Best Plugins for Managing Multiple WordPress Blogs

Blogs seem to be like tattoos: As soon as you have one, you want to get another one. Yet managing multiple blogs can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. You have to log in and out of your different accounts, update the same plugins across multiple sites, and end up doing dozens of other […]

Five Ways to Keep Your Blog Fresh

Most entrepreneurs and companies today know that having a blog is one of the essential elements of success. The blog is another place to grow a brand, engage with customers and potential customers, and to have your own space to talk about things important to you and your business. Setting up a blog and getting […]

How to Start your Own Web Hosting Business

One of the most lucrative businesses you can start right from the comfort of your home is a web hosting company. I know most of us don’t have the huge investment or infrastructure needed to set up servers and systems, and cannot afford to hire a technical team to manage the operations. But I am […]

The Importance of Linkbuilding in Modern SEO

Links are vital for any blog. They can, of course, be understood to have two broad categories: inbound and outbound. They’re both worthwhile. Both types of links can also provide you with valuable information about what type of the niche your blog is appealing to and about how you may be able to market it […]

Google Penguin Update: How to Prevent your Site from Getting Affected

Google, as we all know, believes in eliminating scrap from its head and Google penguin update comes as a real-time scraper with tough guidelines for the webmasters. This step is understandable, owing to the unethical practices that prevailed over the net to pull more visitors and generate undue revenues. After all, the duty of a […]

10 Steps to Build a Loyal Fan Following For Your Blog

What’s a blog without a fan following, a not so successful blog? That’s why it’s important to build a fan following, a large group of appreciative people who enjoy reading and sharing your blog’s content. Here’s how you build a fan following. 1. Request For Cross Promotions – Fan Following Request authority bloggers to guest […]

4 Common Blogging Fears: How to Chase Them Down

Blogging fears, Most people aren’t afraid to try something new—they’re afraid they will fail at that new endeavor whether you’re “something new” is weight loss, a new diet – weight loss fears, starting a blog – Blogging fears, starting your own online business – Online Business fears, or any other fears, known that you can […]

All You Need to Know About Internet Marketing

Online Internet marketing is the process wherein one markets his or her products and services on the online platform.. There is a usual misconception among people that online marketing is all about websites and blogs. This is far from reality. In fact, just owing a website and putting your products is never adequate. A million […]

Everything you should know about Google Panda [Infograph]

Google Panda has now become the biggest fear to those who runs blogs/sites everyone wants to prevent their site from being affected. Google Panda updates has effect several sites now and so people want to know every tactics behind this algorithm to protect blog’s from being affected. Single Grain has explained everything very beautifully about […]

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