Tips on Increasing Website Traffic through Google Images

What do you usually do whenever you spot a great photo in search results? Do you download and save it on your computer or do you click on the site that has uploaded it? If you do, imagine your readers clicking on the pictures, which your domain ranks for. This is a good way of increasing website traffic through Google Images.

As for me, I do both. I love browsing the Web for cool pictures of just about anything, from chocolate cupcakes to fashionable dresses. If I see an amazing image, I immediately download it on my laptop. Then, I check out the site that hosts it to find out if it offers other quality photos. I also go over the content if the title looks promising.


Why am I telling you this?

I am not the only person who likes to do these things. Several users out there look for photos too and if they come across one they like, they may just access the site that owns it.

So what does this have to do with you then? If you have a website, you can benefit greatly from these individuals.

“How?”, you may wonder. You can boost your site’s visibility.

How Do You Get Targeted Traffic From Google Images?

A user once posted this question as a comment to my blog post. He wanted to find out how I was able to determine if the stream of people coming in my site was indeed relevant.

I told the person that the traffic I get from such results is generally targeted since most users’ searches are specific. If, for example, I have a photo of a black dress and I optimise it properly, it can rank high for keywords I am using. And if these people visit my website, this is when I obtain quality traffic.

You Can Benefit From Google Image Search

increasing website traffic through google images

Given that insight, it goes to show that you can increase the number of users visiting your site by adding your pages with photos.

As a note though, you do not just put any pictures. You must choose those with high quality and relevancy to your topic. Other than that, you need to apply the following tips:

Place The Right Photos

Assuming that you are writing about enjoying a holiday cruise in the Caribbean but the images show snow-capped mountains and chalets. Do you think there is a connection here?

Obviously, the answer is no. And if you insist on doing this repeatedly, you may lose some of your readers’ interest as well as your credibility. They may even deem you incapable of providing valuable information.

If you don’t want this to happen, always choose your photos carefully. Before you add them, don’t forget the next ideas.

Incorporate Keywords

Where? In strategic places like the following:

  1. Filename – Change those series of digits with something more concise and descriptive. Maybe you can use Caribbean-sailing-holiday.jpg (note the jpg, which is the recommended extension) for a photo of your trip to the destination.
  2. Alttag – Also called alternative text, you need this so that the search bots can index and crawl your images for related terms. You also require this as a code for screen readers to help the software interpret pictures’ content for the sake of visually impaired users.
  3. Caption – You can choose to skip this aspect. But, personally, I prefer photos with descriptions. This is why I never forget to place one for my own images.

Show Your Creativity

Hmm, does this tip seem tricky? How can you be artistic with your photos?

Well, don’t just settle on boring ones. You can use comic strips, Instagram or Photoshop-edited pictures, or adorable stick figures. However, make sure that they are appropriate for the topic.

Remember, it is all up to you to make your site content interesting. So don’t be afraid to experiment and express your individuality through your work.

Final Thoughts

Do you think these strategies will work for you? You will never know unless you try, right?

So, what is your experience with Google Images? We would like to know what you have to say.

About the Author: Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, an SEO reseller UK company that also offers marketing consultancy and search solutions.

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Google Penguin Update: How to Prevent your Site from Getting Affected

Google, as we all know, believes in eliminating scrap from its head and Google penguin update comes as a real-time scraper with tough guidelines for the webmasters. This step is understandable, owing to the unethical practices that prevailed over the net to pull more visitors and generate undue revenues. After all, the duty of a good search engine is to take care of its users.

Here are some cool tips, which can prevent your blog from getting affected (or bring it back on track).

google penguin update

Say No to Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing refers the addition of keywords to your site’s content repeatedly and unnaturally. This affects the main objective of any article, which is to provide useful info to the readers. Hidden texts for adding keywords are considered spam by Google, and result in downfall of your site’s rankings. Informative and user-friendly write-ups will gain more reputation by Google and you can escape the affect of Google Penguin update.

Participating in Link Exchange Schemes

Irrelevant linking to other blogs in order to enhance the rankings or PR of the site is not a good idea. For instance, a music blog pointing to a photography blog is crap in eyes of Google. It’s the quality of links that matters, not the quantity.

Original and interesting content will automatically persuade others to link to it. So, just concentrate on your being a source of valuable info and you will get fascinating results.

Ads First, Content Second

Google reportedly received lots of complaints from users, who get no relevant information after scrolling through a list of ads. Sites that force the readers to click on ads, or put irrelevant and big images before the articles seem to have suffered.

Write-ups on your site should be highly visible to your readers and should fulfill their appetite for good info. Then, there’s no reason why your site won’t come at the top of search engine rankings.

Remove Low Paying Ads from Your blog or Site

Monitor your Site’s Performance

Site’s loading speed, its compatibility to different browsers and the presence pages & links that search engines can crawl are some of the important points Google likes to pay heed to. Performance gauging tools like PageSpeed, WebPageTest and YSlow should be brought into use amongst others. After all, your objective and that of Google is the same, i.e. to act as a helping hand to visitors starving for top-notch and quality information.

Does your Affiliate Site add Value?

If you are running an affiliate products website, make sure to provide quality content to the users, so they really become excited to buy the product. Misleading and manipulative practices to add zeros to your revenue can definitely harm your site’s rankings to an unprecedented extent, especially after Google’s latest quality-check guidelines.

To cap it all, one golden rule you can follow is to go with user’s comfort and needs. Feel free to post your past experiences, ideas or any additional tips regarding Google Penguin in the comment’s section.

4 Things to Do to Give Your Blog the Ranking Boost it Need

A blog has no life of its own until it is being read which is why bloggers are always on the lookout for the best ways to get traffic to their blog.

The key to blogging success isn’t just to get traffic, but to get quality traffic that you can retain. If you really want results then it will be a smart idea to make the search engines your friend.

The thing about being ranked well in the search engines is that it takes more than building a few backlinks and expecting results to come, it also has a lot to do with what happens on your own site. I have been studying how decisions I make on my website affects my rankings for a while now and I’ll be sharing a few tips with you below.

4 Things to Do to Give Your Blog the Ranking Boost it Need

1. Choose a Good Web Host

I can’t emphasize this enough. You’ve probably heard this several times but most people still take it with levity. When it comes to choosing a web hosting what guides the decision of some people is how much it costs, not how good the service is. This is a blunder that has to be fixed.

The reality about life is that you only get what you pay for and the internet is not an exception. If you look for a good hosting company and pay the right fees you will get quality service.

You should also be ready to upgrade your hosting as your site grows; don’t use shared hosting when your website is big enough for a dedicated server and you can afford it. If I were to personally recommend any web host it will be Hostgator.

If you’re wondering why having a good web host is so important the answer is simple; it creates a great user experience and loads fast, which leads to better search rankings for you.

2. Use a Clean Design

This also goes in the same line as going for budget over quality. Most people skimp on good designs because they think it is too expensive. Good things aren’t accessible to everybody and if you really want your business to succeed you should start learning to invest.

One great element that can give your blog the SEO boost it needs is a good design. Specifically asking my designer to help make my blog search engine friendly led to a boost in my traffic and my traffic has doubled since I started using that design.

The better your design the better rankings you’re likely to get.

3. Learn to Use Special Formatting in Your Articles

Using special formatting helps give your articles a boost and position your site as an authority. Aside from the fact that using special formatting makes your articles easy to read and more user friendly, it also tells the search engines that you’re a real person who cares about user experience.

Fortunately, there are also special formatting that search engines place emphasis on; such formatting include the heading tags (H1 tag, H2 tag and the H3 tag), bolding, italicizing or using blockquotes in your articles. These formatting help place emphasis on your points and if your keywords are included in any section where you use any of these tags it will have an effect on your overall rankings.

4. Encourage Social Sharing

Search engines are starting to place a lot more emphasis on social media with even Google integrating social into its search engine. I have noticed that it sometimes take a while for some of my articles to be indexed but the moment I tweetor share it on Facebook it will be indexed instantly; in other words, Google and other search engines monitor these sites a lot and you can easily increase your chances of success by getting shared a lot on them.

Make sure your articles are really valuable posts with attractive title that people want to share and also ask friends and readers to take a minute to share your content. Those shares might not result in a lot of direct traffic at the moment but the boost they will give your content in the search engines might be worth a lot in the future.

Bamidele Onibalusi is a blogger who loves to review hostgator coupon codes and resources for writers on his blog.

Social Media Club: Best Way to Get More Retweets

Tweeting your post on twitter is the best way to generate loyal readers to your blog, this not only gives you readers but also tend them to become your follower on twitter. Now when just a tweet makes this much to you then how much a single retweet will going to make? And what with hundreds retweet? No doubt Retweets gives free traffic to sites but how to get more Retweets? What is the best way to get more Retweets?

Here I’ll tell you about a club – Social Media Club or SocialMedClub designed and run by Daniel Scocco (No further introduction required for this personality) that works on a website. The system of this club is pretty simple, members retweet others content to generate points (1 retweet = 1 point) in order to gain 10 points to be eligible to post their tweet so that others retweet it and cycle goes on.

This makes the system pretty fair, because members who didn’t share the content of other members wouldn’t earn points and wouldn’t be able to post their requests. So to earn points members has to retweet others content.

Here I Tell You How Social Med Club Works

  1. Inside the Members area you’ll find a Message Board with tweets posted on the board to get retweet by other members.
  2. Every time when you retweet those tweets you’ll earn 1 point.
  3. When your point counts 10 you will be able to spend those points by adding your own Content/page to the Message Board, so that other members can share it for you. And the cycle goes on.

Link to – Social Med Club

This way you will generate traffic to your blogs as members will share your tweets with their followers and the chances of getting more Retweets by their followers will increase. Also you will get loyal followers on twitter. Before you start please ensure that have read the rules:

Rules of The Club

  • The system is simple: you retweet to earn points, and once you reach enough points you can submit your own tweet for others to share. This ensures participation will be fair for all members.
  • The number of points required to post a request will increase over time, as the club gets bigger.
  • Only submit requests for quality content in English. The rule of thumb is the following: would other people naturally want to retweet? If the answer is “Yes”, then go ahead and submit. If the answer is “No” or “Not sure”, then don’t submit.
  • Tweets regarding selling a product or promoting affiliate links and affiliate offers are not allowed. The rule of thumb here is the following: if the tweet has a commercial orientation you should not submit it to the club.

Personal Review: Yesterday while reading DailyBlogTips I got to know about this club and since then I started using this board to publish my tweets. Believe me the number of tweets I got in just couple of hours time since joining the board has really amazed me and that tend me write this post so that others too can gain from it.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Blog From Panda Effect

Google Panda update is a positive measure that they have taken to remove contents that are of low quality during your keyword search results. Since Google makes money via users having quality experience when they search for things inside of Google, and if they use Google repeatedly the more money they make.

5 Ways to Protect Your Blog From Panda Effect

Google decided to do business and therefore has introduced the concept of Panda. The concept of Panda is that at the end of your search results only those websites that are of high quality containing high quality content. So, with this in mind, if you could follow a few guidelines while you write, you could protect your website from Panda effect and rather develop a stronger website. Follow these simple guidelines to save your blog from the panda attack.

1. Avoid Duplicate Content

This has been the rule for a long time, and has serious impact on your website these days ever since the launch of Panda. Google will be neglecting your website if you are going to post duplicate content and you will lose being indexed by Google. Try to write and develop unique and original articles that will be noticed, even if you rewrite from previous information.

2. Emphasize on the use of social media to spread a word about your blog posts

Panda seems to be carried away with the websites that has more number of likes or tweets or stumbles or Google +1 factor. The more the number of these figures that you can get for your blog posts, the higher the chances that you are being indexed by Panda to appear as the top sites in the search results of via Google search engine. So this is always advisable to include these buttons and widgets for each and every post that you write.

3. Stronger emphasis on onsite fundamentals and high quality content

Panda is just another name given to Google’s algorithm for refining their performance as a search engine. This ultimately aims to retain their position in the top most ranking amongst search engines. Getting your website in the top in one of the topmost search engines is a heinous task for which you need to sweat out writing very good high quality content and establish yourself as a reputed writer in your niche area, so that you are assured of a very higher number of readerships. I always focus on this strongly for my gotomeeting promo code and gotowebinar promo code blog as I believe this is one most important thing to be followed. The ultimate thing to do for this is to stick onto your SEO fundamentals stringently so that Panda will index your website easily. Write high quality content that are also SEO optimized.

4. Avoid the use of External links

Try to develop as much as increased inbound links and avoid the use of external links, especially when you are monetizing using your website. Do not use paid links for the cause of monetization as Panda hates such paid links and this will pull your website down the Google ranking, making you ‘penny-wise pound-foolish’.

5. Improve Speed or loading time of your website

Panda loves websites that loads faster and are not crumbled with loads of advertisements, which takes longer time to load. Therefore, keep your website optimized for speedy loading by reducing the number of pictures, images and videos. Optimize them if unavoidable by increasing the loading speed.

These are some of the ways by which you can keep the vicious eyes of Panda from bringing your website down on the Google search engine ranking.

Comments are appreciated!!

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Author – Praveen is a known tech blogger who also blogs about some special discounts and coupon offers such as gotomeeting discounts and gotowebinar promo code. He currently writes at YouLoveCoupons, a coupon blog that makes available gotomeeting discount codes and go to webinar promo code

3 Important Traffic Stats To Look At

Believe it or not there are other analytic stats that are important other than the number of page views or unique visitors. Don’t get me wrong, those are both fine and vital stats for the success of any blog, but there are some other things you should definitely pay attention to.

Here Are 3 Important Traffic Stats You Should To Look At

3 Important Traffic Stats To Look AtReferrers: This one is important for a couple of reasons. One is that if you are running a campaign or if you have made a guest post. The referrers will show if either of these things is working. If you have a Facebook ad campaign and none of your visitors are being referred from Facebook, then chances are that your campaign isn’t working.

Same thing if you have no visitors from a site you guest posted on. This either means you should up the quality of your guest post or do more research before you decide to guest post somewhere.

2. Time on Site: Depending on what you are using for analytics, you can see the average time spent and/or the time spent for each individual. This is important because it will show if you are keeping your visitors interested enough.

If they only visit for a few seconds then they clearly weren’t interested in what you had to offer. If your users are staying for a couple of minutes that means they are reading your content and are actually interested in it.

If you want visitors to be on your site longer there are some things you can do. Adding more content always helps, as well as making things more organized and easier to find. It also helps to put related articles at the end of posts. If a visitor liked your content they will likely want to read more things that are similar to it.3 Important Traffic Stats To Look At time on site

3. New vs Returning: Some analytics will tell you how many of your visitors for the day are new and how many are returning. Both of these are important. If you have returning visitors that probably means people enjoy your content and want more. New visitors mean that word is getting out about your site.

But if you have a stagnant amount of returning visitors that means you aren’t converting new visitors into returning ones. To help with this you can update your blog more regularly and also have a better way of notifying people of new content whether it be through a newsletter or on your blog’s Facebook page.

There are other statistics you should check out as well, but don’t forget to look into these 3, it would definitely help.


Author – Kayvon who runs and writes about web design and other blogging resources at

How I Redirected My Bloggers Blog Traffic

It was May 31, when I finally bought a domain for RealTimeTricks and shifted my blog to WordPress. It was tough; it took thousands of minutes to settle down the whole blog into WordPress but when everything was almost over, I was wondering how to redirect my blogger’s blog traffic to my new wordpress blog.

I asked few successful bloggers on social networking sites to teach me how to do so, but this wasn’t help. Finally, I thought to do by myself. I started Google to find my needs and here I tell you how I did.

If you recently have moved to wordpress and done with all importing stuff but unable to import traffic of your previous BlogSpot blog. Try to follow these steps. 34JWEU93R24P

How To Redirect Blogspot Traffic To WordPress?

Go to – Blogger To WordPress Redirection

1. Install the above plug-in in your wordpress blog. After installation and activation of the plug-in. Go to ‘Tool’ you will find a new menu name Blogger To WordPress Redirection, click on the menu.

2. Now you’re on the plug-in page, click the Start Configuration button to generate code of your previous BlogSpot blog, your previous blog name will display automatically.

3. Click on the Get Code button to generate the redirection code.

4. Once it appears on the screen, open a new tab for your BlogSpot blog. Now go to your blogger account and select ‘classic template’ for your BlogSpot blog. Dashboard>Design>Edit HTML, you will find the classic template link at the bottom of the page.

5. Copy the code you generated before (step-3) and past it here, hit ‘Save Template’. You are done! You can test by clicking any of the BlogSpot link from your blog. It will automatically redirect your new wordpress blog.

5 Ways to Get Quality Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is a soul of every blog without having traffic, blog is nothing. We feel inspired to see our Blog getting more and more traffic also it improves our way of writing from simple to professional and also it improves the way we produce contents. With every little success we get in our blogging carrier make us strong and that lead us continue our journey as a Blogger.

The first big question comes to every newbie’s (bloggers) mind is “how to get quality traffic to your blog”. There are lot other ways to get traffic to your blog but how does we get quality traffic is still a big question for us. Few gets disappointed at few moments when they didn’t get traffic, it also becomes the first reason for them to quite blogging.

In my blogging experience I found that, the best way to drive quality traffic to your blog is social community. It is the only way for bloggers to get quality traffic for their blogs. After a long search I found these points in which a blogger can support each other and the hope for traffic gets fulfilled.

Avatar: Take it as seriously it’s not only a picture but a way to make you visible for others to notice. Make sure you placed an attractive display picture as your avatar. Try not to change it on regular basis.

Make Friends Online: I’m not asking you to start a full day conversation with an unknown person over messengers like yahoo messenger, Google Talk, etc. I’m asking to join directories like indiblogger and submit your articles for others to read and promote, there you get chance to make friends by participating on forums.

Find people having similar niche blog, promote their articles, post review for their blog and follow them, make a business conversation. You’re going in a right way, do not stop here or you missed the aspect of supporting your fellow bloggers and therefore you missing their support for you.

Comment on Blogs: One of the easiest and proved ways of getting quality traffic is to make comment over your niche blogs. Try to find your niche blog via directories and make comments on them, on a regular basis. Do not promote yourself in comments, try to tell them how you like or dislike their blog post. This will also help you make friends. Also, if you comment on do follow blogs of you niche you’ll a free backlink.

Submit Your Story/Share: Register yourself with Digg, Y-buzz and facebook and submit + share your story immediately after publishing article on your blog. This will improve both traffic and backlinks.

Tweet and Stumple: If you do not have twitter account you should create one. If you have Stumbleupon account, that’s a plus. Promote Blog post of your friends by posting tweet, re-tweet. After commenting on their blog you can tweet that link too. Those help your friends to get more traffic and readers. And once you get the same in return with your friends then tell yourself you made a good friends and a long lasting blogging relationship.

In that way you make a group of friends who support each other. And by doing this you get a way every blog of your group gets multiple promoters and get quality traffic. You made your own social network in which tons of friends around the world will make you feel proud. And this will make you more and more traffic.

Cheers! Enjoy Blogging.