Add Watermark on YouTube Videos That Are Already LIVE

Ever wanted to add watermark on YouTube videos? You might have seen when news channel shows any breaking news video on television they put a watermark on their video before telecasting it live this helps them in branding their videos. Similarly YouTube users brand their custom videos by adding their company trademark or logo as a watermark over it.

Adding watermark to new videos can also be done by the help of video editing software but what if when you already have videos live with hundred thousands of view listed on your YouTube channel?

Those who were worrying for already published videos can now take relief as YouTube has launched a new feature that can help you add watermark or a LOGO on new as well as old YouTube videos.

watermark on youtube videos

All you have to do is just take your company logo or any custom image/text – make sure they are transparent (you can get transparent file of the logo from your Graphic Designer). Once you have this, just few further clicks and you are done.

Watermark on YouTube Videos at Specify Corner

One nicer thing about this feature is, you get a choice of adding watermark on to the corner of the video with adding watermark at the start of the video, or in the middle or you can continue it throughout the entire duration of the video.

watermark on youtube videos

As shown in the previous screenshot there are two options in this feature. If you select “feature your channel” it will help you add watermark across all of your videos. And by selecting “feature a video” you can add watermark on selected videos.

This would now help everyone brand their videos. Stealing someone else work will now get stopped. Also, with this feature coming into existence people will get FREE promotions, as when, the videos gets download people would know from where they have downloaded it. Hence, your YouTube Channel get free promotion lifetime!

Every Good Thing Comes With Some Defect!

There is one defect I must say in this feature, with the turn off of annotations your watermark won’t be visible as YouTube uses annotations to displays watermark over the video. This is something they must work on it.

Thank you Amit for the tip!

Remove Unwanted Elements from YouTube [Ads]

While watching videos on YouTube you have noticed other elements (whether its likes, sidebar, ads, similar videos or comments) which distract your concentration and you couldn’t focus on the tutorial you are watching on YouTube.

Many prefer clear pages because they hate get disturb from unwanted annoying elements on page. Many plug-in or extension help you avoid everything, from ads to similar videos even comments. This turns to sacrifice which many users prefer to not do in that case you need something which transform your YouTube page into a new cool version that display only the elements you want.

Previously I had suggested a way to dark the unwanted elements place on page which turns everything into a dark background except the YouTube video player now I’ll tell you the way to remove unwanted elements that easily can distract anyone’s attention from YouTube Page. For that you need to install extension in your browser chrome (also available for Firefox & safari).

Remove Unwanted Elements from YouTube using clear nr

Once the extension is been installed in your browser chrome, you will find a new YouTube page which allows a new interface that only consist of the useful elements! Now as you have moved to the extension you will not find any such elements on the page that can distract your attention from the video you are watching.

Remove Unwanted Elements from YouTube using clear nr
Transformed into a new YouTube page

You can check the screenshot above been transformed into a new look having only YouTube player to watch video’s. The main purpose of the extension is to give their users a new clear look for the video they are watching! You can still find those unwanted elements including comments, favorite, suggested videos, like, etc by clicking on the link presented beneath YouTube video player.

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Make YouTube Video Look More Beautiful With Movie Theater Effect

Lastly, when I was watching a tutorial on iPhone at YouTube I found myself not able to control over my eye sight. My mind was continuing diverting towards other videos also the ads were so catching that it was impossible for me to concentrate on my iPhone video.

Then a little search had sent me to a page were I found “Turn Off the Lights” extension for Google Chrome users. And I must say this extension have changed my YouTube page from boring to an interesting movie theater. You can download Turn Off the Lights for all your browsers from here.

How To Use: Turn off the Lights Extension

Just click the bulb button (it is there on the right side of your address bar)to turn this extension “on” and click again to turn this extension “off“.

Make YouTube Video Look More Beautiful With Movie Theater Effect

Before Extension

Make YouTube Video Look More Beautiful With Movie Theater Effect
After Extension

Make YouTube Video Look More Beautiful With Movie Theater Effect

After YouTube, Now Yahoo! Bring Bollywood Movies Online

Google gives a tough competition to all its competitors, whether it’s Facebook or Yahoo! Google try’s to bring something innovative from them but it seems Yahoo! wanted to give the same competition. As few months ago YouTube have come with a box office channel where one can watch popular Bollywood movies online every month.

After YouTube, Now Yahoo! Bring Bollywood Movies Online

And now Yahoo! has come with a new service named MoviePlex. Here you can watch online movies in both standard and HD quality and there is no limit of one movie a month like YouTube but this time the collection of movies are short. As they have launched a new service the number of movies added is few.

The best thing you will find in MoviePlex is no advertisements. You can watch your favorite movie without getting interrupted by ads also the service is totally free so go and enjoy its new release Aakrosh.

After YouTube, Now Yahoo! Bring Bollywood Movies Online

Thanks @labnol

How To: Share Part of YouTube Video on Facebook?

Daily people share YouTube Videos on facebook without skipping the ads the video has on its starting, some share without bothering whereas some wanted to skip those ads before they share with their friends on facebook or any other social networking website they are in, but because they did not know YouTube allows its viewers to start and share part of Video they want to, they are unable to do so.

Here in this article I will tell you how you can start a video on YouTube from a specific time and in this way you can skip the ads your video contains on it’s starting and also you can share the exact part of the YouTube video on facebook.

How To Share Part of YouTube Video on Facebook

Suppose you are watching a cartoon series like Mr. Bean on YouTube and there you liked only 20 second part with the entire episode. Now the thing is how you show the exact part of the video to your friends on social network? Here is the tip!

How To: Share Part of YouTube Video on Facebook

  • Click on the share button.
  • How To Share Part of YouTube Video on Facebook

  • Now click on “show option”.
  • How To Share Part of YouTube Video on Facebook

  • Once you clicked, you will see two check boxes. First, start at and second, long link.
  • How To Share Part of YouTube Video on Facebook

  • Type the exact time of your favorite part from that video and then copy the URL from the ‘link to this video box’. You are done now!

Download A Youtube Video Using Clip Converter Online

Earlier I published easy steps to convert YouTube video into MP3 and how to cut specific pasrt of online video, this time I’ll tell you how to download YouTube videos using Clip Converter Online. The need of software to download online videos is, you can specify the parts you want to download from the video in any common format your gadget requires. And for all this you don’t required any installation, everything is done online.

Many times a day my cousins visit my house with their PSP and iPods asking me how they should convert the Video they are watching on YouTube and to transfer into their gadgets (as they thing I have more knowledge compare to them 😉 ). So, its for all who wanted their gadgets full of YouTube videos. : )

Download A Youtube Video Using Clip Converter Online

Okay! Now go to Clip Converter its a free online media conversion application (software), which let you convert nearly any audio or video URL (YouTube, MySpace, etc) to common formats.

Clip Converter Online

You just required to enter the URL from any media page like for example YouTube, firstly this application will  detect the media file. Then afterwards clip converter grabs the media file to its servers. There it will be converted to the choosen format and finishing the conversion you are able to download the file.

Clip Converter Online

As you can see on the above screenshot, this application gives you Conversion Option which I guess will very be effective in adjusting the, Audio Volume, Video Resolution and the most interesting from where to start the video and where to end the video. All this features are for free, you can use it whenever you want.

And, if you still feel going out from your media page and opening a new address for this application is boring, then clipconverter have addons for three common browsers, FireFox, Chrome, Safari.

Update: Another Online Tool To Download YouTube Video – DownloadTube

Download A Youtube Video, Using Software Online

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The Most Disliked Video on YouTube [Inforgraphic]

I’m not at all a fan of these two but yeah I like the song ‘Baby’ sung by Justin Bieber and ‘Friday’ of Rebecca Black but unfortunately these are the two in the hate list.
Nathan Yau at FlowingData has created a reference poster which shows the most disliked videos on YouTube. Rebecca black for ‘Fridays’ got 81 million views in which 1.6 million are dislikes, thus the award goes for the most dislikes video on YouTube to Rebecca Black. Also check the other infographic published on RealTimeTricks.
most disliked video on youtube
Click To Enlarge

Cut Your Favorite Scene from a Movie with Online Video Cutter

Update: This tool is no longer available. I find this freevideocutter be more beneficial to fulfill your requirements. Thanks for your visit.

I’m sure you love few scenes from the movie you watched last night and want to share with your friends on social networks but unable to do, as you don’t have any video cutter software installed in your computer. But why install any software and fill extra GB’s when all these things you can do online using Online Video Cutter?

SnipSnip is an online tool, which is only build to help you cut your favorite part/scene from a movie. It is an easy way to share your favorite parts of videos you like. But unfortunately, the service works only with YouTube videos it won’t allow you to snip videos, having with you in your computer’s hard disk.

To cut your video you need to visit SnipSnip and there in a box you need to insert a YouTube link to shorten and share your favorite part of the video clip. You just need to mention the start time and end time of the scene you want to cut from that video clip in start snip and end snip box.

After that, application gives you a link to watch and embedded HTML code to share on your blog or site and also snipped link so that you can share on facebook or twitter too. All you can do is for free this application is totally free for all internet users so enjoy using their service.

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How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress / Blogger?

YouTube, Founded in February 2005, YouTube is the world’s most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.

With a huge success YouTube is allowing their users to add YouTube subscription button on blogs/websites/pages. So readers can subscribe to their YouTube channel. So if you need to add your YouTube channel subscription button on your website/blog then you must read this article.

How Do I Add YouTube Subscription Button on My Blog?

If you know how to embed YouTube videos on blog then adding YouTube subscribe button will not be difficult for you. Just use the code below to add YouTube subscribe button.

Do not forget to replace my blog name with yours, for instant, replace “kmamaji” with your channel name.

Where Should I add YouTube Subscribe Button in Blogger?

You can add it using widget or direct embed it into HTML by using the wysiwyg editor. To add using widget you need to login your bloggers account then Dashboard>Design>Page Elements>Add a Gadget> HTML/Javascript, and paste the embed code and hit Save button.

How to Add in WordPress Blog?

Exactly like blogger you can add the embed code using widgets. Login your WordPress account, Dashboard>Apprearance>Widgets. And if you’re still confused then watch this video.