Experience Much More with Downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel

The internet is one of the amazing and unique innovations that man has ever achieved. It has enabled several people from all walks of life the freedom to construct and access any kind of educative, informative and entertaining information from their own comfort. However, for one to be able to conduct all these activities, convenience is crucial. To be able to acquire convenience, you need to source for better tools like downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel.

These are some of the most efficient platforms that will ensure that all your web based activities and needs are met without any hiccups. These web based platforms are very unique in their own ways and what’s even more about them is that they are affiliated to social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook which are the most accessible and widely used platforms allover the world. This is particularly very important to people who need to be network with the rest of the world on economical, social and even political levels.

Downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel
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Downtweet is web based and directly affiliated the micro social blogging site Twitter. With downtweet, those who use twitter for connecting to the rest of the world are able to share their views and experiences, get information from other people and organizations in a more efficient way. It enables users to receive all the tweets from the feed of any particular topic of their choice, for instance, news, music, trade, technology among others. Here, one receives four separate boxes with different search facilities to ensure that they are able to get a more accurate result with regards to your search. In offers the option of either dragging and dropping of pre-selected feed categories into the stream boxes or the creation of custom feed stream. Remember, to be able to use downtweet, no sign up is required since all the activities are web based. Visit – Downtweet

Statusreel on the other hand is linked to the popular social networking site Facebook. Connecting to it does not need any sign up process for Facebook users. However, those who would like to access it, will have to join Facebook. The most unique aspect of Statusreel is that it allows the users to be able to search and receive any kind of information that they need in the most convenient way and format. For instance, if you are a party animal, you are able to search the word party from the tab provided and be able to get all relevant information. You are able to view all the people talking about parties that happened, are yet to happen and even get information on how to gain access to the parties. Visit – Statusreel

Newsnang is also web based and offers the latest and updated information that is newsworthy. It also does not require you to sign up in order to be able to get the live news that you need. The site also offers search options whereby you are able to conduct any search, for instance when you insert maybe the name of a country like China, you are able to get all the relevant information about China and everything newsworthy that is happening in China at that particular time. If you want to stay updated and informed, these are the ideal platforms for you. Visit – Newsnang

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A Complete Review on Gmail New Look

You have heard about Google is changing Gmail’s design?

You better have heard in social networking sites (I too have heard from facebook). Few months ago Gmail had offered two new themes to their users to get a complete new look of their Gmail Account also they had changed their old sign-in page into a new sign-in page. But today Gmail have changed its’ design (the inner look) and from now you will find Gmail New Look.

Gmail New Look
“Gmail’s New Look Screenshot” – Click to view clearly

This new look update by Gmail will automatically get upgraded the new look soon but if you don’t want to wait and need to implement its’ new look you can switch to it today by logging into Gmail and clicking on to the Switch to the new look.

This review contains:

  • About Gmail’s New Look, what new you will find in it.
  • How to activate Gmail’s new look
  • How to Deactivate Gmail’s new look

About Gmail’s New Look:

  • 1 – Cleaner and more modern – They have improved conversations, customization and have updated themes, Gmail is now cleaner and modern.
  • 2 – New themes – You can find complete new themes collection in Gmail to customize the look of Gmail.
  • 3 – Improved conversation view – They have redesigned the content of your messages to the forefront and have added your profile pictures which is making the conversation more beautiful.
  • 4 – Customization in new ways – By using Comfortable, Cozy and Compact you can choose how many messages you want in your screen at a time.
  • 5 – More control – you can control the size of your chat window, drag and make it to your comfort.
  • 6 – Search and filters made simple – This term is made on your satisfaction, you can now easily find what you are looking for also you can create filter directly from same place.
  • 7 – Switch to Contacts and Tasks– easily you can swap in between contact and task.
  • 8 – A new toolbar– They have made changes in the tool bar now it shows you the button you need when you really need them.

How to activate Gmail’s new look:

1 – Login to your Gmail account and click on Switch to the new look, you can find at the bottom of your Gmail account.

Switch to the new look

2 – One window will pop up with a screenshot of Gmail’s New Look and two buttons Switch to the new look and Continue to the old look, you should press Switch to the new look to get Gmail’s new Look.

Gmail New Look

3 – Again a pop up will come with a Video and a button Continue to the new look, press it. Your Gmail will load to give you the new look.

Switch to the new look

How to Deactivate Gmail’s new look:

1 – Just above the Emails you will find the new toolbar with a gear icon, press it, and chose Revert to the old look temporarily.

Revert to the old look

2 – One window will pop-up with two buttons on it, Revert to the old look temporarily and stick with the new look, you should press the first one.

Revert to the old look

3 – Your Gmail will load to give back the old look but for temporarily.

Personally I liked the new look of Gmail but as everyone has their own point of view to express I have asked a Question of facebook – Do you like Gmail’s new look? And many have answered – Yes! Let me know what you think, please express your views on comments.

A 5 Minute Guide to Getting a Job in Social Media [Infographic]

Today everyone needs a job, don’t you need it?

And getting a job in social media is tough as lots of people are finding the same thing before then you so it’s highly competitive. But if you have five minutes to give, you will be guided by mindflash.com on how to manage yourself and get a job in social media.

Take those five minutes out and read their infographic starting from here, it will help.

5 Minute Guide - Job in Social Media

Infographic – mindflash.com

Should You Be Concerned About Unlimited Internet Access?

If you’re anything like me who constantly has to answer questions about internet usage and ISP services then you will probably have heard a question or two about unlimited internet usage.

The ‘unlimited internet access‘ is a term really popular these days and the motivation behind so many people choosing a particular ISP without caring for its quality. However, since it seems a lot of ISPs are starting to make it difficult and almost impossible to get unlimited internet and a lot of people still have misconceptions about it I think it will be a better option to address it.

Do you really need unlimited internet to do what you want to do online or is it just another internet access stereotype? Read this article to learn more.

Unlimited Internet Access

Do You Really Need It?

If you’re so obsessed with getting unlimited access to the internet then the first question I will be asking you is if you really need it. Do you know how much internet data you used last month? What do you spend the most of your time doing online and how fast is your internet connection? Those are just a few questions you should ask yourself.

Sometimes having unlimited internet access is pretty unnecessary since most people who use the so called unlimited internet service only transfer a few gigabytes of data every month. It is important for you to be able to distinguish between what you really need and what you want and on the long run it might pay you to go for a reliable ISP that has a data cap than to go for just any ISP because of the unlimited internet bundle they offer.

How much is it compared to a Minimal Package?

Another thing you need to figure out when trying to get unlimited internet access is the price of the service compared to other ‘limited’ internet packages. The reason I’m saying this is that some people only transfer 5 or 10 GB of data every month yet they go for unlimited internet access which costs at least thrice the amount of a package that would have been able to meet their needs.

There is no point in paying double for internet access you really won’t be using so it is very important for you to research effectively before subscribing for unlimited internet. Try to know how much data you consume and which better, but cheaper, plan will be the best for you.

Read the Hidden-Terms – Is Your Internet Connection being secretly throttled?

This is a very funny problem that needs to be addressed.

A lot of internet users are being deceived into believing they are offered unlimited internet access by their ISPs. They read an advert on a billboard or they see one on their TV and they take the word of the ISP hook, line and sinker believing they already have unlimited internet.

Sometimes a lot of ‘fine facts’ are hidden inside that contract agreement you are signing with your ISP so make sure you read it. You might only have been dreaming about getting unlimited internet access. Read the terms to ensure your internet connection isn’t secretly being throttled.


Author – Paul who helps you find the best internet service providers in my area.

Techinline Remote Desktop Software Review

techinline remote desktop softwareHave you ever need a file that you need badly but can’t possibly access it because you are on travel? A lot of people have important files they cannot access just because they are not physically at home or at work. With a remote desktop software this will no longer be a problem.

A remote desktop software allows users to access and control remote computers easily and hassle-free. Businesses, whether small or big companies, can benefit from such technology. You can now control other computers from one location to another.

But one problem is that most remote desktop software in the market today are rather expensive. Thanks to people over at Techinline remote desktop are now made more affordable for a lot of people- even for those people who use their computers for personal use. If you are a student need to access your computer remotely, this is a good software that you can use and can afford!

Benefits That You Can Get From Techinline Remote Desktop Software

  • Instantly access secure and hassle free connections on remote computers from a local computer to any other computers in the globe.
  • Quickly diagnose, fix and view remote computers. No need for pre-installing software.
  • Enables users to transfer files between computers. Make use of Techinline’s drag and drop features to transfer files quickly – Screenshot.
  • Reconnect and reboot/ restart remote computer with ease.
  • Receive and send chat messages in real time.
  • Enables you to customize software’s interface with your company logo and name.
  • Allows multi-monitor support so you can work with more than one monitor connected to your remote computer.
  • Connect to remote computer behind a proxy server or firewall. You can avoid barriers; connect without hassle using a secured connection.

To see the capabilities and the features of Techinline Remote Desktop, you can actually try it at no cost! And with just a monthly subscription of $30 you can have hassle-free connection to remote computers with ease. Try it today!

Top 5 New Android Tablets

This is a guest post by Miles Walker who blogs at CarinsuranceComparison. If you would like to write for RealTimeTricks, please contact us.

With the Apple iPad taking control of the majority of customers, Developers using android technology are releasing tablets frequently. Here is a list of the Top 5 New Android Tablets.

Samsung Galaxy

Top 5 New Android Tablets

The Samsung Galaxy tablet is the first real android table to compete against the iPad. It has a display screen of 7 inches, and it has 2GB internal storage with 16 GB external storage. The retail price for the Galaxy tab is $399 with a contract and $599 without one. Essentially, there is almost no added benefit for using the galaxy tab over a smart phone. The tab still uses the same apps that an android phone provides except on a bigger screen.

T-Mobile LG G-Slate 4G

Top 5 New Android Tablets

The T-Mobile LG G-Slate will be operating off of the new Android 3.0, or Honeycomb. This new version of Android technology on a tablet will result in better processing, updated apps, and deeper integration with Google. It has an 8.9 inch display screen. It will be using a Nvidea Tegra 2 processor. The retail price for the G-slate is $799.99

ASUS Eee-Pad Transformer, ASUS Eee-Pad Slider

Top 5 New Android Tablets

There are two forms to this tablet. One comes with a docking option that has a full QWERTY keyboard. The other model has a slide out keyboard. Both tablets will be running off of the android 3.0 technology, and Nvidia Tegra processors. It will have a 10.1 inch display screen. The 16 GB WI-FI transformer model will have a retail price of $399.99.

Motorola Xoom

Top 5 New Android Tablets

The Motorola Xoom has twice the hardware and processing power as the Apple iPad. It has a 10 inch display screen, a 5MP back camera, and a 2 MP front camera. It runs off of android 3.0. The Motorola Xoom is predicted to be the tablet that gives the iPad its hardest competition. The 32GB WI-FI only model will retail about $600.00.

Toshiba Android 3.0 Tablet

Top 5 New Android Tablets

Toshiba has always been known for their great value products. They are an established name in the laptop world, but now they are taking on the Tablet world. As the name suggests, it will be powered by android 3.0. There isn’t any released information about the price yet. Sprint is the suggested retailer that will be supplying this tablet.

These are probably the top 5 android tablets on the market or coming very soon to customers. If companies keep utilizing the android technology more and more, Apple will be in for some very serious competition. Android technology is rapidly evolving, and many tablets are offering free upgrades once new versions are released. All of this can pose as a threat to the famous iPad.


Author – Miles Walker writes about car insurance over at CarinsuranceComparison.Org. His latest article looked at the best free car insurance quotes online.

People Will Spend Billions This Valentine [Infographic]

We all know Feb is a month of love but do we know how much we spend on this day, No? I tell you how much of money is going to spend this day, gone are the days when only one rose was enough for a boy to buy and give to a girl. Today people from America are spending Billions on this day (valentine). Here is the Infographicwhich will show you how.

Highlights from the inforgraphic

  1. Maximum number of people says they will not celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  2. Compare to women’s, men’s are going to spend more on this valentine, but in Japan women’s spend more than the men and most of it buy chocolates (want to live in Japan;-) ).
  3. Valentine day shoppers tend to wait to the last minute as 60% sales come on February 12, 13 and 14th.
  4. A bouquet of a dozen roses that sells for $40 any other day of the year can easily cost more than 2X that much on Valentine Day.  Tip – Buy Early! Thanks degreesearch.

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Finally, Indian Rupee Got A New Symbol

Finally we have a new symbol in our Indian Rupee, after months of competition the union cabinet approved the design of young IIT post graduate, D Udaya Kumar.

It now a happiest moment for our country that now we too have the elite league symbol where only a few number of countries have their own distinct identity like UK, America, Japan, etc. D Udaya Kumar has used Devnagiri “Ra” as well as Roman “R” in his design, also 2 parallel lines gives the design an instant touch and no one can say it’s from US dollar as it reflects our Indian flag.

Top 5 designs which were selected before:

Till now minister have not mention the date when it will officially be used but she (Ambika Soni) hinted that it would take about 6 months in India and about 1-2 year to knows worldwide. But anyways D Udaya Kumar is the luckiest men (within 1 hour Google search About 338,000 results for his name) who won a cash award of Rs 2.5 lakhs after a rejection of thousands of entries.