Add Watermark on YouTube Videos That Are Already LIVE

Ever wanted to add watermark on YouTube videos? You might have seen when news channel shows any breaking news video on television they put a watermark on their video before telecasting it live this helps them in branding their videos. Similarly YouTube users brand their custom videos by adding their company trademark or logo as […]

Remove Unwanted Elements from YouTube [Ads]

While watching videos on YouTube you have noticed other elements (whether its likes, sidebar, ads, similar videos or comments) which distract your concentration and you couldn’t focus on the tutorial you are watching on YouTube. Many prefer clear pages because they hate get disturb from unwanted annoying elements on page. Many plug-in or extension help […]

Make YouTube Video Look More Beautiful With Movie Theater Effect

Lastly, when I was watching a tutorial on iPhone at YouTube I found myself not able to control over my eye sight. My mind was continuing diverting towards other videos also the ads were so catching that it was impossible for me to concentrate on my iPhone video. Then a little search had sent me […]

After YouTube, Now Yahoo! Bring Bollywood Movies Online

Google gives a tough competition to all its competitors, whether it’s Facebook or Yahoo! Google try’s to bring something innovative from them but it seems Yahoo! wanted to give the same competition. As few months ago YouTube have come with a box office channel where one can watch popular Bollywood movies online every month. And now […]

How To: Share Part of YouTube Video on Facebook?

Daily people share YouTube Videos on facebook without skipping the ads the video has on its starting, some share without bothering whereas some wanted to skip those ads before they share with their friends on facebook or any other social networking website they are in, but because they did not know YouTube allows its viewers […]

Download A Youtube Video Using Clip Converter Online

Earlier I published easy steps to convert YouTube video into MP3 and how to cut specific pasrt of online video, this time I’ll tell you how to download YouTube videos using Clip Converter Online. The need of software to download online videos is, you can specify the parts you want to download from the video in […]

The Most Disliked Video on YouTube [Inforgraphic]

I’m not at all a fan of these two but yeah I like the song ‘Baby’ sung by Justin Bieber and ‘Friday’ of Rebecca Black but unfortunately these are the two in the hate list. Nathan Yau at FlowingData has created a reference poster which shows the most disliked videos on YouTube. Rebecca black for […]

Cut Your Favorite Scene from a Movie with Online Video Cutter

Update: This tool is no longer available. I find this freevideocutter be more beneficial to fulfill your requirements. Thanks for your visit. I’m sure you love few scenes from the movie you watched last night and want to share with your friends on social networks but unable to do, as you don’t have any video cutter […]

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress / Blogger?

YouTube, Founded in February 2005, YouTube is the world’s most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. With a huge success YouTube is allowing their users to add YouTube subscription button on blogs/websites/pages. So readers can subscribe to their YouTube channel. So if you need to add […]

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