Few Best Gaming Apps For Kids To Learn and Enjoy

Gaming apps are one of the best sources of entertainment for kids. They relieve children from the academic stress and sharpen their minds. Here is a list of some of the most popular and best gaming apps for kids. Temple Run Oz ‘The Temple Run: Oz’ game is a cross-over between the highly successful game […]

Space Settlers: The First Online Multi-player Sci-fi Game for iOS

If you are keen on Sci-fi stories and real-time strategy games, you may also love Space Settlers developed by Digiarty Software, Inc. in late 2012. This is the first online multi-player Sci-fi themed game for iOS devices including iPhone iPad iPod touch. The graphics are sharp, gameplay is easy, and the whole game is very […]

How to Choose the Best Android Phone Gaming

The Android phone is now being used for different things – Gaming. No longer is it just being used for phone calls, data calls, etc. Now, the Android phone has become a complete entertainment device, and is used not just to watch movies and listen to music, but is also used to play games. However, […]

Play Anna Hajare Game: Angry Anna Online

We (indians) all knows, how anna hajare is fighting against cooruption in india today. Almost ten days are over and anna hajare is continue with his anshan against cooruption. Well, taking all this aside Geek Mentors Studios have developed a game called “Angry Anna”. You can now play Angry Anna Game online, it is almost […]

Use the Internet to Cheat at Scrabble

I’m a Scrabble junkie, so it isn’t often that I recommend Scrabble cheats. Still, even an old-school Scrabble buff like me knows that there are some occasions when cheating at Scrabble is the way to go. Thanks to the Internet, Scrabble and Scrabble knock-offs are being played on social media sites and in iPhone apps […]

Empires & Allies: A New Facebook Game Surpassed Farmville Players in 30 Days

If you too love to spend time on FB playing games like CityVille, Farmville, etc like most of my fellow users does. This is good news for all gamers of facebook. Zynga have launched a new game named ‘Empires & Allies’ which has surpassed Farmville players in just 30 days. Daily a large number of […]

Play Games To Donate Food Online

Most of us spend maximum number of our time playing Farmville or Mafiawar on facebook. Daily we are spending most of our time playing these online games but have you ever wonder playing games can feed someone hungry with a bowl or rice to some of the world’s poorest countries? All you need to do […]

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