The finest Coupon Site for a Mesmerizing Shopping Experience – 27coupons

“Several sites claim to be the best, when it comes to providing the best coupons to the online buyers. However, none can match the caliber of 27coupons, your one-stop shop for readily available coupon codes.”

With the advent of ultra-modern technologies, every innovation has taken the online route. Shopping is no exception. The availability of coupon codes exaggerates the excitement and fun associated with shopping. However, one is never sure where to get these coupons in a reliable fashion. Here’s when 27coupons comes into play.

27coupons is the answer to all your shopping troubles!!!

Topmost Stores Covered by 27coupons

Yebhi – The vast market for toys, games, beauty products and much more can be accessed with 27coupons offers at an affordable price.

Snapdeal – Shopping on snapdeal, the top-notch online store for your educational needs, electronic appliances and computers becomes easier with 27coupons coupon codes.

Makemytrip – For travel freaks, makemytrip has become their regular companion. 27coupons offers great deals to the travelers in order to make their trip less expensive, and a thrilling one.

The list doesn’t end here. Just browse through the site, and you will be amazed with the range of coupons listed thereby.


The Exceptional Features of 27Coupons

The special features that set it apart from others make it an appealing and popular choice for you. Let’s have a look at few of them.

High Success Rate – At times, the biggest hindrance in using the coupon codes is their low success rate. At 27coupons, the webmasters understand this fact, and have been able to ensure 100% success rate for most coupons. Further, they are always available in large numbers, ensuring a smooth shopping journey throughout.


Finest Customer Support – Now, you don’t need to spend hours finding the best coupons for you. The friendly and supportive customer support staff of 27coupons does it for you absolutely free of cost! You can thus save your money, time and efforts, if you go for this service, exclusively offered by the site.


Smartphone Finder Feature – You can pinpoint the best smartphone available that suits your needs and affordability with the smartphone finder tool. Furthermore, narrowing down your choice becomes easier in terms of brand, processor, price and other relevant criterion. This feature makes the choice-making process much easier for you.


Why 27coupons is the Best?

The Alexa Rank < 22k speaks it all for 27coupons. Customers have experienced the astounding services provided by the site. The expert team backed with years of experience at 27coupons fetches the best coupons for you. Each minute detail can be accessed instantly through the newsletters. Chances are high that the goods you have always felt like buying will come under your budget, as you access these codes.

Get your own account on the site, and you get an opportunity to submit your own coupons, while participating in the best shopping deals ever on internet. So, start your shopping spree today, and save on the best deals with 27coupons coupon codes and offers. All the best!

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Inkfruit: Use Free Credits to Get Huge Discount on Purchases

Inkfruit is the largest store for people to get amazing designed T-shirts created by artists from around the world. They are not only limited to apparel. You can also find a large collection of footwear, accessories & laptop skins.

Though they are on internet since 2007, I wasn’t aware of their services till I got an email from them which has huge discount on it. I couldn’t stop myself from clicking on to their offer.

I placed my order on OCT 03, and they delivered it within 2 days that is OCT 05. I’m so happy with the services they’d offered to me. Let me get back to the point. And tell you the way to use free credits to get huge discount on purchases.

get huge discount on purchases

Free Credits to Get Huge Discount on Purchases

Inkfruit comes with so many ways to get free credits.

  • Sign up to get credits
  • Purchase with debit, credit card and net banking to get credits
  • Click your photo and upload to get credits
  • Refer Inkfruit to your friend to get credits

Once you get credits in your account you can easily redeemed it at anytime. All you have to do is place any other order and put how many credits you have at the moment in the given box to redeem credits to get HUGE discount

Even with every purchase Inkfruit gives you some credits that you can use to take discount on every purchase you make on their website.

get huge discount on purchases

There are the lot of website available out there that gives credit when you sign up with them but rarely are any website available that gives credit when you place order using debit, credit card and net banking. I was really amazed when I saw this with inkfruit, truly, I’m so pleased with the services they provide.

Even when you take your photos with the product you just have purchased you will earn credits on uploading the photos at their website.

Click Here to Visit inkfruit!

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Track Your Train’s Exact Location in India

If you are in India and looking to track your train’s exact location then Indian railway has something really interesting which may help you track the exact location of your train.

Yesterday, when one of my cousins was coming to my home to spend his summer’s vacation, I went to to track his trains exact location as I don’t wanted to spend my valuable time at platform waiting for his train to arrive.

Thanks to Indian railway that they have developed such a helpful site for their passengers to get track of exact location of our current train.

All you need to do is visit their site and enter the name of your train in the given box and in next few steps it will take you to the page where you can get all information regarding your train. Indian Railway have made this site so simple that anyone can easily use without knowing any major info about their train, for instance if you don’t remember the name of your train or the train number, you can still get the info by entering source station and destination station name and it will bring you a list of 10 results to chose your exact train.

Track Your Train’s Exact Location

Now when you are on the train information page you can check current train status, it will show you when train started from its source station including the time train running late from its right time. Also it shows the recent two stations the train have passed through and the two destination station where the train is about to come including the exact time of arrival and departure including how much kilometers are left reaching destination station.

track your train’s exact location

Personally I really liked the features Train Enquiry has provided me regarding my train. It get updated in few minutes and had helped me track my train’s exact location. With over 8000 trains across country Indian Railway is doing really great in providing train schedules and status across the country.

Also the site is available on mobile now! You can check the list of supported devices and browsers here. Thank you Amit – Labnol.

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How Chatwing’s Chat Box Helps Online Businesses Engage Customers

Going into online business is what most people aim for because it’s more profitable than being stuck in employment. That is true but one must face many challenges in setting up a business. After deciding the type of business and the services or product you want to offer, you will have to focus on the marketing aspect. One of the simplest ways to market a service is to employ a reliable chat box.

Because of the advent of Internet, businessmen and entrepreneurs now have a free platform for marketing. Chat BoxOne option is to set up a website that features your business. This will still entail minimum cost, depending on how sophisticated you want your website to be. If you are running tight on budget, creating a blog will be more practical and there are free widgets that you can utilize to liven up your site. However, be wary of putting many widgets for they may clutter your blog and drive away readers than attract them. An efficient and powerful chat box is all you need. Simplicity is beauty.

One reliable and free chat box is Chatwing. You can easily install it and it has a high level of customization. It is compatible to any blog platforms using HTML coding. Chatwing will surely add a new dimension of interaction to your site, thus addressing the following factors that are essential to your business growth:

Chat Box in Marketing Research

Research is an expensive task yet chatting with your customers and prospective buyers will help you gain important insights. Simple exchange of messages with your clients will often lead to ideas that will help you improve your marketing strategy. Their positive comments can be used as testimonials that you can also post to reinforce your claims.

How Chat Box helps in Promotion

You can explain and offer your services and products real-time. If prospective customers have questions or inquiries, responding to them gives you the edge over competition. This is because you will be able to elaborate the gray areas in your posts. Also, through chatting with readers, you might be able to spot opportunities on when to suggest a product or service in relation to their inquiries or problems.

Personal Approach in Dealing With Clients and Customers

What will surely keep your customers and attract more of them is when they can finally trust you and the things you are offering. Answering their queries real time and adding sincere pieces of advice will make them see you as a friend, more than a businessman who just wants their money.

All of these can be accomplished through Chatwing. Additionally, Chatwing visitors and guests can log in using their Facebook or Twitter accounts. This powerful feature makes information exchange easier.

As an entrepreneur, you should be able to spot and utilize free widgets like Chatwing. A chat box with high rate of global connectivity can be advantageous for your online business.

Ivan Diamond has saw his calling with the help of Chatwing. He is now working full-time in order to make Chatwing more useful for bloggers all over the world. He also believes in the power of real-time communication.

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Social Media Club: Best Way to Get More Retweets

Tweeting your post on twitter is the best way to generate loyal readers to your blog, this not only gives you readers but also tend them to become your follower on twitter. Now when just a tweet makes this much to you then how much a single retweet will going to make? And what with hundreds retweet? No doubt Retweets gives free traffic to sites but how to get more Retweets? What is the best way to get more Retweets?

Here I’ll tell you about a club – Social Media Club or SocialMedClub designed and run by Daniel Scocco (No further introduction required for this personality) that works on a website. The system of this club is pretty simple, members retweet others content to generate points (1 retweet = 1 point) in order to gain 10 points to be eligible to post their tweet so that others retweet it and cycle goes on.

This makes the system pretty fair, because members who didn’t share the content of other members wouldn’t earn points and wouldn’t be able to post their requests. So to earn points members has to retweet others content.

Here I Tell You How Social Med Club Works

  1. Inside the Members area you’ll find a Message Board with tweets posted on the board to get retweet by other members.
  2. Every time when you retweet those tweets you’ll earn 1 point.
  3. When your point counts 10 you will be able to spend those points by adding your own Content/page to the Message Board, so that other members can share it for you. And the cycle goes on.

Link to – Social Med Club

This way you will generate traffic to your blogs as members will share your tweets with their followers and the chances of getting more Retweets by their followers will increase. Also you will get loyal followers on twitter. Before you start please ensure that have read the rules:

Rules of The Club

  • The system is simple: you retweet to earn points, and once you reach enough points you can submit your own tweet for others to share. This ensures participation will be fair for all members.
  • The number of points required to post a request will increase over time, as the club gets bigger.
  • Only submit requests for quality content in English. The rule of thumb is the following: would other people naturally want to retweet? If the answer is “Yes”, then go ahead and submit. If the answer is “No” or “Not sure”, then don’t submit.
  • Tweets regarding selling a product or promoting affiliate links and affiliate offers are not allowed. The rule of thumb here is the following: if the tweet has a commercial orientation you should not submit it to the club.

Personal Review: Yesterday while reading DailyBlogTips I got to know about this club and since then I started using this board to publish my tweets. Believe me the number of tweets I got in just couple of hours time since joining the board has really amazed me and that tend me write this post so that others too can gain from it.

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Experience Much More with Downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel

The internet is one of the amazing and unique innovations that man has ever achieved. It has enabled several people from all walks of life the freedom to construct and access any kind of educative, informative and entertaining information from their own comfort. However, for one to be able to conduct all these activities, convenience is crucial. To be able to acquire convenience, you need to source for better tools like downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel.

These are some of the most efficient platforms that will ensure that all your web based activities and needs are met without any hiccups. These web based platforms are very unique in their own ways and what’s even more about them is that they are affiliated to social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook which are the most accessible and widely used platforms allover the world. This is particularly very important to people who need to be network with the rest of the world on economical, social and even political levels.

Downtweet, Newsnang and Statusreel
[Image Credit]

Downtweet is web based and directly affiliated the micro social blogging site Twitter. With downtweet, those who use twitter for connecting to the rest of the world are able to share their views and experiences, get information from other people and organizations in a more efficient way. It enables users to receive all the tweets from the feed of any particular topic of their choice, for instance, news, music, trade, technology among others. Here, one receives four separate boxes with different search facilities to ensure that they are able to get a more accurate result with regards to your search. In offers the option of either dragging and dropping of pre-selected feed categories into the stream boxes or the creation of custom feed stream. Remember, to be able to use downtweet, no sign up is required since all the activities are web based. Visit – Downtweet

Statusreel on the other hand is linked to the popular social networking site Facebook. Connecting to it does not need any sign up process for Facebook users. However, those who would like to access it, will have to join Facebook. The most unique aspect of Statusreel is that it allows the users to be able to search and receive any kind of information that they need in the most convenient way and format. For instance, if you are a party animal, you are able to search the word party from the tab provided and be able to get all relevant information. You are able to view all the people talking about parties that happened, are yet to happen and even get information on how to gain access to the parties. Visit – Statusreel

Newsnang is also web based and offers the latest and updated information that is newsworthy. It also does not require you to sign up in order to be able to get the live news that you need. The site also offers search options whereby you are able to conduct any search, for instance when you insert maybe the name of a country like China, you are able to get all the relevant information about China and everything newsworthy that is happening in China at that particular time. If you want to stay updated and informed, these are the ideal platforms for you. Visit – Newsnang

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Google Killing Picnik: Picnik is Closing This April

Most of us use Picnik to edit our hand taken pictures online, we all are aware to that it’s the best online photo editing service. Even I never put any of the pictures I took on my camera to flickr or facebook without editing it using their service. It’s been a great experience for me as well as many who uses them regularly. Well this would be sad to know but this April Google kills Picnik, you would have no access to picnic after April 19, 2012 according to their official announcement.

Google Killing Picnik
Email I Received: Picnik is Closing

Yesterday when I received their email, letting me know (I’m the member of their website) about the ‘Announcement: Picnik is closing’, I put a status on facebook telling the sad news I got through email, everyone including me doesn’t wanted this to happen. Anyways before they go forever, picnik has something good for their entire user, here I listed:

Your Photos Are Liberated

Since they have been telling about the closing of picnic they have added a new feature called Picnik Takeout, using this you can easily download your photos to your desktop very conveniently through zip files or copy to Google+ at anytime but before closing date of April 19, 2012.

Refunds of Premium ship Fee

Another healthy announcement by picnik to their users is, if you have purchased an annual member ship and are on its very last date picnic will refund you the entire amount. That would be nice to everyone.

Free Premium for ALL!

Doesn’t matter you purchased annual membership; picnik is allowing everyone to use premium features for free. So use Picnik in all of its premium glory, for free, from now until the actual closing day. Touch-up, Textures, Advanced, and more are all free for everyone who visits to use!

Let us know if you miss picnik.

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Best Tool for SEOs and Webmasters – Blekko

Today while surfing I found a best tool for SEOs and webmasters which is actually a search engine name blekko. Approximately a year back I had written on how blekko works it was said that blekko is launched to kill Google which might get true, I think. This can become your next choice to check SEO of your site/blog.

blekko launch to kill google

It filters out all poor quality and irrelevant websites, as they’ve overrun the web and dominate search engine results. Blekko is a better way to search the web by using slash tags.

Not sure if it will kill Google or not but the SEO tool blekko provides is impressive. You will surely want to check DOMAIN SEO and URL SEO which includes duplicate content, domain report, inbound links, site pages, outbound links, internal links, sections, and source. It gives such an impressive report that you will like to bookmark the tool for its future use. As for the number of backlinks listed Blekko is one of the most accurate tools I have seen in after a long while.

Blekko Best Tool for SEOs and Webmasters
SEO Report

Screenshot above is taken to show how it shows SEO report of any website/blog. You just have to write and after that put slash tag and write SEO, for instance if your site name is write and hit enter to check SEO report prepared by blekko.

Review – The way it shows site/blog inbound links is really cool! A chart showing how many countries are linking to your site it includes states too and the site/blog linking to your site/blog. Also I found a box above those two boxes to put another site to compare with, which is great in this competitive blogging world! Remember you need to register yourself in blekko before you check your SEO report.

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MobiKwik: Best Way to Recharge Your Mobile Phone Online

MobiKwik is the best website I found to recharge mobile phone online, holding all big mobile network operators in their circle makes MobiKwik India’s one stop shop for mobile services such as comparing plans, find your best offers, buy recharges (whether topups or any offers), and of course SMS packs.

It’s quite difficult for a prepaid mobile user living in a crowded city to find time from their hectic schedule to recharge mobile phone but Mobikwik turns all your difficulties into ease by giving a way to recharge your prepaid mobile phone online using net banking, credit card, debit card, PayPal and cash card.

recharge mobile online

How to Recharge Mobile Phone Online Using MobiKwik?

You just need to register yourself into this website and by using appropriate payment option put money in your MobiKwik Balance and be Recharge Free.

three easy steps

  • It’s just three easy steps away, if you are done with registration & having logins, enter into the website and by using net banking, credit card, debit card, PayPal or cash card fill your e-Wallet (Mobikwik Balance) to recharge.

payment option

  • After payment you will get the balance in your MobiKwik account, now as you have balance you just need to put mobile number and to press recharge button to make the recharge process complete.

Features –

  • SMS Recharge: In case you don’t have internet, just send one SMS (RC spacespace) to 9711981981 and you’re mobile get recharged.
  • Java/Android Mobile Application: If you are having java enable phone or an android phone you just need to download its application to recharge your mobile.
  • Add Mobile Numbers: You can add 5 mobile numbers.

Visit –

Personal review – I’m so much happy with the service MobiKwik are providing, I just need to enter my mobile number and by hitting ‘Recharge’ button I get my mobile recharge, it’s damn easy!

Good think about the service is if any balance left in my e-Wallet after last transaction made, I don’t need to remember how much balance got left in the last transaction I made I just need to put the appropriate amount required to recharge my prepaid mobile and MobiKwik will automatically deduct the amount from the amount I’d requested to withdraw by using net banking, credit card, debit card, PayPal or cash card from bank account and it will add the last balance which got left in transaction to complete the process, for instance, suppose I’m having Rs. 50 in e-Wallet and Rs. 550 required to recharge, MobiKwik will only withdraw Rs. 500 from the bank and add last Rs. 50 into the transaction to complete the recharge process, all automatically.