Make Private Scraps in Orkut

Do you afraid making scraps in your girl friends scrap book on orkut that others can may also see, or you want to send personal info like mobile number to someone special whom you only want to share personally? Then from this one is for you.

Orkut is now making many changes for their user’s safety & privacy like facebookdo. Few weeks ago they made some changes in their scrap but now they have come up with an interesting but quite useful service which will be helpful for millions of orkut user’s who are still waiting for these kind of privacy.

From now you can make private scraps from your new orkut profile means if you want to write that scrap will remain visible only to you and the person receiving the scrap. It will help you make scraps secretly. Just you need to do after writing your scrap is select ‘Private’ from that dropdown option box and press ‘Post’ button. Default it is public so you no need to worry of making normal scraps. You can also check there privacy policy.

Enjoy making private scraps, enjoy orkutting!