Create A Poster of Your Facebook Friends, Fans & Group Members

With your facebook friends you can do lot more creativity like before I showed how to create a mosaic style poster of your facebook friends without doing any hard work in Photoshop and now I’ll show how easy is to create a high revolution poster of your facebook friends with a single click.

# Creating Poster of Your Facebook Friends (PrintingFacebook)
To create it you need to use the link I listed above and it will take you to the site where you can create a high resolution poster of your facebook friends. The good thing about the site is you can not only create poster of your facebook friends but also create poster of groups and fan pages too on a huge poster.
PrintingFacebook is developed by an artist Benjamin Lotan. It’s a web based service that delivers a product. You can connect printing facebook with your face book account to customize the look and layout of the poster. Later, when you’re done with all the customization you can then ship the order by paying through PayPal. It cost you $20 + $6 for shipping within US for a 20”x40” layout high revolution poster. Also you’ll get awesome gift with your order.
The site now only offering FriendPoster creating service but soon they will offer few more products so if you’re interested you can subscribe by entering your email address to get all new updates when new products become available.

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