How To: Create Fake Screenshot by Editing Web Page Live

You might have seen people revealing their income through their blog by capturing the screenshot of its payment structure, did you believe on them in one go, you will say yes as I too got believe when I see these kind of screenshot on peoples’ blog telling they have earned thousands of dollar (I’m not targeting any blogger’s monthly earning report post). Mostly scam sites do it!

Fake Screenshot by Editing Web Page Live

Just check out the amount of money Harsh Agrawal have sent me to redesign his blog’s ( logo, if I say a week back Harsh had got to know about my service and I had impressed him to deal with me for the design of his blog’s logo, will you believe on me? I’m sure you not, just check out the screenshot of my PayPal transaction money received from Harsh Agrawal.

Let me first tell you it’s a fake screenshot created by me to tell you how people scam by revealing their income on websites/pages/blogs. Even you too can create such screenshots by editing web pages live in your browser, I’ll tell you how.

How to Edit Web Page Live:

As you can see the above screenshot was not made by using Adobe Photoshop (though i’m expert in it) but by using a trick. Here you can find the Trick.

Javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

This is the code which helps us in editing any web page content from browser itself.
The simplest way to use that code is by bookmarking it (our brain can’t store such things for long) and use whenever you feel you want to edit any webpage to take its screenshot.

Here is the code to edit (click on the link and start editing) any webpage content. You can bookmark it by simply dragging the code to the browser’s bookmark toolbar.

Try clicking on the code link now and by using cursor, edit or delete this article. It’s as simple as even a kid can edit a top blog post to take fake screenshot, but as it’s not permanent you can lose the content you have edited in one refresh. Not that it works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.

So next time bewares of the screenshots you check on facebook, it can be real but it can also be fake images created by using this trick.

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10 thoughts on “How To: Create Fake Screenshot by Editing Web Page Live”

  1. Nice tip dude, lol this will really be a great stuff to play a prank on friends but does the Javascript work on all browsers?

    1. Hi Shiva, you can use the trick in two ways either for good purpose or for fooling others. All depends on you! I have listed the browser in my article itself.

  2. yeah i have seen most of users doing like this showing that we earned so money from other PPC sites. By seeing now this post i realized all those images are fake thanks for providing wonderful tutorial. 🙂

  3. You don’t have to use raw javascript like that. You can “real time” modify any element on the page using firefox and firebug plugin. The truth is that many so called “Gurus” show you fake earnings in their clickbank and adsense accounts. This can trick the heck out of people.

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