Check How Many Female And Single Friends You Have in Facebook

Its almost impossible for us to get time to count our female friends in our facebook profile as we have 100’s of friends how do we count each and every? All is possible with the help of YourStatsApp it will bring a full facebook statstic in front of you in which you’ll get to know, How many friends are single, Whose most active on wall, How Many Female friends you have, and much more in a pleasant yellow background.

You just required to login your facebook account before clicking into the link to app. Once you you’re there you just required to push ‘show’ button and you’ll get full facebook stats of your profile same like the above screenshot.
Also, if you’re in search of friends living in your city you can find all names on left side of the app. Most active friend will shown at the last with his/her total number of posts. Only 2 male friends and I’ll have a tie, lolz. Make use of the app…
Link to their fanpage – YourStatsAppThanks to snaphow.

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  1. Lol it is nice to know that how many of them are single , so we can easy try to mingle . I will try and see how many girls are single in my friends list …

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