What is Google up to Outside of Search and Are They Evil?

What is Google? I know that a lot of what happens in the SEO world is focused on the mechanics of Google, why searches come out the way they do, and their recent developments.

I want to take a slightly different approach and look at Google itself so that we can start thinking about what it is they are doing behind the algorithms. To look at how they are trying to grow their business far beyond their original concept, being a search engine, and perhaps even far beyond their current core philosophy (point 6) and their original unofficial motto – “Don’t be evil.”

What is Google up to Outside of Search…and Are They Evil?

The first article that lead me down the path of thinking that Google was becoming less altruistic than it once was is an article that appeared back in May 2013 over on the BBC’s website about tax avoidance by the Google UK office.

To be clear, they’re not doing anything illegal, they’re simply structuring it so that their over 650 million USD of turnover are only taxed to the tune of 10 million USD. Remember, this is the same country which once held their own most beloved citizens, The Beatles, liable for a 95% supertax on their earnings.

How they are doing this comes down to the fact that they have located their regional offices in Ireland (Dublin) and Bermuda – lower tax jurisdictions than being right in London proper. Other possible ways that Google could be doing this is by transferring high charges that have been levied against one national office to another lower division in another country. It isn’t illegal, but it isn’t done with the best interest of anyone but the company in mind – self centered actions are a part of being evil.


Does Google want a monopoly on…everything?

Google was once a simple page with a logo and a search bar. That is all Google did – search. They did it so well that they expanded into other online fields:

  • Gmail gave them their own email client
  • Google maps allows them to find your route for you
  • Google Street View has been down your road with a camera snapping 360 degree photos
  • Google Drive stores your documents in an easily accessible cloud
  • Google Glass is their attempt at entering the gadget market
  • Google + is their faltering attempt at a social network
  • Google +’s new photo backup system may replace Instagram for your photo sharing needs, and possibly shutting down their Picasa service
  • Google purchased YouTube to control and track what you are watching online (along with the whole changing of how people comment on YouTube through Google+ controversy)

And that is just a small list of what Google currently owns. Google is a whole lot more than just a search engine, and yet here we all are putting so much thought into their search feature. I think more and more that the Google search team is Matt Cutts alone in a room with a box of cookies wondering where all his friends have gone, while everyone else at Google is off working in a completely different field.

How this is leading them away from their original company goal, not being evil, and towards being a more monopolistic company, came about after reading another article on the BBC. This particular one looked at their recent acquisition of Nest Labs – a smart thermostat maker that connects to the internet. This may sound innocent, but what about sensors that begin to track your movement through thermostat? They can tell when you come home, when you open your fridge and what rooms you use. This data could be filtered back to those all important people – advertisers. Would this be innocent and anonymous data mining for PR firms, or outright invasion of privacy on an evil scale?

Coupling this purchase along with their buying of Boston Dynamics, who make humanoid robots, and their work in developing autonomous cars, and you’re no longer looking at a search engine company. You’re looking at a company that is determined to be a part of your everyday life in the near future – a monopoly is the most evil of companies. With the things mentioned in this paragraph alone, who can’t help but think of the 2004 film I, Robot?

That last comment was said jokingly. I hope.

Is Google an evil monopoly?

They’re not quite there yet, they’re more like evil-curious. For one, read an article like this which details their charitable donation to a local youth program.

For another, Google is still very much an online company with their immediate interests vested in what happens when you’re on the computer. Their future ventures are moving further and further away from this and when they succeed…that is when we will truly see whether or not they are evil, or if they have designs on being a monopoly.

I think it is worth a moment or two to determine, for yourself, when you would step away from using any Google services before you go back to debating the fine points of how the latest algorithm tweak changes things for marketers.

Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Online

Here are a few affiliate programs that are nice Google Adsense alternatives to make money online. It would be wrong to vouch for them, since the people running the networks changes quite often. As you can imagine, the affiliate network industry is a lucrative one, and many networks are bought out all the time. Nevertheless, here is a run down of a few popular ones, followed by a list of other affiliate programs that you may wish to try.

Affiliate programs that are related to one site only have been missed from this list. For example, the affiliate programs for eBay and Amazon are related to one site. The adverts you host will invariably led people back to that site. Such affiliate programs are not intrinsically bad or good, but this article covers affiliate programs that hold a range of adverts for a range of networked websites.


As a pre-warning, nobody has ever become rich through affiliate advertising. The networks will only pay cents, or a few dollars, per month.



With this network, you are asked to submit your blog to the network. If they approve it, then you will receive offers to write positive reviews on your blog. If you agree to write a review then you will be paid once the review is published. Your ability to make money on this blog is limited by how much time you spend writing, and how many offers you get. Obviously, if you are willing to put more time into your writing and promoting, then you will get more offers and more money.



This is a fairly well-known affiliate program, even though it is not to everybody’s taste. You may find this network a little more palatable if you have already tried Google’s AdSense and you are looking for an alternative.

Chitika is better for sites that have a reasonable amount of traffic; however, people who only have a trickle of traffic have been known to be accepted by it. It is okay if you add the code to your sidebar, but you may have more luck if you add it to your blog posts directly. If you have blog posts that are riding slightly higher in the search engine results, then you may wish to add the code to them.



This is a network for people who do not qualify for other networks. Quite often, people are not approved for other affiliate networks because their traffic is too low. If this is the reason why your website was not approved, then you may wish to try this network.

MadAdsMedia will pay you for impressions. This means that page views are what generate your income and not clicks. This means that even a small trickle of traffic will eventually add up to an income. As you can imagine, impressions (page views) are not going to pay you a lot of money. The system works on a relay system, so for example, a certain page will have to have 100 or 1000 page views before you are paid anything.



This is an affiliate network that works well for people who do not generate very much traffic. The network actually sells text links in order to make money, so if your website ranks reasonably high but does not have much traffic, then you may still make a little bit of money.

A good PageRank and a good Alexa rank will certainly serve you well if you use this affiliate network. You may install a plugin to your website once your site has been approved, and then all the work is done via an updating data stream. There is no need to install sets of code into your blog posts. You also have the choice of approving the text link too, and if you do, then you are paid for the duration of the links. This means that if your search engine ranking are a flash in the pan (such as with time-sensitive posts), then you will not make money for very long as the links will disappear quickly.

A List of Affiliate Networks as Google Adsense Alternatives

If you do not fancy any of the networks listed on this article, put a little bit of research into the networks listed below to see if any of them will suit your needs.

  1. 247realmedia
  2. 7Search
  3. Adfly
  4. Adknowledge
  5. AdMob
  6. Adready
  7. Bidvertiser
  8. Brightroll
  9. Burstmedia
  10. Buysellads
  11. Casale Media
  12. Clickbooth
  13. Clicksor
  14. Collective
  15. Contextweb
  16. Coxdigital Solutions
  17. Cpxinteractive
  18. Encirclemedia
  19. Fastclick
  20. InfoLinks
  21. Jumptap
  22. Kontera
  23. Marchex
  24. Millennialmedia
  25. Premiumnetwork
  26. QuattroWireless
  27. Specificmedia
  28. Spot Xchange
  29. Targetspot
  30. Tattomedia
  31. Traveladnetwork
  32. Tribalfusion
  33. Undertone
  34. Valueclickmedia
  35. Vibrantmedia
  36. Yahoo Ads
  37. Yume
  38. Zestadz

This Guest Post is written by: Kate Funk, she coaches individuals in SEO and business networking skills at rushtutors.com. If you would like to guest post at RealTimeTricks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Gmail FREE SMS Service Let you Send FREE SMS Worldwide

I know how much people get excited when they read a word – FREE, do not matter whatever it reads later that word free but it’s human nature that they want everything which comes to them at free of cost. Today I’m going to talk about one such free service that will help you send free SMS worldwide, I know we already have such websites that offer to send FREE international SMS and many other to send FREE SMS within India. But for that we have to login into their websites in order to send our SMS but when the same service get started with a email service provider where you find yourself 24*7 – Gmail, how handy it will be to use – Gmail Free SMS?

How to Send Free SMS from Gmail

Today when I was on Gmail I read their heading – “Chat and SMS” for the first time. Sounds crazy but I haven’t seen that heading before. And that help me found Gmail Free SMS service.

Anyways, the service I’m talking about can be found under Gmail chat box, I’ll tell you where.

We all know that Gmail has changed its chat box interface so to find Send SMS button/feature you have to take your mouse over a name (to whom you want to send SMS) and click on the drop button to get Send SMS button. Like the below screenshot:

Gmail Free SMS

Once you click on Send SMS button one box will pop up on your screen. Now you have to select the country and enter the mobile number to save – one time process, once you save it, it won’t even ask you to enter the mobile number. Just click on Send SMS button from that person’s name and the chat box like window will appear on the right panel to type and send SMS.

Gmail Free SMS
Gmail Free SMS

Remember you cannot Send SMS to that mobile number which doesn’t come under Gmail’s listed operators. Complete list can be read here.

Read the Terms before Using Gmail Free SMS Service

Remember: You will get 50 credits a day limit to send SMS every SMS you send will deduct 1 credit from the total credit but when someone replies to your SMS you get 5 credits back which is again to 50 credits a day. That will help people not get their inbox overflow.

Suggestion: Not send too much SMS to a single number or Gmail will block that number for you and you will not be able to it again. Though Gmail have not revealed on how many SMS it will get block.

Note: Though they support a wide range of international mobile operators from various countries to send SMS but if you still don’t find your mobile operator in that list you can send email to team to add your operator at mobile-operators-gmail-sms-integration@google.com.

I’m sure you will love Gmail Free SMS service. Let us know in comments.

I should thank shoutmeloud for that email ID.

Google Killing Picnik: Picnik is Closing This April

Most of us use Picnik to edit our hand taken pictures online, we all are aware to that it’s the best online photo editing service. Even I never put any of the pictures I took on my camera to flickr or facebook without editing it using their service. It’s been a great experience for me as well as many who uses them regularly. Well this would be sad to know but this April Google kills Picnik, you would have no access to picnic after April 19, 2012 according to their official announcement.

Google Killing Picnik
Email I Received: Picnik is Closing

Yesterday when I received their email, letting me know (I’m the member of their website) about the ‘Announcement: Picnik is closing’, I put a status on facebook telling the sad news I got through email, everyone including me doesn’t wanted this to happen. Anyways before they go forever, picnik has something good for their entire user, here I listed:

Your Photos Are Liberated

Since they have been telling about the closing of picnic they have added a new feature called Picnik Takeout, using this you can easily download your photos to your desktop very conveniently through zip files or copy to Google+ at anytime but before closing date of April 19, 2012.

Refunds of Premium ship Fee

Another healthy announcement by picnik to their users is, if you have purchased an annual member ship and are on its very last date picnic will refund you the entire amount. That would be nice to everyone.

Free Premium for ALL!

Doesn’t matter you purchased annual membership; picnik is allowing everyone to use premium features for free. So use Picnik in all of its premium glory, for free, from now until the actual closing day. Touch-up, Textures, Advanced, and more are all free for everyone who visits to use!

Let us know if you miss picnik.

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A Complete Review on Gmail New Look

You have heard about Google is changing Gmail’s design?

You better have heard in social networking sites (I too have heard from facebook). Few months ago Gmail had offered two new themes to their users to get a complete new look of their Gmail Account also they had changed their old sign-in page into a new sign-in page. But today Gmail have changed its’ design (the inner look) and from now you will find Gmail New Look.

Gmail New Look
“Gmail’s New Look Screenshot” – Click to view clearly

This new look update by Gmail will automatically get upgraded the new look soon but if you don’t want to wait and need to implement its’ new look you can switch to it today by logging into Gmail and clicking on to the Switch to the new look.

This review contains:

  • About Gmail’s New Look, what new you will find in it.
  • How to activate Gmail’s new look
  • How to Deactivate Gmail’s new look

About Gmail’s New Look:

  • 1 – Cleaner and more modern – They have improved conversations, customization and have updated themes, Gmail is now cleaner and modern.
  • 2 – New themes – You can find complete new themes collection in Gmail to customize the look of Gmail.
  • 3 – Improved conversation view – They have redesigned the content of your messages to the forefront and have added your profile pictures which is making the conversation more beautiful.
  • 4 – Customization in new ways – By using Comfortable, Cozy and Compact you can choose how many messages you want in your screen at a time.
  • 5 – More control – you can control the size of your chat window, drag and make it to your comfort.
  • 6 – Search and filters made simple – This term is made on your satisfaction, you can now easily find what you are looking for also you can create filter directly from same place.
  • 7 – Switch to Contacts and Tasks– easily you can swap in between contact and task.
  • 8 – A new toolbar– They have made changes in the tool bar now it shows you the button you need when you really need them.

How to activate Gmail’s new look:

1 – Login to your Gmail account and click on Switch to the new look, you can find at the bottom of your Gmail account.

Switch to the new look

2 – One window will pop up with a screenshot of Gmail’s New Look and two buttons Switch to the new look and Continue to the old look, you should press Switch to the new look to get Gmail’s new Look.

Gmail New Look

3 – Again a pop up will come with a Video and a button Continue to the new look, press it. Your Gmail will load to give you the new look.

Switch to the new look

How to Deactivate Gmail’s new look:

1 – Just above the Emails you will find the new toolbar with a gear icon, press it, and chose Revert to the old look temporarily.

Revert to the old look

2 – One window will pop-up with two buttons on it, Revert to the old look temporarily and stick with the new look, you should press the first one.

Revert to the old look

3 – Your Gmail will load to give back the old look but for temporarily.

Personally I liked the new look of Gmail but as everyone has their own point of view to express I have asked a Question of facebook – Do you like Gmail’s new look? And many have answered – Yes! Let me know what you think, please express your views on comments.

5 Ways to Protect Your Blog From Panda Effect

Google Panda update is a positive measure that they have taken to remove contents that are of low quality during your keyword search results. Since Google makes money via users having quality experience when they search for things inside of Google, and if they use Google repeatedly the more money they make.

5 Ways to Protect Your Blog From Panda Effect

Google decided to do business and therefore has introduced the concept of Panda. The concept of Panda is that at the end of your search results only those websites that are of high quality containing high quality content. So, with this in mind, if you could follow a few guidelines while you write, you could protect your website from Panda effect and rather develop a stronger website. Follow these simple guidelines to save your blog from the panda attack.

1. Avoid Duplicate Content

This has been the rule for a long time, and has serious impact on your website these days ever since the launch of Panda. Google will be neglecting your website if you are going to post duplicate content and you will lose being indexed by Google. Try to write and develop unique and original articles that will be noticed, even if you rewrite from previous information.

2. Emphasize on the use of social media to spread a word about your blog posts

Panda seems to be carried away with the websites that has more number of likes or tweets or stumbles or Google +1 factor. The more the number of these figures that you can get for your blog posts, the higher the chances that you are being indexed by Panda to appear as the top sites in the search results of via Google search engine. So this is always advisable to include these buttons and widgets for each and every post that you write.

3. Stronger emphasis on onsite fundamentals and high quality content

Panda is just another name given to Google’s algorithm for refining their performance as a search engine. This ultimately aims to retain their position in the top most ranking amongst search engines. Getting your website in the top in one of the topmost search engines is a heinous task for which you need to sweat out writing very good high quality content and establish yourself as a reputed writer in your niche area, so that you are assured of a very higher number of readerships. I always focus on this strongly for my gotomeeting promo code and gotowebinar promo code blog as I believe this is one most important thing to be followed. The ultimate thing to do for this is to stick onto your SEO fundamentals stringently so that Panda will index your website easily. Write high quality content that are also SEO optimized.

4. Avoid the use of External links

Try to develop as much as increased inbound links and avoid the use of external links, especially when you are monetizing using your website. Do not use paid links for the cause of monetization as Panda hates such paid links and this will pull your website down the Google ranking, making you ‘penny-wise pound-foolish’.

5. Improve Speed or loading time of your website

Panda loves websites that loads faster and are not crumbled with loads of advertisements, which takes longer time to load. Therefore, keep your website optimized for speedy loading by reducing the number of pictures, images and videos. Optimize them if unavoidable by increasing the loading speed.

These are some of the ways by which you can keep the vicious eyes of Panda from bringing your website down on the Google search engine ranking.

Comments are appreciated!!

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How To: Use Google Adsense to Generate Revenue

AdSense is one of the most powerful PPC (Pay-Per-Click) programs available on the Internet. Adding Google AdSense to a blog is very simple, and it can easily generate profits, even for a small blog with less than 100 visitors a day. While it is simple, there are some powerful ways to use AdSense that will optimize it for your blog.


When you go to the AdSense website you will find there are many different modules and it can become overwhelming. First, start by customizing your AdSense ads. You can change the color of the links, the ad box itself and how the box looks. Many marketers have found that making the AdSense text the same color as your links, typically blue, is the best way to attract user attention. This is because users look at the blue as a clickable color, since blue commonly signifies a link.

However, some marketers say to use a color that clashes the website, so that users will be drawn to the ads. For example, if the website is blue, make the text red. This method has worked well for some, and has been disastrous for others.


AdSense allows you to show text ads, image banners or both. Banners have a stigma of being purposely ignored and not clicked, but they tend to offer more money per click. While this comes down to experimentation, most marketers agree that using text ads exclusively is the best. By using text ads, you actually get two or three advertisers per advertising block, increasing the chance that a user will find something he or she is interested in.

Google only allows a maximum of three ad blocks per website, and you should never go above this amount. While three blocks are the maximum, using one or two blocks has been a successful strategy for some people. When three blocks are used, Google may have to struggle to find ads that work with your blog post, but if there are just one or two, then ads will almost always be relevant.


Positioning the ads around your blog is also important. You don’t want to throw three ad blocks at the top of your blog, because this looks unattractive and makes very little use of your blog space. Instead, place the blocks at hotspots. Where do your eyes go immediately when you look at your blog? Most of these spots are in the header, at the top of a post, in the middle of a post, towards the left or right side, or at the very bottom. The most common are the header, top of post, and side of blog.

When you write a blog post, AdSense contextually understands what the post is about and makes relevant ads, so you don’t need to worry about getting ads that are about your blog’s niche.

After the initial setup, the best way to make money with AdSense is just to write good content. You cannot tell people to click the ads, this is against Google’s TOS. However, if you have good content, this will attract traffic to your blog, and you will typically get several clicks per every 1,000 visitors.


Author – Michael is an expert in online marketing and monetizing websites through optimization of Google Adsense campaigns and targeting. Combined with targeted Google Adwords management website owners can deliver traffic at a lower cost than the revenue they receive through Adsense, making this an effective method to grow your online business.

The Most Exciting Tablets Available in 2011

The tablet market exploded this year, with a slew of great models hitting the market. Essentially, a tablet PC 2011 is a great internet-ready device that has a similar operating system and user interface to a smartphone, but running on a larger screen. This makes them perfect for watching video online as well as social messaging, email and the like. But with so many great tablet PCs and pads out there, which should you go for? We’ve picked five of the best tablets available in 2011 to help you make your decision below.

Apple iPad 2

It’s the one that gets all the headlines, but is an iPad 2 the pad for you? First, it’s gorgeous to look at and the 9.7-inch 1024×768-pixel touchscreen is fantastic. It has a 1GHz dual-core processor and 64GB of memory, while the Apple operating system is smooth and simple to use. On the downside, multi-tasking is a no-no with the iPad 2 Apple, while the cameras on board are poor quality for such a premium priced device.

Tablets Available

Also, when looking at internet pages there is no flash support, which could be a game-breaker for some. But what it does well it does brilliantly and the Apple brand is a really big pull. The App Store is second to none and miles ahead of the competition, while its general handling of music and video is amazing. Seeing as multimedia and silly apps are the mainstay of these devices right now, the Apple iPad 2 is the likely choice of many.

BlackBerry PlayBook

Once seen as purely a business brand, as smartphones have become more mainstream RIM’s BlackBerry line has really stepped up to the plate to duke it out at consumer level. with its first tablet, the PlayBook, it looks set to do the same in this market too. It has a markedly smaller screen, at seven inches, but this makes it nice and easy in the hand (like a Kindle, for example).

Tablets Available

Again we have a dual-core 1GHz processor, average camera and up to 64GB of storage. As you’d expect the user interface is pretty businesslike but really user friendly, doing the job well. But you don’t have the wealth of apps of the Apple, or general fun factor. What it does do is the business meeting stuff perfectly, as you’d expect from a BlackBerry playbook tablet, while security of files (and of course great email capabilities) is paramount. It also sports Flash, so has one up on the iPad when web browsing.

The Android Contenders

Google’s Android operating system is open source, so lots of big names are popping it into pads. The Android OS is intuitive and user friendly, while all the Google goodies such as mail, maps and search work beautifully. It also has an impressive and fast growing selection of apps through the Android Market, although it is still a way behind Apple in that department. But on the plus side it is fantastic for web browsing, with the added bonus of Flash support over the iPads. Here are three of the best so far:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a jaw-dropping 1280×800-pixel touchscreen running on a 1GHz dual-core processor with 64GB of on-board memory. It’s light and thin while packing plenty of punch in the hardware department, but is light on unique selling points beyond that fantastic screen.

Tablets Available

Motorola Xoom

The Xoom also has a 10.1-inch 1280×800-pixel touchscreen and a 1GHz dual-core processor, but a slightly less impressive 32GB of memory. What sets it apart is the (optional) wireless keyboard and advanced internet browser, which makes browsing online a real pleasure and much closer to the PC experience.

Tablets Available

HTC Flyer

With a seven-inch screen, the Flyer is smaller than its closest Android rivals – but only in screen size. There’s a juicy 1.5GHz processor under the bonnet, while it is reassuringly heavier and chunkier than its rivals. The big selling point is its ‘magic pen’ – a stylus that lets you write notes on screen. It can really be more than just a gimmick and is well worth a hands-on try-out.

Tablets Available

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