How to Use New Twitter Design Effectively

Twitter began rolling out a new redesign for their social media platform to beta testers several months ago. This new feature has now been given to everyone, should they choose to accept it. Eventually we are all going to have to use it, so let’s make the best of this new Twitter design.

How to Use the New Twitter Design

The new Twitter redesign focuses on highlighting your best content, and dividing it up into more categories. Think of the highlighting aspect as a ‘sticky’ thread in a forum. These are the new ‘pinned tweets,’ not to be confused with the ‘pins’ of Pinterest! These pinned tweets stay at the top of your feed for as long as you want.

The new header images are also designed to feature your one great piece of (visual) content.

Twitter header photos are similar to Facebook pages header photos

The new header photos are now eerily similar to Facebook. While this is a bit disappointing, due to it being terribly unoriginal, it does give us the chance to learn from our past and current Facebook profile pictures. You can even use your Facebook profile as your new Twitter header if you’re pressed for time. Or lazy. The photo below shows Mashable using the new Twitter header:


If you don’t have anything to draw from, here are a few ideas for your Twitter header image:

  • Run a contest that gets your fans taking photos of your products, or anything else that’s related to your business, and use them in a collage.
  • Get everyone in the office together to give your fans a ‘behind the scenes’ photo. Or show your fun side and have everyone dress up as character from a popular TV show. The Office seems appropriate…
  • If you want to use photos of your products and services, be sure that they’re unique to the Twitter header and interesting enough to get someone to look twice.

The same old marketing techniques will not cut it in today’s online world; the same static marketing photos will also not work. See that Mashable header up there? It’s distinctive with their blue, currently relevant with Obama making an appearance, and FUN!

Use pinned tweets to drive emotion

Your pinned tweets are the written equivalent of your header image. They need to have immediate emotional impact. Consider pinning tweets that:

  • Contain a fast approaching event
  • Have exciting announcements in them like new product, new locations opening, contest winners
  • Popular tweets that were shared, retweeted or favorited often
  • Any kind of tweet that can acts as a summary of your brand message

Each one of these should have this in common: they create emotions amongst your followers.


Mashable has a fun example above about an impending event, the Gay Pride Parade. There are bright, eye catching colors, photos that show some history, and ahndy #Hashtag to connect it to other people discussing #Pride2014.

Use your @-replies wisely

The new redesign also has the goal of organizing conversations better. That’s difficult given the nature of Twitter. What they have done is take any tweet that starts with an @-reply and considered it part of a bigger conversation. It will now not appear in your main feed, only in that specific conversation.

Here’s an example of a tweet that won’t go into your main feed:


Write it like this to get around this feature:


The three types of tweets you can view

Twitter’s new design is all about helping you make more sense of many tweets, just like how their recent analytics upgrade helped you make more sense of your data. Another way that they’re dividing up conversations is by content. You can now view tweets by:

  • Tweets with replies
  • Tweets with nothing attached
  • Tweets with photos and videos

The new Twitter design sets your updates to automatically show tweets with nothing attached, and filters out @-replies, as I demonstrated above.

You can choose to view tweets with photos or replies in their specific new tabs, another aspect of how Twitter is trying to organize your conversations for you a little better with their latest new design.

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Social Media Club: Best Way to Get More Retweets

Tweeting your post on twitter is the best way to generate loyal readers to your blog, this not only gives you readers but also tend them to become your follower on twitter. Now when just a tweet makes this much to you then how much a single retweet will going to make? And what with hundreds retweet? No doubt Retweets gives free traffic to sites but how to get more Retweets? What is the best way to get more Retweets?

Here I’ll tell you about a club – Social Media Club or SocialMedClub designed and run by Daniel Scocco (No further introduction required for this personality) that works on a website. The system of this club is pretty simple, members retweet others content to generate points (1 retweet = 1 point) in order to gain 10 points to be eligible to post their tweet so that others retweet it and cycle goes on.

This makes the system pretty fair, because members who didn’t share the content of other members wouldn’t earn points and wouldn’t be able to post their requests. So to earn points members has to retweet others content.

Here I Tell You How Social Med Club Works

  1. Inside the Members area you’ll find a Message Board with tweets posted on the board to get retweet by other members.
  2. Every time when you retweet those tweets you’ll earn 1 point.
  3. When your point counts 10 you will be able to spend those points by adding your own Content/page to the Message Board, so that other members can share it for you. And the cycle goes on.

Link to – Social Med Club

This way you will generate traffic to your blogs as members will share your tweets with their followers and the chances of getting more Retweets by their followers will increase. Also you will get loyal followers on twitter. Before you start please ensure that have read the rules:

Rules of The Club

  • The system is simple: you retweet to earn points, and once you reach enough points you can submit your own tweet for others to share. This ensures participation will be fair for all members.
  • The number of points required to post a request will increase over time, as the club gets bigger.
  • Only submit requests for quality content in English. The rule of thumb is the following: would other people naturally want to retweet? If the answer is “Yes”, then go ahead and submit. If the answer is “No” or “Not sure”, then don’t submit.
  • Tweets regarding selling a product or promoting affiliate links and affiliate offers are not allowed. The rule of thumb here is the following: if the tweet has a commercial orientation you should not submit it to the club.

Personal Review: Yesterday while reading DailyBlogTips I got to know about this club and since then I started using this board to publish my tweets. Believe me the number of tweets I got in just couple of hours time since joining the board has really amazed me and that tend me write this post so that others too can gain from it.

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Find Out When Your Twitter Friends Sleep

Are you the one who is interested to know more about your friends life and not yours? Good, there’s tool available for you guys too on internet but unfortunately  it only tells you when your twitter friends sleep so if you’re interested to know there sleeping pattern then Amit Agrawal OnlineTools might helps.


It determines the whole sleeping pattern after analyzing the last 0 tweets of the twitter account you provide. If the sleep chart appears way off the mark, that means the person behind that twitter account have not specified the correct time zone and if your finding yours sleeping chart, please ensure that you have specified the correct time zone in your Twitter account settings.

Find Out When Your Twitter Friends Sleep

That means now you’re blessed with the tool to find the whole sleeping pattern of your favourite blogger, bollywood stars, hollywood stars, or personal twitter account holder. I’m sure you’re excited to test the tool by yourself, here is the link to SleepingTool.

According to Sleeping Tool i sleep whole night, from 11PM to 7AM (8 hours sleep). Find out yours or find your favorite tweeter account holder.

How to Tweet In More Than 140 Characters?

You have always found yourself helpless when you need to make tweet in more than 140 characters but due to limit of twitter you didn’t allowed to make tweet in more than 140 characters. So here I introduce how to make tweets in more than 140 characters.

Now You Can Tweet In More Than 140 Characters (Tall Tweets)

Tall Tweets can help you post messages on Twitter that are longer than 140 characters. The tool will slice and publish your “long tweet” into smaller chunks of 140 characters or less and thus your Twitter followers will be able to read your entire tweet in their timeline itself.

How It Works?

When you write a tweet which is longer than 140 characters then tall tweets will slice that tweet into few smaller tweets of 140 characters or less, and publish it into your Twitter account in one shot. Links are shortening using Also, it publishes that tweet into reverse form that one can read it easily from top-to-down inside any Twitter client.

You need to sign in with your twitter ID and password to make a tweet. Don’t worry about your login info as tall tweets are using OAuth so your login info will not be share anywhere.It is launched for those who want to tweet in more than 140 characters so use it wisely ; ).

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