How to Create a Hack proof Password? [Infographic]

If you’re on internet you know the importance of password and if you have been hacked once by someone you better understand the importance of creating a better, hack proof password. You have seen over net, there is lots of website asking people to create strong password using numeric and alphabets but generally people don’t follow the instruction and faced the problem of being hacked.

Today, with the help of techfudge I’ll show you an infographic, and by reading it you’ll know the importance and the way to create a better hack proof password. Else, Check How Strong Your Password Is or this list will help you avoid the most common password people use on internet.

Hope reading this infograph can save you in future from hackers. Try to follow what it says, and let me know in comments how you used the infographic to save yourself from hacker’s. [Image Credit]

The Most Disliked Video on YouTube [Inforgraphic]

I’m not at all a fan of these two but yeah I like the song ‘Baby’ sung by Justin Bieber and ‘Friday’ of Rebecca Black but unfortunately these are the two in the hate list.
Nathan Yau at FlowingData has created a reference poster which shows the most disliked videos on YouTube. Rebecca black for ‘Fridays’ got 81 million views in which 1.6 million are dislikes, thus the award goes for the most dislikes video on YouTube to Rebecca Black. Also check the other infographic published on RealTimeTricks.
most disliked video on youtube
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People Will Spend Billions This Valentine [Infographic]

We all know Feb is a month of love but do we know how much we spend on this day, No? I tell you how much of money is going to spend this day, gone are the days when only one rose was enough for a boy to buy and give to a girl. Today people from America are spending Billions on this day (valentine). Here is the Infographicwhich will show you how.

Highlights from the inforgraphic

  1. Maximum number of people says they will not celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  2. Compare to women’s, men’s are going to spend more on this valentine, but in Japan women’s spend more than the men and most of it buy chocolates (want to live in Japan;-) ).
  3. Valentine day shoppers tend to wait to the last minute as 60% sales come on February 12, 13 and 14th.
  4. A bouquet of a dozen roses that sells for $40 any other day of the year can easily cost more than 2X that much on Valentine Day.  Tip – Buy Early! Thanks degreesearch.

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Poster: The Evolution of the Blogger

Blog was started for people interested in sharing their thoughts online like an online dairy and now it’s one of the most popular stuff over internet. People made blogging as a carrier; few quitted their jobs to become a full time blogger.

Now a day’s blogging becomes passion and a way to learn and express our thought. What else to say about blog, check the poster below, click to enlarge!


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