Tricks and Tools to Promote Your Mobile Strategy

By 2017, it’s expected that 25 percent of all online retails transactions will be carried out through mobile devices. Even now, the number of customers making purchases on their mobile is exploding. Most of this occurs on tablets, though mobile phones also contribute a hefty number.

Simply stated, this is what makes your mobile strategy so important. Fewer consumers are spending much time in front of a computer screen. Instead, they are migrating to their mobile devices—at least when it comes to leisure time and shopping. If your site is not optimised for mobile in one way or another, then the products and services that you are marketing are simply not going to receive the attention they deserve.

Likewise, if your company does not have a clearly defined mobile strategy (i.e., a plan through which you will capture consumer contact details and convert those into bona fide sales), then you are going to end up missing out on the single biggest slice of market share.

Even so, relatively few companies have a strong and cohesive marketing strategy. Many that do have a place have been forced to throw one together hastily, due largely to the fact that data related consumers’ mobile behaviour is still evolving. Every time a new study comes out, those companies that are dedicated to operating on the cutting edge of market research are forced to update their mobile strategy.


To that end, we are going to examine three core elements of any well-thought-out mobile strategy: site design, app building and integrated payments.

Mobile Strategy – Site Design

In the past, most companies would simply create two sites—a standard site and another for mobile. The latter would be activated when the site sensed that the incoming user was accessing it from a mobile device. Those days are numbered, and many experts advise against creating two dedicated sites.

This is where responsive and adaptive design comes into play. In its purest sense, a site that redirects mobile users to an auxiliary site could be classified as responsive. However, there is a growing trend to create sites that can be presented across platforms. They respond to the pixel dimensions of an available screen and organise content accordingly.

If you run a website through a WordPress platform (as many small businesses do), then you’ll need to install a theme that responds well to a mobile environment. Studiopress is a popular theme designer with consistently high marks. See a list of their responsive WordPress themes here.

Mobile Strategy – To App or Not to App

There is currently a great deal of debate centred on whether a company needs a mobile site at all. You see, we are also seeing an increasing number of mobile users ditching their on-board browser altogether in favour of app environments. Rather than navigating to a particular website to read information or make purchases, they simply load up the app and go from there.

With that in mind, companies with well-designed apps may indeed be able to capture a greater share of consumers’ screen time. Of course, this requires plenty more in the way of development resources, and it certainly isn’t going to save the company any money. However, a well-built app offers a seamless process—capturing contact details, providing special offers and easily facilitating online payments. If your company is just getting started with a mobile strategy, you can use a free app-builder (such as Como App Maker) for a limited trial. If you like the product that it creates, there are several plans to choose from.

Mobile Strategy – Integrated Payment Tools

Major corporations across the planet are racing to build payment platforms that are fast, easy to use and totally secure. Of course, this is a sensitive area, and missteps pave the way to extreme cases of fraud and other forms of abuse. Apple’s mobile strategy is still emerging, while Google Glass now has an app (Ease) that allows users to confirm a payment (in Bitcoin) simply by nodding. Of course, some insist that capabilities like this are only going to make equipment like Glass more appealing to thieves.

In terms of payment tools, the most important consideration is how accessible and popular your payment platforms are to your buyers. If you are still looking for ideas on this front, consult this list of 26 mobile payment solutions compiled by Business News Daily.

This guest post is written by: Emma Calderon, a freelance writer at WickedWeb, one of the most reliable providers of services in digital brand engagement in the UK. They offer an extensive portfolio of brand and industry clients. If you would like to guest post at RealTimeTricks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Top 5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives – Messaging through your smartphone is great. It’s also one of the main uses of a smartphone, or any mobile phone for that matter.  And using apps like WhatsApp have been even more helpful in bridging communication gaps, as they allow users to interact in ways which seem to be the middle ground between online chatting and text messaging. The popularity of these types of apps tells us how well they have truly been received. Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has changed the face of texting and messaging.

Unfortunately WhatsApp has been coming under a lot of fire lately. It’s a third-party app and is always susceptible to some sorts of malware and spyware – potentially tuning everyone to the dangers of WhatsApp spy. Hence if you want to keep yourself secure, you might want to try out these alternative apps.

Top 5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

1 – Viber


A very popular app which is available for all platforms, Viber is the go to app for users looking for something that can satisfy them as WhatsApp could. Viber also uses contact numbers for identification. To use it, an access code is sent to your mobile device that checks your address book to see who else is using Viber and connects you to them. An advantage of Viber is that you can use it to call contacts as well.

2 – Line


Line is also a fast growing app and boasts of being used in over 230 countries and being the most downloaded app in the world. Line uses its database to save your number and then connect you with other Line users who are your phone contacts. A plus point that Line has is that it allows users to reply messages with a PC or Mac OS program if you register your phone number with an existing email account. You can also call contacts.

3 – WeChat


This app also allows users to connect across platforms and boasts of text as well as voice messaging. The app is free and comes with many additional features and settings. With WeChat a user can conduct one to many chats and photo/video sharing, as well as location sharing. This app also provides support for social network feeds and plug-ins such as ‘Shake’ and ‘Look Around’.

4 – Groupme


The name already suggests that this app is perfect for people looking to communicate in groups. You use the app by logging in with your email account, and of course it’s a free app so you don’t have to bother with any payments. The best part about this app is perhaps that in cases where some users don’t have 3G connections, they can still receive messages by paying a certain fee if they choose to.

5 – Kik Messenger


Kik is another app which is spreading like wild-fire, already it has about 30 million users worldwide. To register and use, one has to log on with an email address, choose a username and then find other uses to connect with. The app can send messages to both groups as well as individuals. Despite not being able to call contacts, Kik still provides an easy to use interface which seems to have most people satisfied with its performance.

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How Chatwing’s Chat Box Helps Online Businesses Engage Customers

Going into online business is what most people aim for because it’s more profitable than being stuck in employment. That is true but one must face many challenges in setting up a business. After deciding the type of business and the services or product you want to offer, you will have to focus on the marketing aspect. One of the simplest ways to market a service is to employ a reliable chat box.

Because of the advent of Internet, businessmen and entrepreneurs now have a free platform for marketing. Chat BoxOne option is to set up a website that features your business. This will still entail minimum cost, depending on how sophisticated you want your website to be. If you are running tight on budget, creating a blog will be more practical and there are free widgets that you can utilize to liven up your site. However, be wary of putting many widgets for they may clutter your blog and drive away readers than attract them. An efficient and powerful chat box is all you need. Simplicity is beauty.

One reliable and free chat box is Chatwing. You can easily install it and it has a high level of customization. It is compatible to any blog platforms using HTML coding. Chatwing will surely add a new dimension of interaction to your site, thus addressing the following factors that are essential to your business growth:

Chat Box in Marketing Research

Research is an expensive task yet chatting with your customers and prospective buyers will help you gain important insights. Simple exchange of messages with your clients will often lead to ideas that will help you improve your marketing strategy. Their positive comments can be used as testimonials that you can also post to reinforce your claims.

How Chat Box helps in Promotion

You can explain and offer your services and products real-time. If prospective customers have questions or inquiries, responding to them gives you the edge over competition. This is because you will be able to elaborate the gray areas in your posts. Also, through chatting with readers, you might be able to spot opportunities on when to suggest a product or service in relation to their inquiries or problems.

Personal Approach in Dealing With Clients and Customers

What will surely keep your customers and attract more of them is when they can finally trust you and the things you are offering. Answering their queries real time and adding sincere pieces of advice will make them see you as a friend, more than a businessman who just wants their money.

All of these can be accomplished through Chatwing. Additionally, Chatwing visitors and guests can log in using their Facebook or Twitter accounts. This powerful feature makes information exchange easier.

As an entrepreneur, you should be able to spot and utilize free widgets like Chatwing. A chat box with high rate of global connectivity can be advantageous for your online business.

Ivan Diamond has saw his calling with the help of Chatwing. He is now working full-time in order to make Chatwing more useful for bloggers all over the world. He also believes in the power of real-time communication.

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Social Media Club: Best Way to Get More Retweets

Tweeting your post on twitter is the best way to generate loyal readers to your blog, this not only gives you readers but also tend them to become your follower on twitter. Now when just a tweet makes this much to you then how much a single retweet will going to make? And what with hundreds retweet? No doubt Retweets gives free traffic to sites but how to get more Retweets? What is the best way to get more Retweets?

Here I’ll tell you about a club – Social Media Club or SocialMedClub designed and run by Daniel Scocco (No further introduction required for this personality) that works on a website. The system of this club is pretty simple, members retweet others content to generate points (1 retweet = 1 point) in order to gain 10 points to be eligible to post their tweet so that others retweet it and cycle goes on.

This makes the system pretty fair, because members who didn’t share the content of other members wouldn’t earn points and wouldn’t be able to post their requests. So to earn points members has to retweet others content.

Here I Tell You How Social Med Club Works

  1. Inside the Members area you’ll find a Message Board with tweets posted on the board to get retweet by other members.
  2. Every time when you retweet those tweets you’ll earn 1 point.
  3. When your point counts 10 you will be able to spend those points by adding your own Content/page to the Message Board, so that other members can share it for you. And the cycle goes on.

Link to – Social Med Club

This way you will generate traffic to your blogs as members will share your tweets with their followers and the chances of getting more Retweets by their followers will increase. Also you will get loyal followers on twitter. Before you start please ensure that have read the rules:

Rules of The Club

  • The system is simple: you retweet to earn points, and once you reach enough points you can submit your own tweet for others to share. This ensures participation will be fair for all members.
  • The number of points required to post a request will increase over time, as the club gets bigger.
  • Only submit requests for quality content in English. The rule of thumb is the following: would other people naturally want to retweet? If the answer is “Yes”, then go ahead and submit. If the answer is “No” or “Not sure”, then don’t submit.
  • Tweets regarding selling a product or promoting affiliate links and affiliate offers are not allowed. The rule of thumb here is the following: if the tweet has a commercial orientation you should not submit it to the club.

Personal Review: Yesterday while reading DailyBlogTips I got to know about this club and since then I started using this board to publish my tweets. Believe me the number of tweets I got in just couple of hours time since joining the board has really amazed me and that tend me write this post so that others too can gain from it.

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Best Tool for SEOs and Webmasters – Blekko

Today while surfing I found a best tool for SEOs and webmasters which is actually a search engine name blekko. Approximately a year back I had written on how blekko works it was said that blekko is launched to kill Google which might get true, I think. This can become your next choice to check SEO of your site/blog.

blekko launch to kill google

It filters out all poor quality and irrelevant websites, as they’ve overrun the web and dominate search engine results. Blekko is a better way to search the web by using slash tags.

Not sure if it will kill Google or not but the SEO tool blekko provides is impressive. You will surely want to check DOMAIN SEO and URL SEO which includes duplicate content, domain report, inbound links, site pages, outbound links, internal links, sections, and source. It gives such an impressive report that you will like to bookmark the tool for its future use. As for the number of backlinks listed Blekko is one of the most accurate tools I have seen in after a long while.

Blekko Best Tool for SEOs and Webmasters
SEO Report

Screenshot above is taken to show how it shows SEO report of any website/blog. You just have to write and after that put slash tag and write SEO, for instance if your site name is write and hit enter to check SEO report prepared by blekko.

Review – The way it shows site/blog inbound links is really cool! A chart showing how many countries are linking to your site it includes states too and the site/blog linking to your site/blog. Also I found a box above those two boxes to put another site to compare with, which is great in this competitive blogging world! Remember you need to register yourself in blekko before you check your SEO report.

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Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps

If your facebook status constantly shifts between “Single” and… well. Has it been “Single” for as long as you can remember? Have you ever wondered, “WTF? All of my friends are in a relationship! Even my brother’s status says ‘It’s Complicated.’  And he’s 16.”  Read on.

Badoo – Badoo is fairly new to the social networking world. The app gains 300,000 new users a day. Analysts are indicating a Top 5 Facebook Dating App rating is in the company’s near future. Badoo’s swift rise to the top was powered by an amazing increase in users during Valentine’s season. Duh!?!

The Good: As of April 2011 Badoo claims to have 16 million regular monthly users. That’s a lot of prospects 🙂

The Bad: Badoo was recently warned by Facebook to make its app less viral on the site or it would face potential discontinuation. What is Facebook thinking?!?

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - badoo

Are You Interested – Having to choose from over 13 million active users is good for people who need quantity over quality right now.  After filling out your main profile page, you’re on your way to selection.

The Good: This app actually takes your profile, analyzes it, and attempts to match you with other people that have similar profiles. Who knows? You could get lucky and find someone who’s also never seen another Facebook status other than “Single.”

The Bad: Not a lot really, aside from the occasional server issues.

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - Are You Interested

FLIRT – Ok, I’m cheating here a bit. This is actually a combination of multiple apps (Would You Sleep With Me, Compare Hotness, HOT or NOT).  They don’t really get you anywhere close to a meaningful date, but at least it connects you to someone. That would be good news for a lot of us!

The Good (?): Hard to get a meaningful date.

The Bad: Hard to get a meaningful date.

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - flirt

Zoosk – Based out of California, Zoosk claims to have 50 million singles “registered” on their site, including 15 million active monthly users. Alright!

The Good: Zoosk guarantees that all the information is real and not automated. That’s very good news because you don’t want to date a robot. Believe me, I’ve tried. And for those that have no idea about dating, it even suggests 1st-date perfect scenarios.

The Bad: You need to shell out dollars as a paying member to get the full benefit of the app.

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - Zoosk

Social Connect – Social Connect is also a relatively new app for FB. It doesn’t even brag that they have millions of monthly users, but don’t let that fool you…

The Good: Great user interface. You have (almost) everything you need right there on one page, the main one. When you use the search engine, you are asked various questions like belief, living with parents, children, and various factors that may affect your relationship. This very detailed information is great because it makes the probability of finding a great mate go up exponentially.

Here’s the icing: Voted Best Dating App 2011 by!

The Bad: If there ever were a time TMI (Too Much Information) can be abused, this would be it.

But who cares, right? Let the searching (and dating) begin!


Author – Matt Fuller is a relationships writer relating to issues concerning single people and couples. Matt writes about a variety of topics ranging from dating sites Australia and free online dating reviews for singles as well as social networking.

7+ Funny Things To Do with Your Digital Photos

Updated: 06-Aug-16 Digital cameras becoming more and more popular these days, you probably have hundreds if not thousands of personal photos on your hard drive, at this article we will give you some tips and tricks and Also show you some tools that will allow you to use them in a creative way.

Create An Online Album

There are lots of websites where you can store your photos in albums that you can share with your friends or your family, now you can forget about unreliable emails and still share photos with people from anywhere in the world.

Sites like facebook or Flickr will allow you to organize an unlimited number of photos for free, you just have to upload them there once and keep them forever, you can also group them in different albums and configure who is allowed to see your photos and who is not.

Make Custom Magnets

There’s a huge variety of magnets for the fridge, but having one with your own photos can be nice. To make a custom fridge magnet, just get yourself some magnetic sheets of paper, feed them into your printer, print some photos and that’s it –

Make Custom Magnets

Make a Magazine Cover

Ever wondered how would you look in the front cover of your favorite magazine?, there’s a number of websites out there that will allow you to make a fake magazine cover that looks very much like the original, we made this one at –

Make a Magazine Cover

Make a Photo Calendar

Use a calendar maker to create a beautiful calendar for the date of your choice and decorate it with your photos. By adding birthday dates and special events to it you can create a great family gift.

Make a Photo Calendar

Create an Reflection Style Poster

At you can edit your photos in some different ways, among the multiple options of this photo editor, there are some funny effects that you can use. One of the photo filters available to add to your photos is the “obamize” effect. You just have to upload your photo, type in the slogan you want to appear in your poster and apply the filter, here’s the result.

Create an Reflection Style Poster

Quickly Filter, Resize or Edit with Canva

I wonder if you’ve heard and tried Canva? You can quickly filter, resize or edit your photos. What makes it featured here is, the way it is been designed, all you have to do is visit the Canva and do the quick edit on your photos. No signup or formalities required.

Make A Pop Art Poster

Another funny effect available at is this one which allow you to make a pop art poster in the famous Andy Warhol-style.

Make A Pop Art Poster

Create Your Own Money

You can make money bills from many different countries with your own picture on it, this trick is also available at

Create Your Own Money

Hope you guys like it!

Download A Youtube Video Using Clip Converter Online

Earlier I published easy steps to convert YouTube video into MP3 and how to cut specific pasrt of online video, this time I’ll tell you how to download YouTube videos using Clip Converter Online. The need of software to download online videos is, you can specify the parts you want to download from the video in any common format your gadget requires. And for all this you don’t required any installation, everything is done online.

Many times a day my cousins visit my house with their PSP and iPods asking me how they should convert the Video they are watching on YouTube and to transfer into their gadgets (as they thing I have more knowledge compare to them 😉 ). So, its for all who wanted their gadgets full of YouTube videos. : )

Download A Youtube Video Using Clip Converter Online

Okay! Now go to Clip Converter its a free online media conversion application (software), which let you convert nearly any audio or video URL (YouTube, MySpace, etc) to common formats.

Clip Converter Online

You just required to enter the URL from any media page like for example YouTube, firstly this application will  detect the media file. Then afterwards clip converter grabs the media file to its servers. There it will be converted to the choosen format and finishing the conversion you are able to download the file.

Clip Converter Online

As you can see on the above screenshot, this application gives you Conversion Option which I guess will very be effective in adjusting the, Audio Volume, Video Resolution and the most interesting from where to start the video and where to end the video. All this features are for free, you can use it whenever you want.

And, if you still feel going out from your media page and opening a new address for this application is boring, then clipconverter have addons for three common browsers, FireFox, Chrome, Safari.

Update: Another Online Tool To Download YouTube Video – DownloadTube

Download A Youtube Video, Using Software Online

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Find Out When Your Twitter Friends Sleep

Are you the one who is interested to know more about your friends life and not yours? Good, there’s tool available for you guys too on internet but unfortunately  it only tells you when your twitter friends sleep so if you’re interested to know there sleeping pattern then Amit Agrawal OnlineTools might helps.


It determines the whole sleeping pattern after analyzing the last 0 tweets of the twitter account you provide. If the sleep chart appears way off the mark, that means the person behind that twitter account have not specified the correct time zone and if your finding yours sleeping chart, please ensure that you have specified the correct time zone in your Twitter account settings.

Find Out When Your Twitter Friends Sleep

That means now you’re blessed with the tool to find the whole sleeping pattern of your favourite blogger, bollywood stars, hollywood stars, or personal twitter account holder. I’m sure you’re excited to test the tool by yourself, here is the link to SleepingTool.

According to Sleeping Tool i sleep whole night, from 11PM to 7AM (8 hours sleep). Find out yours or find your favorite tweeter account holder.