Best Plugins for Managing Multiple WordPress Blogs

Blogs seem to be like tattoos: As soon as you have one, you want to get another one. Yet managing multiple blogs can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. You have to log in and out of your different accounts, update the same plugins across multiple sites, and end up doing dozens of other tasks for each site, causing you to duplicate your efforts and take up a lot of your time.

There are plugins that can help you to manage multiple WordPress blogs and make these tasks a bit easier. Here are our picks for the best plugins for managing multiple WordPress blogs.

Manage WP Worker

Install this plugin to get one-click access to the admin of any WP site that you manage. You can use it to bulk install themes and plugins; update WordPress, themes and plugins on all your sites; bulk publish posts; track your analytic; and more. You can also use the plugin to schedule automatic backups of all your sites using a cloud storage service.


WP Remote

Once you install the WP Remote plugin on each of your sites, you can log into the online dashboard and manage all your sites from one location. You can create off-site backups of all your sites instantly and can bulk update all your themes and plugins. You can add as many sites to WP Remote as you like, and the service is free.


Networks for WordPress

You can use this plugin to manage multiple networks from one WordPress login. Each network can have its own plugins, themes, users, and special rules, and this plugin can manage them all from the same location. You can also use the plugin to share resources and users between the networks.

Multisite User Management

Maybe you have one blog that is open to new subscribers, while you have another blog that has specially recruited contributors each with their own level of authority. This plugin can help you to manage all your users across all your sites, adjusting the permissions that you grant each, according to each site. The plugin also allows you to add a user once and then provide permissions for multiple sites.


You don’t have to spend hours duplicating your efforts across each WordPress site that you manage. You can use one or more of these handy plugins to make your work easier and to cut down on the amount of time you spend managing your sites.

What are some of your favorite plugins or tools for managing multiple WordPress sites? Share your picks and tell us what you love about them in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “Best Plugins for Managing Multiple WordPress Blogs”

  1. Very nice list but I prefer ManageWP,Yep it cost some bucks but it worth every penny.Please go with if you have some popular blogs which is difficult to manage,otherwise stick with the plugins above mentioned unless you get popular.

  2. I haven’t used ManageWP or WPRemote for Admin Panel access, been still doing themes/plugins manually on each site, but I do use centralized commenting management for 7 blogs.

    I recommend Disqus for comment management, you can install Disqus commenting system on all your WordPress blogs and then moderate and respond to all comments on any of the blogs from the 1 Disqus Admin panel, or you can simply reply to any comment via email and it will get sorted and synced back to the WordPress databases.

    Managing all of the comments across many blogs was always one of the most cumbersome tasks, Disqus is the only external commenting system that allows you to respond to comments via email and reply to them from in the admin dashboard and works very well.

  3. I use Manage WP for multiple blogs and absolutely love it. Definitely worth the subscription price for the amount of time it saves, plus backing up is automated. I love the fact that I can install and activate a plugin on several sites with a few clicks.

  4. Perfect!
    Since iam also managing multiple wordress blogs and i rarely use plugins for this purpose, but i think i must reconsider the mentioned plugins for their features.


  5. Hi Irfan
    Fist of all , thanks for sharing this article, It is so informative and high quality Article.I am new WordPress
    blogger. Trying to get more ideas and information.I hope that Article will helpful for me.

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