Gmail FREE SMS Service Let you Send FREE SMS Worldwide

I know how much people get excited when they read a word – FREE, do not matter whatever it reads later that word free but it’s human nature that they want everything which comes to them at free of cost. Today I’m going to talk about one such free service that will help you send free SMS worldwide, I know we already have such websites that offer to send FREE international SMS and many other to send FREE SMS within India. But for that we have to login into their websites in order to send our SMS but when the same service get started with a email service provider where you find yourself 24*7 – Gmail, how handy it will be to use – Gmail Free SMS?

How to Send Free SMS from Gmail

Today when I was on Gmail I read their heading – “Chat and SMS” for the first time. Sounds crazy but I haven’t seen that heading before. And that help me found Gmail Free SMS service.

Anyways, the service I’m talking about can be found under Gmail chat box, I’ll tell you where.

We all know that Gmail has changed its chat box interface so to find Send SMS button/feature you have to take your mouse over a name (to whom you want to send SMS) and click on the drop button to get Send SMS button. Like the below screenshot:

Gmail Free SMS

Once you click on Send SMS button one box will pop up on your screen. Now you have to select the country and enter the mobile number to save – one time process, once you save it, it won’t even ask you to enter the mobile number. Just click on Send SMS button from that person’s name and the chat box like window will appear on the right panel to type and send SMS.

Gmail Free SMS
Gmail Free SMS

Remember you cannot Send SMS to that mobile number which doesn’t come under Gmail’s listed operators. Complete list can be read here.

Read the Terms before Using Gmail Free SMS Service

Remember: You will get 50 credits a day limit to send SMS every SMS you send will deduct 1 credit from the total credit but when someone replies to your SMS you get 5 credits back which is again to 50 credits a day. That will help people not get their inbox overflow.

Suggestion: Not send too much SMS to a single number or Gmail will block that number for you and you will not be able to it again. Though Gmail have not revealed on how many SMS it will get block.

Note: Though they support a wide range of international mobile operators from various countries to send SMS but if you still don’t find your mobile operator in that list you can send email to team to add your operator at

I’m sure you will love Gmail Free SMS service. Let us know in comments.

I should thank shoutmeloud for that email ID.

A Complete Review on Gmail New Look

You have heard about Google is changing Gmail’s design?

You better have heard in social networking sites (I too have heard from facebook). Few months ago Gmail had offered two new themes to their users to get a complete new look of their Gmail Account also they had changed their old sign-in page into a new sign-in page. But today Gmail have changed its’ design (the inner look) and from now you will find Gmail New Look.

Gmail New Look
“Gmail’s New Look Screenshot” – Click to view clearly

This new look update by Gmail will automatically get upgraded the new look soon but if you don’t want to wait and need to implement its’ new look you can switch to it today by logging into Gmail and clicking on to the Switch to the new look.

This review contains:

  • About Gmail’s New Look, what new you will find in it.
  • How to activate Gmail’s new look
  • How to Deactivate Gmail’s new look

About Gmail’s New Look:

  • 1 – Cleaner and more modern – They have improved conversations, customization and have updated themes, Gmail is now cleaner and modern.
  • 2 – New themes – You can find complete new themes collection in Gmail to customize the look of Gmail.
  • 3 – Improved conversation view – They have redesigned the content of your messages to the forefront and have added your profile pictures which is making the conversation more beautiful.
  • 4 – Customization in new ways – By using Comfortable, Cozy and Compact you can choose how many messages you want in your screen at a time.
  • 5 – More control – you can control the size of your chat window, drag and make it to your comfort.
  • 6 – Search and filters made simple – This term is made on your satisfaction, you can now easily find what you are looking for also you can create filter directly from same place.
  • 7 – Switch to Contacts and Tasks– easily you can swap in between contact and task.
  • 8 – A new toolbar– They have made changes in the tool bar now it shows you the button you need when you really need them.

How to activate Gmail’s new look:

1 – Login to your Gmail account and click on Switch to the new look, you can find at the bottom of your Gmail account.

Switch to the new look

2 – One window will pop up with a screenshot of Gmail’s New Look and two buttons Switch to the new look and Continue to the old look, you should press Switch to the new look to get Gmail’s new Look.

Gmail New Look

3 – Again a pop up will come with a Video and a button Continue to the new look, press it. Your Gmail will load to give you the new look.

Switch to the new look

How to Deactivate Gmail’s new look:

1 – Just above the Emails you will find the new toolbar with a gear icon, press it, and chose Revert to the old look temporarily.

Revert to the old look

2 – One window will pop-up with two buttons on it, Revert to the old look temporarily and stick with the new look, you should press the first one.

Revert to the old look

3 – Your Gmail will load to give back the old look but for temporarily.

Personally I liked the new look of Gmail but as everyone has their own point of view to express I have asked a Question of facebook – Do you like Gmail’s new look? And many have answered – Yes! Let me know what you think, please express your views on comments.

How To: Turn Your Old Gmail into New Gmail Look?

I’m sure you have heard about the new look of Gmail?

The new Gmail look is quite clear and more defined look, everything is visible on a combination of white and grey color board. Google have said –

We’re embarking on a series of interface updates to help strip out unnecessary clutter and make Gmail as beautiful as it is powerful. Google-wide effort to bring you an experience that’s more focused, elastic, and effortless across all of our products. The changes are not going to happen all at once.

How To Turn Your Old Gmail into New Gmail Look

So no one knows when these changes will take place. But until then we can start by using one trick to turn old Gmail into a new Gmail look.

Steps To Get the New Gmail Look

  • First, login to your Gmail Account.
  • Now click on the “Mail Setting”.
  • Then Click on Themes and scroll it down.
  • Select either “Preview” or “Preview (Dense)” and your Gmail will change to New Gmail.

Steps To Get the New Gmail Look

Hope the trick have worked for you? Are you enjoying the new look of Gmail or the previous one was far better then the new one? Please drop your comments below.

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How To: Schedule Email in Gmail?

We all know about Gmail so i think no intro is required for Gmail in this article. You always wanted to schedule email in Gmail but as it’s not available in Gmail by default you were unable to, and so required to add Boomerang under  Gmail account to schedule an email.

Boomerang is a Firefox / Chrome plugin that lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages. It helps you Remember to pay bills, Schedule birthday/holiday notes when you have time to write, And lots more! Right now Boomerang is only available for two browsers Google Chrome and Firefox.

How to Install Boomerang?

1) As I told before Boomerang is available for only two browsers Google Chrome and Firefox so at the time of installation you must be either on Google Chrome or Firefox.

2) Now, download Boomerang for Gmail, and install, and then restart your browser.

3) After installation you will see a Boomerang link in the top-right corner of your Gmail screen. Now time to schedule your email, click on compose new email and using Boomerang button schedule it.

Imagine you’re in your friend’s home and both of you are using his/her lappy and suddenly your email comes to his/her inbox, tricky right? Use it, however you want.

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Features of Boomerang

Send an email later: Using Boomerang, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. Just write the message as you normally would, then click the Send Later button.

Reminders: Sometimes we feel to clear inbox, but as it stores important data which we needs in future we don’t usually delete them but using Boomerang to take messages out of inbox until we actually need them. Just click on Boomerang button when you have an email open, and choose when you need it again. Boomerang will archive the message. At the time you chose and bring it back to your inbox, marked unread, starred, or even at the top of your message list.

Now with Magic: If you get an email that describes a date or a time, Boomerang offers to return the message at exactly the right time with just one click! For instance, if you get an email that describes a meeting at 4pm on Thursday Boomerang will automatically suggest returning the message 2 hours before – so you have time to prepare for the meeting and have the location and details handy when you arrive.