Hidden YouTube Feature, People Don’t Know

The Classic Old Snake Game.
Today, while watching video’s on YouTube (like I do most of the time), I accidentally found one amazing YouTube feature. Most of the people didn’t know about, but you can play classic snake game (founded by Nokia mobile phones) on YouTube by pressing few simple commands.
Snake Game on YouTube
By Following these command you too can play the classic snake game on YouTube
1 – Pause the video
2 – Press and hold left arrow key for 2 seconds.
3 – And now press down arrow key without letting go of the left key.
4 – Play the game, and have fun!
You can pause the video in middle and play the snake game or when the video’s doesn’t load you don’t have to do anything just follow the steps above and start playing the game.
Before the video loads you have seen one circle continue moving on the video, this snake game is made of the same circle. Anyways, most of us have played the game and we know the fun behind the snake game. So, whenever you found yourself bored while watching video’s on YouTube start playing the classic snake game onm YouTube with this simple tweaks.

Mancx – Earn Money by Selling Your Knowledge

Today! Almost everyone is interested in making money online, few get succeed in it and few left with frauds. All are interested in gaining knowledge but none of us have thought of making money online by selling knowledge.
Mancx – The knowledge market is launched as a sort of classified ads site for business intelligence. In other words, it’s a knowledge market where you can buy and sell any information. There users are business people who need answers, and people who want to make money from their knowledge can answer there question to make money online.
People can place an ad with a request for the information they need. Mancx publish the request globally, and find the right person to answer that question. Each question or knowledge request has a price tag attached to it. And the person answer the question will get paid..
Mancx is the place on the internet where you can trade knowledge for money directly with other individuals. In this way people get the answer they didn’t have while doing Google, from you and you earn the price tag.
In 4 steps you can sell your information
2. Receive questions from Mancx, matching your profile
3. Upload information & get paid
4. Withdraw your earnings & have party!
And if you’re willing to spend money in getting information, follow these steps.
1. Visit Mancx.
2. Place an ad with a simple question
3. Choose an answer.
4. Pay and download the information.
5. Rate the seller and add him or her to your network.
For professional bloggers, mancx also have a way to get paid while interacting with your loyal readers. Using their new widget you’ll be able to enable to answer questions for money on your blog. It is an excellent opportunity to engage with readers in real business. Your readers think highly of you, and are willing to pay for your knowledge.

Shutting MyBlogLog, Is Yahoo Doing Justice?

Don’t know if, you know or ever took interest towards MyBlogLog but it’s the only community, was built by Bloggers and was on the leading edge of social networks before Yahoo! purchased them. But as Yahoo announced they are going to shut the site down on May 24th this year, shows they failed of what they promised before purchasing MyBlogLog.
Is Yahoo Doing Justice on the effort of bloggers?
Don’t know about others but since the day I started blogging (moviefridays, my first blog) I had no idea about how do I share my posts with people and get their views on it. During those days, I found people sharing posts written by them on communities, social networks, etc to get popularity, so I too had started searching for communities and the first one I found was MyBlogLog.
And, when I found myself more interested in tech then entertainment I swapped my niche and RealTimeTricks was found by me. I never noticed if I’m getting visits from community but I have seen the posts were linked with MyBlogLog of my blog. MyBlogLog was the only community who have shown me the way to interact with other bloggers.
Today, when I received email from BlogCatalog regarding the MyBlogLog’s upcoming closure I got surprized and found a little disappointment that I can’t do anything about it, but when I saw, blogcatalog is giving me a chance to participate in an event organized my them, to let all of us (bloggers) stop Yahoo from shutting down MyBlogLog.

This was the encouraging email i received today, before writing this post. If it’s for the benefits of the blogging community then why not? Let us Stop Yahoo! from Shutting Down MyBlogLog. Drop your views under comment, Is Yahoo Doing Justice?

New Photoviewer on Orkut – Is Orkut Copying Facebook?

In this week orkut have made few changes on their users profile, 4 days back they launched ‘Like button’ and now orkut have come up with its new photoviewer (looks same as fb popup photoviewer). What you think, is orkut copying facebook?
Not sure about the reason why these changes have been made quickly (in a week) but it seems like they don’t want their users to move towards other social networks. The old photoviewer on orkut was quite annoying but now by clicking on “view in full screen” you can enjoy watching your friends photos in a full screen.
The new photoviewer they launched is better then FB (at least I feel so) and hope this will glue their users from moving towards other social networks

Orkut Introduces New Feature But Old in Facebook – ‘Like’

Few months back orkut adopted FB home page feature (all updates of friends in one place) and then today they launched ‘like’ button for their users, don’t know what orkut want to show. Anyways, hope orkut too gets same popular ‘like’ button as FB have.

Below I have captured 2 images of orkut ‘like’ button to show how it works and looks like. From today you can like your friends content shared publicly as button will not work if its shared privately.
As you have seen on those screenshot its totally not like FB ‘like’ button here orkut have provided you  bunch of smileys to react upon’s your friends share

Enlarge or Resize Photos without Using Photoshop

Are you the one who love to take pictures at every moment but don’t have professional camera to capture a fantastic shots and using cell phone camera to click that only shot? Or you have some pictures on which you want to zoom / enlarge without loosing its quality (as it gets blur)? Then this article might show you the best way to do even when you don’t know how to use Photoshop.

Many times you use software to enlarge photos without having the basic knowledge of it and hence the result might comes pathetic sometimes and frustration force them to hire people for this simple enlargement or resizing photographs process.
Reshade is a tool that lets you expand any image to various sizes here you can resize images without loosing its quality, edges and texture. Usually in image interpolation there is a tradeoff between sharpness and blur. If you want to remove blur and maintain sharpness you get pixilated and noisy images and vice-versa. Reshade balances as best as possible the 4 factors offering quality photo enlargement that maintains all the details in the original image at the same time.
The advantages of using Reshade over other image resizers is it works at all zoom levels, and gives highest accuracy even the finest textures in the original image are preserved. Also doesn’t lose photo realism. There are two ways to use the Reshade either choose the online service or download desktop application for Windows or browse for image gallery to check images from users.

Check How Many Female And Single Friends You Have in Facebook

Its almost impossible for us to get time to count our female friends in our facebook profile as we have 100’s of friends how do we count each and every? All is possible with the help of YourStatsApp it will bring a full facebook statstic in front of you in which you’ll get to know, How many friends are single, Whose most active on wall, How Many Female friends you have, and much more in a pleasant yellow background.

You just required to login your facebook account before clicking into the link to app. Once you you’re there you just required to push ‘show’ button and you’ll get full facebook stats of your profile same like the above screenshot.
Also, if you’re in search of friends living in your city you can find all names on left side of the app. Most active friend will shown at the last with his/her total number of posts. Only 2 male friends and I’ll have a tie, lolz. Make use of the app…
Link to their fanpage – YourStatsAppThanks to snaphow.

How To: Know Followers Are Active and To Tweet?

Most of us are using twitter to promote our work but have you notice you’re tweeting blindly I mean what is the use of making tweet when those tweets are not being seen by your followers? Most of your followers are offline at the time you tweet then having thousands of followers is of no use. Why don’t you schedule your tweets for maximum impact?
Introducing, Timely analyze all your tweets and figure out what times of day you get the best engagement. What you need to do, add your tweets to timely they published them when your tweet will have the highest impact in return you’ll get more retweets, mentions and followers! Which is surely a help, why wait signup and get started.

Chirpcity is also helpful if you want to get the latest tweets ‘in’ and ‘about’ your city. For instance if you’re in Mumbai and want to know the latest tweets in Mumbai or the latest tweets about Mumbai, this will help you get the people using twitter ‘in’ and ‘about’ your city. Link – chirpcity

Thanks snaphow.