Simple Steps to Install WhatsApp Web for Windows Phone

The most awaited update on WhatsApp is now released today called WhatsApp Web. Though, I have been waiting for VoIP calling feature on WhatsApp but WhatsApp Web is also a great feature they have added up for Windows, also for Android, unfortunately it’s not available on iOS. What is WhatsApp Web Now you can send […]

How to Add Favicon in Google Search Result

Similar to Google Authorship, Favicon in Google Search gives the search result a new easy to recognize look. It looks so boring to find the exact website we are looking for in that crowded search result, the only thing makes it look handy is Google Authorship but unfortunately only few websites got the authorship and […]

How To: Create Fake Screenshot by Editing Web Page Live

You might have seen people revealing their income through their blog by capturing the screenshot of its payment structure, did you believe on them in one go, you will say yes as I too got believe when I see these kind of screenshot on peoples’ blog telling they have earned thousands of dollar (I’m not […]

Slow Browser? Simple Tips to Speed up Internet Explorer and Firefox

A lot of people complain that they have a slow computer, but in reality they are suffering from a slow browser. When it comes to speed, Internet Explorer is by far the worst. However, even Firefox can be slower than you like. Luckily, it’s easy enough to speed up Internet Explorer and Firefox. All you […]

How To: Use Chrome Address Bar as a Calculator?

Using windows online calculator for arithmetic task sometimes create headache. It is made small and easy to make arithmetic calculations but as these days’ people need everything they use in one place, make this useful calculator useless. Don’t know about you guys but I was totally surprise when I first saw this – ‘Arithmetic Calculation […]

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