5 Dumbest Reasons for Not Using Antivirus on Mac

“That’s it! I’ve had it with these viruses. I’m buying a Mac.”

How many times have you heard someone say this or something like it? Usually, it’s followed by the claim that Macs are immune to viruses, so you don’t need to install antivirus on mac.

That may have been the case a decade ago, and truthfully, for the most part, Mac computers are less susceptible to viruses and malware than their PC counterparts are. The explanations for this vary, but usually hinge upon the fact that until recently, Apple had a much smaller share of the market, making it less profitable for criminals to develop harmful programs for Macs.

Over the last few years, though, Apple’s market share has grown exponentially, making their computers a more attractive target for cyber criminals. This means that you can no longer stick your head in the sand and assume that you’re safe from viruses simply by virtue of having a Mac. In short, you need to install antivirus for Mac, and if you’re using any of the following excuses to avoid doing so, then you could be asking for trouble.

1. Antivirus on Mac is all FAKE

Again, perhaps the greatest misconception about Macs is that they do not get viruses, and therefore don’t need protection against them. This is simply not true. Macs can get viruses. In just the last few year, viruses and Trojans have infected more than half a million Macs, such as the Flashback virus and “Pintsize” Trojan, which defeated security software and caused data leaks. While experts suspect that OS X targeted attacks may be a few years off, they also agree that going forward, the operating system will become a prime target and there will be more viruses designed specifically to attack the machines. Not to mention, Macs can be “carriers” of viruses that infect PCs, meaning that even if your machine isn’t affected by malware, you could inadvertently spread it to others via email. In short, you need antivirus protection to keep the bad software off your machine.


2. I Don’t Go to “Bad” Sites

Most Internet users recognize that there are certain websites — and types of websites — that are more likely to cause an infection than others are. You might think that you’re in the clear because you never visit porn or gambling sites, but you’d be mistaken. Hackers have devised ways to attack even legitimate websites so that anyone who clicks on the site will have malware installed on their machine. Malvertising, in which harmful code is hidden in legitimate advertising, is a growing problem, for example, as are “watering hole” attacks, in which hackers attempt to gain access to targeted networks via a popular website. Since you can never be sure whether a website is completely safe, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

3. My Email Programs Scans for Viruses

Most email programs, including Gmail, run a scan of incoming messages and attachments to check for viruses. However, since most users are fairy savvy when it comes to identifying potentially harmful messages, criminals are finding new ways to hide viruses. Common file attachments, including PDF and JPEG files, can contain malware that email programs may not detect, so antivirus protection is important as a second level of security.

4. I Keep My Machine Up-to-Date

Installing updates to your operating system, applications, and plug-ins is one of the easiest and most effective steps to a safe machine, but even if you are diligent about installing updates, malware can still slip through the cracks. Remember, cyber criminals are now looking for ways to infect OS X, and are actively looking for security holes that they can exploit. Automatically updating antivirus protection can help protect against zero-day exploits and other crimes of opportunity that can infect your computer.


5. I Don’t Run Windows on My Mac

Most experts recommend that if you are running Windows on a Mac, you should install antivirus protection to keep your Windows programs safe from infection. Even if you don’t run Windows on your machine, though, you should consider installing an antivirus application. Again, Macs can be carriers of harmful code, and if you ever do decide to run Windows on your machine, or share files with someone else who does, you could inadvertently spread the virus.

Antivirus programs for Apple products are affordable, easy to install, and don’t hinder the operation of the device. Protect your investment by installing antivirus on mac — it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How to Optimize Computer’s Light Automatically?

Years ago having vision problem was not so common but since the day people started working on computers their eyes sight become weaker and the problem get so common, I’m not against or blaming computer for the weakness of my eyes but this is a fact.

Photo Credit – Photo_Graphical

Today most of the people work on their respective computer for hours (even I do so) and without having any concern of their eyes they lose their vision power. The hard lights coming from the display of computers makes eyes sight weaker and its cause eye damage.

Introducing, f.lux it helps you give better lighting for your computer so your eyes will not hurt when you read your computer screen at night, this software optimize your computers display light automatically and set it according to your room light for the comfort of your eyes.

  • Download and install the software in your computer, currently it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download flux

  • Once you have downloaded it will start working on background, you can find its icon on the taskbar.

Optimize Computers Light usinf flux

  • You can adjust your day and light lightning by these two buttons (see the screenshot).

Optimize Computers Light usinf flux

  • Or set your location by changing your zip code or latitude and longitude and it will work automatically so when the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.

Optimize Computers Light usinf flux

Review – Since I have installed this software in my computer I feel my eyes are protected. I can use the settings manually and can make the level of light according to the comfort of my eyes. No more pressing the hard buttons of my monitor to adjust the level of light, just my mouse and this software makes the job pretty easy.

A Guide on How to Convert AVI to DVD

How to Convert AVI to DVDKnowing how to convert AVI to DVD files will let you play AVI files on a DVD player. You can then watch them on your TV.

Tools and Materials required:

  • File converter (this guide uses WinAVI Video Converter)
  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • DVD player

Step 1:

Get WinAVI Video Converter from the Net or another program that can convert the files. Most of these programs are shareware, but some are free to download. Follow the instructions on how to install the file. Enter the code and registration name.

Step 2:

Open the program and click the DVD button. This is at the bottom of the window just to the right. When the box opens, look for the AVI file that you want to download.

convert AVI to DVD files

Step 3:

Select the AVI file. If you want to add more files – click the green button and if you want to remove some files – Click the red button. It is also possible to merge several files into one. You can also separate the title on a single DVD. Make all your choices before you convert AVI to DVD. You may continue after making the appropriate choices.

Step 4:

Browse the output folder. Select the output format. The default is for DVD. There is no need to change it. Click OK.

Step 5:

The conversion will now proceed. This may take a while to finish depending on the file size.

convert AVI to DVD files

Step 6:

To burn the DVD you need to click on the button at the bottom left of the screen. When the window opens go to the output folder you just made. Put the DVD label on the right side and click the Burn button that will burn the disc.

  • #Downloading or Buying AVI / DVD Converters

Make sure that the program can convert the files correctly. It must also have all the options you need. As stated earlier, some of these apps are freeware, while others require payment to use. The free programs have basic features, but for casual users they may be sufficient.

If you are serious about editing video, consider buying a dedicated converter it will have more advanced options and features. Before you do so, make sure your computer meets the system specifications.

  • #Tips and Warnings

Read user reviews before you download or buy a program. Some of these apps may have bugs. They may also not be compatible with software that is installed in your system. You should also look at a few programs before deciding what to buy. Many of them are affordable, but that’s no reason to waste money.

The process described on how to convert AVI to DVD is applicable only to WinAVI Video Converter. Other programs will have a different way of converting the files.


Author – Alicia Conrad writes on how to convert AVI to DVD and how to burn a DVD.

How To: Install And Configure COMODO VPN

Comodo VPNComodo Virtual Private Network is a very easy software to use. It has been designed in such a manner as to bring out the same features found in other instant messaging software such as Yahoo Messenger and Skype. Using the interface of Comodo VPN is quite simple and for people who have gotten used to using IM software over the internet, using Comodo VPN should be a walk in the park.

To use Comodo VPN, One Should Use The Following Steps

  1. Download the EasyVPN software from several websites which can be gotten through the use of search engines. Some of the websites that one can use to download this software include easy-vpn.comodo and download.cnet.com.
  2. Once the software has been downloaded, one can then install it on the PC. This can be done through using the run button to install the software.
  3. Once the software has been launched, one can then register with Comodo VPN and follow the activation link through a message sent on ones email to make the account active.
  4. Once the account has been activated, one is almost done and the only thing to do is to log into the account to start using the service. Once logged in, an IM window such as that of Gtalk or Skype comes up.
  5. Once the IM-like window comes up, create a new network by clicking on the networks place and come up with your own username and password. Once this is done, your network is already active and ready to run.
  6. In order to grow your network, it is necessary to invite friends to your network or have friends invite you to their networks. For friends to invite you, they must also have Comodo VPN installed in their computers as the software can only be used by people with it commonly.

Verification as to whether one is connected can be done by clicking on the Networks tab. When this is done, one can see their friends PCs and vice versa and this way, one knows that a connection was established.


Author – Sathishkumar is a Blogger and Internet Marketer from India. He now works for Pixloo, a free
Virtual Tour
services company.

Techinline Remote Desktop Software Review

techinline remote desktop softwareHave you ever need a file that you need badly but can’t possibly access it because you are on travel? A lot of people have important files they cannot access just because they are not physically at home or at work. With a remote desktop software this will no longer be a problem.

A remote desktop software allows users to access and control remote computers easily and hassle-free. Businesses, whether small or big companies, can benefit from such technology. You can now control other computers from one location to another.

But one problem is that most remote desktop software in the market today are rather expensive. Thanks to people over at Techinline remote desktop are now made more affordable for a lot of people- even for those people who use their computers for personal use. If you are a student need to access your computer remotely, this is a good software that you can use and can afford!

Benefits That You Can Get From Techinline Remote Desktop Software

  • Instantly access secure and hassle free connections on remote computers from a local computer to any other computers in the globe.
  • Quickly diagnose, fix and view remote computers. No need for pre-installing software.
  • Enables users to transfer files between computers. Make use of Techinline’s drag and drop features to transfer files quickly – Screenshot.
  • Reconnect and reboot/ restart remote computer with ease.
  • Receive and send chat messages in real time.
  • Enables you to customize software’s interface with your company logo and name.
  • Allows multi-monitor support so you can work with more than one monitor connected to your remote computer.
  • Connect to remote computer behind a proxy server or firewall. You can avoid barriers; connect without hassle using a secured connection.

To see the capabilities and the features of Techinline Remote Desktop, you can actually try it at no cost! And with just a monthly subscription of $30 you can have hassle-free connection to remote computers with ease. Try it today!