Simple Steps to Install WhatsApp Web for Windows Phone


The most awaited update on WhatsApp is now released today called WhatsApp Web. Though, I have been waiting for VoIP calling feature on WhatsApp but WhatsApp Web is also a great feature they have added up for Windows, also for Android, unfortunately it’s not available on iOS. What is WhatsApp Web Now you can send […]

How to Start your Own Web Hosting Business

web hosting business

One of the most lucrative businesses you can start right from the comfort of your home is a web hosting company. I know most of us don’t have the huge investment or infrastructure needed to set up servers and systems, and cannot afford to hire a technical team to manage the operations. But I am […]

How To: Import Excel Charts to PowerPoint


Following article will arm you with the updated and authentic information about the method by which you can import excel charts to power point. You can effectively insert those documents which Microsoft Office programs create or which have embedded objects or links into your presentation. You are wrong on your part if you think that […]

How to Add Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox on Blogger Blog


If you are a regular reader to RealTimeTricks posts you have seen that we are using a Facebook pop-up box which appears to visitors on their first visit (and not on their every visit). It helps RealTimeTricks get lot of Facebook fans just by visiting any of the post on this blog. To display Facebook […]

Add Watermark on YouTube Videos That Are Already LIVE

watermark on youtube videos

Ever wanted to add watermark on YouTube videos? You might have seen when news channel shows any breaking news video on television they put a watermark on their video before telecasting it live this helps them in branding their videos. Similarly YouTube users brand their custom videos by adding their company trademark or logo as […]

How to Record Skype Calls on Your iPad

Record Skype Calls

It’s easy to record Skpye calls if you are using it in your iPad. Though their are many tools available to record Skpye calls but here I’ll cover three very popular FREE apps that will help you record Skype calls on your iPad. But lets first introduce Skype. Skype is a free application that allows […]

How to Add Favicon in Google Search Result

favicon in google search

Similar to Google Authorship, Favicon in Google Search gives the search result a new easy to recognize look. It looks so boring to find the exact website we are looking for in that crowded search result, the only thing makes it look handy is Google Authorship but unfortunately only few websites got the authorship and […]

How To: Merge Multiple MS Word Documents into a Single Document


You must have been stuck to a situation when you had created multiple MS Word file for some school or college project but at the end you realize that something had gone wrong as project file has to be submitted into a single document i.e. one MS Word File. Now how you will fix the situation, […]

How To: Remove USB Device Safely When Icon Get Disappear

usb safely remove

Looking to safely remove USB device but the icon in system tray got disappeared, no idea what step should be taken next? Without clicking on the icon illusions of data losing or device crashes occurs. Getting the icon back is as simple as 123, though, you can get the icon back by doing some quick […]

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