How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress / Blogger?

YouTube, Founded in February 2005, YouTube is the world’s most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.

With a huge success YouTube is allowing their users to add YouTube subscription button on blogs/websites/pages. So readers can subscribe to their YouTube channel. So if you need to add your YouTube channel subscription button on your website/blog then you must read this article.

How Do I Add YouTube Subscription Button on My Blog?

If you know how to embed YouTube videos on blog then adding YouTube subscribe button will not be difficult for you. Just use the code below to add YouTube subscribe button.

Do not forget to replace my blog name with yours, for instant, replace “kmamaji” with your channel name.

Where Should I add YouTube Subscribe Button in Blogger?

You can add it using widget or direct embed it into HTML by using the wysiwyg editor. To add using widget you need to login your bloggers account then Dashboard>Design>Page Elements>Add a Gadget> HTML/Javascript, and paste the embed code and hit Save button.

How to Add in WordPress Blog?

Exactly like blogger you can add the embed code using widgets. Login your WordPress account, Dashboard>Apprearance>Widgets. And if you’re still confused then watch this video.

How To: Transfer Mobile Balance From One Mobile Phone To Another?

This is the only sentence which comes in all new and regular mobile users mind but never tried in their entire life. Here I teach you how to transfer mobile balance from one of your mobile phone to another mobile phone (must be a same network provider).

I was searching a bit and fortunately I got the trick but its only for BSNL mobile users, if you’re using BSNL prepaid mobile service then using this trick you can transfer mobile balance your BSNL main balance from one mobile phone to another mobile phone, remember both should have same network.

Actually it’s not a trick; BSNL has launched this service for emergency time. If in case there is no availability of recharge coupons then this service can be use. No matter what it is, you can take it as a trick.

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It’s quite easy you just need to send one sms and you’re done! Just follow the steps.

Transfer Balance From One Mobile Phone To Another

Airtel Prepaid Users: Airtel balance transfer

airtel balance transfer

Step 1) Take your respective mobile phone out.

Step 2) Now dial *141#

Step 3) You will see a “Welcome To Airtel Gifting Service” message asking you to exit and wait for the main menu. So choose Exit.

Step 4) In a few seconds main menu may display with following options:

1. Share Talktime
2. Gift Pack
3. Ask Talktime
4. ‘Call Me Back’ SMS
5. Manage Account
6. Help
7. Recommend

Step 5) Select the option of your interest and follow the instruction as given in your mobile screen & you are done!

It’s quite easy you just need to send one sms and you’re done! Just follow the steps.

BSNL Prepaid Users: bsnl balance transfer

bsnl balance transfer

Step 1) Open your write message box.

Step 2) Type GIFT followed by your mobile number and send it to 53744 or 53738 (optional).

Step 3) For instant, “GIFT<space>9433169931<space>50” and sent it to 53738. It takes maximum 48hours.

Note – You should have to keep minimum balance of Rs200 in that number from where you’re trying to send balance.

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How to Tweet In More Than 140 Characters?

You have always found yourself helpless when you need to make tweet in more than 140 characters but due to limit of twitter you didn’t allowed to make tweet in more than 140 characters. So here I introduce how to make tweets in more than 140 characters.

Now You Can Tweet In More Than 140 Characters (Tall Tweets)

Tall Tweets can help you post messages on Twitter that are longer than 140 characters. The tool will slice and publish your “long tweet” into smaller chunks of 140 characters or less and thus your Twitter followers will be able to read your entire tweet in their timeline itself.

How It Works?

When you write a tweet which is longer than 140 characters then tall tweets will slice that tweet into few smaller tweets of 140 characters or less, and publish it into your Twitter account in one shot. Links are shortening using Also, it publishes that tweet into reverse form that one can read it easily from top-to-down inside any Twitter client.

You need to sign in with your twitter ID and password to make a tweet. Don’t worry about your login info as tall tweets are using OAuth so your login info will not be share anywhere.It is launched for those who want to tweet in more than 140 characters so use it wisely ; ).

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How To Check Your Password Strength To Make Strong Password

We human beings are very conscious in order to choose passwords for our online identities we creates strong passwords to safe guard our online accounts from being hacked but do we check whether our password strength is strong to fight against hackers or not (It might takes seconds for hackers to break your password)?

You have seen many tools to check password strength. Some are offline while some are online, i will suggest you to try to find how long it takes for an hacker to break your password. If the results comes in hours you better modify your old password to make it strong so that if in case a hacker tries to crack your password it at least have take him years to break.

check password strength

HowSecureisMyPassword is a tool to tell the fact of password strength, for instance, if you put a password in the given box it will tell you how much time a desktop PC will take to crack the given password down.

I was trying to create a strong password (You can find it in screenshot above) to give an example to my readers that you too can modify your old password by simply inserting spaces, symbols, & numbers. But if still you are confuse and wanted to change you password for more security reasons you can visit their another site named – Make Me A Password.

  1. Visit their site makemeapassword
  2. Check the three given check-boxes if you think your password requires it.
  3. Now press the black button named – Another Password! to find suitable password for you.

make strong password

Most of us know that creating a password with alphabet + numeric is stronger then to a simple alphabet (Dictionary words) password.  The same formula this tool applies to check the passwords strength. But, if you are afraid to put your password into the box let me tell you this tools runs inside your browser through JavaScript that means your password will not go anywhere except your browser itself. So don’t need to worry!

How To Use Hibernate At The Time of Shutdown

Have you ever wonder what you can do with Hibernate option which is present in your power option, no? Well its being a most useful program to save your time as it will start your system from where you have left last time.
Few days before from now I and my friend was sitting in my desktop searching for a way to decrease system startup time and bingo we found a new option which we have never heard before is ‘Hibernate’. We both was excited to know more how to use it, luckily I have a little brain inside my head which helped me finding the way to use it.

It’s inactive in every system so you need to activate it by clicking start > control panel > power option. Now by clicking on Hibernate tab you’ll find this window on your desktop, enable that hibernation option by marking up the box.

Then click on apply, okay and you’re done! Now when you’ll click on turnoff/shutdown system you’ll find the same three options ‘Stand By, Turn Off, Restart’ but when you’ll hold Shift key you’ll be wonder to see ‘Hibernate’ in place of ‘Stand By’. Click on that to shutdown.

After your computer shuts down and when you’ll start your computer it will start from there only where you have left last time, enjoy using it and save your time!

Lock Folder Using Notepad

Wanted to lock folder but not having essential software to use? Don’t worry here i tell you the simplest method to lock folder in any your computer’s drive.
With notepad you can lock any of the folders without getting worry of forgetting password, limit of software, etc.
Just follow these steps and you’re done.
Suppose you want to lock any folder name wallpaper in drive F: whose path is F:wallpaper. Then open notepad and copy this code.

ren wallpapers wallpapers.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}

If wallpaper is your folder name then saves it as lock.bat in the same drive. Now open another notepad and copy this code.

ren wallpapers.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} wallpapers

Again save it as key.bat in the same drive and you’re done. Just you need to follow these 2 usages to run this trick.
1)To lock it simply clicks on loc.bat file.
2)To unlock it simple click on key.bat file.
Enjoy using it!