Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Online

Here are a few affiliate programs that are nice Google Adsense alternatives to make money online. It would be wrong to vouch for them, since the people running the networks changes quite often. As you can imagine, the affiliate network industry is a lucrative one, and many networks are bought out all the time. Nevertheless, here is a run down of a few popular ones, followed by a list of other affiliate programs that you may wish to try.

Affiliate programs that are related to one site only have been missed from this list. For example, the affiliate programs for eBay and Amazon are related to one site. The adverts you host will invariably led people back to that site. Such affiliate programs are not intrinsically bad or good, but this article covers affiliate programs that hold a range of adverts for a range of networked websites.


As a pre-warning, nobody has ever become rich through affiliate advertising. The networks will only pay cents, or a few dollars, per month.



With this network, you are asked to submit your blog to the network. If they approve it, then you will receive offers to write positive reviews on your blog. If you agree to write a review then you will be paid once the review is published. Your ability to make money on this blog is limited by how much time you spend writing, and how many offers you get. Obviously, if you are willing to put more time into your writing and promoting, then you will get more offers and more money.



This is a fairly well-known affiliate program, even though it is not to everybody’s taste. You may find this network a little more palatable if you have already tried Google’s AdSense and you are looking for an alternative.

Chitika is better for sites that have a reasonable amount of traffic; however, people who only have a trickle of traffic have been known to be accepted by it. It is okay if you add the code to your sidebar, but you may have more luck if you add it to your blog posts directly. If you have blog posts that are riding slightly higher in the search engine results, then you may wish to add the code to them.



This is a network for people who do not qualify for other networks. Quite often, people are not approved for other affiliate networks because their traffic is too low. If this is the reason why your website was not approved, then you may wish to try this network.

MadAdsMedia will pay you for impressions. This means that page views are what generate your income and not clicks. This means that even a small trickle of traffic will eventually add up to an income. As you can imagine, impressions (page views) are not going to pay you a lot of money. The system works on a relay system, so for example, a certain page will have to have 100 or 1000 page views before you are paid anything.


This is an affiliate network that works well for people who do not generate very much traffic. The network actually sells text links in order to make money, so if your website ranks reasonably high but does not have much traffic, then you may still make a little bit of money.

A good PageRank and a good Alexa rank will certainly serve you well if you use this affiliate network. You may install a plugin to your website once your site has been approved, and then all the work is done via an updating data stream. There is no need to install sets of code into your blog posts. You also have the choice of approving the text link too, and if you do, then you are paid for the duration of the links. This means that if your search engine ranking are a flash in the pan (such as with time-sensitive posts), then you will not make money for very long as the links will disappear quickly.

A List of Affiliate Networks as Google Adsense Alternatives

If you do not fancy any of the networks listed on this article, put a little bit of research into the networks listed below to see if any of them will suit your needs.

  1. 247realmedia
  2. 7Search
  3. Adfly
  4. Adknowledge
  5. AdMob
  6. Adready
  7. Bidvertiser
  8. Brightroll
  9. Burstmedia
  10. Buysellads
  11. Casale Media
  12. Clickbooth
  13. Clicksor
  14. Collective
  15. Contextweb
  16. Coxdigital Solutions
  17. Cpxinteractive
  18. Encirclemedia
  19. Fastclick
  20. InfoLinks
  21. Jumptap
  22. Kontera
  23. Marchex
  24. Millennialmedia
  25. Premiumnetwork
  26. QuattroWireless
  27. Specificmedia
  28. Spot Xchange
  29. Targetspot
  30. Tattomedia
  31. Traveladnetwork
  32. Tribalfusion
  33. Undertone
  34. Valueclickmedia
  35. Vibrantmedia
  36. Yahoo Ads
  37. Yume
  38. Zestadz

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How To: Use Google Adsense to Generate Revenue

AdSense is one of the most powerful PPC (Pay-Per-Click) programs available on the Internet. Adding Google AdSense to a blog is very simple, and it can easily generate profits, even for a small blog with less than 100 visitors a day. While it is simple, there are some powerful ways to use AdSense that will optimize it for your blog.


When you go to the AdSense website you will find there are many different modules and it can become overwhelming. First, start by customizing your AdSense ads. You can change the color of the links, the ad box itself and how the box looks. Many marketers have found that making the AdSense text the same color as your links, typically blue, is the best way to attract user attention. This is because users look at the blue as a clickable color, since blue commonly signifies a link.

However, some marketers say to use a color that clashes the website, so that users will be drawn to the ads. For example, if the website is blue, make the text red. This method has worked well for some, and has been disastrous for others.


AdSense allows you to show text ads, image banners or both. Banners have a stigma of being purposely ignored and not clicked, but they tend to offer more money per click. While this comes down to experimentation, most marketers agree that using text ads exclusively is the best. By using text ads, you actually get two or three advertisers per advertising block, increasing the chance that a user will find something he or she is interested in.

Google only allows a maximum of three ad blocks per website, and you should never go above this amount. While three blocks are the maximum, using one or two blocks has been a successful strategy for some people. When three blocks are used, Google may have to struggle to find ads that work with your blog post, but if there are just one or two, then ads will almost always be relevant.


Positioning the ads around your blog is also important. You don’t want to throw three ad blocks at the top of your blog, because this looks unattractive and makes very little use of your blog space. Instead, place the blocks at hotspots. Where do your eyes go immediately when you look at your blog? Most of these spots are in the header, at the top of a post, in the middle of a post, towards the left or right side, or at the very bottom. The most common are the header, top of post, and side of blog.

When you write a blog post, AdSense contextually understands what the post is about and makes relevant ads, so you don’t need to worry about getting ads that are about your blog’s niche.

After the initial setup, the best way to make money with AdSense is just to write good content. You cannot tell people to click the ads, this is against Google’s TOS. However, if you have good content, this will attract traffic to your blog, and you will typically get several clicks per every 1,000 visitors.


Author – Michael is an expert in online marketing and monetizing websites through optimization of Google Adsense campaigns and targeting. Combined with targeted Google Adwords management website owners can deliver traffic at a lower cost than the revenue they receive through Adsense, making this an effective method to grow your online business.

Adsense Profit Course: ebook

I know many of you wanted to increase the earning per day you have currently, but due to lack of knowledge and technique you are not making as much as you wanted to, even I myself is suffering from the disease (lack of knowledge). The problem is neither adsense nor our blog as there are people on internet making thousands from Adsense but you are not, why?

I have figure out why, after reading on Daniel Scocco of DailyBlogTips I figured the problem people are having is lack of knowledge regarding how to promote their websites, increase their traffic and optimize their AdSense units.

If the points I mentioned above applies to you, I’m sure the Adsense Profit Course created by Daniel Scocco will help. It’s a six week program that will give all information and strategies a new blogger need to start making some serious money with AdSense.

Here I mention six modules to give you a touch of the course:

  • AdSense Basics: Understanding how the program works and what things are supposed to do and not to do.
  • AdSense Optimization: Here it will help you choose, the right units, efficient position, and to format the ads for maximum CTR and so on.

Adsense Profit Course ebook

  • Keyword Research: Ways to estimate traffic from Google, way to choose profitable keywords, and to develop a better content strategy for the websites and so on.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Everything you need to know about search engines and optimizing the sites for better rankings.
  • Website Promotion: Way to promote websites and increase the traffic consistently over time and so on.
  • Buying Websites for AdSense: Where to find the best deals, way to conduct the negotiation, and to tweak the sites once you bought them and so on.

If you think these are the only things you want to learn about, please click here to visit the course page where you will find the story of Daniel Scocco regarding how he’s making $400 a day with Adsense.

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Top 5 Google Adsense Tips For Newbies

This guest post is by Bilal Ahmed who runs his own blog techmaish.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular and best Pay Per Click program. It has made very easy for bloggers and website owners to earn money from blog and website. By simply placing the adsense code in a profitable position you can earn good money from your blog or website. However many failed to get good CTR for their ads. There could be so many reasons, as a newbie you should always remember the following google adsense tips tips if you are using Google Adsense in your blog or website.

google adsense tips


Placement is one of the most important factor that can increase your ads CTR. For bloggers the best place is header, below or above post or Ad Links in header and sidebars. For website owners image ads in header and footer works great. Still you have to experiment different places and watch the result. Every blog and website has different type of visitors; therefore you will have to test all the available places.


Another important factor that can increase your ads CTR is the color of Ad Units and Ad Links. Blended colors always work great. Be sure to blend your ads and make your visitor feel that this is not a Ad, but normal link.


Without traffic you can’t increase your Click through Rate. If you want to increase it then you will have to increase your traffic. However it also depends on the nature of traffic, normally organic traffic works great. Organic traffic means traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

Avoid Self Clicks

Newbie’s always try to click on their own Google Adsense Ads. If you clicked your ads you are gone. Never ever click on your own ads. However if accidently you clicked your ads, then contact Google as soon as possible and tell them about your mistake.

Avoid Too Many Ads

This is not a good idea to place ads all over your blog or website. Place only in profitable places. Don’t make your blog or website MFA (Made for Adsense). As I told you in the 1st tip that test the profitable places and then only place your ads there. Even readers don’t like blogs or websites with lots of advertisements.

Hope these tips will help you to improve your CTR and earn good money from Google Adsense. Share your experience about Google Adsese with our readers, so that they can implement on there blogs and websites.

Keywords selection

Select profitable keywords when you write your content. Some of the keywords CPC can go as high as $60 (depend) on the niche. So your content is basically the instruction for Big G to show your desire ad. Also check whether the target keyword has enough advertisers. If there isn’t, then the ad shown will not be relevant to your content hence it will not be appealing for your traffic to click on the ad.