How To: Hide Real IP Address for Free?

Many time you get ban from forums and you’re not allowed to access it as they have detect and banned your ID address, or the website which are ban in your country you can access them by hiding your real IP address and can access forums too.
Today hackers are more rampant and can break anyone’s computer or can monitor your activity by hacking your IP address, recently Amit Agrawal’s blog, labnol facebook page got hacked. If you don’t want to face such situation and want to stay safe online, the best way is to keep your IP address from being shown to others.

Free IP Hide: is a service which will help you hide you IP address for free as every computer is connected to the Internet or other IP network is given a public IP address. As you surf online, that IP address is transmitted and recorded in log files kept on those servers. Access logs leave behind a trail of your Internet activity. S using Free IP Hide you can hide your real IP address to guard against malicious behavior such as identity theft, hackers etc.
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Using this free program you can surf anonymously online, protect your privacy, and choose IP country option enables you to select one country at your wish from the country list and then you are assigned fake IP addresses from the designated country. Also you can hide your real IP address in email headers and send anonymous emails through any web based mail system of your choice and as I told before in introduction you can unban from forums and blocked websites.
Download link – Free IP Hide

Note: If you have any fraudulent or criminal intent, please use on your own risk RealTimeTricks will not be responsible for it.

Cut Your Favorite Scene from a Movie with Online Video Cutter

Update: This tool is no longer available. I find this freevideocutter be more beneficial to fulfill your requirements. Thanks for your visit.

I’m sure you love few scenes from the movie you watched last night and want to share with your friends on social networks but unable to do, as you don’t have any video cutter software installed in your computer. But why install any software and fill extra GB’s when all these things you can do online using Online Video Cutter?

SnipSnip is an online tool, which is only build to help you cut your favorite part/scene from a movie. It is an easy way to share your favorite parts of videos you like. But unfortunately, the service works only with YouTube videos it won’t allow you to snip videos, having with you in your computer’s hard disk.

To cut your video you need to visit SnipSnip and there in a box you need to insert a YouTube link to shorten and share your favorite part of the video clip. You just need to mention the start time and end time of the scene you want to cut from that video clip in start snip and end snip box.

After that, application gives you a link to watch and embedded HTML code to share on your blog or site and also snipped link so that you can share on facebook or twitter too. All you can do is for free this application is totally free for all internet users so enjoy using their service.

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2 Easy Steps to Download Facebook Photo Album

Have you tired of downloading images manually from your friends’ facebook album? i’m sure you did but surely it made you sick downloading one pic a time. How about downloading full album in a click?

Introducing, FacePAD (Facebook Photo Album Downloader) allows you to download your friends’ entire Facebook albums with a click of a button.

How to Download Complete Facebook Album

  • 1 – Open Mozilla Firefox and download Facebook Photo Album Downloader using this link. For instant, Tools>Addons=Search Facebook Photo Album Downloader.
  • 2 – Now open the Album you want to download in facebook and using right click select “Download Album with FacePAD”. You’ll be asked to select place to save files in your computer, after choosing a desired place you’re download will start.

How To Check Your Password Strength To Make Strong Password

We human beings are very conscious in order to choose passwords for our online identities we creates strong passwords to safe guard our online accounts from being hacked but do we check whether our password strength is strong to fight against hackers or not (It might takes seconds for hackers to break your password)?

You have seen many tools to check password strength. Some are offline while some are online, i will suggest you to try to find how long it takes for an hacker to break your password. If the results comes in hours you better modify your old password to make it strong so that if in case a hacker tries to crack your password it at least have take him years to break.

check password strength

HowSecureisMyPassword is a tool to tell the fact of password strength, for instance, if you put a password in the given box it will tell you how much time a desktop PC will take to crack the given password down.

I was trying to create a strong password (You can find it in screenshot above) to give an example to my readers that you too can modify your old password by simply inserting spaces, symbols, & numbers. But if still you are confuse and wanted to change you password for more security reasons you can visit their another site named – Make Me A Password.

  1. Visit their site makemeapassword
  2. Check the three given check-boxes if you think your password requires it.
  3. Now press the black button named – Another Password! to find suitable password for you.

make strong password

Most of us know that creating a password with alphabet + numeric is stronger then to a simple alphabet (Dictionary words) password.  The same formula this tool applies to check the passwords strength. But, if you are afraid to put your password into the box let me tell you this tools runs inside your browser through JavaScript that means your password will not go anywhere except your browser itself. So don’t need to worry!

Flintr – Mosaic Without Using Photoshop

Now, one can create a mosaic style picture without doing any hard work in Photoshop. It’s quite hard to create A Photo with Photos (mosaic) using PS. Now there is no need of PS to create mosaic style picture when Frintr is available.


What are Mosaic style pictures?
It’s a poster in which one photo is to be fill with many smaller photos, or at least, many copies of a couple of smaller photos. If you view the photo from a distance, you’ll see the larger main photo, and if you view it up close, you’ll see all the smaller photos inside of it.
What is Frintr?
It’s a free online application in which one can easily create a mosaic style picture without doing any hassle. Frintr gives you two options upload your photo from your hard disk or let them chose your profile picture of FB, Twitter or MySpace by default. It will then take all your friends profile pictures available in your profile and creates a large mosaic style picture.
I have given Frintr a try to find out how it will turn my profile picture into a mosaic style picture but unfortunately I’m having a limited number of friends therefore my mosaic style picture is not so clear (It requires a large amount of friends). The more number of friends you have the more good resolution you’ll get in your picture or better pay a reasonable 99¢ fee for generating high-resolution posters other wise its free to create unlimited mosaic.
Link to Flintr – Click Here 
Let us know in comments how good you’ve created your mosaic picture!

Google Translate English into Hindi With Audio Translation

In India there are more than 100 languages in which Hindi is the most spoken language. If you’re the one who want to learn Hindi or you need your English sentence to be convert in Hindi, Google Translate has launched a new service called audio voice translation it would help you convert English into Hindi + speech pronunciation.

How to Use Google Translate English into Hindi

You just need to write your phrase in any language into that textbox and select Hindi in Translate into textbox. It will automatically convert English into Hindi.

google translate english into hindi

You don’t need to select Translate from textbox as now it’s automatically detect the language you have written in Translate from textbox. And also you don’t have to click on Translate button after putting your phrase in Translate into textbox as now its automatically translate sentence.

Now you just need to click on the button I’m showing with an arrow above and it will give an audio listening of the translation. This will help you learn Hindi easily!

Update: Now you can use Google Translator to speak in foreign language. Just watch the video below, how two girl order Indian Food. Both don’t have any command over Hindi language but using Google Translator they typed their order in English and then played its Hindi translation to the one who was taking order.