Hidden YouTube Feature, People Don’t Know

The Classic Old Snake Game. Today, while watching video’s on YouTube (like I do most of the time), I accidentally found one amazing YouTube feature. Most of the people didn’t know about, but you can play classic snake game (founded by Nokia mobile phones) on YouTube by pressing few simple commands. Snake Game on YouTube By Following […]

Mancx – Earn Money by Selling Your Knowledge

Today! Almost everyone is interested in making money online, few get succeed in it and few left with frauds. All are interested in gaining knowledge but none of us have thought of making money online by selling knowledge. Mancx – The knowledge market is launched as a sort of classified ads site for business intelligence. […]

Shutting MyBlogLog, Is Yahoo Doing Justice?

Don’t know if, you know or ever took interest towards MyBlogLog but it’s the only community, was built by Bloggers and was on the leading edge of social networks before Yahoo! purchased them. But as Yahoo announced they are going to shut the site down on May 24th this year, shows they failed of what […]

New Photoviewer on Orkut – Is Orkut Copying Facebook?

In this week orkut have made few changes on their users profile, 4 days back they launched ‘Like button’ and now orkut have come up with its new photoviewer (looks same as fb popup photoviewer). What you think, is orkut copying facebook? Not sure about the reason why these changes have been made quickly (in […]

Orkut Introduces New Feature But Old in Facebook – ‘Like’

Few months back orkut adopted FB home page feature (all updates of friends in one place) and then today they launched ‘like’ button for their users, don’t know what orkut want to show. Anyways, hope orkut too gets same popular ‘like’ button as FB have. Below I have captured 2 images of orkut ‘like’ button […]

Enlarge or Resize Photos without Using Photoshop

Are you the one who love to take pictures at every moment but don’t have professional camera to capture a fantastic shots and using cell phone camera to click that only shot? Or you have some pictures on which you want to zoom / enlarge without loosing its quality (as it gets blur)? Then this […]

Check How Many Female And Single Friends You Have in Facebook

Its almost impossible for us to get time to count our female friends in our facebook profile as we have 100’s of friends how do we count each and every? All is possible with the help of YourStatsApp it will bring a full facebook statstic in front of you in which you’ll get to know, […]

How to Google Your Way Out of Love? [Infographics]

Via cracked

How To: Know Followers Are Active and To Tweet?

Most of us are using twitter to promote our work but have you notice you’re tweeting blindly I mean what is the use of making tweet when those tweets are not being seen by your followers? Most of your followers are offline at the time you tweet then having thousands of followers is of no […]

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