TARS: WhatsApp Personal Assistant

Imagine, chatting with your virtual assistant on WhatsApp bring you real stuff in no time, will that be wonder to you? Introducing – TARS, a WhatsApp based personal assistant – WhatsApp them whatever you need and they will get it done for you.

Unlike, Cortana, TARS is a sort of artificial intelligence program takes help from local agents. And, do Google search on your behalf, makes phone call, do reservations, book flights, help you find reviews, compare prices, order Pizza on demand, get you a Plumber etc. In short, makes your life simpler and get you everything while you do what you love to do – messaging.


HowTo: Use TARS?

As this is Beta release you can make only one request at this time. Operating from 10am to 10pm. You need to visit them here – to sign up with your number. You will be then added to their waiting list. Once you get clear you will soon get a WhatsApp invitation.

However, you can request the same by saving this number – 9900876785. It will again give you the same mentioned signup process. So better visit them and sign up.



TARS – Completely Free Service

You don’t have to pay a single penny to use their services. Like you do normal chat with your friends – free of cost on WhatsApp. You do the same with TARS WhatsApp personal assistant.

You only have to pay for the order you demand. For example: you order a pizza, book a train ticket or taking appointment of a physiotherapist. Remember TARS doesn’t charge any additional amount on any of the order you place with them.

For payment process, you will be send a payment link, powered by Instamojo, this link has 128-bit encryption and securely transmits information to the respective banks for payment processing.


TARS Knows You

TARS will ask you the relevant information like your mail or address the first time he needs it to serve you. And this help this personal assistant remember you.

Where can I use TARS?

Remember, for travel bookings TARS can help you for any place in India. But for local services, TARS knows all the places only in Bangalore. TARS will be coming to other places soon. However, local agents, Google, to help you get relevant information. And you do not need to install any App for it. Just chat/message right from your WhatsApp.

I might have not introduced WhatsHash here as it was limited with few hashtag giving you limited information but TARS are incredibly good.

Interstellar Tars GIF

MiniTool Review – Power Data Recovery Personal License

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License Review

If we just delete files and empty recycle bin or delete a disk partition by mistake, there is still a chance to recover the lost data by ourselves, and MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License can complete this work. Unlike other data recovery apps which just contain single data recovery feature, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License provides users with all-sided functions to recover files lost due to most logical errors.

Similar to most data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to recover shift-deleted data or data which have been emptied from recycle bin, so this is not the outstanding aspect. It stands out due to functions to recover lost data from deleted/lost/formatted partition, recover digital media files from portable devices, and recover data from CD and DVDs. All its functions are shown on the main interface clearly:


We have used all these functions and found detailed prompts are given in every interface. Take recovering deleted data for example. After selecting “Undelete Recovery which is specially designed to recover deleted data, we can see the following window:


In this interface we are prompted to select the partition where mistaken deletion was made and click “Recover button to scan the drive. After scan, all found files are listed:


Since there are so many files listed, we used “Find file to locate the target file and used “Advanced Filter” to filter out useless files. Moreover, “File Preview” feature allows us to preview some less than 20MB files. All these features are useful and time-saving. After finding needed files, just save them to another storage device.

To keep better data recovery effect, we should pay attention to the following 2 aspects which are suggested by MiniTool:

  1. Do not download and install the data recovery program to the partition where data loss appears.
  2. Do not save recovered data to the original partition or external storage device.

If we ignore these tips, lost data may be overwritten and cannot be recovered any more.

One can visit here to check their packages – Link

Moreover, if we have used MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License to recover lost data, “Load Result” feature which is located in every module will be quite useful, for it can load scanned files directly without us rescanning the device, thus saving much time.

Furthermore, Power Data Recovery Personal License supports all the latest disk technologies, such as dynamic disk, GPT disk, large-capacity disk, and SSD. Just do data recovery on these disks at ease. It allows us to recover unlimited data files.

Nevertheless, though MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License can meet most data recovery demands, it is not perfect. To be specific, it cannot be used on Windows server or commercial environment. For business purpose, we need to purchase $119 Commercial License. And we suggest that users make use of this data recovery program in accordance with actual demands.

DialMyCalls – Taking Communication to a New Level

“It’s the best tool I’ve ever come across, which has given wings to my business”

“Getting the word out to mass audience in a matter of minutes is now easy with DialMyCalls”

“I made 94 calls in a matter of minutes with this excellent service”

Wondering, what am I talking about? These are the testimonials of few top-notch business owners, who have used the DialMyCalls service.

Why DialMyCalls?

Mobile phone has its own limitations. With DialMyCalls, you can communicate with a larger mass of customers, clients or simply friends without any time delay. Group calling was never so easy!


How it Works?

This wonderful service, designed for special announcements, mass messaging and much more is too easy to use.

  1. Record your message, which you want to convey to a group of people.
  2. Create a specific list of people, who are the receivers of the message.
  3. Set-up additional details like Caller ID Display info, timings of call etc.
  4. Get set go!


Exceptional Features of DialMyCalls

Voicemail Detection – Don’t worry if your few of your contacts didn’t receive the call. Your message will be left on their voicemail (only if you wish to do so).

SMS & Email Broadcasting – Why do you stay limited to phone calls? With Dialmycalls service, you can simply drop a text message or email to your clients.


Toll-Free Phone In System – Sending blasts or recording messages, when you are away from your computer is a child’s play with the Phone in system offered by DialMyCalls.

iPhone & Android Apps – Computers are sometimes too hefty to use. This unique service understands your concern, which is why it has come up with its own iPhone & android apps, offering you the best tools in your hand.


Push To Connect – People can directly connect to you with push to connect tool, when you are broadcasting a message or simply conveying your message through a group call.

Need Some More Reasons to Choose DialMyCalls? Here you go…

No Leak of Personal Info – Your data is completely safe in the hands of professional staff of DialMyCalls. Strict 128-bit encryption is used for this purpose.

Free Demo Every Week – Need to check what all this service gives you? Just sign up an account on the site, and you can send a 30-second message to up to 25 contacts’s each week free of cost.


Unique Affiliate Program

If you are the one, who always look out for something more, the unique affiliate program of DialMyCalls is made for you. Now, you can earn lifetime revenue from this service by referring clients to the site. And this sharing is as high as 15%. The screenshots below will recite the complete story for you.


Thousands of firms and organizations use DialMyCalls service to boost their business, as it is reliable, safe and swift.

You can communicate with anyone in the continental 48 states, Hawaii, Canada, Alaska and even Puerto Rico. Text messages can be sent to all above states excluding Canada and Puerto Rico.

All the terms have been clearly specified on the DialMyCalls website. So, just sign up and start enjoying the best communicating tool ever made.

Watch DialMyCalls Video Tutorial of Just ONE MINUTE!

The finest Coupon Site for a Mesmerizing Shopping Experience – 27coupons

“Several sites claim to be the best, when it comes to providing the best coupons to the online buyers. However, none can match the caliber of 27coupons, your one-stop shop for readily available coupon codes.”

With the advent of ultra-modern technologies, every innovation has taken the online route. Shopping is no exception. The availability of coupon codes exaggerates the excitement and fun associated with shopping. However, one is never sure where to get these coupons in a reliable fashion. Here’s when 27coupons comes into play.

27coupons is the answer to all your shopping troubles!!!

Topmost Stores Covered by 27coupons

Yebhi – The vast market for toys, games, beauty products and much more can be accessed with 27coupons offers at an affordable price.

Snapdeal – Shopping on snapdeal, the top-notch online store for your educational needs, electronic appliances and computers becomes easier with 27coupons coupon codes.

Makemytrip – For travel freaks, makemytrip has become their regular companion. 27coupons offers great deals to the travelers in order to make their trip less expensive, and a thrilling one.

The list doesn’t end here. Just browse through the site, and you will be amazed with the range of coupons listed thereby.


The Exceptional Features of 27Coupons

The special features that set it apart from others make it an appealing and popular choice for you. Let’s have a look at few of them.

High Success Rate – At times, the biggest hindrance in using the coupon codes is their low success rate. At 27coupons, the webmasters understand this fact, and have been able to ensure 100% success rate for most coupons. Further, they are always available in large numbers, ensuring a smooth shopping journey throughout.


Finest Customer Support – Now, you don’t need to spend hours finding the best coupons for you. The friendly and supportive customer support staff of 27coupons does it for you absolutely free of cost! You can thus save your money, time and efforts, if you go for this service, exclusively offered by the site.


Smartphone Finder Feature – You can pinpoint the best smartphone available that suits your needs and affordability with the smartphone finder tool. Furthermore, narrowing down your choice becomes easier in terms of brand, processor, price and other relevant criterion. This feature makes the choice-making process much easier for you.


Why 27coupons is the Best?

The Alexa Rank < 22k speaks it all for 27coupons. Customers have experienced the astounding services provided by the site. The expert team backed with years of experience at 27coupons fetches the best coupons for you. Each minute detail can be accessed instantly through the newsletters. Chances are high that the goods you have always felt like buying will come under your budget, as you access these codes.

Get your own account on the site, and you get an opportunity to submit your own coupons, while participating in the best shopping deals ever on internet. So, start your shopping spree today, and save on the best deals with 27coupons coupon codes and offers. All the best!

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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review – Affordable, Fast and Very Intuitive

Even though DVD and Blu-ray discs allow you to view movies in HD quality, these discs can deteriorate gradually with time. If you store your movie files on your computer, you can view them whenever you want. Movies stored in DVD discs can be saved on to your PC along with the videos, audios and subtitles by using a DVD ripper tool.

One of the best software that easily allows you to rip your DVDs is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. This amazing software allows you to rip movies in formats and sizes that can easily allow you to watch your favorite movies on your portable player like iPad, Android Mobile and other devices in HD quality.

Also Read: A Guide on How to Convert AVI to DVD

Offer Fast Performance at Low Price

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a very simple and easy to use DVD Ripper. It is available at a very low price of $45.95. Even if the DVD is built with latest DVD copy protection, the WinX DVD Ripper can rip DVDs seamlessly.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

The support for multi-core CPU allows you to rip your favorite movies at a very fast speed as compared to any other DVD conversion software. You can rip your DVDs to multiple video formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV and many more.

Rip DVDs in 3 Easy Steps

The best thing about the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is that it very easy to use. Within 3 steps, you can convert your DVDs in desired formats. You need to choose your DVD disc, choose the output video format and start the conversion and in no time your movies will be converted.

Step 1 – Choose Disc

After launching it, you need to pop in your DVD disc into the DVD drive. You need to click on the ‘Disc’ button on its interface and it will ask you to select the source DVD drive. Once you make your selection, you will be then asked to choose the output format profile. There are 350+ output format profiles to choose from namely, DVD backup profile, device profile, web video profile, and common video/music profile.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review

Step 2 – Choose Output Format

The DVD backup profile allows you to clone your DVD to ISO image which can be played with VLC player on your PC, or you can selectively choose the audio and videos to copy, or you can copy the entire movie DVD along with audio, videos and subtitles. The device profile lets you copy your DVDs in formats that can be played on various kinds of portable devices like iPod, iPhone, and iPad from Apple; Android tablet PCs from Samsung, HTC, LG, Acer and many more; Microsoft devices like Zune, Xbox, and Surface.

The web video profile allows you to rip your DVD so that it can be easily uploaded to famous video sites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. The common video/music profile lets you rip videos in AVI (origin AC3/DTS Audio), MP4, AVC, MPEG, WMV and MOV formats for Windows as well as Mac PC. You can also rip your disc in music formats like MP3, AAC and AC3.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review

Step 3 – Start Conversion

Once you make the selection of the desired format, it will take few seconds to prepare the disc for conversion. After choosing the destination folder to save your videos, you can hit the ‘Run’ button to begin the conversion. With WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, you can rip full-length movies in about 15-20 minutes. The quality of the ripped files is likewise very impressive. When you watch the converted files, you will not experience any glitches in audio or visual appearance.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review

Reliable Support

When it comes to support, WinX DVD Ripper’s website contains enough information on the product such as user guide, screenshots, video tutorials, how-to articles, FAQs page and reviews.

To sum it up, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a very fast and easy-to-use DVD ripping tool that comes with numerous features that which no other DVD conversion software can offer at such an affordable price.

Use the links to download free dvd ripper, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, and DVD to DVD copy.

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Inkfruit: Use Free Credits to Get Huge Discount on Purchases

Inkfruit is the largest store for people to get amazing designed T-shirts created by artists from around the world. They are not only limited to apparel. You can also find a large collection of footwear, accessories & laptop skins.

Though they are on internet since 2007, I wasn’t aware of their services till I got an email from them which has huge discount on it. I couldn’t stop myself from clicking on to their offer.

I placed my order on OCT 03, and they delivered it within 2 days that is OCT 05. I’m so happy with the services they’d offered to me. Let me get back to the point. And tell you the way to use free credits to get huge discount on purchases.

get huge discount on purchases

Free Credits to Get Huge Discount on Purchases

Inkfruit comes with so many ways to get free credits.

  • Sign up to get credits
  • Purchase with debit, credit card and net banking to get credits
  • Click your photo and upload to get credits
  • Refer Inkfruit to your friend to get credits

Once you get credits in your account you can easily redeemed it at anytime. All you have to do is place any other order and put how many credits you have at the moment in the given box to redeem credits to get HUGE discount

Even with every purchase Inkfruit gives you some credits that you can use to take discount on every purchase you make on their website.

get huge discount on purchases

There are the lot of website available out there that gives credit when you sign up with them but rarely are any website available that gives credit when you place order using debit, credit card and net banking. I was really amazed when I saw this with inkfruit, truly, I’m so pleased with the services they provide.

Even when you take your photos with the product you just have purchased you will earn credits on uploading the photos at their website.

Click Here to Visit inkfruit!

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Experience Much More with Downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel

The internet is one of the amazing and unique innovations that man has ever achieved. It has enabled several people from all walks of life the freedom to construct and access any kind of educative, informative and entertaining information from their own comfort. However, for one to be able to conduct all these activities, convenience is crucial. To be able to acquire convenience, you need to source for better tools like downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel.

These are some of the most efficient platforms that will ensure that all your web based activities and needs are met without any hiccups. These web based platforms are very unique in their own ways and what’s even more about them is that they are affiliated to social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook which are the most accessible and widely used platforms allover the world. This is particularly very important to people who need to be network with the rest of the world on economical, social and even political levels.

Downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel
[Image Credit]

Downtweet is web based and directly affiliated the micro social blogging site Twitter. With downtweet, those who use twitter for connecting to the rest of the world are able to share their views and experiences, get information from other people and organizations in a more efficient way. It enables users to receive all the tweets from the feed of any particular topic of their choice, for instance, news, music, trade, technology among others. Here, one receives four separate boxes with different search facilities to ensure that they are able to get a more accurate result with regards to your search. In offers the option of either dragging and dropping of pre-selected feed categories into the stream boxes or the creation of custom feed stream. Remember, to be able to use downtweet, no sign up is required since all the activities are web based. Visit – Downtweet

Statusreel on the other hand is linked to the popular social networking site Facebook. Connecting to it does not need any sign up process for Facebook users. However, those who would like to access it, will have to join Facebook. The most unique aspect of Statusreel is that it allows the users to be able to search and receive any kind of information that they need in the most convenient way and format. For instance, if you are a party animal, you are able to search the word party from the tab provided and be able to get all relevant information. You are able to view all the people talking about parties that happened, are yet to happen and even get information on how to gain access to the parties. Visit – Statusreel

Newsnang is also web based and offers the latest and updated information that is newsworthy. It also does not require you to sign up in order to be able to get the live news that you need. The site also offers search options whereby you are able to conduct any search, for instance when you insert maybe the name of a country like China, you are able to get all the relevant information about China and everything newsworthy that is happening in China at that particular time. If you want to stay updated and informed, these are the ideal platforms for you. Visit – Newsnang

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A Complete Review on Gmail New Look

You have heard about Google is changing Gmail’s design?

You better have heard in social networking sites (I too have heard from facebook). Few months ago Gmail had offered two new themes to their users to get a complete new look of their Gmail Account also they had changed their old sign-in page into a new sign-in page. But today Gmail have changed its’ design (the inner look) and from now you will find Gmail New Look.

Gmail New Look
“Gmail’s New Look Screenshot” – Click to view clearly

This new look update by Gmail will automatically get upgraded the new look soon but if you don’t want to wait and need to implement its’ new look you can switch to it today by logging into Gmail and clicking on to the Switch to the new look.

This review contains:

  • About Gmail’s New Look, what new you will find in it.
  • How to activate Gmail’s new look
  • How to Deactivate Gmail’s new look

About Gmail’s New Look:

  • 1 – Cleaner and more modern – They have improved conversations, customization and have updated themes, Gmail is now cleaner and modern.
  • 2 – New themes – You can find complete new themes collection in Gmail to customize the look of Gmail.
  • 3 – Improved conversation view – They have redesigned the content of your messages to the forefront and have added your profile pictures which is making the conversation more beautiful.
  • 4 – Customization in new ways – By using Comfortable, Cozy and Compact you can choose how many messages you want in your screen at a time.
  • 5 – More control – you can control the size of your chat window, drag and make it to your comfort.
  • 6 – Search and filters made simple – This term is made on your satisfaction, you can now easily find what you are looking for also you can create filter directly from same place.
  • 7 – Switch to Contacts and Tasks– easily you can swap in between contact and task.
  • 8 – A new toolbar– They have made changes in the tool bar now it shows you the button you need when you really need them.

How to activate Gmail’s new look:

1 – Login to your Gmail account and click on Switch to the new look, you can find at the bottom of your Gmail account.

Switch to the new look

2 – One window will pop up with a screenshot of Gmail’s New Look and two buttons Switch to the new look and Continue to the old look, you should press Switch to the new look to get Gmail’s new Look.

Gmail New Look

3 – Again a pop up will come with a Video and a button Continue to the new look, press it. Your Gmail will load to give you the new look.

Switch to the new look

How to Deactivate Gmail’s new look:

1 – Just above the Emails you will find the new toolbar with a gear icon, press it, and chose Revert to the old look temporarily.

Revert to the old look

2 – One window will pop-up with two buttons on it, Revert to the old look temporarily and stick with the new look, you should press the first one.

Revert to the old look

3 – Your Gmail will load to give back the old look but for temporarily.

Personally I liked the new look of Gmail but as everyone has their own point of view to express I have asked a Question of facebook – Do you like Gmail’s new look? And many have answered – Yes! Let me know what you think, please express your views on comments.