Check How Your Facebook Profile Appear To Others

Do you really care about your privacy on facebook?

You made every setting enable to keep you secure on social networking site but have you checked each and every person’s view?

People keep on adding friends on facebook including, friends they know, friends they don’t know, etc. But when they heard about others who have faced being scam on facebook. They started searching for settings available on facebook to secure their content from others including, wall posts, photos, links, videos, information, etc.

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

But sometimes situation occurs when people don’t want to disable every friend’s views on their profile but to disable few friends they have on their facebook profile cause confusion regarding who can view how much part of your profile for instance you hide your pictures and wall posts from ‘A’ and only wall posts from ‘B’ but you are not sure about the settings and wanted to see yourself the views ‘A’ and ‘B’ are having on your profile, this tips will help you work.

Preview how your profile appears to a specific person

If you are done with all your privacy settings (I don’t go deep telling how to disable few friends from viewing your pictures, wall posts, videos, etc as you know well how to do it) and wanted to preview how your profile appears to a specific person. Go to your ‘Account’ then ‘Privacy Settings’.

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

Then click – ‘View Settings

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

It will take you to the page where you can set your name, profile picture, gender and networks to be are visible to everyone (your choice). Here click on ‘Preview My Profile’ button.

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

This step will take you to your profile page where you can see your profile from none friend eyes. Here on the top you will find a box – go on writing the name of friends whom you have made disable to view your content (wall posts, photos, information, etc).

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

Its like seeing from others eyes, isn’t? Let me know if you find this helpful.

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  1. hahaah Irfan this one is nice but just read that can’t add girls article.

    I know the trick but still its funny. 🙂

    1. Hello Valentine,

      It feels nice when someone like you comes to my blog and says the trick i mention in my article helps. Thanks for dropping your comment here.


  2. when you go to a facebook profile it automatically shows your fb wall, but with mine it show’s my info. like ‘Education and Work’ and ‘Arts and Entertainment’ and ‘Basic Information’ and ‘Contact Information’How do I change it to go straight to my facebook wall?

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