Techinline Remote Desktop Software Review

techinline remote desktop softwareHave you ever need a file that you need badly but can’t possibly access it because you are on travel? A lot of people have important files they cannot access just because they are not physically at home or at work. With a remote desktop software this will no longer be a problem.

A remote desktop software allows users to access and control remote computers easily and hassle-free. Businesses, whether small or big companies, can benefit from such technology. You can now control other computers from one location to another.

But one problem is that most remote desktop software in the market today are rather expensive. Thanks to people over at Techinline remote desktop are now made more affordable for a lot of people- even for those people who use their computers for personal use. If you are a student need to access your computer remotely, this is a good software that you can use and can afford!

Benefits That You Can Get From Techinline Remote Desktop Software

  • Instantly access secure and hassle free connections on remote computers from a local computer to any other computers in the globe.
  • Quickly diagnose, fix and view remote computers. No need for pre-installing software.
  • Enables users to transfer files between computers. Make use of Techinline’s drag and drop features to transfer files quickly – Screenshot.
  • Reconnect and reboot/ restart remote computer with ease.
  • Receive and send chat messages in real time.
  • Enables you to customize software’s interface with your company logo and name.
  • Allows multi-monitor support so you can work with more than one monitor connected to your remote computer.
  • Connect to remote computer behind a proxy server or firewall. You can avoid barriers; connect without hassle using a secured connection.

To see the capabilities and the features of Techinline Remote Desktop, you can actually try it at no cost! And with just a monthly subscription of $30 you can have hassle-free connection to remote computers with ease. Try it today!