MiniTool Review – Power Data Recovery Personal License

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License Review

If we just delete files and empty recycle bin or delete a disk partition by mistake, there is still a chance to recover the lost data by ourselves, and MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License can complete this work. Unlike other data recovery apps which just contain single data recovery feature, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License provides users with all-sided functions to recover files lost due to most logical errors.

Similar to most data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to recover shift-deleted data or data which have been emptied from recycle bin, so this is not the outstanding aspect. It stands out due to functions to recover lost data from deleted/lost/formatted partition, recover digital media files from portable devices, and recover data from CD and DVDs. All its functions are shown on the main interface clearly:


We have used all these functions and found detailed prompts are given in every interface. Take recovering deleted data for example. After selecting “Undelete Recovery which is specially designed to recover deleted data, we can see the following window:


In this interface we are prompted to select the partition where mistaken deletion was made and click “Recover button to scan the drive. After scan, all found files are listed:


Since there are so many files listed, we used “Find file to locate the target file and used “Advanced Filter” to filter out useless files. Moreover, “File Preview” feature allows us to preview some less than 20MB files. All these features are useful and time-saving. After finding needed files, just save them to another storage device.

To keep better data recovery effect, we should pay attention to the following 2 aspects which are suggested by MiniTool:

  1. Do not download and install the data recovery program to the partition where data loss appears.
  2. Do not save recovered data to the original partition or external storage device.

If we ignore these tips, lost data may be overwritten and cannot be recovered any more.

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Moreover, if we have used MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License to recover lost data, “Load Result” feature which is located in every module will be quite useful, for it can load scanned files directly without us rescanning the device, thus saving much time.

Furthermore, Power Data Recovery Personal License supports all the latest disk technologies, such as dynamic disk, GPT disk, large-capacity disk, and SSD. Just do data recovery on these disks at ease. It allows us to recover unlimited data files.

Nevertheless, though MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License can meet most data recovery demands, it is not perfect. To be specific, it cannot be used on Windows server or commercial environment. For business purpose, we need to purchase $119 Commercial License. And we suggest that users make use of this data recovery program in accordance with actual demands.

Top 5 Desktop Blogging Tools

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a full-time professional blogs, every second counts in blogging, desktop Blogging tools are one of the best tools to sharply increase productivity and saves hours logging into your admin panel, writing and formatting the posts. It is a hefty process.

Desktop Blogging tools make your life significantly easier, I’ve shortlisted a few of the best tools. But before that, let’s have an overview of Benefits of Desktop Blogging tools.

Benefits of Desktop Blogging Tools

  • Manage Multiple blogs hosted by Multiple Platforms.
  • Save countless hours, without having the need to access the admin panel each time.
  • Manage Drafts and Previous auto saves.
  • Simple Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Primitive image editing features.

Windows Live Writer


Windows Live Writer, coming from the line of Windows, lives up to it’s name sake. It provides numerous intuitive features like multiple blog accounts, formatting options. Automatic Spell check, etc.

You can manage all your blogs under one roof. It also offers seamless, hassle-free integration with Flickr and Photo bucket images. You can even add watermarks to your images.

Platforms Supported: Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, Windows Spaces.



BlogDesk is an exceptional tool which has multi-lingual support. You can manage several blogs hosted of numerous platforms. However, the only drawback is it’s incapability of working with Blogger blogs.

A multi-lingual Spell checker is also embedded in this tool. It is also bundled with unique image editor. You can automatically ping the links to search engines.

Platforms Supported: WordPress, Drupal, Serendipity and ExpressionEngine Forum integration.



MarsEdit is one of the intriguing desktop blogging tools. You can integrate with other text editors in addition to the default WYSIWYG editor. It supports and is compatible to integrate with almost every blog platform.

It has a neat and minimalist user interface. You can preview the blog post on the web, before publishing it.

Platforms Supported: WordPress, Typepad, Vox, TypePad, Movable Type, LiveJournal, Drupal, Joomla, etc.



WBlogger is embedded with hundreds of keyboard shortcuts, which makes writing, editing and formatting processes a lot easier and quicker. It is portable, you can share or carry the file on your flash drive. It’s basically plug and play, without having to install the software.

Platforms Supported:  TypePad, BigBlogTool, Blogalia, TheBlog, Blog-City, Wordpress, Xanga, Upsaid, Blogware, Blogger/Blogspot, DearDiary, Squarespace, ERABlog, Theblog, Blogalia and various other platforms.

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4 Best Tools to Access Wikipedia Offline

Access Wikipedia Offline! Interesting isn’t it? Ever wonder how? Let me first write little bit about – Wikipedia, as we know it is the largest source of information available freely over the internet. You will find information contributed by various people and researchers on this amazing site. You can do your own research on any topic of interest. Wikipedia connects you with the rest of the world. You will find suitable images of the quoted information as well. You can get information on any subject and topic. Now you could only access the Wikipedia with an active internet connection. What if you don’t have an internet connection? Well do not worry; you can access wikipedia offline. Below given are some of the best tools Access Wikipedia Offline.

Okawix – First Tool to Access Wikipedia Offline

access wikipedia offline

This is a software which allows you to access the Wikipedia content even when you do not have an internet connection. However you need to download the database available online. These databases contain the information stored on the main site. You can also select the language in which you want it to appear. Once you get this downloaded, it will be like experiencing Wikipedia as offline. However you will not be able to access any account and other web features. Over the past few years, it has been upgraded to work on various devices such as Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

WikiTaxi – Second Tool to Access Wikipedia Offline

access wikipedia offline

Imagine the vast collection of information of Wikipedia available to you offline within an 8GB pen drive. Isn’t that cool? The Wiki Taxi is a really good application with the help you can get the entire Wiki collection offline in 4GB. It stores the compressed version of the pages automatically on your storage device. However you can get access to only the English section of the website. Once you start using this, you do not need to use the net at all.This is available for the Windows OS only.

BZ Reader – Third Tool to Access Wikipedia Offline

access wikipedia offline

This tool accesses the compressed dump files to retrieve the information. Using the uncompressed dumps would occupy a lot of hard disk space. You can open a dump file and then easily browse through it. You can search contents by category or by heading. There is a window to the left where you have to enter your search. To get this working, access the Wikipedia dump. Open it using the BZ Reader. It will take time based on the dump file. Once it’s loaded, search whatever you need.

WikiSlice – Fourth Tool to Access Wikipedia Offline

access wikipedia offline

The function of the application lies in its name itself. It gives you access to any particular part of information from Wikipedia. There is no need to waste hard disk space by downloading dump files and databases uselessly. Just keep whatever is required. Use Webaroo and WikiSlice to access this information. Search for the required topic and it will return the top 50 results. This is more useful if you have a good idea of what you are exactly looking for; be specific in your search.

Conclusion Now-a-days staying connected with the world has become so easy that you don’t need to stay online all the time. As long as you have any one of the above mentioned apps, you do not need internet to access Wikipedia you can now access wikipedia offline. So you can do it anytime and anywhere. Based on your OS and your needs you have to make the selection of the respective application.

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A Guide on How to Convert AVI to DVD

How to Convert AVI to DVDKnowing how to convert AVI to DVD files will let you play AVI files on a DVD player. You can then watch them on your TV.

Tools and Materials required:

  • File converter (this guide uses WinAVI Video Converter)
  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • DVD player

Step 1:

Get WinAVI Video Converter from the Net or another program that can convert the files. Most of these programs are shareware, but some are free to download. Follow the instructions on how to install the file. Enter the code and registration name.

Step 2:

Open the program and click the DVD button. This is at the bottom of the window just to the right. When the box opens, look for the AVI file that you want to download.

convert AVI to DVD files

Step 3:

Select the AVI file. If you want to add more files – click the green button and if you want to remove some files – Click the red button. It is also possible to merge several files into one. You can also separate the title on a single DVD. Make all your choices before you convert AVI to DVD. You may continue after making the appropriate choices.

Step 4:

Browse the output folder. Select the output format. The default is for DVD. There is no need to change it. Click OK.

Step 5:

The conversion will now proceed. This may take a while to finish depending on the file size.

convert AVI to DVD files

Step 6:

To burn the DVD you need to click on the button at the bottom left of the screen. When the window opens go to the output folder you just made. Put the DVD label on the right side and click the Burn button that will burn the disc.

  • #Downloading or Buying AVI / DVD Converters

Make sure that the program can convert the files correctly. It must also have all the options you need. As stated earlier, some of these apps are freeware, while others require payment to use. The free programs have basic features, but for casual users they may be sufficient.

If you are serious about editing video, consider buying a dedicated converter it will have more advanced options and features. Before you do so, make sure your computer meets the system specifications.

  • #Tips and Warnings

Read user reviews before you download or buy a program. Some of these apps may have bugs. They may also not be compatible with software that is installed in your system. You should also look at a few programs before deciding what to buy. Many of them are affordable, but that’s no reason to waste money.

The process described on how to convert AVI to DVD is applicable only to WinAVI Video Converter. Other programs will have a different way of converting the files.


Author – Alicia Conrad writes on how to convert AVI to DVD and how to burn a DVD.