How To Check Your Password Strength To Make Strong Password

We human beings are very conscious in order to choose passwords for our online identities we creates strong passwords to safe guard our online accounts from being hacked but do we check whether our password strength is strong to fight against hackers or not (It might takes seconds for hackers to break your password)?

You have seen many tools to check password strength. Some are offline while some are online, i will suggest you to try to find how long it takes for an hacker to break your password. If the results comes in hours you better modify your old password to make it strong so that if in case a hacker tries to crack your password it at least have take him years to break.

check password strength

HowSecureisMyPassword is a tool to tell the fact of password strength, for instance, if you put a password in the given box it will tell you how much time a desktop PC will take to crack the given password down.

I was trying to create a strong password (You can find it in screenshot above) to give an example to my readers that you too can modify your old password by simply inserting spaces, symbols, & numbers. But if still you are confuse and wanted to change you password for more security reasons you can visit their another site named – Make Me A Password.

  1. Visit their site makemeapassword
  2. Check the three given check-boxes if you think your password requires it.
  3. Now press the black button named – Another Password! to find suitable password for you.

make strong password

Most of us know that creating a password with alphabet + numeric is stronger then to a simple alphabet (Dictionary words) password.  The same formula this tool applies to check the passwords strength. But, if you are afraid to put your password into the box let me tell you this tools runs inside your browser through JavaScript that means your password will not go anywhere except your browser itself. So don’t need to worry!

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  1. hey Irfan,
    Agree with you. I always try to make un-guessable password. But never checked the strength of the password. Now I am going to check the strength. Thanks for sharing nice tools.

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