The Importance of Linkbuilding in Modern SEO

Links are vital for any blog. They can, of course, be understood to have two broad categories: inbound and outbound. They’re both worthwhile. Both types of links can also provide you with valuable information about what type of the niche your blog is appealing to and about how you may be able to market it more effectively. Here are some of the aspects of links that you should consider.

Outgoing Links in Blog Entries

It’s generally accepted that people leaving your site is a bad thing. It’s actually not that simple. When people come to your site and they find a link that leads them to something they really appreciate, you’re making a good impression on them and it’s likely that they’ll come back to your site. They will view your site as a reference, precisely because it is a reference.

When you link to an off-site location in a blog post, make sure that the link is relevant to what the post is about and that it actually enhances the blog post by providing interesting additional information for the reader. Consider, for a moment, that some of the most successful blogs in the world are made up largely of links to content that doesn’t even show up on the blog’s own site.

There are various utilities that allow you to inspect your links to make sure that none of them are broken. Make sure you run one of these once in a while. Search engines don’t like sites that have a lot of broken links on them and, if they start to build up on your site, it may start to have a negative effect on your search engine optimization efforts.


Inbound Links in Modern SEO

The best kind of inbound link you can have on your blog is an inbound link utilizing your keywords from a site with very high Page Rank and a lot of traffic. These are hard to come by. Most of the time, you’ll be getting links through directories, link swaps with other webmasters and other bloggers and, if you’re lucky, from any blog posts you’ve managed to publish on blogs much larger and more popular than your own. You need to make certain that these inbound links are of a high quality, just as is the case of outgoing links.

If you go to Google, you can execute a search to find out what sites link to your own. The syntax is: “” without the quotation marks and with the URL you want to know about replacing the sample URL. This will give you a list of sites that have inbound links to your own. Take a look at them and see if they’re the kind of sites that you actually do want to have inbound links from. If not, you may want to do a bit of reputation management to displace them in importance or get your link removed. Feel free like the kid below in modern SEO!


Including links in your blog posts to other posts within your site is generally considered to be a good idea, as well. It’s a particularly good idea if it actually serves the reader. It creates a situation where the reader can keep clicking links and going through your content, increasing the amount of time that they spend on your site.

Having good links on your blog can make sure that you are getting the most out of the work you put into it. WordPress templates make it easy to customize the look of your links, which ensures that readers see them and are more likely to click on them. WordPress also has many utilities that allow you to give links a more attractive format than they have by default.

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SEO Plan That Search Engines and Audience Will Notice

Earlier it was Google Panda that lashed many websites, and now it is Google Penguin continuing where Panda left. This is one of the major problems with online business, as search engines tighten their rules websites are hit randomly this shows the need to have an effective SEO plan in place before starting an online business.

A typical SEO plan outlines your marketing goals, your target customers, and plans to achieve those goals. There are plenty of SEO techniques, but a SEO plan that has a right proportion of various techniques is more likely to succeed than a SEO plan that focuses too much on a single SEO technique say, keyword optimization.

Here are some of the SEO techniques you can consider having in your SEO plan.

seo plan

SEO Plan: Keyword Selection

As search engines rely on keywords to filter out web pages, selecting right keywords is vital for any online business. The very first thing is to find out the approximate set of keywords your target customers are likely to use. This can be done by using any keyword research tools.

As of now, the most widely used is Google Keyword research tool. Using this tool is quite simple and straightforward, except that you need to pay keen attention on certain important parameters like broad selection, specific selection, competition, and search volume.

As the name says, specific selection would allow you to choose exact keywords whereas broad selection would allow you to choose words that are almost closer to your keywords. So, by keeping both broad and specific selection checked, you can pick up a mix of keywords that are likely to attract wide range of customers.

The next two important parameters are competition and search volume. Keywords with low competition and high search volume means users are in need of certain information and there aren’t many websites meeting the criteria.

Therefore, you can pick up such keywords and provide useful content to boost your website’s visibility naturally. However, you need to choose optimum number of keywords, as stuffing your content with too many keywords would make search engines penalize your website.

Additionally, you can also focus on keyword phrases. Most of the time, people search for specific information like reviews, comparison, advice on certain products, or help with purchase decisions. So you can either have entries in standard rating websites or include appropriate content in your website.

This will prove that your website has much more than mere generic content.

SEO Plan: Website Content

After choosing the right set of keywords, you might be tempted to stuff your content with those keywords. Theoretically, a search engine should rank such sites well, but it doesn’t work that way. Search engines gauge your content using different parameters like your authority, links shared in social media sites, validity of information, current trends, and demand for a topic.

Apart from using all these parameters, search engines also give much importance to keywords. So you need to have catchy titles with relevant keywords and keyword phrases. The bottom line is this: the fresher and more informative your content is, the more likely readers and search engines will like it.

SEO Plan: Online Marketing

A good marketing plan is certainly necessary to promote your products online, to maintain a good link profile, and to improve your website’s ranking. As social media has been gaining popularity, you should consider promoting your products in Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. The advantage is you could garner the attention of millions of users by promoting your website in any of these sites.

However, social media sites are like double-edged sword, i.e., you will gain attention for both good and bad service alike. So if your product or service isn’t that good, you might need to stay away from social networking sites, whereas if you are confident about your products, then you can harness their power to reach millions of people effectively without spending much.

Apart from these methods, you can also promote your products in the following ways

a. White papers: Document sharing is a great way to promote your products and gain search rank. You can publish white papers about the services or products your company offers and publish them in Scribd. Google looks into Scribd for shared documents and links to site that posts it.

b. Presentations: Just like white papers, you can prepare presentations about the benefits of your products and post them in, the world’s largest presentation sharing website.

Internet is vast and there are plenty of ways to market your products and boost your search rankings. But, not everyone is aware of feasible ways to promote their online business. In that case, spending time on preparing an optimal SEO plan would certainly throw more light on different approaches and would make things a lot easier.

Additionally, just like any other business, ideas keep evolving over time, so you need to keep your SEO plan open for changes.

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Tip for Low Cost SEO: Link Exchange and Freshness

Once you develop your new website, all you need is to bring your prospective customers and make them access your new website. Although, due to numerable websites already there on the internet available, establishing your online presence is not a piece of cake, but now with the help of low cost SEO techniques and various tactics, it has been made a lot easier. The main task, which is to be fulfilled, is to bring traffic to your website.

Internet is considered a huge reservoir and hundreds of people are registering their websites daily. Therefore, the best way to stand out among all these websites and increase the visibility of your website on search engines is to get SEO services from a well-reputed SEO company. SEO is the gateway to increase your presence online, by adopting various methods and techniques.

 Low Cost SEO Techniques

SEO for Sales and Traffic

As SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, the name says it all. Companies providing these SEO services will use various techniques and get your website to the top rankings in the search engine like Google, which is visited by trillions of people all around the globe, every minute. As an individual, we prefer website that is top-ranked in the search list when we enter a keyword or a key phrase. So it is highly important for every website owner to use such services, make it to the top rankings, which will bring huge traffic by the end of the day, resulting in massive sales and achieving profit optimization.

SEO Is Great, But Not at Any Cost

To get successful in your domain, such SEO services should be used. In order to make these services cost effective and affordable, these companies at a very logical and realistic price which every businessman can afford provide many of Low Cost SEO techniques. Hiring a SEO expert is not sensible but giving this responsibility to a well-reputed and reliable company is a better option. Some of the best Low Cost SEO techniques are considered to develop back-links, which will ultimately lead to online traffic. These SEO companies rendering their services have an extensive knowledge regarding website optimization, so these services should be availed. Another cost effective technique is to task part in the link exchange. Search ranking can be spiked if you permit accepting links and making other website accepts your website link. With million numbers of websites, taking part in this reciprocal linking can turn out to be beneficial.

Domain Names, Keywords, Usability, and Other Methods of Rising in SERPs

Another way to increase your site rating and adopting a low cost SEO technique is to add keyword rich articles to your website. Readers will be highly interested in reading your well-written fresh articles, will compel them to visit your website, and will invite others too. One of the best techniques is to get a short domain name. You will be dumb-founded once you will pick a creative and catchy domain name, which people use randomly and are common. This will surely increase the popularity of your website in days. Lastly, the cheapest way, which is usually overlooked, is to make your website user friendly. In this way, people will visit your website for a longer period and most often. Therefore, such Low Cost SEO techniques should be adopted to get the best possible results.

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All You Need to Know About Internet Marketing

Online Internet marketing is the process wherein one markets his or her products and services on the online platform.. There is a usual misconception among people that online marketing is all about websites and blogs. This is far from reality. In fact, just owing a website and putting your products is never adequate. A million websites are made everyday and a million are destroyed. What makes an online product stand apart from several others of its kind is the main question. Content and domain name can be added by any tom, dick and harry. Experience and a strategic planning in the field of online marketing is important.

Online marketing is done through a variety of tools, be it websites, social media or blogs. It has become the need of hour from businesses, as they are transforming themselves and opting for online platform to market their products and ideas. It is undoubtedly a booming choice among the tech-freaks, as it gives you the freedom of time and money. Let us have a look on how is it done.


Ways to do Online Marketing

Online marketing, also referred to as Internet marketing is basically accomplished in the following two ways:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Search engine marketing (SEM)

Many more ways are being discovered everyday by the experts.

What is SEO?

SEO is basically search engine optimization. It means that the owner of the website needs to customize the content of the website in such a way that it suits the search engines aptly. It involves using backlinks, internal links and much more. Original and quality content has redefined SEO in the recent days with the arrival of Google Panda Update.

What is SEM?

SEM or Search Engine marketing serves similar to SEO. You get paid for every click, when you visit some specific websites. Similarly, you get paid for inclusion in a particular website. All these measures combined with a few more like contextual advertising boost the search engine visibility of any website or blog. To cap it all, SEM refers to the linking of advertisements with relevant content to improve its rankings in the top search engines like Google.

Affiliate Marketing

It is an effective way to market your products and services. As a vendor, you hire affiliates who get paid by you, every time they successfully promote your product. It is soon becoming a much-accepted way of doing online marketing. One must think of affiliate marketing, if he or she aims at reaching a vast target audience in quick time.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other such social media marketing websites are gaining huge names in the world of online marketing. The fact that more and more people around the world use these websites emphasis’s on the importance of these websites in providing a great platform to put forward and spread your online business.

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Best Tool for SEOs and Webmasters – Blekko

Today while surfing I found a best tool for SEOs and webmasters which is actually a search engine name blekko. Approximately a year back I had written on how blekko works it was said that blekko is launched to kill Google which might get true, I think. This can become your next choice to check SEO of your site/blog.

blekko launch to kill google

It filters out all poor quality and irrelevant websites, as they’ve overrun the web and dominate search engine results. Blekko is a better way to search the web by using slash tags.

Not sure if it will kill Google or not but the SEO tool blekko provides is impressive. You will surely want to check DOMAIN SEO and URL SEO which includes duplicate content, domain report, inbound links, site pages, outbound links, internal links, sections, and source. It gives such an impressive report that you will like to bookmark the tool for its future use. As for the number of backlinks listed Blekko is one of the most accurate tools I have seen in after a long while.

Blekko Best Tool for SEOs and Webmasters
SEO Report

Screenshot above is taken to show how it shows SEO report of any website/blog. You just have to write and after that put slash tag and write SEO, for instance if your site name is write and hit enter to check SEO report prepared by blekko.

Review – The way it shows site/blog inbound links is really cool! A chart showing how many countries are linking to your site it includes states too and the site/blog linking to your site/blog. Also I found a box above those two boxes to put another site to compare with, which is great in this competitive blogging world! Remember you need to register yourself in blekko before you check your SEO report.

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Make More Money by Cloaking Your Page Links Effectively

The internet today has become a wide and reliable source for selling and buying products. The internet industry that has developed it’s presence is full of competitors who are entangled with each other for a cut-throat competition to get the maximum number of visitors and a higher amount of revenue. They try and market themselves in any way possible, from social networks to deep linking SEO, so that they can gather maximum importance in search engines.

One keen practice that these internet marketers make use of these days is known as link cloaking. The word “cloaking” itself means dressing up or hiding. Therefore link cloaking refers to indirectly hiding or depicting a link of any website or your own webpage such that the search engine spiders or even users for instance do not realize its genuine source. This practice is really helpful for those who wish to have more visibility of their site content and products rather than just cling on to their domain names.

Make More Money by Cloaking Your Page Links Effectively

Affiliate businesses are the ones who reap the maximum benefits and consider cloaking a blissful technique. This is because for an affiliate, its site is not usually claiming to own the products that it displays or promotes throughout the internet. On affiliate sites you would often find links that point directly to their client’s domain. Once a person visits the affiliate site and intentionally clicks on the links to make a purchase he is taken to an alien site which also has a different and usually easy to remember domain.

This makes the visitor understand that the previous site was one developed by an affiliate webmaster and there was no need in visiting his site to make a purchase later or the next time it was to place an order.

However a smart affiliate would usually practice link cloaking to cover the genuine site he is supposed to redirect the visitor to make a sale. With cloaking, even the visitor may not feel alienated and would usually remember the affiliate’s site as to make a purchase either the next time or make another purchase.

Reasons Why You Should Cloak Your Links

Reasons Why You Should Cloak Your LinksMany affiliates who manage such sites to earn through commissions usually are not fully aware on coding and scripting of the site. Therefore those whose sites are not secured are prey of getting them stolen or hijacked through these expert webmasters who identify these people as being affiliates. Link cloaking fools them to think that the products appear on the same site rather than any other.

Many visitors these days are getting smarter and want stuff to be easier for them. If they saw links that were long, ugly and a bit complicated on your site they would rather not visit them next time. Cloaking your links may not only make them friendlier to the eye but also make it more search engine friendly by adding a little keywords in the new link you prepared for a page.


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Should You Use Automation in SEO?

Automation in SEO is a good thing – if it is done properly., By automating your daily tasks, you can actually make life easier for yourself., However, it is important to stay away from spamming or using tools to spam other websites., These “black hat” techniques can actually backfire and cause you more pain than profit.

Should You Use Automation in SEO

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Automation can save you time, money, stress, and energy, but only if done properly.  To do that, you need to know a little bit about SEO and marketing strategies.  Different strategies can have different effects with different companies.  So, automating one area may or may not have the effect that you want.

E-mail Responders

If you use e-mail to market your business or to maintain contact with your customers, then you might want to consider an auto-responder., An auto-responder can help to make your customers feel connected and important, or it can actually turn off some customers. In addition, email auto responders can be viewed as spam. The key is to find out how your customers personally feel about the subject.

Affiliate Marketing Automation

If you use any affiliate marketing in your business, you will find that automating really simplifies your life., Depending on the affiliate that you are using, you will be able to find different resources online which can share tips and strategies.

Using Macros

Using Macros is a good way to automate your SEO tasks.  Some tech savvy folks used to create their own macros which could help them to do repetitive tasks quickly. Then, google got on task and simplified the task a little bit.  However, some business owners still write their own programs or use software to help with their tasks.  Web Automator is a program that can help to automate your SEO process, saving you time in the process.

Money, Money, Money

I recently talked with a friend of mine who owns a small business., He is been trying to automate some of his SEO tasks., I asked him about SEO and automating and he laughed., “Automating means that I take a large sum of my money and hand it over to someone else so that they can help me to do things to earn money to hand them a large sum of my money, His words are funny, but very true.

Making Decisions

Using automation in SEO is a personal decision., It can also be a complex decision too., Take your time and decide what is right for you, your business, and your customers.

Automation is possibly in any industry. Including the people search free industry. If you are interested in finding people online, then getting started with automated tools like these are a perfect idea.