Lock Folder Using Notepad

Wanted to lock folder but not having essential software to use? Don’t worry here i tell you the simplest method to lock folder in any your computer’s drive.
With notepad you can lock any of the folders without getting worry of forgetting password, limit of software, etc.
Just follow these steps and you’re done.
Suppose you want to lock any folder name wallpaper in drive F: whose path is F:wallpaper. Then open notepad and copy this code.

ren wallpapers wallpapers.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}

If wallpaper is your folder name then saves it as lock.bat in the same drive. Now open another notepad and copy this code.

ren wallpapers.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} wallpapers

Again save it as key.bat in the same drive and you’re done. Just you need to follow these 2 usages to run this trick.
1)To lock it simply clicks on loc.bat file.
2)To unlock it simple click on key.bat file.
Enjoy using it!

Last Goal Makes Spain Won FIFA World Cup 2010

Now from all over the world included India people are being craziest toward this FIFA, even I can’t stop myself to share a joy which came after the last goal Spain made for Holland.

Really the whole match was electrifying you can’t miss a single second of it. Spain made a history in FIFA by winning first time FIFA World Cup 2010. I’ll have to keep this in mind that it’s just a short update not any technological news so should have to kill my emotion of writing a long review.

Many have believed and many will start believing on octopus with this WC10, I myself am still confused how an octopus (Paul) can predict who’s going to win a WC10 but yeah The German Octopus Prediction Was Right Again!! Spain has won FIFA World Cup 2010.
A Static of FIFA World Cup 2010
1st place – Spain
2nd place – Netherlands
3rd place – Germany

Football shirt maker – Create T-Shirt of Your Favorite Football Player or Team

As you all know it’s time for soccer and people are dying after it, they want keep footballs, jersey, and spray at home to keep the atmosphere soccer friendly. Anyways here in my short update I’m going to tell you that now you can create a jersey with your favorite football player avatar.

Football shirt maker - Create T-Shirt of Your Favorite Football Player or Team

Link to FootballShirtMaker

Football Shirt Maker – allows you to create a jersey with your name or of your favorite football team in world cup. All you need to do is select any eye catching jersey put your name in it and a number which makes it look like real then save it. There are national major league and teams.

Football shirt maker - Create T-Shirt of Your Favorite Football Player or Team

A perfect site to create a custom avatar at a time of fifa fever, or to put a image of your favorite player. Make one for you and enjoy the fever of FIFA.


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BSNL planning to outsource, 3G

After Bharti Airtel & Vodafon now BSNL is planning to outsource its 3G mobile serive in their network. After a month or so bsnl users will be able to use 3G service in their mobile phones.
According to Business Standard (which i read daily;) ) soon Bharat Sanchar Nigam LTD (BSNL) plans to outsource its new 3G mobile service. Chairman Kuldeep Goyal is saying ‘company will invite expressions of interest by the end of this month’. Vodafone and Bharti Airtel paid a combined $5.1 billion for 3G mobile licences in India last month, ending an epic auction that yields a bonanza for a deficit-strapped government. For more details, Click Here.

Next Google PR update date

All want to gain a good PR for their sites/blogs if they have PR1 they want PR2 and so on.
So everyone want to build a good backlink for their site/blog before Google PR updates therefore,  all Google to search to know when will be the next Google PR updates held? : )
I myself wanted to know when it will be held this time so I was searching last night and got this – one respected member of that forum had given a fixed date of next Google PR update, it’s on 20-July-2010 at 20:20:20pm but I’m not sure about this time not I can guarantee about that it will happen but I can surely say next Google PR update will be held on last week of this month (June) or the first week of next month (July). I’m sure about it!
So guys if you want a better PR for your site/blog then quickly build a huge backlinks for your blog/site to get a better and deserving PR. Best of luck!