Prepare a Will for Your Online Identities Using PassMyWill

No one knows in this world when he or she is going to die and never will, but there is a surety of passing your online identities safe on your loving one’s hand or the one you want to give.

Prepare a Will for Your Online Identities Using PassMyWillToday people know you personally or not but they know you well online and that is good enough! But have you ever thought what will happen to your facebook profile, twitter account, website/blog identities or to your important passwords like bank or email accounts when you pass away?

This is not at all a good feeling to do but if you are really concerned for your online identities, Will your passwords to your relatives if you pass away with and it will send out emails to your relatives with your passwords.

How Does PassMyWill Work:

Visiting its website, you will be asked for your email ID and password for their website to login. Once you logged in you will be asked to fill a form which is required to take your information and to send out emails when you get die.

It works on its process of:

  • Store passwords
  • If you pass away
  • Verify your death
  • Distribute your passwords

Prepare a Will for Your Online Identities Using PassMyWill

The password you give to them will be encrypted with one key on your local computer, so nobody can access your data without the key, even they. Therefore you should not worry for your details being compromised while we are living!

Also, Make sure you tell the person how to figure out your encryption key. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to open the message having all the details of your online identity.

Keeping Your Site Free From Web Bandits

The security of a business’s web site should be of the highest priority. Malicious attacks are going to happen no matter what. Having the basics covered for securing the site is important.

There are people out there who will do whatever it takes to find their way into the deep recesses of a company web site and use the information they find to hurt the business or to gain something for themselves. The good news is there are ways to help strengthen the fortress around the site in order to stave off direct attacks.

It should be noted that many of the items on the following list could be outside the comfort zone of the average web site owner. Instead of attempting to formulate a least common denominator of safeguards everyone might understand, we will attempt to list important concepts that could save the website from attack and subsequent damage.

Ideally, if an item seems outside the range of ones abilities, having a decent understanding will provide the site owner the ability to talk intelligently about the issues to their webmasters or other technology consultants.

Safeguard Your Website With These Tips

  • Regular File Updates: Old, stale files and out of date code are some of the easiest ways for a web site to find itself entered. There is a reason why applications are updated and maintained and often those reasons have to do with security holes or flaws. If you are not responsible for maintaining site code, be sure that someone is taking this task seriously and applying the latest updates in a timely manner.
  • 86 Old, Unused Files: This can be a little trickier to manage on a regular basis, even for the dedicated IT professional. When new code updates are added to a site’s application files, there are invariably files which are no longer needed for proper site operations. In these cases, retaining the old files could provide those with nefarious intentions the back door entrance to files and applications on the server hosting ones website. Removing unused files, while time consuming and sometimes challenging to know if they are still required can help tighten the security around ones web site.
  • Password Protect: While sensitive files and documents should probably not be hosted on a webserver, there are numerous examples where non-public information needs to be there in order to provide access to individuals who need it in their various remote locations. There are a number of technologies one can use in order to password protect files and directories. If locking down access to information is important for ones operations, find a qualified professional who can set up this type of protection as soon as possible.
  • File Permissions: Another security task on the esoteric side, the concept of a file having the proper permissions set is time consuming, though not terribly difficult to instill. The main challenge with this tip, however, is understanding exactly what level of permissions any given file or directory should be set at in order to allow for normal application functionality. One of the biggest reasons for things breaking down on a website is that permissions have been incorrectly set by an inexperienced site operator.
  • Prevent Google Hacking: Search engines operate by sending automated scripts to see and index the files of ones website. Also known as robots or spiders, these automated cataloging systems will follow links on the pages of a web site in order to get as complete a listing as possible. Google hacking is the phenomenon of searching the information collected by the search engine in order to try and locate content which is perhaps not meant for public consumption. With the use of a robots.txt file, the site operator can specify which files and complete directories should be off limits to those spider programs and subsequently out of the search engine’s index.
  • Protect From Directory Listing: Some web hosts automatically set up web operations to allow for access to the contents of a directory via the web. The easiest way to prevent unauthorized eyes from seeing the files in any directory is to place a simple HTML file with the name “index.html” inside of every directory. Now when an address like is accessed, instead of seeing a complete list of the files that are located in sample-directory, the visitor will only see a blank page.

There are many more issues which are required in order to fully lock down and secure a website. The above list is a good start and should provide the peace of mind that not any one with a computer and Internet connection could take over the business website.


Author – Shelly Towns is a technology writer who enjoys researching up and coming products and specializes in studying file transfer service

How To: Know The Real Day You Born On?

All knows the day they are born on, many knows the time, few knows the season, but do you know exact age of yours or do you know who was elected as a prime minister of US at that time? If your answer is no and you wanted to know these things you better know about dayofbirth.

How To Know The Real Day You Born On

Here I tested dayofbirth on myself to show you how it works. You can see the result this website is sowing in a below screenshot.

How To Know The Real Day You Born On

This site basically tells you the day of the week that you were born on. It also tells you other pointless but fun things such as: your star sign, how old you are, what season you were born in, how long until your next birthday, and how many days/hours/seconds you have been alive (assuming 12:00 midnight so the last two are approximations only).

I’m sure you having fun there. Please share with your friends and let us know in comments below. Thanks for reading!

How To: Check Daily Muslims Prayer Timing of Any City?

All muslims know that five time prayer in a day is must and it should be performed according to the time of the city they are living in. But what if one is not in his/her city, how he/she will find the proper list of prayer timing? is a website which helps its brother and sisters to find the proper prayertimes, just by typing their zipcode, postal code, city, state, country, or address.

Check Daily Muslims Prayer Timing of Any City

You just need to type the name of the city you are in or the zipcode and will find the proper prayertimes of that city in just few seconds.

Check Daily Muslims Prayer Timing of Any City

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7 Great Resource Sites for Blogging Newbies

You are inspired. You have a dream of starting a blog and making money from home. Well, the good news is that it is possible and many people do succeed at it. However, blogging can be a long trial and error process. If you have the determination to make you blogging dream come true, the following seven seven great resource sites are invaluable resources for speeding up a new blogger’s learning curve.

Resource Sites

Problogger (

Darren Rowse is one of the top bloggers in the world and his website is full of information for bloggers of all levels. Rowse offers tips on everything from killing writer’s blog to pay per click advertising and more. Problogger also chronicles Rowse’s own different ventures in the world of blogging.

Daily Blog Tips (

Daily Blog Tips is a regularly updated blog that covers all aspects of blogging. The blog covers subjects as simple as earning your first dollar and offers tips and everything from blog design to social media. Daily Blog Tips is a digital library of articles written for bloggers.

Blogtrepreneur (

Blogtrepreneur covers the more entrepreneurial aspects of blogging and focuses primarily on monetizing your blog as well as building your blog into a business. However, Blogtrepreneur does over some general blogging advice as well. If you’re serious about making money with your blog, this site is an excellent starting point.

Digital Point Forums (

The forums are the best part of the Digital Point website. New bloggers, and even experienced bloggers, can find answers to almost every imaginable question related to blogging. The forum’s users are often very helpful and often quick to respond. It is worth adding this forum to your Favorites menu for the occasions where you have questions and need fast answers.

Quick Online Tips (

Quick Online Tips is a great website for learning blog promotion and Internet marketing. If you’re wondering how to promote your blog on Facebook or Twitter, this site is an excellent resource. Quick Online Tips also has a lot of great advice about search engine optimization.

Young Entrepreneur (

Young Entrepreneur focuses mainly on the business of blogging like Blogtrepreneur, but it has a great blog and a friendly discussion forum where you can get help. The greatest feature of this website is the “Ask An Expert” form on the main page. You can type in a question, pick the category, enter your contact info and someone from the site will contact you with information.

The Blog Herald (

This website is like The New York Times for bloggers. The Blog Herald offers reviews, articles, guides and more. You can find just about anything and everything related to blogging on this website. It’s a wise addition to your RSS subscriptions.

Blogging about blogging has become a market in and of itself. If you’re struggling with getting your blog noticed and/or making money from your blog, there are plenty of resources to help you. Don’t waste time struggling with problems, seek help and you will find it.

How To: Go Live on Radio For Free?

If you wish to go live on radio for free here is the free opportunity for you to create your Radio program and broadcast. Many have got publicity from internet, like Atif Aslam, he recorder he’s song and from internet he got success.

Spreaker is an audio platform that allows anyone to create, broadcast and share a personal radio show across the Internet in a simple and accessible way. Speaker offers a set of tools which include a web-based mixing console, music & sound effects library and the ability to broadcast live audio through a widget which can be embedded across websites, social networks and blogs.

In few easy steps you can create your radio to go live.

  1. Signup with spreaker (you can login with Facebook too).
  2. Go, and click on broadcast.
  3. Invite your friends and share your episodes.

Spreaker provides you with a user-friendly, intuitive console to manage voice, special effects and your music library. You could be on air right now! Go live or pre-record episodes and broadcast them later. Later, invite your friends to follow your show, share your episodes on Facebook, tag and categorize your episodes for easy navigation.

Also ReadHow To: Create A Forum under Blogger’s Blog?

If you’ve an iPhone you can listen to your show on your iPhone too by downloading the speaker app on iTunes! Visit Speaker and get your free iPhone app today.

blekko: A New Search Engine Launched to Kill Google

Newly launched search engine called Blekko has been launched and hailed as a ‘Google killer’. On a request of users blekko is been launched. It filters out all poor quality and irrelevant websites, as they’ve overrun the web and dominate search engine results.

blekko is a better way to search the web by using slashtags. Slashtags search only the sites you want and cut out the spam sites. Use friends, experts, community or your own slashtags to slash in what you want and slash out what you don’t.

blekko launch to kill google

What is a slashtag?

A slashtag is a tool to filter search results. Rather than searching the entire web, a slashtag allows you to search just the sites you want searched. For instance, “Barack Obama/satire”

User slashtags – These are the slashtags that you and/or other users make. They’re personal takes of what are the best sites on the web for various types of searches.

Built-in slashtags – These slashtags tell blekko to search a specific type of site, like blogs or news or sites associated with people.

Topic slashtags – These are slashtags that blekko has created to search only the top sites for specific topics like health, conservative, liberal, tech, VC, etc.

How to Slash the Web?

Make ’em: Make a slashtag that includes just your favorite sites. Make it as narrow (/scuba) or as broad (/favorites) as you like. Add that slashtag to any search and you’re only searching those sites.

Use ’em: Find a friend’s slashtag and get in their head for your searches. For example, try searching Rich’s home brewing slashtag for quality info on brewing your own beer (ex. wheat beer /homebrew).

Make ’em better: They’ve already created hundreds of topic slashtags that you can search now. Everything from /conservative, to /humor to /vc is there.

Users can make search on blekko using word such as ‘global warming’ and come up with results as per usual. But what makes it unique from other search engine is with the use of ‘slashtags’, or different words separated by a slash.

Therefore if a user searches ‘global warming / green’ it would bring them up only environmental websites to do with green groups or issues. Likewise a search for ‘Angelina Jolie /noporn’ would avoid any type of pornographic websites associated with the Angelina Jolie.

How blekko Kills Google?

Behind blekko there is a human team to pre-select useful sites on key topics and then limit searches to those alone. Therefore it’s also called as “content farm” website to score highly on searches but have little real information will be weeded out, as will pornography and spam.

blekko has also decided to take steps to be more open than Google. Next to every single search result you’ll found a small button marked ‘spam’ which allows users to remove that website from their searches forever. And unlike Google, the search rankings are completely transparent and can be accessed by simply adding ‘rank’ as a slashtag.

Play Games To Donate Food Online

Most of us spend maximum number of our time playing Farmville or Mafiawar on facebook. Daily we are spending most of our time playing these online games but have you ever wonder playing games can feed someone hungry with a bowl or rice to some of the world’s poorest countries?

All you need to do is answer simple question. And for each answer you get right, they will donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program to help end hunger. So the more you’ll play the more food gets donated to the poor people.

If you hesitate or if you can’t donate funds to poor ones online, then it’s a great opportunity to play and donate food. Recently, Pakistan is facing the same problem and according to Al Jazeera the rice comes from player will be distributed to the flood victims by September 7.

play games to donate food online

How To Play The Game: (Link To Game – Free Rice)

  1. – Answers are in the middle of the page, all you have to do is clicking on right answer.
  2. – If you answer right, you’ll get little harder question but If you’ll get it wrong, you’ll get easier question.
  3. – For each question you answer right, they will donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

Note – More than 40k players are playing daily to feed someone hungry with a bowl of rice. Also, Over 81 billion grains donated to date. Why don’t you? Visit Free Rice today to help them end up hunger.

Update – Just now i donated 500 grains of rice, excited to donate more. 🙂

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Picasa 3.8 with Picnik, Face Movies & few other Cool Features

New version of Picasa 3.8 is now available to downloadand this time they have come up with a new feature which might makes your online photo editing easy. I am good at Photoshop but all are not so for them Picnic is the best online picture editing tool which is now integrated with desktop version of Picasa.

Picnic has a wide range of variety of tools to give your pictures a better new look. These all features of Picnic are available right inside of Picasa. That means one picture can be edited inside Picasa with Picnic and changes can be saved directly inside your hard disk, all from Picasa.
Simply select any picture from inside your Picasa album and there you’ll see one option ‘Edit in Picnik’ press it and in one go you’ll be in picnic.
Note you need to be connecting to internet to access Picnic.
Not only Picnic but they have come up with few more interesting cool features in their new version of Picasa like Face Movies, Batch Album Upload from Picasa to Picasa, and Meta updates. Batch Album Upload is quite helpful feature they have build in Picasa new version. It can upload entire album all at the same time so if you’re tired of uploading pictures one by one then this features is for you.
Like Picnic, Face Movie is a definite must-see, you can create a movie based pictures around a person. As the photos transition from one to another the subject’s face stays aligned in one focus area, creating a unique smooth viewing experience, it can’t be express in lines better to see it yourself.
Few quick additional options with Picasa Web Albums is Remove albums, change upload size, visibility, or the sync state of photos that are already online on Picasa Web Albums.