4 Common Blogging Fears: How to Chase Them Down


Blogging fears, Most people aren’t afraid to try something new—they’re afraid they will fail at that new endeavor whether you’re “something new” is weight loss, a new diet – weight loss fears, starting a blog – Blogging fears, starting your own online business – Online Business fears, or any other fears, known that you can overcome your fears, in this article we are going to identify the most common fears people have when they start a new blog or a new diet and how to chase them down.

1. Blogging Fears of Being Ridiculed

If you have a lot of weights to lose, it might seem intimidating to go to a gym or even go for a run outside, where other people seem to be in much better shape already. Likewise, it might be scary to post your writing on the Internet—what will people comment?

No change ever happens in your comfort zone. Take a risk, step outside, publish that article and reap the rewards. Understand that everyone has to start somewhere. I found a great quote on Pinterest that said, “A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.” It’s very true—if you don’t start now, you’ll only postpone your change.

It’s all about baby steps. Start small—a walk around the block, one post on your blog—and build up from there.

2. Blogging Fears of Failure

When we start something new, we’re usually not very confident in our abilities. If you are looking to lose weight, you might not be comfortable in your own skin. If you are looking to start a blog, you might not think your writing is worthy of others reading. We all feel like this.

Understand that it takes a time to see results, in your physical appearance or in your readership. Set a realistic goal for yourself: Lose one pound a week or write one post per week. Even if there are a few weeks where you feel unsuccessful, keep going and know that you will see results eventually.

3. Blogging Fears of the Unknown

This fear can come in the form of trying a new lifestyle, changing your diet, starting an exercise routine, publishing your first post, writing for an audience, receiving comments, or any number of other things that you were previously unfamiliar with. Maybe you’re not sure what kind of time frame to expect to see results with a new diet or blog.

Kick this fear by reminding yourself of your goals and finding your determination. Look back on goals you have already completed and look at your specific goals for the future that you are working toward.

4. Blogging Fears of Progression

Similar to the fear of the unknown, the fear of progression can prevent actual change. Being in your comfort zone is very safe, and venturing out can be scary.

When you start to see changes or improvements, acknowledge them and keep moving forward. It’s tempting to reward yourself with a day or two of binging or slacking off, but to continue to see change and to reach your goals, you need to keep progressing to chase blogging fears down.

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  1. Hi Irfan, I agree with you when we go outside to run to choose some fat we see a lot of people have better shape, It’s same in Blogging.
    Ans thanks for sharing the quote in Pinterest!
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