxLoadingGraphic{background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-31strss_1-E/Txrt1J6NThI/AAAAAAAAFWo/4P12CJPj924/s1600/loading.gif) no-repeat center center;} #cboxTitle{position:absolute; bottom:-25px; left:0; text-align:center; width:100%; font-weight:bold; color:#7C7C7C;} #cboxCurrent{position:absolute; bottom:-25px; left:58px; font-weight:bold; color:#7C7C7C;} #cboxPrevious, #cboxNext, #cboxClose, #cboxSlideshow{position:absolute; bottom:-29px; background:url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FiJ_Xz7txEg/Txrt0sy1TiI/AAAAAAAAFWk/Llzvkeyy_J8/s1600/controls.png) no-repeat 0px 0px; width:23px; height:23px; text-indent:-9999px;} #cboxPrevious{left:0px; background-position: -51px -25px;} #cboxPrevious.hover{background-position:-51px 0px;} #cboxNext{left:27px; background-position:-75px -25px;} #cboxNext.hover{background-position:-75px 0px;} #cboxClose{right:0; background-position:-100px -25px;} #cboxClose.hover{background-position:-100px 0px;} .cboxSlideshow_on #cboxSlideshow{background-position:-125px 0px; right:27px;} .cboxSlideshow_on #cboxSlideshow.hover{background-position:-150px 0px;} .cboxSlideshow_off #cboxSlideshow{background-position:-150px -25px; right:27px;} .cboxSlideshow_off #cboxSlideshow.hover{background-position:-125px 0px;} /*-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Facebook Likebox popup For Blogger /*-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ #subscribe { font: 12px/1.2 Arial,Helvetica,san-serif; color:#666; } #subscribe a, #subscribe a:hover, #subscribe a:visited { text-decoration:none; } .box-title { color: #3B5998; font-size: 20px !important; font-weight: bold; margin: 10px 0; border:1px solid #ddd; -moz-border-radius:6px; -webkit-border-radius:6px; border-radius:6px; box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #CCCCCC; padding:10px; line-height:25px; font-family:arial !important; } .box-tagline { color: #999; margin: 0; text-align: center; } #subs-container { padding: 35px 0 30px 0; position: relative; } a:link, a:visited { border:none; } .demo { display:none; }
--></style><script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.5/jquery.min.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="http://yourjavascript.com/11215013191/jquery.colorbox-min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
jQuery(document).ready(function(){ if (document.cookie.indexOf('visited=true') == -1) { var fifteenDays = 1000*60*60*24*7; var expires = new Date((new Date()).valueOf() + fifteenDays); document.cookie = "visited=true;expires=" + expires.toUTCString(); $.colorbox({width:"340px", inline:true, href:"#subscribe"}); } });
// ]]></script>
<!-- This contains the hidden content for inline calls -->

<iframe style="border: none; overflow: hidden; width: 300px; height: 140px;" src="//www.facebook.com/plugins/likebox.php?href=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Frealtimetricks&width=300;height=180&colorscheme=light&show_faces=true&border_color=%23ffffff&stream=false&header=false&height=258" height="240" width="320" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Customize Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

  • Before adding the code change RealTimeTricks with your Facebook fan page username.
  • And to change the time period search for *7 and replace it with the number you want.

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