Check Raining Status of Your City

These days when Google is with us checking weather of any place is quite easy. We just type the name of the city and within a second or so will get to know static of weather of that city we searched it for.
But with this web service you get to know the current conditions of any place in just one word – Yes or No. Also with a big ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ it shows current date and temperature.
Just open your browser and type example and hit enter, you’ll get to know the current raining status of the city within few seconds.
I tried by typing a name of a small village Maudaha to check whether it knows about small villages or not but as the tool is internally powered by Yahoo Weather it shows that too. Thanks to Amit.

Tip – If there are two or more cities with the same name then you can type the name of the state or country after the city you’re searching for.

Note – It may not give the real-time conditions always as it takes time to crawl.

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