How To: Remove USB Device Safely When Icon Get Disappear

Looking to safely remove USB device but the icon in system tray got disappeared, no idea what step should be taken next? Without clicking on the icon illusions of data losing or device crashes occurs. Remove USB Device Safely When Icon Get Disappear Getting the icon back is as simple as 123, though, you can get the icon back by doing some quick settings but I’m not going to talk on such geek stuffs. This is for those who need quick result; and that comes with a handy application; named ‘USB Safely Remove’.

It is a USB device manager which saves your time and extends your abilities on active work with flash-drives, portable drives, card readers and other useful gadgets. Once you have installed this USB device manager you no longer need to use windows safe removal tool, also, the icon in system tray will get back to use.

Using the built-in windows safe removal tool it is quite difficult to recognize a needed to stop device. Most devices have the same name – “USB mass storage device“. Also, Windows does not let you hide a device you would not want to stop from the menu. But using USB Safely Remove device manager saves you from these problems and gives you an original and multifunctional stopping menu, by displaying actual device names including icons. Using this menu you can find and stop a device in no time. Check the screenshot displaying actual name of my mobile phone and pen drive.

Remove USB Device Safely When Icon Get Disappear

For those who like to use Keyboard to complete every task, this device comes with few hotkeys. No needs to stop any application, being in any application, press the key “Win+S” and you will see the stop menu. Use the Up\Down Arrow keys to select the device you need and press “Ctrl+B” to view the contents of the device disks or hit enter to stop that same device. Also you can assign a dedicated hotkey to stop a certain device.

Review: I’m using this device since last 20 days now and the experience is quite amazing. I would like to continue using this device so would love to upgrade its free version. You can Download It From Here.

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Enjoy Enhanced Services by Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Or Samsung Galaxy Note

People who travel more often may want to unlock their phones so that they can enjoy reliable services wherever they are. This is the main reason why you may want to unlock Samsung galaxy s II skyrocket or Samsung galaxy note. Today, the Internet has made life easy. You can easily get information on how to unlock Samsung galaxy note. It is available on very many websites.

However, it is important to ensure that you use information from a reliable source. There is also some important information that you should follow when unlocking the devices.

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

  • Use a SIM card that is not accepted
  • Ensure that the phone has displayed a message requiring you to enter an unlock PIN for the SIM network.
  • Use the Unlock code that will be emailed to you when you visit the website with information on how to unlock the device.
  • The phone will display a message confirming that the device has been unlocked.

Samsung Galaxy Note

When you unlock Samsung galaxy note, it is important to know that using tools specific to your device is very important. Important instructions when unlocking this device include:

  • Ensure that your device has a locked SIM card and then insert a SIM for another network. The phone will display an unlocking message.
  • Also, make sure that the IMEI you send is correct.
  • When required to give the operator and the country, make sure that you give correct responses. However, it is important to know that there are some phones that cannot be unlocked. The tools you are using to unlock the phone may also determine this.

Unlocking these devices is very important because it enables the user to switch between different SIM cards using one phone. It also increases the device resell value. This is because the devices will be available to an increased number of carriers.

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How To: Find Out When Friends Unfriend You on Facebook

Facebook do notify you when someone accept your friend request and get added in your friend list through notification but they never send notification when friends unfriend you on Facebook. This happens because of the two reasons either the person has deleted their Facebook account (Deleting facebook account cause facebook automatically unfriend that person from the list) or the person has unfriend you purposely/mistakenly.

There are many apps available on web to check, like or but I’ll talk about a simple script that works with every browser, like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Using this script you can keep track of when friends unfriend you on facebook as well as your friend requests.

Unfriend Finder for Facebook

Without being worried you can install this script on your browser. I have tested it on mine and it works perfectly. Here I tell you how it works.

Step 1) Go to the Unfriend Finder and install the script for your browser. It will automatically get install if you are on Chrome but if you are using Firefox, you will have to install Greasemonkey add-on first.

Step 2) Now when it is added on your browser it will add two new features – “Unfriend” inside your facebook account, one at the top right corner of facebook and one on left side under favorites list.

Step 3) Now when someone unfriend you, you will get notify through notification also Unfriend Feature will blink exactly like notification.

Step 5) When you click on Unfriend Feature comes under favorites left side it will come up with 3 options “Pending Requests”, “Settings”, and “Messages”.

Step 6) Clicking on unfriend shows you the list of people – who have deactivated their profile, who have unfriend you, and you’re pending requests.

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How To: Unlock Motorola Atrix 4G and Motorola Razr XT910

To unlock Motorola atrix, one needs to have some technical knowledge about the device. This is because modern technology has brought innovative devices that some people may have challenges using. This is expected considering that technology keep changing every now and then.

This model of Motorola is one of the most innovative devices of the current times. It comes with a boot loader. This prevents it from using updates of third party software. This also makes it hard for the device to accept customizations. However, when one unlock Motorola atrix 4G, it becomes possible to use third party software and even customize the device. There are very many websites with information on how to unlock this device.

unlock Motorola atrix 4G

It is important you ensure that you have followed every step of the unlocking process. This is very important because with some steps skipping just one step may lead to bricking of the phone. When you unlock your phone it is important to know the following;

How To Unlock Motorola Atrix 4G

  • To avoid losing the data in your device, it is advisable you create a back up. This may entail music, videos, applications, messages among others. This will make restoring the data easier in case you loose it as you are unlocking the device.
  • You should also ensure that the minimum power of your battery is at 50 percent. This will ensure that your device rooting process is smoother. Failure to do this may see your device turn off completely in the process.
  • You should also note all the settings that are essential in accessing Internet services. This is because APN settings which you use to access the Internet will be wiped off during the rooting process.
  • You also need to ensure that you follow the given procedure to unlock Motorola device properly. It is also important to make sure that the unlocking procedure you follow is for Motorola atrix 4G and not any other device.

It is also possible to get Motorola razr XT910 unlock information. This innovative device has a touch screen with a resolution of 540×960 pixels. It is among the lightest and thinnest android devices. Getting reliable Motorola razr information is very important. This is because the device is very expensive and use of wrong information might brick the device. As such, ensure that you have reliable Motorola razr XT910 information. It is also important to know crucial Motorola razr details. They include;

Motorola Razr XT910 Unlock

How To Unlock Motorola razr XT910

  • You should turn the phone on using a Sim card that is not accepted.
  • You will be prompted by the device to enter unlock code for the network.
  • You should enter the code provided in the Motorola razr XT910.
  • This will be followed by automatic unlocking of the phone.

Unlocking these devices is very important for people who are traveling. This is because one can easily buy local Sim cards and save money using roaming fee. It will also give the device higher resell value because it will be usable to more carriers.

Best Way to Unlock Blackberry Bold 9900 and Blackberry 9360

With the modern technology come new innovative devices. These pose challenges to some people when it comes to their operations. As such, information on how to perform certain activities in their operations is very important. Blackberry series are some of the latest devices in the market today. Many people have their devices locked but they do not know how to unlock blackberry bold 9900.

Getting the right information to unlock your phone is very important. This is because it makes it easy for you to use unlock the device and use it with ease. You do not encounter any complications as you unlock device if you have the right information. To unlock device, you need to follow certain instructions. These are;

Unlock Blackberry Bold 9900

Way to Unlock Blackberry Bold 9900

  • You need to insert a Sim card that is not accepted in the device. This can be any Sim card that is not of the original phone carrier.
  • You will get a response from the blackberry telling you that the Sim card need an unlock code. The device will also ask you if you would like to unlock it.
  • Once you accept, the device will require you to enter the MEP code of the network.
  • The unlock blackberry information will have given you an option through which you will ask for and receive unlock code via email.
  • Your phone will respond by a display message confirming that the device has been unlocked.

To unlock blackberry curve 9360 is also easy. You just need to visit a website with unlock reliable information. However, you need to have a Sim card in the phone in order to complete the process. The Sim card can be active or inactive. It is also important to ensure that the device is charged fully so that it does not go off as you carry out the unlock procedure. Follow the following instructions;

Unlock Blackberry Curve 9360

Way to Unlock Blackberry Curve 9360

  • Turn your device on
  • Select the setting menu from the device screen.
  • Go to the options then advanced options.
  • Select Sim card.
  • The phone will display a personalized screen.
  • Using the keyboard, type the MEPD on your blackberry. However, it is important to know that when typing the MEPD, it will not be shown on the screen.
  • After typing the MEPD, press ALT and then 2 on the device keyboard. All this will not be shown on the keyboard even if you are typing.
  • The device will prompt you to enter the code to unlock your blackberry device. Enter the code provided on the website you visit for unlock information.
  • To confirm the entry, press track pad.
  • You will get a message that will confirm that the code has been accepted and the screen will then return to a personalized screen.

The device will now be unlocked. Once you are through with the unlock blackberry curve process, resetting it the best idea. This is possible by removing the battery for some seconds then inserting it. Switch your device on and it will be good. With the right information to unlock blackberry bold 9900 and blackberry curve 9360, the process become easy.

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How To: Send Email from Facebook?

I have been using Facebook Messages to send email to few of my Facebook addict friends though they check their email accounts regularly but I know I’ll be getting my email reply soon when I send email from Facebook to directly into their Facebook Messaging inbox.

Send Email from Facebook
The New Messages: Send Email

What is Facebook Massages?

I don’t think I need to describe as we all use Facebook Messages to check – who have had messages us, each friend’s chats and text as well. Everything stores in Facebook Messages. You can check full conversation history including everything you’ve ever discussed with each friend as a single conversation. And to improve this, Facebook have added Email – Read, Write & Send Email. There’s no need to switch between Facebook and email accounts for your daily communication needs.

Send Email From Facebook Using Facebook Messages

To make it happen you need to get Facebook email address first, like – If you still have not got, get it here.

Step 1) Once you get the Facebook email address, click on “Messages” which is next to Facebook logo and click on “Send a New Message”.

send email from Facebook

Step 2) One “New Message” window will pop-up on your screen right after you click on send a new message. Type email address into the To: box and content in Message: box.

send email from Facebook

Step 3) On clicking “Send” button Facebook will email your message to the respective email address. And like other email accounts you can attach files using “Attach a File” button.

send email from Facebook

Personal Review: I know many of you are using it, I too use it often.

Gmail, Yahoo mail, & Hotmail including several other email service provider use address book to store email address of already send email IDs, likewise Facebook adds any email addresses that you have message to any email ID, so you don’t have to remember everyone’s email address all the time. Also, if you message someone who is on Facebook but you use their email instead of their name, Facebook will automatically forward the message to their Facebook Inbox.

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How to Create a Salesforce Site with Orchestra CMS

Orchestra CMS is a powerful and cost-effective cloud computing solution, especially suited for small businesses. In order to come to the aid of early technology adopters, who are forced to face the grunt and ‘dirty work’ of the IT solutions implemented by any company, be it a start-up or a major corporation, the cloud-based content management system.

Developers will be glad to know that the software is ready to create integrated, reliable and scalable solutions. Of course, best practice recommends that Orchestra is always installed in a Sandbox before being deployed in a productive environment. Of course, since this brief guide addresses developers, some prior knowledge of Visualforce, html and CSS is required. Notwithstanding, creating a Salesforce website via Orchestra is easy as one-two-three, as explained in the tips and tricks featured below.

Getting Started:

The first step will require you to click on Setup/Develop/Sites, where you can enter the domain name you want your new website to bear. This is also the section where you can read the Terms of Service and then register the domain. You can check for the availability of the domain name on this screen.

content management system

Setting up the Site:

Create the new site by clicking New right after registration, then enter a site Label (the category under which it falls) and Name. Activate the website via the ‘Active’ button and then proceed to selecting an Active Site Home Page. You need to use the lookup button for this action, which you can locate to the right of the field. After you’ve typed ‘Main’ in the Search field and clicked Go, the function will locate a page with the Name and Label equal to Main, with the Namespace set to CMS. This is the page you need to select.

content management system

content management system

content management system

Specifying the Details:

Save the template after you’ve cleared the existing one. On the site details page select ‘Public Access Settings’, enter editing mode and allow the reading of the Attribute, Content, Content Layouts, Content Layout Instances, Content Relationships, Content Types, Pages, Page Content Layout Instances, Page Layouts, and Sites objects. Create a new Attribute object, then save it. In the Sites section of the Setup/Develop tab you can access the url of your new salesforce site.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Installing the Site on the Cloud:

Since you’re using a cloud computing solution, you will need to deploy the website into the CMS. Click install, then go back to the Salesforce CRM, select Orchestra CMS from the Application drop down menu. Select your new website with the Select Project list – and you’re done. Your first Orchestra CMS-created website is now ready to go.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

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How To: Activate Facebook Timeline – Facebook Timeline Release

You no longer need to wait for facebook timeline now it is available to activate for your facebook profile. Timeline is an amazing feature released by facebook to give it’s user an easy way to rediscover the things they shared previously to enjoy and to relive their life. And of course you can also share new experiences too!

facebook timeline

How to Activate Facebook Timeline:

Though facebook timeline is now available worldwide, you need to follow these steps to activate it right now.

To activate facebook timeline you need to visit this page Introducing Timeline and click on “Get Timeline“which you will find under video at right on bottom.

get timeline

You are just one step away before publishing your new profile. Now you will find instruction written just above your preview profile.

facebook timeline

Now you find two buttons appearing at the top right to take tour or you can publish your timeline.

facebook timeline

If you choose publish now your profile will get timeline for 7-days review period and if you select take tour you will find this:

tour timeline

Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks:

  • On the right side you will find Archive of all the activities you did that year. Click on any year to view your activities:
  • For privacy concern they have included in timeline for users to which post they want to show in timeline. For instance, click on pencil icon at the top of any post and select “Hide from timeline” this would not delete that post from your account but it will hide it in timeline.
  • You can get rid of annoying advert by clicking on “X” button appearing next to that advert. Facebook will then ask you what kind of advert you like to appear on account.
  • You can now change which photo should be on the large size as a primary image (featured) to be shown on your new album. By clicking on the pencil button you can adjust.
  • As I have discussed previously the way you can check how your facebook profile will appear to others. Click the cog icon under your cover photo; then select “View as”.

Activity Log – To See Your Activities:

  • Activity log will make it easy for you to get all your updates from today back to when you first started using Facebook (remember only you can check your activity log).
  • You will find 2 dropdown buttons next to each story in activity log. First will help you adjust the privacy of your post and second will help you make your post appear on timeline.
  • By clicking on “All” you can find certain type of story. For example you can view only photos or only posts to appear.

facebook timeline

7-Day Review Timeline:

You should know this before you activate your facebook timeline.

  • When you upgrade to facebook timeline you will get 7-days to review everything that appears on your timeline before anyone else can see.
  • You are also allowed to publish timeline at anytime during the review period.
  • If you will not your timeline will goes live automatically after seven days.
  • New timeline will only replace your profile with new, but all your stories and photos will still remain.
  • You can still view how your new profile (timeline) will appear to other people.

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