Simple Steps to Install WhatsApp Web for Windows Phone

The most awaited update on WhatsApp is now released today called WhatsApp Web. Though, I have been waiting for VoIP calling feature on WhatsApp but WhatsApp Web is also a great feature they have added up for Windows, also for Android, unfortunately it’s not available on iOS.

What is WhatsApp Web

Now you can send and receive messages from your Google Chrome browser (right now it’s only with Google Chrome) just as you use on your Windows Phone. You don’t need to check your phone continuously while working everything of WhatsApp will be on your browser with WhatsApp Web.


WhatsApp Web for Windows Phone

I have been trying to test this feature right after WhatsApp updated its blog. But couldn’t get it how as it was not mentioned clearly on it. Let’s see how you get WhatsApp Web installed on your browser using your windows phone.

Updates WhatsApp on Windows Phone

To install WhatsApp Web on your Google Chrome you need to visit this link where you find QR Code that you have to scan using your Windows Phone. And, to have that scanning feature you need to update your WhatsApp

If it’s not set automatically for Windows App. Open up your WhatsApp > Settings > About > update. It will take few minutes to download 17MB update. New versions 2.11.634.0.


Once your WhatsApp is updated open up your WhatsApp, look for menu, and there you will find a new feature WhatsApp Web.

Click on WhatsApp Web under WhatsApp Menu of WhatsApp and visit here. Scan the QR Code and you are ready to use WhatsApp on Google Chrome.

This new version allows you to see when someone’s typing directly from the chats list, along with the blue ticks from the same list – something very cool!

Update: Using WhatsApp right through Google Chrome gives lot of relaxation. I’m having fun with this new feature. Keep exploring and let me know if something new comes with it.


Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

Facebook messenger for windows phone is available for its user from today you can now directly download it from store to experience it on your windows phone right away. It will be great experience for those who love spending time on Facebook chat with their friends or loving one as this app has some feature you won’t get in by opening Facebook through official apps or Internet Explorer.


What makes it different from built-in messenger under their official apps or using through Internet Explorer is; I would say the looks, this Facebook messenger they have launched for windows phone comes with gorgeous look that can’t be explained through words you need to experience it on your own. Other than that, Facebook messenger will give you stickers, images and features like:

  • – Get to all your messages without having to open Facebook.
  • – Bring your conversations to life with stickers and send photos privately.
  • – Have group conversations and make plans on the go.
  • – Share your location so people know when you’re nearby.
  • – Know when people have seen your messages.
  • – See who’s using Messenger and who’s active on Facebook.
  • – Stay logged in so you never miss a message.
  • – Turn off notifications when you’re working, sleeping or just need a break.
  • – Never lose your conversation history or contacts.


To get a better experience of it it is adviced to turn off Facebook chat within the built-in Windows Phone messaging for duplicate notifications. Go to Messaging > settings and then turn off Facebook chat. Also do it on official app of Facebook. Go to setting icon on left of the app>settings>notifications>uncheck message, to have a great experience.

Download it from windows store now and, let us know your experience in comments!

How New Collaboration Feature in PowerPoint 2013 Helpful?

Thanks to the all new collaboration feature in PowerPoint 2013, I find it extremely difficult to review and compare changes and modifications, made by collaborators, before figuring out these simple techniques.

The new ‘Compare’ feature flexibly allows the users to review the changes, Compare several different versions of the same presentation and accept or deny the modifications.


How to Compare and Merge Presentations

  • Primarily, browse to your presentation file and Click ‘Merge’.
  • You should be able to see a ‘Review’ pane on the right of the user interface, which displays changes made by the specific user.
  • Changes are highlighted on the slide preview.


  • Slide Changes tab only displays the list of changes made to the current available slide, while Presentation Changes pane displays the aggregate of all the changes made to the entire presentation.
  • If you wish to accept/approve the changes made to the current slide, browse to the Review tab on the ribbon, choose the Accept button and select ‘Accept changes to the current slide’ from the dropdown.
  • Accept all changes to the presentation options allow you to approve all the modifications made to the entire presentation.
  • The same process can be applied for rejecting the modification. All you need to do is choose the Reject option instead.

If you have two versions of the same presentation. Follow the below procedure to compare them.

  • First open the original presentation.
  • On the Review tab, Choose Compare option, and browse to the modified PowerPoint file and open it up.
  • That’s it; PowerPoint does the rest for you. It merges the presentation and you can follow the earlier procedure to review the changes.

If you face any trouble following the tutorial, just comment out your problem. I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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Steps to Make Password Protected Folder without 3rd Party Software

If you are serious about your data and prefer to keep them very secure away from the vision of others, then it is easily possible through password protection. Yes, you can make password protected folder. You can protect the folder with a defined password and lock the access. When a folder is password protected, none of your friends or colleagues or relatives can perform any activities.


Data prevention could be done in different ways. Among the many different methods, quite a few of them require 3rd party software for protection. Upon using the software, you could easily protect the data from the sight of others. There are still many ways you can protect the folder without any 3rd party software. If you are looking around to protect a folder without any additional software, then follow the fundamental procedures that are discussed here below.

Folder creation for storing data and folders

First you need to make a folder where you are ready to place the password protected data and folder. Creating folder is quite an easy job, which is done in a common way through clicking my computer, selecting the drive and further choosing New Folder found in the list. You can name the folder with any titles and locate them anywhere.


Procedure for choosing password protection option

Right click the defined folder and choose Properties and further select Advanced that is found under the General menu. Next click the check box which is found near the Encrypt Contents to secure data and select OK. You can then quit the window.


Keep this in Mind While You Make Password Protected Folder

Now select the radio button that is found near the Apply Changes to the Folder, sub-folder and files.

Doing so, you can easily protect the data from the vision of others. Also remember to keep the password safe, because even the owner of the document could be able to view the files only by giving the password. In case if you forget or misplace the password, the folder couldn’t be opened.


For this reason, it is wise to take a back up of the data which you prefer to encrypt. The data files and information which you prefer to encrypt could be stored over the NTFS Volume. In case of password dismiss, you can use the data from the back-up you have taken. Upon encrypting, you are now assured to store every piece of information confidentially and securely.

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4 Amazing VLC Media PLayer Tips & Tricks

VLC media player is probably the best media player in terms of supported video formats and available set of functionalities. There are a lot of cool things that we can do with VLC player. Do you know that it allows you to record and convert media files from one format to another, take snapshots, stream online content, and also lets you broadcast media online. Have a look …

How to Take Snapshots with VLC Media Player

You can take multiple snapshots of the Video being played. For this, click ‘View’ on menu bar and select ‘Advanced Controls’.


On doing so a new set of controls will become visible on the screen. (Highlighted in red in Screen Shot above). Now, play the video as usual and at any instance you feel like capturing the shot, just click on the small camera icon button. Simple!

The adjacent red button on advanced bar can be utilized to record the section of video. Click once to initiate recording from current point. The captured images and videos can be easily obtained under My Documents Folder.

Streaming Online Media

You can also stream online media on VLC media player. The procedure is extremely simple. For example, you desire to play a video from YouTube then copy the URL of the webpage and click on file menu followed by a click on ‘Open Location From Clipboard’. Yep! Nothing extra required.

This video will play like any other video file provided you have enough bandwidth to support playback. The interesting part is that the recording options mentioned above worked without any issue.

Media Conversion:

VLC Media Player offers you numerous ways to convert files from one format to another. To my wonder, why people waste so much time and efforts looking for a video-converter when they already have VLC installed on their PC. Just see how simple it is:

  • Open file menu and select “Convert/ Save”.


  • Then add the media to be converted and click on ‘Convert / Save’ button. You can now set quality attributes under settings.
  • Next, click on browse button to specifying the name and destination for converted file.


  • Next, click on save button and wait a while till processing completes.

Streaming Online with VLC Media Player Tips

You can easily stream files, CDs, DVDs, Webcam, and digital TV. Click on ‘Stream’ option available under file menu.


Next, you require selecting the destination. The destination drop down has multiple options and rest of the procedure will vary as per selection made by you. I must make it clear that this is about technical process and it will be nice to refer the official documentation for further instructions.

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How To: Import Excel Charts to PowerPoint

Following article will arm you with the updated and authentic information about the method by which you can import excel charts to power point.

You can effectively insert those documents which Microsoft Office programs create or which have embedded objects or links into your presentation.

You are wrong on your part if you think that you have to include existing information while including into PowerPoint presentation.

After all, the following article assists you in the best possible way towards knowing the method for inserting an existing Excel chart into the presentation.


It is imperative for you to choose either Embed data or Linked one, while you are in the process of inserting an object. As and when an object is linked, the data gets stored in the source documents. Hence, it implies, that the moment you update the data in its original document, it automatically gets updated into your presentation too.

Linking is synonymous with immense utility and pleasant effect and helps you with the updated and sophisticated knowledge and information. It equally does its best towards keeping your presentation size to its minimum. While you are in the process of embedding objects in your presentation, you are able to easily make a copy of the object which is found in the destination document. Therefore, needless to say that while the changes are made in the original document, your presentation will be devoid of any reflection. Hence, there are not going to be any changes in it.

The moment you are in the process of inserting an existing excel chart, you are required to adhere the following:

  • You have to in any case activate the slide which will be used to insert the file if you want to achieve the best results.
  • You have to create Insert tab in the ribbon.
  • Click on the object button present on the Text group of the Ribbon.
  • If you want to create a new Excel chart, then click on the “Create New radio button”. Subsequently, you need to choose Microsoft Office Excel Chart present in the Object Type List and finally click on OK.
  • Click on the “Create File Radio Button”, if in case you are looking forward to insert an existing Excel chart.
  • Finally, in the last step, you are required to click on “OK”

Looking to navigate to a specific file location in order to insert? If yes, then click on Browse Button.

Thereby, as you are done, Click Ok.


Do you want to create a link to the original document? If yes, then simply click the Link Box and after that Click Ok.

Thereby, without any sort of inconvenience or hurdles, you are effectively and easily able to import Excel charts to PowerPoint. After reading the aforesaid article, you indeed realize that it is indeed a child’s play to do the same. Hence, arm yourself with the aforesaid information so that you end up having great deal of comfort and convenience. After all, the article stands out to be highly valuable. Isn’t it?

This article is written by: Sai Krishna Mundreti, CEO and Founder of Slash Services dot-com. He personally use and recommend you to use this timeline generator to make your timelines in PowerPoint.

Essential Shortcuts and Tips for Using Windows 8

Those who have tried Windows 7 will appreciate Windows 8 as there are several changes that are worth mentioning. Every new change has its own setbacks and rewards. Once you are comfortable with Windows 8, navigation becomes easier and simpler. Some of the changes are in marked contrast from its previous version such as absence of Start menu. In spite of all the changes, Microsoft has created a laudable operating system. Here are a few shortcuts and tips for using windows 8.

  • Press the Windows key and type your keyword to instantly search for applications
  • If you wish to know about the list of applications that are installed, all you need to do is press the Windows key and ‘Q’
  • To search, you can press the Windows key + ‘F’
  • For locking Windows, simply press the Windows key and ‘L’
  • If you are looking for information on settings, press Windows key and ‘W’

How To Enter Your User Name and Password

Initially, lock screen is what you will find on Windows 8. Most of us would wonder what to do next. It is pretty simple. You need to click the space bar and use your mouse to click on the usual login screen which contains space for typing your user name and password. An alternate way is to simply swipe the touch screen in the upward direction to access the login screen. Now just enter the details on the screen to get started.

Shortcuts and Tips for Using Windows 8

How To Navigate

Windows 8 introduces its Metro Interface, attractive tiles and easy-to-use applications. While operating on a tablet, it is all quite self explanatory. A simple swipe will lead you to different screens. Further you can select a tile of your choice. If you are working on a desktop, you need to use the mouse wheel for navigating. Those who are comfortable with keyboards can use the same as well. To shift from one end of the start screen, simply press the Home or End keys. Make use of the cursor buttons to select the tiles.

Sorting Applications

Usually the start screen applications will not be organized. Instead you will find them randomly scattered across. The good news is that you can customize them according to your needs. Simply drag them to a required location and form a group with a unique name. You need to select the magnifying glass icon which will be seen in the bottom of the screen and perform a semantic zoom. Now it is easy to drag the applications and sort them into groups.

Quick Access: There might be certain apps which you use more commonly. You can pin such applications to the start screen and get access to them easily instead of using the search applications.

The Process of Shutting Down:

Once you are through with Windows 8 and want to shut down your system, it might be a bit confusing as there is no Start menu. However it is not all that difficult. Simply shift the cursor of your mouse and move towards the corner of the screen towards your right. Select the settings icon and you can see the power button. Now you can easily choose ‘shut down’ or ‘restart’ according to your choice.

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How To: Fix Too Loud Too Low Sound in Movies

Too loud too low sound in movies is a common problem that happens while watching movies especially during night hours on PC or laptop. You may have notice that it happen mainly when a scene changes in a particular movie all of a sudden you hear a very loud sound coming out of the speaker of your PC or Laptop and within seconds it goes to too low pitch which may sometimes disturb the person sleeping around you even you get irritated of setting sound every time it spikes loud.

Only solution to fix Too Loud Too Low sound in movies is to put headphone on your ears to let others sleep peacefully or take help of an application – Sound Lock, to tackle down the problem. This application tackles the problem that you encounter while watching late night movies or TV shows on your computer.

fix too loud too low sound in movies

How Sound Lock Application Works

By installing sound lock on your PC or Laptop you no longer need to set volume manually, just set the desired volume you wish to hear in that particular movie throughout and this application will adjust sudden loud spikes automatically.

Means once you set the volume, this application detects the loudness of playback and decreases it to the level you have just set – all automatically. You no need to rush to slow down the volume during loud scenes, sound lock will take care of it.

Once the installation is been done sound lock runs under the system tray. You may just required to double click the icon present on the icon tray – task bar, to get into the main interface from there you can set turn the Sound Lock on and off. Also, you can set the required sound on your comfort.

fix too loud too low sound in movies

Under, the program settings interface. You may found the filter mode and the output device. Using the filter mode you can filter the volume per channel or you can directly use a single master volume – all according to your comfort.

fix too loud too low sound in movies

And with the output device you can put the channels to control or just go with default limits. Sound Lock works only on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server 2008. They are doing their best in order to enable Sound Lock on various operating systems. Right now it’s only limited to the above operating systems.

You can visit to DOWNLOAD this useful application on your computer from here.

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How to Add Favicon in Google Search Result

Similar to Google Authorship, Favicon in Google Search gives the search result a new easy to recognize look. It looks so boring to find the exact website we are looking for in that crowded search result, the only thing makes it look handy is Google Authorship but unfortunately only few websites got the authorship and rest are still not using it, so in this case Favicon in Google Search gives a much more different and easy to recognize look, which appears next to search result and makes your search experience worth.

Add Favicon in Google Search Result

To make your Google Search experience comfortable in Chrome, you need to install an extension called Faviconize Google, this extension not only makes your Google Search experience handy but also save your time in finding the exact search term – which comes after lot of research.

This little extension takes very small space in your computer’s memory in order to install, and doesn’t come with any settings or options button, as it works automatically right after it get install. You will find the Favicon, targeted by the website, next to the each entry on Google Search result, but it won’t be visible for few websites as they are not provided by the them.

favicon in google search

All you need to do is visit the link mentioned above and hit the button “Add to Chrome” it will get install in next few seconds and start showing Favicon in Google Search.

I wish Google itself integrate this feature in its next update, as it helps in identifying the exact result in less time, but for now this extension is worth to use. I’ve tried it and with my experience would recommend each and every reader of this blog to use this extension in their Google Chrome browser.

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