TARS: WhatsApp Personal Assistant

Imagine, chatting with your virtual assistant on WhatsApp bring you real stuff in no time, will that be wonder to you? Introducing – TARS, a WhatsApp based personal assistant – WhatsApp them whatever you need and they will get it done for you.

Unlike, Cortana, TARS is a sort of artificial intelligence program takes help from local agents. And, do Google search on your behalf, makes phone call, do reservations, book flights, help you find reviews, compare prices, order Pizza on demand, get you a Plumber etc. In short, makes your life simpler and get you everything while you do what you love to do – messaging.


HowTo: Use TARS?

As this is Beta release you can make only one request at this time. Operating from 10am to 10pm. You need to visit them here – to sign up with your number. You will be then added to their waiting list. Once you get clear you will soon get a WhatsApp invitation.

However, you can request the same by saving this number – 9900876785. It will again give you the same mentioned signup process. So better visit them and sign up.



TARS – Completely Free Service

You don’t have to pay a single penny to use their services. Like you do normal chat with your friends – free of cost on WhatsApp. You do the same with TARS WhatsApp personal assistant.

You only have to pay for the order you demand. For example: you order a pizza, book a train ticket or taking appointment of a physiotherapist. Remember TARS doesn’t charge any additional amount on any of the order you place with them.

For payment process, you will be send a payment link, powered by Instamojo, this link has 128-bit encryption and securely transmits information to the respective banks for payment processing.


TARS Knows You

TARS will ask you the relevant information like your mail or address the first time he needs it to serve you. And this help this personal assistant remember you.

Where can I use TARS?

Remember, for travel bookings TARS can help you for any place in India. But for local services, TARS knows all the places only in Bangalore. TARS will be coming to other places soon. However, local agents, Google, to help you get relevant information. And you do not need to install any App for it. Just chat/message right from your WhatsApp.

I might have not introduced WhatsHash here as it was limited with few hashtag giving you limited information but TARS are incredibly good.

Interstellar Tars GIF

5 Dumbest Reasons for Not Using Antivirus on Mac

“That’s it! I’ve had it with these viruses. I’m buying a Mac.”

How many times have you heard someone say this or something like it? Usually, it’s followed by the claim that Macs are immune to viruses, so you don’t need to install antivirus on mac.

That may have been the case a decade ago, and truthfully, for the most part, Mac computers are less susceptible to viruses and malware than their PC counterparts are. The explanations for this vary, but usually hinge upon the fact that until recently, Apple had a much smaller share of the market, making it less profitable for criminals to develop harmful programs for Macs.

Over the last few years, though, Apple’s market share has grown exponentially, making their computers a more attractive target for cyber criminals. This means that you can no longer stick your head in the sand and assume that you’re safe from viruses simply by virtue of having a Mac. In short, you need to install antivirus for Mac, and if you’re using any of the following excuses to avoid doing so, then you could be asking for trouble.

1. Antivirus on Mac is all FAKE

Again, perhaps the greatest misconception about Macs is that they do not get viruses, and therefore don’t need protection against them. This is simply not true. Macs can get viruses. In just the last few year, viruses and Trojans have infected more than half a million Macs, such as the Flashback virus and “Pintsize” Trojan, which defeated security software and caused data leaks. While experts suspect that OS X targeted attacks may be a few years off, they also agree that going forward, the operating system will become a prime target and there will be more viruses designed specifically to attack the machines. Not to mention, Macs can be “carriers” of viruses that infect PCs, meaning that even if your machine isn’t affected by malware, you could inadvertently spread it to others via email. In short, you need antivirus protection to keep the bad software off your machine.


2. I Don’t Go to “Bad” Sites

Most Internet users recognize that there are certain websites — and types of websites — that are more likely to cause an infection than others are. You might think that you’re in the clear because you never visit porn or gambling sites, but you’d be mistaken. Hackers have devised ways to attack even legitimate websites so that anyone who clicks on the site will have malware installed on their machine. Malvertising, in which harmful code is hidden in legitimate advertising, is a growing problem, for example, as are “watering hole” attacks, in which hackers attempt to gain access to targeted networks via a popular website. Since you can never be sure whether a website is completely safe, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

3. My Email Programs Scans for Viruses

Most email programs, including Gmail, run a scan of incoming messages and attachments to check for viruses. However, since most users are fairy savvy when it comes to identifying potentially harmful messages, criminals are finding new ways to hide viruses. Common file attachments, including PDF and JPEG files, can contain malware that email programs may not detect, so antivirus protection is important as a second level of security.

4. I Keep My Machine Up-to-Date

Installing updates to your operating system, applications, and plug-ins is one of the easiest and most effective steps to a safe machine, but even if you are diligent about installing updates, malware can still slip through the cracks. Remember, cyber criminals are now looking for ways to infect OS X, and are actively looking for security holes that they can exploit. Automatically updating antivirus protection can help protect against zero-day exploits and other crimes of opportunity that can infect your computer.


5. I Don’t Run Windows on My Mac

Most experts recommend that if you are running Windows on a Mac, you should install antivirus protection to keep your Windows programs safe from infection. Even if you don’t run Windows on your machine, though, you should consider installing an antivirus application. Again, Macs can be carriers of harmful code, and if you ever do decide to run Windows on your machine, or share files with someone else who does, you could inadvertently spread the virus.

Antivirus programs for Apple products are affordable, easy to install, and don’t hinder the operation of the device. Protect your investment by installing antivirus on mac — it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How To: Save Money on Phone Bill

Landlines are on the wane. With more and more people choosing to use mobiles as their main means of communication, many customers only have a phone line in order to have a home internet connection, and many providers are now offering the option of broadband without the need for a landline.

It’s surprising, then, that more people don’t use Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, an alternative to traditional phone services that is usually cheaper and arguably better than using a mobile.


How To Save Money on Phone Bill

Using the internet and messaging services such as Skype, VoIP provides cheap, often free calls to another computer or a landline anywhere in the world, whether or not the other party is signed up to the same service. Those with friends or family in far flung places find these services invaluable, while most users can save money on national or local calls too.

How VOIP Save Money on Phone Bill

VoIP customers can use a headset, often Bluetooth or wireless, to talk over the internet, or an internet phone designed to look and feel like a traditional telephone while connecting easily and offering extra services such as video calls. Some internet phones plug into a computer’s USB port, while DECT cordless phones can be used anywhere in the home. These can be easily found at electrical retailers like Tesco. There are also adapters which enable existing corded or cordless phones to connect with VoIP services, and dual use phones which can switch between the internet and the landline network.

Some Drawbacks of VoIP

The drawback of VoIP is that the quality of the call can sometimes be less than with a landline, with lags and loss of data interrupting calls. Like cordless phones, VoIP phones are susceptible to power cuts, where a traditional phone, which draws power from the telephone network, would still operate. More seriously, not all VoIP phones support calls to the emergency services, or allow an emergency call to be traced by location.

For most households, a combination of VoIP services, for free or cheap calls and video calls, and a landline, for better sound quality or just for emergencies, will cover all needs. I hope this is going to save money on your phone bill! <Image Credit>

MiniTool Review – Power Data Recovery Personal License

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License Review

If we just delete files and empty recycle bin or delete a disk partition by mistake, there is still a chance to recover the lost data by ourselves, and MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License can complete this work. Unlike other data recovery apps which just contain single data recovery feature, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License provides users with all-sided functions to recover files lost due to most logical errors.

Similar to most data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to recover shift-deleted data or data which have been emptied from recycle bin, so this is not the outstanding aspect. It stands out due to functions to recover lost data from deleted/lost/formatted partition, recover digital media files from portable devices, and recover data from CD and DVDs. All its functions are shown on the main interface clearly:


We have used all these functions and found detailed prompts are given in every interface. Take recovering deleted data for example. After selecting “Undelete Recovery which is specially designed to recover deleted data, we can see the following window:


In this interface we are prompted to select the partition where mistaken deletion was made and click “Recover button to scan the drive. After scan, all found files are listed:


Since there are so many files listed, we used “Find file to locate the target file and used “Advanced Filter” to filter out useless files. Moreover, “File Preview” feature allows us to preview some less than 20MB files. All these features are useful and time-saving. After finding needed files, just save them to another storage device.

To keep better data recovery effect, we should pay attention to the following 2 aspects which are suggested by MiniTool:

  1. Do not download and install the data recovery program to the partition where data loss appears.
  2. Do not save recovered data to the original partition or external storage device.

If we ignore these tips, lost data may be overwritten and cannot be recovered any more.

One can visit here to check their packages – Link

Moreover, if we have used MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License to recover lost data, “Load Result” feature which is located in every module will be quite useful, for it can load scanned files directly without us rescanning the device, thus saving much time.

Furthermore, Power Data Recovery Personal License supports all the latest disk technologies, such as dynamic disk, GPT disk, large-capacity disk, and SSD. Just do data recovery on these disks at ease. It allows us to recover unlimited data files.

Nevertheless, though MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License can meet most data recovery demands, it is not perfect. To be specific, it cannot be used on Windows server or commercial environment. For business purpose, we need to purchase $119 Commercial License. And we suggest that users make use of this data recovery program in accordance with actual demands.

Tricks and Tools to Promote Your Mobile Strategy

By 2017, it’s expected that 25 percent of all online retails transactions will be carried out through mobile devices. Even now, the number of customers making purchases on their mobile is exploding. Most of this occurs on tablets, though mobile phones also contribute a hefty number.

Simply stated, this is what makes your mobile strategy so important. Fewer consumers are spending much time in front of a computer screen. Instead, they are migrating to their mobile devices—at least when it comes to leisure time and shopping. If your site is not optimised for mobile in one way or another, then the products and services that you are marketing are simply not going to receive the attention they deserve.

Likewise, if your company does not have a clearly defined mobile strategy (i.e., a plan through which you will capture consumer contact details and convert those into bona fide sales), then you are going to end up missing out on the single biggest slice of market share.

Even so, relatively few companies have a strong and cohesive marketing strategy. Many that do have a place have been forced to throw one together hastily, due largely to the fact that data related consumers’ mobile behaviour is still evolving. Every time a new study comes out, those companies that are dedicated to operating on the cutting edge of market research are forced to update their mobile strategy.


To that end, we are going to examine three core elements of any well-thought-out mobile strategy: site design, app building and integrated payments.

Mobile Strategy – Site Design

In the past, most companies would simply create two sites—a standard site and another for mobile. The latter would be activated when the site sensed that the incoming user was accessing it from a mobile device. Those days are numbered, and many experts advise against creating two dedicated sites.

This is where responsive and adaptive design comes into play. In its purest sense, a site that redirects mobile users to an auxiliary site could be classified as responsive. However, there is a growing trend to create sites that can be presented across platforms. They respond to the pixel dimensions of an available screen and organise content accordingly.

If you run a website through a WordPress platform (as many small businesses do), then you’ll need to install a theme that responds well to a mobile environment. Studiopress is a popular theme designer with consistently high marks. See a list of their responsive WordPress themes here.

Mobile Strategy – To App or Not to App

There is currently a great deal of debate centred on whether a company needs a mobile site at all. You see, we are also seeing an increasing number of mobile users ditching their on-board browser altogether in favour of app environments. Rather than navigating to a particular website to read information or make purchases, they simply load up the app and go from there.

With that in mind, companies with well-designed apps may indeed be able to capture a greater share of consumers’ screen time. Of course, this requires plenty more in the way of development resources, and it certainly isn’t going to save the company any money. However, a well-built app offers a seamless process—capturing contact details, providing special offers and easily facilitating online payments. If your company is just getting started with a mobile strategy, you can use a free app-builder (such as Como App Maker) for a limited trial. If you like the product that it creates, there are several plans to choose from.

Mobile Strategy – Integrated Payment Tools

Major corporations across the planet are racing to build payment platforms that are fast, easy to use and totally secure. Of course, this is a sensitive area, and missteps pave the way to extreme cases of fraud and other forms of abuse. Apple’s mobile strategy is still emerging, while Google Glass now has an app (Ease) that allows users to confirm a payment (in Bitcoin) simply by nodding. Of course, some insist that capabilities like this are only going to make equipment like Glass more appealing to thieves.

In terms of payment tools, the most important consideration is how accessible and popular your payment platforms are to your buyers. If you are still looking for ideas on this front, consult this list of 26 mobile payment solutions compiled by Business News Daily.

This guest post is written by: Emma Calderon, a freelance writer at WickedWeb, one of the most reliable providers of services in digital brand engagement in the UK. They offer an extensive portfolio of brand and industry clients. If you would like to guest post at RealTimeTricks, check our guest posting guidelines.

How to Use Tumblr for Marketing [Infographic]

Tumblr for Marketing is not a new thing one can hear about; it’s not even newly launched social networking site still one of the powerful medium/platform for marketing being totally neglected.

If you know Tumblr and, know how it works, still haven’t took it seriously then you were doing exactly what I did until I read this infograph created by NEIL PATEL on his blog quicksprout. I knew the value of Tumblr the day yahoo bought it for an insane price, still wasn’t giving it a try!

But the way Tumblr’s traffic have increased at a rate of 74% a year with over 300 million unique visitors a month hitting Tumblr.com I have gained a lot of interest to use Tumblr for Marketing, as I have started a new blog for my sister under makeup & beauty niche, it is good to start with Tumblr.

Pretty interesting, yeah?

Now here you should take a look at Neil’s infographic to understand what opportunity you were missing till now.

created by quicksprout

Conclusion I know it’s quite not possible for us to be on all available social networking sites but do we have any choice? We have to be at Tumblr!

Neil is right; we have no choice but to be on Tumblr. Believe it or not but Tumblr is the 28th most popular site on the web, with revenue per visitor being just behind Facebook’s, an opportunity to grab immediately.

Regarding how to use Tumblr for Marketing or how to be a Tumblr Hipster – I would suggest just check out the 10 best practices Neil have mentioned in this infographic, make sure you implement them all, it will create a huge impact.

Let me know if this has helped you? And if not then let me know your tactic on how you are going to use Tumblr for Marketing?

What is Google up to Outside of Search and Are They Evil?

What is Google? I know that a lot of what happens in the SEO world is focused on the mechanics of Google, why searches come out the way they do, and their recent developments.

I want to take a slightly different approach and look at Google itself so that we can start thinking about what it is they are doing behind the algorithms. To look at how they are trying to grow their business far beyond their original concept, being a search engine, and perhaps even far beyond their current core philosophy (point 6) and their original unofficial motto – “Don’t be evil.”

What is Google up to Outside of Search…and Are They Evil?

The first article that lead me down the path of thinking that Google was becoming less altruistic than it once was is an article that appeared back in May 2013 over on the BBC’s website about tax avoidance by the Google UK office.

To be clear, they’re not doing anything illegal, they’re simply structuring it so that their over 650 million USD of turnover are only taxed to the tune of 10 million USD. Remember, this is the same country which once held their own most beloved citizens, The Beatles, liable for a 95% supertax on their earnings.

How they are doing this comes down to the fact that they have located their regional offices in Ireland (Dublin) and Bermuda – lower tax jurisdictions than being right in London proper. Other possible ways that Google could be doing this is by transferring high charges that have been levied against one national office to another lower division in another country. It isn’t illegal, but it isn’t done with the best interest of anyone but the company in mind – self centered actions are a part of being evil.


Does Google want a monopoly on…everything?

Google was once a simple page with a logo and a search bar. That is all Google did – search. They did it so well that they expanded into other online fields:

  • Gmail gave them their own email client
  • Google maps allows them to find your route for you
  • Google Street View has been down your road with a camera snapping 360 degree photos
  • Google Drive stores your documents in an easily accessible cloud
  • Google Glass is their attempt at entering the gadget market
  • Google + is their faltering attempt at a social network
  • Google +’s new photo backup system may replace Instagram for your photo sharing needs, and possibly shutting down their Picasa service
  • Google purchased YouTube to control and track what you are watching online (along with the whole changing of how people comment on YouTube through Google+ controversy)

And that is just a small list of what Google currently owns. Google is a whole lot more than just a search engine, and yet here we all are putting so much thought into their search feature. I think more and more that the Google search team is Matt Cutts alone in a room with a box of cookies wondering where all his friends have gone, while everyone else at Google is off working in a completely different field.

How this is leading them away from their original company goal, not being evil, and towards being a more monopolistic company, came about after reading another article on the BBC. This particular one looked at their recent acquisition of Nest Labs – a smart thermostat maker that connects to the internet. This may sound innocent, but what about sensors that begin to track your movement through thermostat? They can tell when you come home, when you open your fridge and what rooms you use. This data could be filtered back to those all important people – advertisers. Would this be innocent and anonymous data mining for PR firms, or outright invasion of privacy on an evil scale?

Coupling this purchase along with their buying of Boston Dynamics, who make humanoid robots, and their work in developing autonomous cars, and you’re no longer looking at a search engine company. You’re looking at a company that is determined to be a part of your everyday life in the near future – a monopoly is the most evil of companies. With the things mentioned in this paragraph alone, who can’t help but think of the 2004 film I, Robot?

That last comment was said jokingly. I hope.

Is Google an evil monopoly?

They’re not quite there yet, they’re more like evil-curious. For one, read an article like this which details their charitable donation to a local youth program.

For another, Google is still very much an online company with their immediate interests vested in what happens when you’re on the computer. Their future ventures are moving further and further away from this and when they succeed…that is when we will truly see whether or not they are evil, or if they have designs on being a monopoly.

I think it is worth a moment or two to determine, for yourself, when you would step away from using any Google services before you go back to debating the fine points of how the latest algorithm tweak changes things for marketers.

Make Money Online If You Don’t Have Any Money

How to make money online if you don’t have any money?

Well, to make money online, you needed some basic requirements- have your own blog, products to sell and some marketing skills. But today, with the evolution of new generation dot-coms you will be paid for what you know and who you know for which you don’t have to be web designer or a marketing expert.

Here is a list of business opportunities with genuine companies that:

· Pay you in terms of cash

· Don’t force you to have a blog or website

· Don’t require any hard selling

· Give a good return for your sincere efforts

Help Others Find a Better Job

Sites like Zyoin, ReferEarns and so on are online recruitment marketplace. The registration is free. Here you have to refer candidate profiles and get paid. In other words you have to connect the prospective employees with the employers via networking. If the referred candidate gets absorbed by the company, you will receive payment ranging from $50 to several thousand dollars. If you know friends who are job-hunting, this is a great way to step into the recruiting business with no preparation.


Selling Stuff on eBay

Today, many people are already aware of this idea. You may own certain things that is of no use to you but others are willing to buy, and you can bid those unwanted items on eBay or other online auction sites. All you need to do is put all your goods together, create product pages for the goods you’re offering and start selling. It’s also important to fix reasonable bids to ensure that people will buy.


You don’t have to worry of having your own Web site, or download some blogging software, or even learn how to set up the advertising. Blogger.com allows you to create a blog for free within a short time without having prior knowledge of web design. Blogger also automates activation of Google Adsense so you can make money by displaying ads on your blog. You get paid when viewers click on these ads. The more times your readers click on these ads, the more money you’ll earn through the ad service.

Microstock Photographer

You don’t have to be an expert photographer to sell your photos for money. With the growth of online media there’s enormous need of stock photography for websites, seminars, brochures and so on. People are willing to pay for the relevant image. Just be sure the images you have are free from copyright and doesn’t resemble peoples’ faces in the real world. Some sites that help with this business include Fotolia, Shutterstock and iStockphoto.


Freelancing resembles blogging in some of its features. For freelancing, you must have a flair for writing and need more experience than the average blogger. Write on a topic you are interested in and have expert knowledge about it. Many leading sites will pay for your articles. Associate content and Helium will consider page views and pay for anything you want to write. If you cover specific topics these sites are looking for, then you can earn up to $200. Also, there are companies that hire part-time bloggers.

This Guest Post is written by: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes on Engage BRD.

The Best Entertainment Apps for iPad 3

Confused on what apps to choose for your iPad? Well, that’s no strange thing. With loads of apps in the iOS store, it is definitely a tough job. Here are some cool and best entertainment apps for ipad.


Zeebox is best suited for people who like to loll around all day long on their favorite couches. All you need to do is to sign in and enter the name of your satellite or cable provider, and view all the programs on your iPad screen itself. You get a complete TV guide along with tit bits on actors and information about new shows.


Walking Dead: The Game

This is a Game of the Year that has been launched on iPad available along with the PC versions. Telltale Games have put in a lot of research to improve its adventure games genre and has come out with an all time hit with Walking Dead: The Game. Strangely, the storyline focuses on morality and being humane, rather than the mundane guns and killing formula. All five episodes are available on payment of $4.99 as in-app purchases.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Rockstar is in its tenth year of existence, and to celebrate the event they have ported the classic console Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You get transported back to the 80’s and the fun-filled South Beach. What’s more, the enhanced High Definition graphics with virtual controls make the game all the more dangerous and exciting.


Max Payne Mobile

It is time now for you to enjoy Bullet Time on your iPad. This presentation from Rockstar’s Port from the original Max Payne is a game that is more than 10 years old, though not stale. The story and gameplay are still enchanting and good enough to grab and hold your attention. It costs just $2.99 to download.


Chaos Rings II

This is another expensive game that may be appreciated by people who do not mind spending a lot of money on a game. This one too is from Square Enix RPG and has an elaborate gameplay and a storyline that is unique, maybe worth the hefty price one needs to pay. It is available on payment of $19.99.



Storm the Bastion and play this special game that has some splendid hand drawn stuff that are a treat to the eye. The narrator gives a fluid rundown that is catchy and attention gaining. This game needs to be appreciated by the player in order to be enjoyed. It is available for download for $4.99


The World Ends with You: Solo Remix

Get propelled far into the future with Square Enix’s port that makes you go nostalgic with this classic. It is far advanced when compared to other iPad games that pale into mediocrity.  The crisp graphics and unique style seem to justify the high price. It is available for those willing to shell out $19.99.

Rayman Jungle Run

Close on the heels of Rayman: Origins that had all go gaga, you now have Rayman Jungle Run from Unisoft that is the next most popular game. The company has made its first app for iOS and seems to have succeeded rather well. It is a great running game with easy to use controls, with some splendid cartoons and matching sound effects.  It is available for download on payment of $2.99.


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, N.O.V.A. 3

Get into your battle fatigues and be prepared to shoot it out with two of this action packed titles from Gameloft. The superior gameplay is sure to impress you, though the dialogues are a bit monotonous and boring to bear with. Try it if you please by paying $6.99.


This Guest Post is written by: Kathryn Smith is a tech and entertainment blogger. She also identifies various Internet utility sites and shares them with fellow people. Off late, she takes special interest in studying anti-scam-phone-aggregator websites like the reverse call lookup.