Defend Your Money with These 5 Online Security Tips

You’re working hard to make money online with your various online ventures. Do you know who else is working hard to make money online? Hackers!

Ok, that may be an overstatement, they don’t really work that hard. Most are just small time scammers who stumble into big time luck.

Defend Your Money with These 5 Online Security Tips

Don’t be that big time luck. Follow the five online security tips I present here and keep the money you make…yours!

Trust your specialists

A mistake that too many companies make is hiring specialist companies to handle an aspect of their online security, like customer history, credit cards, bank accounts of the business, and other money related data points, only to also store that information themselves.

This type of dual data storage creates a second, and knowing most businesses, weaker entry point for hackers. If you do have some data storage needs that you’re not trusting to a specialist, be sure to keep them offsite on a device that does not connect to the internet.

Encrypt any data that you do store

This follows on the point above. There are many types of storage options, all of them can be encrypted for further protection:

  • Portable disk drive
  • USB
  • SD card
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Laptop

Even if I did not list it here, if it’s digital you can encrypt it. If you’re not giving this to your customers, you’re risking their money just as well as yours.

For your laptop and desktop, follow the links to see how you can encrypt part, or all, of your Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. These are features built into your operating system at no charge – use them and protect your money!


Use VPNs for remote access and offices

If you’re making money online, chances are good that you either have a mobile office, or employees who work remotely. The first VPNs (virtual private networks, an encrypted form of communication over phones and the internet) were set up years ago by large corporations that wanted to keep their confidential information away from prying eyes. These were costly, but did a great job.

VPNs are now available to the smallest of online businesses at an affordable price. You can read more about great VPN providers over on the website I write for, look in my author profile for the link. We review 10 of the best VPN providers, costs vary from $3 – $10 per month. Not bad for secure transactions and communications!

Sign up for a password manager

There are two types of passwords:

  1. The ones which you can remember: they are easy to steal.
  2. The ones that you can’t remember: they are hard to steal.

Why is this? Because passwords that you can remember are often simple and easy for hackers to just guess. You’d be shocked to know how many people still use ‘password’ as their password…

Fortunately, there are tools know as password managers out there. They will help you create strong passwords, that hackers can’t guess, and store them for you. Most will auto fill the passwords as well so all you have to do is click ‘sign in’ and your online accounts will be secure.

Use two step authentication

Two step authentication works by connecting your password with your phone. Once you enable two-step authentication, you will enter your login details as normal. Then a pop up window will come up asking you for a code. This code will be sent to your phone via SMS, you enter that code and you’re good to proceed.

Online businesses will typically find the following websites with two-step authentication valuable:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • GoDaddy
  • HootSuite
  • WordPress
  • Evernote

It isn’t the beginning and ending of online security, but it is an added layer of protection for your most sensitive data, clients, and money.

These online security tips are easy to follow

Making money online is lucrative, so is exploiting those who make it. Stop those hackers who would exploit you by using the online security tips above. Either pick and choose what will work for you best, or do all of them for maximum protection of your money and online assets.

The last two points, and the first one, won’t cost you any additional money. The second point, on encryption programs, may cost you nothing at all, depending on whether or not you buy a separate device to store data. A VPN service will encrypt everything you do online for as little as $3/month!

You don’t need an expensive IT team to protect the money you are making online – just a few dollars and a bit of extra time spent setting up these online security tips!

This Guest Post is written by: Marcus, he is the security and online privacy writer over on the Best VPN Providers blog. He writes about internet security issues, occasionally goes on rants about the government, but usually doesn’t go too far off the rails…usually. If you would like to guest post at RealTimeTricks, check our guest posting guidelines. Photo Credit.

Make Money Online Without Investment – Best 5 Easy Ways

Make Money Online Without Investment. Really? Let’s read further!

Many people earn a considerable financial gain on-line by taking part in on-line surveys, sell affiliate product, marketing on eBay, writing on-line articles for pay, marketing stock photography. For any person, to earn financial gain on-line, he initial has to create an inventory of his skills, abilities, qualifications and interest group. For instance, you’re inquisitive about client service; you’ll work as a client service representative from home. If you’re versatile at making videos then you’ll work with Fame box. Despite no matter you’re inquisitive about, be realistic. Creating cash on-line needs dedication, preservance and toil. You cannot become made nightlong. Here are the 5 straightforward ways in which of constructing cash on-line with none investment.


1. Participate in on-line Surveys

Over the past decade, survey sites have changed their approach towards information assortment. Before once there was no web, survey corporations won’t to send their staff to a specific neighborhood for collection data. But now, with the rise in web usage, on-line surveys have replaced the standard surveys.

In U S, leading corporations pay over $6.7 billion greenbacks per annum on analysis and surveys. a major share of this quantity is devoted for on-line surveys, most of money is distributed to folks that complete the net surveys within the kind of cash rewards or as gifts.

One needn’t have any special abilities for taking part in these surveys. It’s Associate in Nursing open supply for everybody, the user gets obtained the time he spends and therefore the corporations can understand the user higher and his opinions concerning their product and services.

Most of the survey sites ar free for sign language up. Watch out for scam sites that force you to quit your current job once sign language up. Some could even charge you cash for registering. It’s necessary to spot such sites and avoid them. You’ll earn some fast money by sign language up for complimentary survey sites like be a part of Cash Crate, Opinion Outpost and Survey Club.

2. Sell Affiliate product

In affiliate promoting, you’ll begin earning an honest quantity simply by marketing different people’s product. Obtaining started with this type of on-line job is sort of straightforward. All you wish try to is create an agreement with a web businessperson like Once you’ve got finalized the agreement, you’ll begin promoting their product by posting their ads on your web site. You get paid as and once traffic and sales is directed to the retailer’s web site. You get obtained any of those 3 ways- PPC, PPS or PPL.

Signing up for affiliate programs is typically free and a few merchants need you to produce the address of your web site and describe its contents as proof. On what quantity cash you earn from affiliate promoting depends on your efforts. a zealous and diligent person will surely earn a lot of from the program than those that merely sign on and ditch the tasks.

3. Marketing on eBay

Whether your goal is earning some money improvement the litter from your house or building your own little business, eBay provides the chance to sell your stuff to a worldwide audience. EBay isn’t simply an area to sell your recent stuff, if you’ve got the talents to make things folks wish to shop for you may begin your own home-based craft business, marketing to customers worldwide.

Before marketing, confirm you’ve got clear photos and smart description of your product. There are bound products that don’t seem to be allowed to sell on eBay. To avoid violating eBay rules and therefore the law, check eBay’s prohibited product policies to make certain your item is allowed to sell. Communication with bidders and consumers is a vital a part of marketing eBay. EBay conjointly provides you with marketing tools and resources that assist you to manage and alter your marketing activities.

4. Diary for Ad revenue

If you own a diary with a loyal traffic it ought to be straightforward for you to leverage your readers into currency. Ad Sense may be a terribly easy and tested website that already pays for thousands of blogs/websites across the globe. Also, Ad Sense is owned by Google that not solely makes it reliable however conjointly trustworthy. Once you’ve got created cash from Google, you’ll truly trust them to pay it to you.

Finally, as a result of the ads is associated with the content of your diary, your guests would in all probability clicks on them. All you wish to try to is sign on with Google Ad Sense and follow their tips on a way to place their ads. As and once a user clicks on a billboard link, Google records the clicking and pays you for it.

5. Sell stock Photography

Anyone with a good camera and creative skills necessary to compose and deliver quality pictures will attempt to sell their photography. Since stock photos are typically employed in medium, pictures should be of excellent clarity to be made in print. Quality pictures that include festivals, sporting events, teams of individuals and seasonal themes are in nice demand. Once you’ve got collected the photos, you’ll sell them to on-line micro stock agencies like Dreamtime, Shutter stock and iStockphoto. You receive a commission every time your photos are commissioned by a vendee.

This Guest Post is written by: Alia is a writer, social media junkie and technology enthusiast. She likes reading and writing on social media, digital trends and works for Reputation Management. If you would like to guest post at RealTimeTricks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Five Amazing Tips to Earn Money Online

In order to easily earn money online you have to work on strategies established before. There are a lot of ways by which you can earn money, but article marketing is well established and easy from all of them. There are some tips on which you can work easily and efficiently which will help you to earn huge income online.

Write Interesting and Popular Articles

Make interesting and most searched articles and make sure that the topic on which you are making is popular and searched by maximum viewers. If your articles will be read by visitors, it will create traffic on any website to your resource box.

Articles on Popular Topics

The best thing you have to do is to find such contents for article that readers most probably find for or headline or hot topic of that certain day. You can easily manage it from any web article based site or online debates.

In order to write a good article you have to think like a reader. Your mind automatically directs you towards the thing reader most probably finds in the article. This method will lead you to be a good writer and teach you that how anybody can amazingly earn money online.

Make Well Designed Resource Box

If you are unaware of it, you can take advice from expert author sections. Your articles can help many readers and they can find many products which you are promoting. You can also hyperlink the keywords of your subjects which will help the reader to search your article easily and it will increase your rank at search engines.

Increasing traffic for your articles is your ultimate goal which will surely increase your earning. And the only way to get this income is to make good and interesting articles.

Make Your Articles Simple

Don’t overdo on your article, make it as simple as possible. It will nullify mistakes as well make your article interesting. Try to focus on primary theme, don’t elaborate much. This will help you to make effective article. Readers will like it and click more to your page.

Earn Money Online on Multiple Niches

Try to take advantage of the hot topic by writing multiple niches. This will make your article creative from others. The only thing you have to keep in your mind is to write these in a simple manner.

earn money online

You can have plenty of jobs to do online from various online sources and many of them offer you amazing income. Start up with your swipe file. Collect the information of all time of the hot topics that you can use on your upcoming articles. This will help you to establish your image as a professional writer and guarantee that you are going to make more articles online.

And most importantly you are earning an amazing wages for the same. Hence, use the above tips which will make your earning easy through online jobs. Surely, it will be amazing as well as fun when you do it rather than reading.

Summary: The above tips will surely help you out making you earn money online.

This Guest Post is written by: Liza John is an IT professional from Test4prep.Are you really Looking for this test4prep assistance? Move ahead to take the benefit of comptia-certifications and pass your exam easily. If you would like to guest post at RealTimeTricks, check our guest posting guidelines. PHOTO!

How To: Use Google Adsense to Generate Revenue

AdSense is one of the most powerful PPC (Pay-Per-Click) programs available on the Internet. Adding Google AdSense to a blog is very simple, and it can easily generate profits, even for a small blog with less than 100 visitors a day. While it is simple, there are some powerful ways to use AdSense that will optimize it for your blog.


When you go to the AdSense website you will find there are many different modules and it can become overwhelming. First, start by customizing your AdSense ads. You can change the color of the links, the ad box itself and how the box looks. Many marketers have found that making the AdSense text the same color as your links, typically blue, is the best way to attract user attention. This is because users look at the blue as a clickable color, since blue commonly signifies a link.

However, some marketers say to use a color that clashes the website, so that users will be drawn to the ads. For example, if the website is blue, make the text red. This method has worked well for some, and has been disastrous for others.


AdSense allows you to show text ads, image banners or both. Banners have a stigma of being purposely ignored and not clicked, but they tend to offer more money per click. While this comes down to experimentation, most marketers agree that using text ads exclusively is the best. By using text ads, you actually get two or three advertisers per advertising block, increasing the chance that a user will find something he or she is interested in.

Google only allows a maximum of three ad blocks per website, and you should never go above this amount. While three blocks are the maximum, using one or two blocks has been a successful strategy for some people. When three blocks are used, Google may have to struggle to find ads that work with your blog post, but if there are just one or two, then ads will almost always be relevant.


Positioning the ads around your blog is also important. You don’t want to throw three ad blocks at the top of your blog, because this looks unattractive and makes very little use of your blog space. Instead, place the blocks at hotspots. Where do your eyes go immediately when you look at your blog? Most of these spots are in the header, at the top of a post, in the middle of a post, towards the left or right side, or at the very bottom. The most common are the header, top of post, and side of blog.

When you write a blog post, AdSense contextually understands what the post is about and makes relevant ads, so you don’t need to worry about getting ads that are about your blog’s niche.

After the initial setup, the best way to make money with AdSense is just to write good content. You cannot tell people to click the ads, this is against Google’s TOS. However, if you have good content, this will attract traffic to your blog, and you will typically get several clicks per every 1,000 visitors.


Author – Michael is an expert in online marketing and monetizing websites through optimization of Google Adsense campaigns and targeting. Combined with targeted Google Adwords management website owners can deliver traffic at a lower cost than the revenue they receive through Adsense, making this an effective method to grow your online business.

Make More Money by Cloaking Your Page Links Effectively

The internet today has become a wide and reliable source for selling and buying products. The internet industry that has developed it’s presence is full of competitors who are entangled with each other for a cut-throat competition to get the maximum number of visitors and a higher amount of revenue. They try and market themselves in any way possible, from social networks to deep linking SEO, so that they can gather maximum importance in search engines.

One keen practice that these internet marketers make use of these days is known as link cloaking. The word “cloaking” itself means dressing up or hiding. Therefore link cloaking refers to indirectly hiding or depicting a link of any website or your own webpage such that the search engine spiders or even users for instance do not realize its genuine source. This practice is really helpful for those who wish to have more visibility of their site content and products rather than just cling on to their domain names.

Make More Money by Cloaking Your Page Links Effectively

Affiliate businesses are the ones who reap the maximum benefits and consider cloaking a blissful technique. This is because for an affiliate, its site is not usually claiming to own the products that it displays or promotes throughout the internet. On affiliate sites you would often find links that point directly to their client’s domain. Once a person visits the affiliate site and intentionally clicks on the links to make a purchase he is taken to an alien site which also has a different and usually easy to remember domain.

This makes the visitor understand that the previous site was one developed by an affiliate webmaster and there was no need in visiting his site to make a purchase later or the next time it was to place an order.

However a smart affiliate would usually practice link cloaking to cover the genuine site he is supposed to redirect the visitor to make a sale. With cloaking, even the visitor may not feel alienated and would usually remember the affiliate’s site as to make a purchase either the next time or make another purchase.

Reasons Why You Should Cloak Your Links

Reasons Why You Should Cloak Your LinksMany affiliates who manage such sites to earn through commissions usually are not fully aware on coding and scripting of the site. Therefore those whose sites are not secured are prey of getting them stolen or hijacked through these expert webmasters who identify these people as being affiliates. Link cloaking fools them to think that the products appear on the same site rather than any other.

Many visitors these days are getting smarter and want stuff to be easier for them. If they saw links that were long, ugly and a bit complicated on your site they would rather not visit them next time. Cloaking your links may not only make them friendlier to the eye but also make it more search engine friendly by adding a little keywords in the new link you prepared for a page.


Author – Thomas Alling runs a blog where he writes about article marketing and search engine optimization. On his blog, you will also find posts on the popular topic “make money online“. In addition to this, Mr Alling writes unbiased reviews in the ‘make money surveys‘ niche.

Tips to Make Money Online

In the recent economic depression, a 9 to 5 job does no more suffice an individual to bear the cost of the expenses. Hence, they all wish to indulge themselves in earning some extra cash so that they can manage their finances. In this regard, making money online is one of the best and easiest ways to earn a good amount. Making money online may seem like a far off dream but now with the development of technologies, this possibility can become a reality in just a few steps.

Tips to Make Money Online

  1. You can earn a good amount by filing out simple surveys online but beware of frauds like speakasiaonline. This can be fun as well as a lucrative way to earn some extra cash. For this you just need to sign up with some right survey companies and all you need to do is to check your mail and pick the best surveys.

  1. If you are interested in trading you can begin to earn money online by selling goods. It is easy to get started with eBay. After you sign up for your free account decide about the product that you want to sell online. As a beginner you can start off by selling your personal goods that you do not use any more. Later on you can buy some stock, and resell them on eBay.

  1. If you have flair writing skill you can start thinking about, make money online at home by writing articles for various websites. The first and foremost thing people look for online is information, so you can provide information online, and earn some extra cash.

  1. Making money with a website is not only a legitimate way but also requires a very minimum investment. You can make money on website from say affiliate marketing, blogging, selling goods to even running advertising on your site.

  1. Another interesting way to make money online is affiliate marketing. This is a marketing program where you promote the product or services online, and acquire a certain percentage of profit on the sold product.

  1. You can also earn money by doing a data entry job. In this kind of job you are paid for typing up documents and entering numbers into a spreadsheet mostly for billing purposes.

  1. Transcribing is another opportunity to make money online. Here you need to type up medical reports, video information as well as audio. For this kind of job you only need to be familiar with certain terms, and need to have a good typing speed.

In conclusion, these are some of the legitimate and lucrative ways to earn money online with which you can eliminate your financial woes.