How safe is Your Facebook Profile Photo?

How safe is Your Facebook Profile Photo?

Do you think publishing photos on Facebook under ‘only me’ or ‘only friends’ keeps your personal photos safe from strangers?

If you really think doing this makes your Facebook profile photo safe at Facebook then you are absolutely wrong. Maybe it’s a loophole or maybe Facebook know this, whatever it is, your photos can easily be copied in its original size you uploaded.

Who Can See Your Facebook Profile Photo?

When you upload your photo on Facebook by default it is set as public means anyone having Facebook account can access your photo in its original size. But this is something you don’t want it. Few want their Facebook profile photo to appear only to their friends, few set it for custom list, while others make it public. If you set your profile photos as public then this is something you shouldn’t be worry about but if you want your Facebook profile photo safe then this is something for you.

A random profile

The above screenshot is of a random profile I got while searching out of someone else… However I’m tying this tweak with a public figure so that no one has any personal issues related with their Facebook photos.

How to View anyone’s LOCKED Facebook Profile Photo?

Just need to do some tweak and you can view/download anyone’s Facebook profile photo in its original size it was uploaded.

Just open anyone’s Facebook profile by entering their Facebook username or access through Facebook search. Here I’m using Zareen Khan verified profile.


Once you are on their Facebook profile. Right click on their Facebook profile photo and click as ‘Copy image URL’ as shown in the below screenshot.


Now open a new tab in your browser and paste the link you have copied in the previous step.


Now find this code in the URL and delete it (click the image to see in large size). You will see photo in its original size once you delete the highlighted code as mentioned in the screenshot.


Here is it how it looks once you remove that code from URL.


Conclusion: I don’t want people to use this tweak to download/hack others Facebook profile photo but want Facebook to fix this error so others may not face any such issues in future. People should not afraid posting their photos on Facebook. I have few female friends, they just don’t want to upload their real photos on Facebook as they are afraid, if they upload their photos someone from other side will copy it. I’m sure if they read this, they surely not going to trust Facebook again.

Tips: Till Facebook fix it, you can reduce your profile photo from whatever size it is to 160x160px before you upload so that if someone tweaks it, it doesn’t appear in full size. In fact it will appear in 160x160px which is like security from hackers. Lets see if this seek attention of Mark & keep our Facebook profile photo safe.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

Facebook messenger for windows phone is available for its user from today you can now directly download it from store to experience it on your windows phone right away. It will be great experience for those who love spending time on Facebook chat with their friends or loving one as this app has some feature you won’t get in by opening Facebook through official apps or Internet Explorer.


What makes it different from built-in messenger under their official apps or using through Internet Explorer is; I would say the looks, this Facebook messenger they have launched for windows phone comes with gorgeous look that can’t be explained through words you need to experience it on your own. Other than that, Facebook messenger will give you stickers, images and features like:

  • – Get to all your messages without having to open Facebook.
  • – Bring your conversations to life with stickers and send photos privately.
  • – Have group conversations and make plans on the go.
  • – Share your location so people know when you’re nearby.
  • – Know when people have seen your messages.
  • – See who’s using Messenger and who’s active on Facebook.
  • – Stay logged in so you never miss a message.
  • – Turn off notifications when you’re working, sleeping or just need a break.
  • – Never lose your conversation history or contacts.


To get a better experience of it it is adviced to turn off Facebook chat within the built-in Windows Phone messaging for duplicate notifications. Go to Messaging > settings and then turn off Facebook chat. Also do it on official app of Facebook. Go to setting icon on left of the app>settings>notifications>uncheck message, to have a great experience.

Download it from windows store now and, let us know your experience in comments!

Facebook Graph Search and Online Business

What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook’s release of Graph Search is giving new power to the little blue thumb ups. Now page likes will actually have clout and affect the way our search results are filtered in this social medium. Much the way Google filters results of registered users by reviews of friends and user trends, Facebook Graph search is centered on the “Like.” The more your friends like a page, the more likely you’ll see it pop up in search results for a term.

How will it Affect Search?

This means keyword and consumer research for online businesses will also take a different course. In traditional SEO, keyword research paves the way for improving ranking results, articles and press outreach help, too. If your small business already has followers, you’re in luck because you can use this as the base for your market research. If you’re new to social media, you’ll have to start by developing that follower base, first. If you have that existing base of loyal followers, here are some steps you can take to making Facebook Graph Search work for you.


Facebook Graph Search for Online Business

Learn about your existing followers; visit their profiles, observe their other page likes, find out about potential competitors and alternative interests. Note trends and compile a list that you can use in the future for advertising.

Think about who you want to reach and why you might not have already. Do your followers meet your expectations? How can you continue to improve your social network with relevant followers who will actually buy your product or use your service? This is a good time to assess your existing social media strategy and make sure you’re not just going after likes for the sake of volume, but getting quality thumbs up!

Research your competitors. Don’t just research competitors you may feel are your competitors, but look through your network’s profiles for potential competitors and research them. How are they growing their network?


If you’ve spent earnest time building up Facebook followers using true communication, not just driving likes through giveaways, congratulations, you’ve already done most of the legwork.

Now the question is: Will it float? No, seriously, is all the legwork going to really affect your online business’ appearance in search? Will Facebook Graph search really take off?

If the essence of Facebook Graph search (providing results based on pictures and company pages that exist within your social network ) were to permeate all search, it could mean a major shift in the way online business markets their wares – it would bring human relationships back into the equation. It’s the equivalent of going to a doctor or buying from a particular online retailer because your neighbor told you, not help.

While this is all at once fascinating and worrying, online marketers suspect it will take time before Facebook Graph search gets traction outside of the social media platform. Besides, Google will have an antithesis to Graph search. Oh wait, they did.

This article is written by: Calvin Yu, who is a self-proclaimed nerd who geeks-out over office supplies. His passion for economical and hassle free office supplies inspired him to start

Facebook New Privacy Settings: Much Easier with Shortcuts

Facebook new privacy settings – are now much easier than ever before, with shortcut to privacy settings, Facebook has given their users a new, simple and easy to choose setting menus. Placing an icon at top right of your profile, makes it easier to check, what control you have on your social media profile – Facebook.

Today, when you land on your Facebook profile –, you will see this facebook-new-privacy-settings-icon icon added, that brings three options when pressed.

  • Who can see my stuff?
  • Who can contact me?
  • How do I stop someone from bothering me?

In this article we are going to review these three options with few more updates that Facebook recently did in Facebook new privacy settings. Basically, these three options have been placed into a single icon at top of Facebook profile is I think just to let users aware of the new settings.

Facebook New Privacy Settings: Privacy Shortcuts

When you click on the icon positioned in between the ‘home’ and ‘settings’ you will get various options to control your privacy on Facebook.


Just like, “View As” inside “Who can see my stuff” I don’t know if you people know that this option in Facebook helps users to see what other people see on your timeline. For instance, if you have made some part of your profile info visible for few and hidden for many then this option helps you check how your facebook profile appear to others. Before, this option was inside privacy settings and was not easily visible to users.

Now this is what Facebook have actually updated in Facebook new privacy settings – you can now filter messages that are been sent to your Inbox.

  • Basic Filtering – if you wish to get messages from friends and friends of friends.
  • Strict Filtering – if you chose this you will not get messages from people you are not friend with.

There are few disturbing people on everyone’s Facebook account. If you too have disturbing people in your friend list who tags you everywhere, disturbs you every time, and are not worth to keep in your friend list then you can now easily block them from – privacy shortcuts “How do I stop someone from bothering me” option. Before, this option was inside privacy settings and was not easily visible to users.

Privacy Settings and Tools

One link at the bottom of the Privacy Shortcuts “See More Settings” will leads to the privacy settings and tools menu which lays things out clearly. Here you will find option to prevent search engines from linking to a Timeline is included along with “Timeline and Tagging Settings” option to simplify and control your stuff.


Activity log

The most required change they have done in this update is the log that displays almost everything you’ve done on Facebook — tagged photos.


This will help you sort your history, say, you are tagged in multiple photos but aren’t aware of, this new layout will help you show all these photos and tags. You can untag yourself from bunch of photos at once, also, delete multiple status updates.

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Disable Facebook Unless You Have Notifications to Check

Today hundred thousands of people working online, from kids to teenagers, from grownup kids to old people, everyone is involved in an online business, doing their own stuff online one thing is common between every age group is social network – Facebook. Doesn’t matter you are a kid or you have kids everyone is on Facebook. It is good to be in touch with friends & family being online on Facebook but it becomes really disturbing when you are at work or working from the same browser that has Facebook opened. I don’t know about you but for me as a Graphic Designer it distract from work and same for many freelance writer.

In that case, the only help you can do of yourself is to control you from using Facebook while working or install any blocking social networking extension on your browser to block FB permanently. Or, you can do a little better, use Facebook Nanny on your browser chrome to disable Facebook unless you have notifications to check or chat that you wanted to read.


Facebook Nanny – Disable Facebook

While other extensions just block your access completely, Facebook Nanny just removes the distraction from Facebook while still allows you to communicate with the world freely. And that’s what makes this extension better than other available extensions on net. It doesn’t allow you to waste your valuable time, and so it helps you keep away from Facebook. Whenever you visit Facebook it gives you only one minute to check each notification and 15 seconds when you don’t have any notifications. For instance, you visit Facebook and you have no notification to check Facebook Nanny automatically detects that you are going to waste time so it gives only 15 seconds to you to stay. This way it helps!

Also Read: Check How Your Facebook Profile Appear To Others


So all you need to do is installed this extension once on your browser chrome and forget that you owe a Facebook account unless you have a notification to check. As I mentioned earlier, Facebook Nanny don’t disable Facebook completely you still can access your Facebook Profile or Messages by clicking into the given option. This extension just keeps you away from your Facebook feed.

  1. Gives you one minute to check each notification. And if you don’t have notifications you only get 15 seconds.
  2. You could not access to Facebook until you receive another notification.
  3. You still are allowed to access messages and your profile at any time, so you can still update status and can chat with your friends.

Another good thing about Facebook Nanny is it does not allow you to change the amount of time you’re allowed to spend on Facebook. That means you can’t take break from work. If you find yourself being distracted by Facebook then this little extension is worth a help.

Download and install this extension by Clicking up here.

You can do more with its new version.

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Go Offline With Facebook Advanced Chat Settings

I already have written a post on – Go offline for few while chatting with selective friends with the help of lists feature, but with this feature you have to prepare a list first and then with that list you can put yourself online or offline for selective number of people listed on your list, but with Facebook advanced chat settings you can put yourself offline for an individual just by typing his/her name. I’ll tell you how!

Whenever it comes to security Facebook provides their users a better experience online than any other social networking websites and this is what makes Facebook popular.

In this article I’ll tell you everything about Facebook advanced chat settings and also their steps to follow. Just read and follow the steps mention below.

facebook advanced chat settings

Every Thing About Facebook Advanced Chat Settings

With Facebook advance chat setting,

  • You can turn chats on for just a few friends
  • You can turn chats off for everyone
  • You can make yourself unavailable for video calling
  • You can turn chats on or off for friend lists
  • And you can quickly turn off chat for one friend.

To use the above features you first need to get into Facebook advanced chat settings and to get into the settings follow the below steps.

  1. Click the gear menu in the chat sidebar
  2. And select Advanced Settings
  3. After clicking Advance Setting one pop up window will appear on your screen with three options exactly like the first Screenshot.

facebook advanced chat settings

  • If you use Turn on chat for all friends except… you will make yourself available for everyone (your friends) except the name or list you put into the given box. This option helps you go offline for few individuals.

 facebook advanced chat settings

  • If you use Turn on chat for only some friends… you will make yourself unavailable for everyone (your friends) except the name or list you put into the given box. This option helps you go online for few individuals.

 facebook advanced chat settings

  • And if you use Turn off chat… this option will help you go offline for everyone.

facebook advanced chat settings

Note: When chat is off, messages from friends go to your inbox for you to read later.

How do I make myself unavailable for video calling?

It also works same, like when you are available for chat, you are also available for video calling. You should keep this in mind that only confirmed friends can call you on Facebook, and you always have the option to ignore any call you receive. To control who sees you online, follow the above mentioned steps in Facebook Advanced Chat Settings.

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Now Set Privacy over Each Profile Picture on Facebook Manually

Facebook recently have updated its privacy settings for Profile Pictures, Wall Photos or Mobile Uploads. Now you can set the privacy over each profile picture you upload in your Facebook account means you got more control over your Facebook pictures. However, you can only control the privacy over Facebook profile pictures, wall photos or mobile uploads rest all the albums in your account doesn’t have the ability to control privacy settings of each photo.

Just few minutes back a popup message from Facebook came to my attention when I was updating my profile picture. It says:

Remember: your current profile picture is always public. Now, when the photo gets added to your profile pictures album its set to public – and you can change who sees it.

profile picture on facebook

The Use of Privacy over Each Profile Picture

Let me explain what exactly happens when you create a new profile picture.

The photo you upload gets added to your profile which appears in your timeline and also appears in your Profile Pictures album. It shows in a thumbnail version next to your name on Facebook and a thumbnail version of your current profile picture will always be public as you can see it appears next to your updates – posts and comments on Facebook.

How You Can Set Privacy over Each Profile Picture on Facebook

The way to set privacy settings of photos you’ve just uploaded in these albums, or the photos you’ve already in these albums. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your profile, go to the Photos section.

profile picture on facebook

Step 2: Select the album, open it, pick the photo you want to edit (right click to open in new window), once the photo gets open, click on the drop down icon below to choose who you want to share your photo with.

Note that when you upload a new photo in your Facebook account as a profile picture it will shared publicly by default. You can either left it as public or you can set privacy of your profile picture manually.

I have seen few people on Facebook who have done this mistake and their profile pictures are can be seen and download by those who they won’t allow to.

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How To: Delete All Messages in Facebook Instantly

Have you ever had thought of how I’ll delete all messages in Facebook, is there a way I can do that quickly without wasting loads of time doing manually? If not then you might not have yet came to a situation where you required deleting all messages you have stored in Facebook.

Many of us have scratched their heads saying, how helpful it would have been if Facebook have added delete all messages in one click button. But unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t yet added this button so to do that we can take helpful of this chrome extension – Facebook Fast Delete Messages.

How Facebook Fast Delete Messages Extension Works

Use the above link to install Facebook Fast Delete Messages extension for chrome. Once this little chrome extension gets installed you will see it in this way on your screen:

 delete all messages in facebook

As I have already written Facebook does not give us delete all messages in one click button. And to delete messages we have to do it individually – one by one, But now as you can see this little extension has added a button in Facebook messages page that delete Facebook messages quickly in a single click.

Now, as you can see this extension has added a Delete All button at the top of the Facebook messages page. Clicking on that button you can clear all the messages you have in your inbox deleted forever (remember it won’t ask you for any confirmation so beware clicking), including that, you can also do it individually by clicking on the red-crossed button which have also been came with that little extension without leaving the page.

Everything about this extension is good except the confirmation message they should have added in Delete All button. If someone wishes to check the extension to write a review on it, he’ll get his entire conversation delete in an eye-blink.

I would recommend my readers to use this chrome extension to save sometime out. Do share your views in comments.

Get this extension here – Facebook Fast Delete Messages.

Update: Facebook has now update Facebook Messages system. This extension is no more working with new layout.

How To: Find Out When Friends Unfriend You on Facebook

Facebook do notify you when someone accept your friend request and get added in your friend list through notification but they never send notification when friends unfriend you on Facebook. This happens because of the two reasons either the person has deleted their Facebook account (Deleting facebook account cause facebook automatically unfriend that person from the list) or the person has unfriend you purposely/mistakenly.

There are many apps available on web to check, like or but I’ll talk about a simple script that works with every browser, like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Using this script you can keep track of when friends unfriend you on facebook as well as your friend requests.

Unfriend Finder for Facebook

Without being worried you can install this script on your browser. I have tested it on mine and it works perfectly. Here I tell you how it works.

Step 1) Go to the Unfriend Finder and install the script for your browser. It will automatically get install if you are on Chrome but if you are using Firefox, you will have to install Greasemonkey add-on first.

Step 2) Now when it is added on your browser it will add two new features – “Unfriend” inside your facebook account, one at the top right corner of facebook and one on left side under favorites list.

Step 3) Now when someone unfriend you, you will get notify through notification also Unfriend Feature will blink exactly like notification.

Step 5) When you click on Unfriend Feature comes under favorites left side it will come up with 3 options “Pending Requests”, “Settings”, and “Messages”.

Step 6) Clicking on unfriend shows you the list of people – who have deactivated their profile, who have unfriend you, and you’re pending requests.

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