A Guide on How to Convert AVI to DVD

How to Convert AVI to DVDKnowing how to convert AVI to DVD files will let you play AVI files on a DVD player. You can then watch them on your TV.

Tools and Materials required:

  • File converter (this guide uses WinAVI Video Converter)
  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • DVD player

Step 1:

Get WinAVI Video Converter from the Net or another program that can convert the files. Most of these programs are shareware, but some are free to download. Follow the instructions on how to install the file. Enter the code and registration name.

Step 2:

Open the program and click the DVD button. This is at the bottom of the window just to the right. When the box opens, look for the AVI file that you want to download.

convert AVI to DVD files

Step 3:

Select the AVI file. If you want to add more files – click the green button and if you want to remove some files – Click the red button. It is also possible to merge several files into one. You can also separate the title on a single DVD. Make all your choices before you convert AVI to DVD. You may continue after making the appropriate choices.

Step 4:

Browse the output folder. Select the output format. The default is for DVD. There is no need to change it. Click OK.

Step 5:

The conversion will now proceed. This may take a while to finish depending on the file size.

convert AVI to DVD files

Step 6:

To burn the DVD you need to click on the button at the bottom left of the screen. When the window opens go to the output folder you just made. Put the DVD label on the right side and click the Burn button that will burn the disc.

  • #Downloading or Buying AVI / DVD Converters

Make sure that the program can convert the files correctly. It must also have all the options you need. As stated earlier, some of these apps are freeware, while others require payment to use. The free programs have basic features, but for casual users they may be sufficient.

If you are serious about editing video, consider buying a dedicated converter it will have more advanced options and features. Before you do so, make sure your computer meets the system specifications.

  • #Tips and Warnings

Read user reviews before you download or buy a program. Some of these apps may have bugs. They may also not be compatible with software that is installed in your system. You should also look at a few programs before deciding what to buy. Many of them are affordable, but that’s no reason to waste money.

The process described on how to convert AVI to DVD is applicable only to WinAVI Video Converter. Other programs will have a different way of converting the files.


Author – Alicia Conrad writes on how to convert AVI to DVD and how to burn a DVD.

5 Ways to Protect Your Blog From Panda Effect

Google Panda update is a positive measure that they have taken to remove contents that are of low quality during your keyword search results. Since Google makes money via users having quality experience when they search for things inside of Google, and if they use Google repeatedly the more money they make.

5 Ways to Protect Your Blog From Panda Effect

Google decided to do business and therefore has introduced the concept of Panda. The concept of Panda is that at the end of your search results only those websites that are of high quality containing high quality content. So, with this in mind, if you could follow a few guidelines while you write, you could protect your website from Panda effect and rather develop a stronger website. Follow these simple guidelines to save your blog from the panda attack.

1. Avoid Duplicate Content

This has been the rule for a long time, and has serious impact on your website these days ever since the launch of Panda. Google will be neglecting your website if you are going to post duplicate content and you will lose being indexed by Google. Try to write and develop unique and original articles that will be noticed, even if you rewrite from previous information.

2. Emphasize on the use of social media to spread a word about your blog posts

Panda seems to be carried away with the websites that has more number of likes or tweets or stumbles or Google +1 factor. The more the number of these figures that you can get for your blog posts, the higher the chances that you are being indexed by Panda to appear as the top sites in the search results of via Google search engine. So this is always advisable to include these buttons and widgets for each and every post that you write.

3. Stronger emphasis on onsite fundamentals and high quality content

Panda is just another name given to Google’s algorithm for refining their performance as a search engine. This ultimately aims to retain their position in the top most ranking amongst search engines. Getting your website in the top in one of the topmost search engines is a heinous task for which you need to sweat out writing very good high quality content and establish yourself as a reputed writer in your niche area, so that you are assured of a very higher number of readerships. I always focus on this strongly for my gotomeeting promo code and gotowebinar promo code blog as I believe this is one most important thing to be followed. The ultimate thing to do for this is to stick onto your SEO fundamentals stringently so that Panda will index your website easily. Write high quality content that are also SEO optimized.

4. Avoid the use of External links

Try to develop as much as increased inbound links and avoid the use of external links, especially when you are monetizing using your website. Do not use paid links for the cause of monetization as Panda hates such paid links and this will pull your website down the Google ranking, making you ‘penny-wise pound-foolish’.

5. Improve Speed or loading time of your website

Panda loves websites that loads faster and are not crumbled with loads of advertisements, which takes longer time to load. Therefore, keep your website optimized for speedy loading by reducing the number of pictures, images and videos. Optimize them if unavoidable by increasing the loading speed.

These are some of the ways by which you can keep the vicious eyes of Panda from bringing your website down on the Google search engine ranking.

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How To: Use Google Adsense to Generate Revenue

AdSense is one of the most powerful PPC (Pay-Per-Click) programs available on the Internet. Adding Google AdSense to a blog is very simple, and it can easily generate profits, even for a small blog with less than 100 visitors a day. While it is simple, there are some powerful ways to use AdSense that will optimize it for your blog.


When you go to the AdSense website you will find there are many different modules and it can become overwhelming. First, start by customizing your AdSense ads. You can change the color of the links, the ad box itself and how the box looks. Many marketers have found that making the AdSense text the same color as your links, typically blue, is the best way to attract user attention. This is because users look at the blue as a clickable color, since blue commonly signifies a link.

However, some marketers say to use a color that clashes the website, so that users will be drawn to the ads. For example, if the website is blue, make the text red. This method has worked well for some, and has been disastrous for others.


AdSense allows you to show text ads, image banners or both. Banners have a stigma of being purposely ignored and not clicked, but they tend to offer more money per click. While this comes down to experimentation, most marketers agree that using text ads exclusively is the best. By using text ads, you actually get two or three advertisers per advertising block, increasing the chance that a user will find something he or she is interested in.

Google only allows a maximum of three ad blocks per website, and you should never go above this amount. While three blocks are the maximum, using one or two blocks has been a successful strategy for some people. When three blocks are used, Google may have to struggle to find ads that work with your blog post, but if there are just one or two, then ads will almost always be relevant.


Positioning the ads around your blog is also important. You don’t want to throw three ad blocks at the top of your blog, because this looks unattractive and makes very little use of your blog space. Instead, place the blocks at hotspots. Where do your eyes go immediately when you look at your blog? Most of these spots are in the header, at the top of a post, in the middle of a post, towards the left or right side, or at the very bottom. The most common are the header, top of post, and side of blog.

When you write a blog post, AdSense contextually understands what the post is about and makes relevant ads, so you don’t need to worry about getting ads that are about your blog’s niche.

After the initial setup, the best way to make money with AdSense is just to write good content. You cannot tell people to click the ads, this is against Google’s TOS. However, if you have good content, this will attract traffic to your blog, and you will typically get several clicks per every 1,000 visitors.


Author – Michael is an expert in online marketing and monetizing websites through optimization of Google Adsense campaigns and targeting. Combined with targeted Google Adwords management website owners can deliver traffic at a lower cost than the revenue they receive through Adsense, making this an effective method to grow your online business.

Why and How to Ditch Your Smartphone For an iPad

Ditch Your Smartphone For an iPadNow the thought of ditching your Smartphone for an iPad probably sounds crazy at first, but think about it this way…why not? When was the last time you used all of your talking minutes? How much per month are you paying for your cell phone and data plan?

Reason #1 – Calling Plans are Expensive

Ditch Your Smartphone For an iPadMost Americans don’t use their cellphones for making calls anyway. Instead we use apps and tools to manage our lives and stay connected to the rest of the world. Instead of talking to our friends and family, we send messages in FB and Twitter, email, and text to stay in touch. For those who need a more personal touch, video chatting apps like Skype, Google Talk and Facetime give us a face to face connection that is even more personal than phone conversations.

The newest phones even make it harder to make a phone call. Some phones you have to go through several screens before you get to the application to call someone, and handset designs are no longer made to hold it up to your ear. I can’t tell you how many times I accidently hang up on my firneds when my cheek touches the screen on my phone.

Research shows that 90% of US households have a cell phone, with many of these homes replacing their landlines. However voice minutes have ceased to grow. What are they all doing instead? Texting.

The number of texts sent by the average user increased by 50%, as texting, emails and streaming finally surpassed voice data on cellular networks.

Unlimited calling plans started about 10 years ago and ran a person $100 per month. Now unlimited calls cost is somewhere around $60 per month. Granted most plans also include unlimited SMS and some data usage with that fee. But the bigger question is why are we paying for unlimited calling, when no one makes any phone calls anymore?

Reason #2 – iPads are Awesome

Some other reasons that the iPad is great:

  • It has a larger screen when compared to a Smartphone.
  • It nearly eliminates the need for a laptop too, if you carry one of those around every day.
  • The battery life is considerably longer than your Smartphone.
  • It’s a great device to sit down on the couch, on the go, or in bed to get what you want done quickly.
  • There are thousands of apps that work on the iPad.

So How Do You Do It?

So here is what you do. Track how much you talk currently every month and downgrade your calling plan to fit that. You might even want to downgrade your phone to something that actually has calling as its primary function. Then just use your iPad for all the fancy internet connected work you need to do and only use your phone for phone calls.

If you want to be a little more radical and ditch the phone altogether, there are apps you can use to do that, more or less.

SkypeFirst of all there is Skype where you can make video and voice calls to other skype users for free, or call non-users for a monthly fee that is far less than what you would pay a cell carrier.

TruTru App lets you make calls and send texts anywhere in the world for much cheaper than you could with a smartphone. There is a flat connection fee, but after that it’s just 2.1 cents a minute anywhere. That beats most calling cards.

FringFring is a great app that lets you do group video calling. You get free video chat for up to 4 friends, the app works across platforms (and boarders). So you can talk with a friend in Spain on his android and another friend in Hong Kong on their Nokia.

Line2Line2 is an interesting app that can make calls over WiFi, 3G or 4G connections, all while using the same phone number.

TextNowThis app is all you need to replace the SMS function on your smart phone. The only catch is that you have to use a different phone number to text with, but once you get over that you can send texts and pictures like you would with your phone.

Once you get a hang of these apps, and maybe a sweet bluetooth headset to connect to your iPad you’ll be ready to try cutting out your expensive smartphone. This idea might not be for everyone, but for those of us who are already using the iPad more than our phones the time to move on has arrived.


Author – Greg Buckskin writes about technology and the internet for Comcast.USDirect.com.

5 Simple Tips to Keep iPhones Work Smoothly

If you have just got your first iPhone today, going through this article may help you get a few tips as a beginner and utilise your new iPhone to the fullest.

Here, I have put together a few suggestions to help the first time users of iPhone, which I’ve learnt over the time whilst using it myself.

Tip #1:

5 Simple Tips to Keep iPhones Work SmoothlySave a website as favourite by using home screen icon: Create a shortcut for the websites that you will frequently visit through mobile Safari, by using cool icon on the home screen of your phone and saving it as favourite.

Whilst visiting a website of your choice, just click on the option in the menu “Add to Home Screen” and once you get there, choose a suitable name to create a shortcut and it will appear on your home screen. It’s that simple!

Tip #2:

Use Screenshot Option on the iPhone: This is one which you may need to use almost every day for various purposes. Whilst taking a screenshot, you need to hold down the home button and press the sleep button to see a flash. Thus, you can save the images into your photos and also import it later on to your PC or Mac if you have one through iPhoto, Dropbox, email or any other way you feel convenient.

Tip #3:

Identify the Destination of A Link: If you feel interested to know about a link that you found in the mobile Safari option without following the link, you just need to hold your finger down on it to see the destination page. You can either copy the link or choose to open it in the present window itself or in a new window.

Tip #4:

Force Quit an Application: It often happens that whilst using an app, it gets frozen and doesn’t respond at all. It is the time when you need to apply a force quit on it by pressing the Home button for at least six seconds.

There is another process to this. You should first double tap the home button and open the multi task bar at the bottom to force quit apps. Then, hold and press the apps in the lower multi-task bar for sometimes in the same manner in which you organise apps normally. It then shows some red minus signs on all the apps. Now you can press the minus sign on the app that is not working properly to reset the app. If you click on the programme now, it will restart again from the beginning and not from where it was left before!

5 Simple Tips to Keep iPhones Work SmoothlyStill, if that doesn’t work, switch off your iPhone and turn it on again. For this, you just hit the “Sleep/Wake” button and hold it for a few moments until a red slider appears. Then again press and hold the same button until the Apple logo appears on it and the phone gets turned on. In case, the entire iPhone locks up, press both the “Home” button and the “Sleep/Wake” button and hold it for almost eight seconds and it will work.

Tip #5:

Stop unwanted incoming calls: If you want to put an end to those unwanted and disturbing incoming calls from ringing on your iPhone, then again press the “Sleep/Wake” button. To transfer the call instantly to Voice Mail, you need to press the “Sleep/Wake” button twice.

So these are the 5 very simple yet helpful tips to keep the workflow smooth on your iPhone!


Author – Jaymonds is a professional writer from the UK having vast experience of writing on mobile phone related topics like mobile phone reviews and deals, tips on the UK mobile phone & other related topics like mobile recycling, benefits of mobile phone recycling etc, which helps people to find the best deal on mobile phones.

Mobile Phone Unlocking Techniques

While you may know that GSM phones can be used with all networks, there are a number of service providers that lock phones electronically. This would happen whenever gifts, discounts, and other special offers are being sent. For this situation, it may be a great help when you know the different ways of unlocking phones because you may actually be at a disadvantage.

Mobile Phone Unlocking TechniquesJust imagine, you might be out there shelling out a hefty sum for the roaming charges! That would be because you needed to get out of the network of a certain provider just so you can use your phone with any SIM or GSM service provider that you prefer wherever you are.

Thankfully, with the tips of unlocking phones readily available now, you may not need to worry about your phone being locked.

Before you check out the steps to getting yourself out of a locked phone, you may need to remember a few things first.

That may include few things:

  • Your mobile number
  • The model of your phone
  • The model number
  • It’s manufacturer
  • It’s network and country that it is locked from
  • And the 15-digit IMEI number of your mobile phone

This information is important because there are different phone carriers and models, and the ways of unlocking may vary from one to another.

Top Three  Ways of Getting Yourself Out of a Locked Phone:

One: Use Certain Equipment and Products Offered by Some Companies: Certain products and equipments can be used in getting yourself out of this type of quandary. There are some firms that offer this. But do bear in mind that these may be quite expensive at times. So, you may have to do your homework so you would know if the price given is the price that you would be willing to pay.

Two: Call for Help: What better and easier way to unlock your mobile by calling your service provider? Just inform them of your problem. There are times when you would be charged for the unlocking process.

Sometimes, they need a few week’s notice from you. There are also certain occasions when you are required to have stayed for a required minimum timeframe (like 12 months or so). Typically, though, you would be given a certain code that you need to type to unlock your mobile phone instantly.

Three: Have it Sent Back to the Company: There are instances when you may simply have to send your phone back to the company. They would unlock it for you and return it to you. For this, you may also have to pay a certain amount for this type of service.

There are still other ways of unlocking phones. But there are also cases when certain phones cannot be unlocked at all no matter what you do.


Author – Louise Tuttle writes about mobile industry topics such as How to Unlock a Phone and How to Unlock Phones.

7 Ways to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill

7 Ways to Cut Your Cell Phone BillThese days, most people truly can’t get along without a cell phone. In fact, many of us use cell phones instead of landlines anymore. While this can be convenient, since you always have your phone on you, it can also be expensive. If you’re looking for ways to cut back on your spending, consider these seven options for cutting back on your cell phone bill.

1. Find The Best Plan For Your Needs

The first key to saving on your cell phone bill is ensuring that you have the right plan to begin with. Start with the plan you have right now, and look over your past few months of statements. Are you constantly going over on minutes?

It’s probably worth your while to bump up your plan and avoid paying expensive overage charges. Are you never even close to reaching your limit for minutes? Cut back and get a plan that allots for fewer minutes! The plan that suits you best is going to save you more money in the long run.

2. Talk Less

This one is a no-brainer: if you want to save on your cell phone bill, don’t go over your minutes. If you’re concerned about this, use your cell phone for to-the-point phone calls. You can call to chit-chat on your land-line or through a cheap online phone service, but when you’re talking on your cell phone, get to the point. Also, don’t let yourself get put on hold while you’re on your cell phone, since this can eat up more minutes than you realize!

3. Know Your Nights And Weekends Coverage

Most phone plans have unlimited or cheaper rates for nights and weekends. Find out exactly when your nights and weekends coverage starts, and use your cell phone more during those times.

If your mom wants to have a long conversation about Uncle Bill, ask her if you can call after nine or on Saturday morning. That way, you aren’t missing out on important phone conversations, but you’re also saving your minutes for important calls you have to make during the weekday, daytime hours.

4. Check Your Bill

Make it a habit to check your bill every month. Cell phone companies are huge companies, and they aren’t likely to catch their own computerized mistakes. By checking your own bill, you may be able to catch errors that are costing you more money in the long run.

Look for things like erroneous data charges, for instance. Also, checking your bill each month allows you to make sure you aren’t cutting it too close on minutes used or text messages sent.

5. Shop Around

Just like you should shop around for car insurance once a year, you should shop around for a cell phone plan about once a year – or whenever your contract is about to expire. Get online and compare cell phone carriers before you decide to re-sign for the plan you’ve always had. You might find some great deals that can save you a fortune in the long run.

6. Screen Your Calls

Almost all American cell phone companies charge the same for incoming as outgoing phone calls. You don’t have to answer your phone just because it’s ringing. Instead, screen your phone calls, check your voice-mail from a landline, and return some calls by landline.

7. Use Your Freebies

These days, most family plans, in particular, have a few freebies that you can add to your plan. For instance, you might get a certain amount of phone numbers that people on your family plan can call without having any minutes charged.

Make sure you use these freebies for landlines or the most frequently called numbers on your family’s list. Also, make sure that the freebies you use aren’t already free because they’re in network for you!

These seven simple tips can help you save on your cell phone bill.


Author – Daniela Baker from CreditDonkey shares one of her favorite bonus tip, call your cell phone company and see if you can setup auto pay onto a cash back credit card. Auto payments can help keep you from missing a payment and getting charged hefty late fees. Plus, charging to a credit card rather than your bank account means that you won’t accidentally overdraft your account when the cell phone bill comes out! Don’t forget to compare credit card applications on her blog.

10 Tips For Your Google+ Account

Google has finally found a way out to develop a niche for them in the social networking arena, which is their new child Google+. This is being spoken of much as the most potent competitor for some of the current leading social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Discussed here are some of the best ten tips for
enhancing your Google Plus experience.

10 Tips For Your Google+ Account

1. Circles:

Share your posts to everyone publicly or only to a group of people using circle or circles of people. This is also possible to share with particular individuals by typing their name or email address, which makes this much more attractive. This is a very useful social networking tool making it fully under your control and is highly user friendly!

2. Rename albums in Google +:

This is one of the recently added functionality and you can rename photo albums in Google +, by following these simple steps: Photos à albums à click on the album title and rename it. This is also possible to share the albums from your Picasa folders easily as this is from Google too!

3. Alternate links:

There are a number of alternate links available to access Google+, which permits you to choose the one that works over https for secured connection. Some of the alternate links of Google plus are http://plus.google.com/, http://google.com/+, http://google.com/plus and if you are accessing from mobile phone then the link address is http://m.google.com/plus.

4. Make +1 Tab Public:

By default, the +1 tab is disabled so that only you can view it, but this is possible to make it public by visiting your profile and editing your profile. Click on the +1’s tab and tick mark the option, ‘show this tab on my profile’, following which everyone will be able to see the +1s by you.

5. Drag and drop photos and videos:

This is one of the interesting options that you can drag and drop videos and photos in contrast to the tedious uploading method on Facebook and Twitter, which is going to make this stand out as one of the best means of photo sharing website.

6. Manage:

This option is going to let you know how the Circles are going to appear to everyone on your profile. What you need to do this for this is to open Google+ from your profile and edit it by clicking the round black-grey icon and select the desired options, and this is possible to choose to hide the “have you in circles” box.

7. Enable chat for circles:

This is going to be the only one social networking site that is going to let you enable chat within a group of people, by enabling chat within the circles, that you need not post comments, in which people whom you don’t want to participate will do so. All you need to do is to enable chat for circles.

8. Trick to invite anyone to Google+:

Since Google+ is in its initial phase, Google has restricted the number of people whom you can invite to be your friends, which is a black mark for Google though, in comparison to other social networking sites. However, a small trick to overcome this hurdle is to make a post and share it with particular people who do not have a Google+ account, that they will find themselves being automatically being directed for procuring a
new Google+ account.

9. Use your Gmail account to access Google+:

This is possible to share comments and check notifications in Google+ using your Gmail account directly, with no need of opening a separate page. This is what is called seamless integration of both the accounts into one.

10. Q Key trick:

While you are on the Home tab of Google+, press the q key twice on the keyboard to search and add people to your chat list, with only a second gap for the next press.

Comments are appreciated!!


Author – Praveen is associated with a web hosts company which has a very good web host reviews

4 Tips to Help You Get the Best from Your Wireless Internet

Being able to connect to the internet wirelessly at the comfort of your home using your mobile device or your wireless enabled laptop can be one of the best things to ever happen to the internet. The wireless internet is definitely a great contribution to the future of the internet and something every internet user should leverage to the fullest. This article will be giving you 4 tips to help you get the best from your wireless internet connection.

4 Tips to Help You Get the Best from Your Wireless Internet

Share Your Network with Others

You can easily ensure you are able to get a lot more from your wireless internet connection by sharing your wireless internet with your loved ones. That way they will all be able to avoid paying for different packages and you all can both contribute to getting a faster package for all of you to enjoy.

Another great advantage of sharing your network with others is the comfort it provides. Those you share your wireless internet with can work wherever they want without being tied down to a specific spot.

Connect Multiple Devices

Why try to connect to your wireless network using your laptop alone when you have a lot more devices that can easily make use of your network? There is every probability that you have an iPhone or any smartphone and most smartphones today have wireless internet support. Instead of having to pay your ISP for internet connection for your mobile phone you can easily connect your smartphone to your wireless network and start enjoying your internet browsing.

Build a Super Connected Home without the Wires

Another way you can really enjoy your wireless internet connection is by building a connected home without the need for wires. By this I mean you can easily connect the printers, the scanners and every other devices to the server computer and then enable sharing of printers and files so that everybody using the internet in your home can easily connect to your network and use whatever devices they want to use without the need to buy it on their own.

Improve Your Security Tips

Part of enjoying your wireless internet connection is preparing for its future and that is exactly why it is very important for you to be working hard on improving your security. It will be really frustrating for all your fun to be cut short just because a hacker has been able to infiltrate your network so it is important to ensure you use strong security keys and passwords that you change regularly and that you are careful with who is able to access your network.


Author – Paul who helps people choose the right wireless broadband providers.