Top 5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives – Messaging through your smartphone is great. It’s also one of the main uses of a smartphone, or any mobile phone for that matter.  And using apps like WhatsApp have been even more helpful in bridging communication gaps, as they allow users to interact in ways which seem to be the middle ground between online chatting and text messaging. The popularity of these types of apps tells us how well they have truly been received. Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has changed the face of texting and messaging.

Unfortunately WhatsApp has been coming under a lot of fire lately. It’s a third-party app and is always susceptible to some sorts of malware and spyware – potentially tuning everyone to the dangers of WhatsApp spy. Hence if you want to keep yourself secure, you might want to try out these alternative apps.

Top 5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

1 – Viber


A very popular app which is available for all platforms, Viber is the go to app for users looking for something that can satisfy them as WhatsApp could. Viber also uses contact numbers for identification. To use it, an access code is sent to your mobile device that checks your address book to see who else is using Viber and connects you to them. An advantage of Viber is that you can use it to call contacts as well.

2 – Line


Line is also a fast growing app and boasts of being used in over 230 countries and being the most downloaded app in the world. Line uses its database to save your number and then connect you with other Line users who are your phone contacts. A plus point that Line has is that it allows users to reply messages with a PC or Mac OS program if you register your phone number with an existing email account. You can also call contacts.

3 – WeChat


This app also allows users to connect across platforms and boasts of text as well as voice messaging. The app is free and comes with many additional features and settings. With WeChat a user can conduct one to many chats and photo/video sharing, as well as location sharing. This app also provides support for social network feeds and plug-ins such as ‘Shake’ and ‘Look Around’.

4 – Groupme


The name already suggests that this app is perfect for people looking to communicate in groups. You use the app by logging in with your email account, and of course it’s a free app so you don’t have to bother with any payments. The best part about this app is perhaps that in cases where some users don’t have 3G connections, they can still receive messages by paying a certain fee if they choose to.

5 – Kik Messenger


Kik is another app which is spreading like wild-fire, already it has about 30 million users worldwide. To register and use, one has to log on with an email address, choose a username and then find other uses to connect with. The app can send messages to both groups as well as individuals. Despite not being able to call contacts, Kik still provides an easy to use interface which seems to have most people satisfied with its performance.

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She blogs at MobiStealth and can be contacted @jcarol429.

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  1. I use Tango and that seems to do the trick. I also have a windows 8 laptop and that integrates every chat system I am on.

  2. Big thanks for this great list.. But my problem is.. that all my friends are using WhatsApp… so I don’t have any chance to change to another app so far ;-(

  3. Most important aspect is overlooked in this article: Security. None of these messengers score well on that front. How about taking a look at Surespot, Threema or Telegram? All offer end-to-end encryption. Surespot in addition is completely open source.

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