Check How Your Facebook Profile Appear To Others

Do you really care about your privacy on facebook?

You made every setting enable to keep you secure on social networking site but have you checked each and every person’s view?

People keep on adding friends on facebook including, friends they know, friends they don’t know, etc. But when they heard about others who have faced being scam on facebook. They started searching for settings available on facebook to secure their content from others including, wall posts, photos, links, videos, information, etc.

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

But sometimes situation occurs when people don’t want to disable every friend’s views on their profile but to disable few friends they have on their facebook profile cause confusion regarding who can view how much part of your profile for instance you hide your pictures and wall posts from ‘A’ and only wall posts from ‘B’ but you are not sure about the settings and wanted to see yourself the views ‘A’ and ‘B’ are having on your profile, this tips will help you work.

Preview how your profile appears to a specific person

If you are done with all your privacy settings (I don’t go deep telling how to disable few friends from viewing your pictures, wall posts, videos, etc as you know well how to do it) and wanted to preview how your profile appears to a specific person. Go to your ‘Account’ then ‘Privacy Settings’.

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

Then click – ‘View Settings

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

It will take you to the page where you can set your name, profile picture, gender and networks to be are visible to everyone (your choice). Here click on ‘Preview My Profile’ button.

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

This step will take you to your profile page where you can see your profile from none friend eyes. Here on the top you will find a box – go on writing the name of friends whom you have made disable to view your content (wall posts, photos, information, etc).

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

Its like seeing from others eyes, isn’t? Let me know if you find this helpful.

How To: Add Facebook New Send Button

A year ago, facebook launched their Like button which helps you share things you find on internet with all your friends available on facebook but this time they have launched a new Send Button which allows you to instantly send any web page directly to selected friends, groups, or into someone’s inbox.

How Facebook Send Button Works

Suppose you’re on something over internet which you want to tell best friends or selected people over social networks, there facebook Send Button will help you sending the entire content to one’s inbox privately without making public on internet. The message will include a link to the URL specified in the send button, along with a title, image, and short description of the link. You can specify what is shown for the title, image, and description by using Open Graph meta tags.

How To Add Facebook Send Button on Your WordPress Blog

You just don’t need to do anything with the code FB developer provides. Just copy the below code and follow the steps i provide. Thanks to mostviralmedia.

  • Open your Dashboard and go to Appearance then click on Editor.
  • Now on right side search for Single Post (single.php).
  • Search the above code and paste just below to the first code you copied.
  • You’ll find  2 highlighted things on that code. The Red number 123456 must be replaced to your pages application id. And another number Red the key element of this code. Notice how for the href= reference it’s actually the WordPress PHP code for the content loop.
  • Done!

How To: Customize your Facebook New Profile Page?

Few weeks ago facebook launched their new profile page and at that time most of us have hated it (including me) but now after seeing few, who have customized their facebook in such a way that all are eager to know how they have done it.
Click To Enlarge

I’ll tell you how you too can make your facebook profile like Alexandre Oudin and Jung Bahadur Rana(you seen above). The layout of your facebook new profile page has pieces of 6 images (including 1 main profile picture and 5 pictures of me) to give you a creative design. Therefore you need 6 pieces of 1 image in which one large piece will be your main picture and other 5 small pieces will come up in the thumbnail region.

There are two ways to do that, first to use PS (photoshop) to slice your photograph into 6 pieces or visit picscatter to make it automatically. There you need to upload your 700x540px photograph to get a best result. Once you’re satisfied with all your pieces of image press “download picture“ button to get all pieces in a RAR file. Later, extract your RAR folder and upload all 6 images to your facebook photo album and then tag them. Remember tagging in right order is very much important.

Start tagging from left and end it with right, remember you need to tag in such a way that the left large main profile picture gets tag at last.

2 Easy Steps to Download Facebook Photo Album

Have you tired of downloading images manually from your friends’ facebook album? i’m sure you did but surely it made you sick downloading one pic a time. How about downloading full album in a click?

Introducing, FacePAD (Facebook Photo Album Downloader) allows you to download your friends’ entire Facebook albums with a click of a button.

How to Download Complete Facebook Album

  • 1 – Open Mozilla Firefox and download Facebook Photo Album Downloader using this link. For instant, Tools>Addons=Search Facebook Photo Album Downloader.
  • 2 – Now open the Album you want to download in facebook and using right click select “Download Album with FacePAD”. You’ll be asked to select place to save files in your computer, after choosing a desired place you’re download will start.

Download Facebook Video with a Single Click

Lots of other ways are available today to download YouTube videos but to download facebook videos is still a tough job for every newbie. Today I’ll tell you how to install this add-on that allows facebook users to share personal videos with their friends outside of facebook. Facebook has stated in its Video FAQ that “Users will not be able to export or download videos from Facebook.” This adds features that Facebook refuses to implement.

Remember – This is only for teaching purpose. But if you try to misuse of it then I’m not responsible for any of your action. Better you read facebook terms and condition.

# Firefox Add-on to Add Link Option below Videos (Facebook Video)

After installing this add-on in your browser the download, convert video, and customize code links are automatically added to facebook video pages in an unobtrusive way. Also a box containing the embed code for the video is provided, along with a public link to the video at the bottom of the page.


You’ll get all direct links to the video file. The convert link leads to where a user can convert the video to several formats and receive a link in an email to download the converted version.

The customize code link opens a dialog to change the resolution of the embed code. Once the user selects “Update” the embed code in the box is changed to reflect the users preferences and the video will also be replaced so that they can view the immediate result of their changes. All links will appear on video pages to the right of the video.

Facebook Set a Limit of Friends

Facebook has now set a limit on sending friend request to their users so now if you are thinking that you can make thousands of friends using your Facebook profile then let me inform you that this may cause profile block. According to Facebook they have put such restriction for “back-end” technical reasons.

If you’re in Facebook only to promote your business by adding thousands of friends in your profile, then from now you’ll shocked to know that adding friends in Facebook profile is now limited. Facebook has made a limit of 5000 friends in one person profile. Site has put restriction upon user profile, though you still can create groups or fan pages (most famous to promote your business).

Random – Make Private Scraps in Orkut

Those who are in just because of their friends, family, girlfriends, etc thinks why people want to add thousands of friend under their profile, what about privacy then? Then let me clear you they doesn’t need any privacy or any social contacts, they are in just too popular their business, they are to promote their business In front of thousands.

According to spokeswoman Meredith Chin, of facebook, only “a fraction of a percent” of the site’s 400 million global users has topped the limit, making the few that do have 5,000 pals a new, albeit strange, and sort of elite.

Make friends but in limit, enjoy using facebook.